Weekly Workouts: Half Marathon Peaking

I feel like I’m in a rut, but I’m not.

Something about so little progress with so much work is making me frustrated. Like…seriously frustrated. Stupid 21 Day Fix. Stupid Half Marathon Training. I’ve been feeling a bit ADD with my workouts lately so even though I’m working out I feel like the progress I’ve been making – or lack of progress – can’t be pinpointed on one specific habit or whatever. What i’m trying to say is I feel like i’m getting slower when I run (I’m nursing some tight calves), I don’t feel fit, the scale is staying stagnant and I’m just…in a rut.

Color me frustrated.

Anyhow, I got out of the habit of sharing weekly workouts…so let’s get back to that.

Monday – 3 mile run
Day 8 of BBM
Wednesday – Day 10 of BBM
Thursday – Day 11 of BBM/ 3 mile run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 10 mile run
Sunday – Stand Up Paddleboard class?! mayyybeee…..

How’d I do last week? 

Monday – I started the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge with some moms in my group. So far I’m really liking it!
Tuesday – I did Day 2 of BBM in the AM because I had a board meeting later that evening so I couldn’t work out after work.
Wednesday – scheduled rest day since I had an event for Junior League
Thursday – 3 mile run
Friday – rest day
Saturday – 8 miles donezo. A sloppy, sweaty 8 mile run but 8 mile
Sunday – Pure Barre

We had the most perfect mothers Day weekend – full of wine, cuddles with my sweet boy, and love. I slogged through those 8 miles and fit in a Pure Barre class.

pure barre annapolis mothers day

 {photo via PB Annapolis}

They even had some treats for us after class including the makings for mimosas!

We spent the afternoon up at Boordy Vineyards with a picnic. Ethan worked on his standing, we shared a bottle of wine and cheered him on. It was a beautiful afternoon.



FINALLY – The winners of my Seventh Generation Goody Bags are Shaina A. & YB. And because I had an extra goody bag, I threw in a third winner – congrats Kaycee! Email me your addresses ladies at heidi (at) legallyheidi (dot) com and I’ll get your packages into the mail this week!


On being a mama

Today is (was. it’s late) my first Mother’s Day. It was really the perfect day.

For nine months, I was afraid of if I’d be a good mother. Would I be good enough? Would I know what to do? Would I be able to soothe my child? I prayed every day that I wouldn’t break him. Babies are so fragile!

Surprisingly, one thing I learned very quickly is that babies and mama’s just go together like peas and carrots. I know when Ethan is fussy, and can usually predict (pretty accurately) what his ish is. Most of the time, just picking him up will ease his worried cries which is always a wonder to me. I’m amazed that I’m able to do that so easily.

He’s just constantly amazing to me. That this little person, this little being, with his own personality that shows itself more and more each day – that’s as stubborn as his mama, as inquisitive as his daddy, and as happy-go-lucky and easy-going as both of them – is mine. All of this just…fascinates and amazes me. Every day.

The most amazing thing that I least expected is how selfless you become when you become a mama. The lack of sleep, putting aside everything else so he can be my number 1…it just doesn’t phase me. I was worried I’d be upset about not being able to go to my favorite yoga classes or go for a run regularly, or whatever but really, it doesn’t phase me. It doesn’t phase me that I didn’t get to go for my scheduled run this weekend or go get my Mothers Day pedicure. I’ve learned that it’s about balance, about teamwork with Adam to make things happen and work. We’re a team, united, to take care of this little guy. To give each other the time we need to be the best parents we can be.

How was my perfect first mother’s day?

For Mother’s Day, Ethan surprised us by sleeping from 11:30-6a, which is as close to 8 hours of sleep that I’ve gotten since March 22. Following our 6a feeding, we all stayed in bed til about 9ish (well Ethan went back down til about 8:30 for his 2nd breakfast). I called my mama, and I got my lovely gifts from the husband and son.

They treated me to this awesome book that was on my wish list and replaced my beloved elephant necklace that I lost at the hospital (I wore it through my entire pregnancy and was heartbroken when I couldn’t find it).

{Note the electrical tape. Ethan’s not good at wrapping presents yet. A for effort}

Later in the morning, we enjoyed brunch at Eggcellence where I enjoyed one of my favorite muffins – strawberry chocolate chip. If you go, tell Will I sent you there. He’s the best.

{Apparently, also only New Englanders toast their muffins? Is this true? I love a good warm muffin with melted butter on top. It’s one of my favorite things!}

After brunch, we came home so peanut could have his early lunch, after which, he and I enjoyed a nice nap – me on the couch, him in his swing.

Later, we headed over to the Towne Centre to hit up Bin201’s Blind Tasting (every Sunday!) and to check out to Charm City Run to look for new sneaks for me. I decided on the Saucony Kinvara (the Newton’s won’t be fully retired, but they’re hitting their limit, so they’ll be used sparingly now. The Kinvara4 had only aesthetic changes to it, so I picked the Kinvara3 linked above). I’m pretty excited to try them out, I tried them last year at a Fleet Feet fun run, but tried the wrong size so they were a bit painful but I loved that they were so lightweight and comfortable. Also, similar to the Newton’s they have a 4mm drop so adjusting to them should be relatively easy and I have a few weeks before Zooma to break them in. I loved, loved, LOVED my Newton’s BUT they were significantly more expensive and I had a couple gift certificates so my new Saucony’s were next to nothing. So win there!

After that, we popped over to Crofton/Waugh Chapel – there’s a new Elevation Burger opening up over there and they were offering free meals for mothers day/their grand opening tomorrow. Their food is amazing – all their beef is organic/grass fed and thus the quality for the price is amazing – it was a really nice way to end the day. Then I went to Old Navy to check out the baby sale and exchange a top I had picked up the other day.

We came home, we skyped with Adam’s parents – a wonderful mothers day gift for my lovely mother-in-law – and then gave baby his bath, and did his bedtime routine. He slept starting at 8p – we discovered the power of the super tight swaddle. Normally it’s been a bit looser but Adam’s been making it tighter and I account that to him sleeping for 6 hours Saturday night. Hopefully we’ll have a repeat tonight. Fingers crossed friends. Fingers. Crossed.

He’s such a gem. I’m so blessed to be so in love with not one amazing man in my life, but two. I have been blessed with the perfect family and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there!

{ICYMI– check out my guest post over on FittritionLife about balancing healthiness and being a new mama}


Top Mothers Day Gift Ideas

My first mother’s day is coming up. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that but I’m kind of excited. It kind of makes up for the fact that my birthday was just…lonely since Hubs was away (many thanks to Liz for the birthday lunch and to Sarah for the birthday dinner on Saturday night). But that was a month ago almost (a month ago exactly on Mother’s Day. 30th birthday part 2? I think yes.) so now here we are, and can we just reflect on the fact for a moment that I’m a mama now?! It still amazes me every day when I look at Ethan that I grew him. That little being who amazes me every day with his sleepy, gummy grins was inside of me less than two months ago and now he’s smiling!? Yowza, time flies.

Here’s my mini-gift guide. Gifts that I would like, or would give. Thoughtful, funny, and practical gifts for the active, sentimental and feminine mama in all of us.

mothers day gift ideas

{I Just Want to Pee Alone | Locket Necklace | Run: Swiftly T | JCrew necklace |Lilly Pulitzer Tote | Stella & Dot NecklacePhilosophy Mother’s Day Set | Mommies First Box (not pictured)}

Realistically though, I’ll be quite content to just spend the day with Adam and Ethan in Annapolis.

What’s on your mother’s day wish list?

**I should note that I had the JCrew necklace but lost it at my stay at the hospital when Ethan was born


Happy Mothers Day!

The hardest part about moving away when I was 23 was leaving my mom. My mom has been, most importantly, throughout my life, there for me always and I would definitely not be where I am today if it were not for her and everything she’s done for me and how she’s supported and encouraged me along the way.

Thank you for everything Mom. You’re amazing and an inspiration and I love you more than words could ever say.

Happy Mothers Day.