Fall Bucket List 2016

Happy fall my friends! I had a slue of blog posts that I was supposed to/wanted to write – I’m a bit behind but it’s been a busy/emotional week and I’m mourning the end of my triathlon season with a DNS. But I had to write about my fall bucket list – or as hubs would prefer I call it, our Fall Family Fun List. I like the bucket list term better.

So despite the fact that this probably should have gone up yesterday and the fact that it’s 85 degrees here in Maryland today…. here’s my fall bucket list.


fall bucket list

Apple picking

Make a fall wreath
(i have my goodies! Just need time to do it…)

Decorate my mantle for Fall.
(i.e.purchase new fall candles!) 

Make chocolate pumpkin bread

Carve pumpkins

Get Fall family photos taken
(probably in November…)

Go to a fall festival
(Kinder Farm Park Fall Fest – Oct 8, 2016) 

Visit and take pictures at a pumpkin patch

Decorate our front porch (mums! Pumpkins!) 

Write a blog post about all of these

Happy Fall my friends!  What’s on your Fall Fun list?


Friday Five: 15 Years Edition

I saw on facebook this morning that it’s been FIFTEEN years since I moved into my freshman dorm in Boston. How has it already been fifteen flipping years?! Fifteen years since I moved away from home, everything I knew and became a city dweller if you will. Over the next five years, I would learn so much – about myself, about where I wanted to go in life. About politics, passion, friendships, love, relationships and taking care of myself. I would make friends, lose friends, make more friends who change my life. Some of my best friends have been around for almost half my life now. Some of my favorite memories live on as if they were yesterday.  Fifteen flipping years friends. Fifteen years.

friday five

In other life news, we’re off to the beach this weekend. Third time’s a charm since our last two trips got canceled because of tropical storms.  I have my second duathlon of the year tomorrow (last multisport race of this year), and the weather is just…perfect and supposed to BE perfect all weekend. Fingers crossed it stays that way. 

Here are five things that caught my attention this week across the interwebs. 

  1. Take back your lunch hour – something i think many of us can improve upon. I make it a point to get out – go out with colleagues or go read a book.
  2. 20 EASY things to improve your life. I like #’s 5, 8, 10, 12, 18 and 20.
  3. If you don’t listen to the Coffee & Crumbs podcast, I highly recommend it. It’s seriously like having coffee with fellow mama’s who just GET IT . I loved this working moms episode (two parter!) with Kelsey from the Girl Next Door podcast.
  4. A friend of mine sent me these Marketing jokes from Hubspot. I’m a big fan of punny jokes so these totally made my day.
  5. Who says you can’t wear white after labor day? Brighton has some great tips on how to wear it without looking like you’re a walking fashion faux pas.

On the blog

  1. Hubs and I celebrated seven years of wedded bliss this week
  2. I shared my love of navy gingham.
  3. Stay tuned for my fall wishlist and reading list next week!


Happy weekend friends! 


Navy Gingham

I am obsessed with all things navy. Navy was my wedding color (navy and kelly green), it WILL be a predominant feature in my decor at home as soon as I get around to decorating…you know, with all that free time I have.  It’s also a predominant color in my wardrobe.

So when I saw this adorable navy gingham dress from Loft, I knew I had to try it – easy to justify since my wardrobe has NOTHING like this. The drop waist with the ruffle hem pretty much sold it for me.


It’s a little preppy librarian, but the dress is super breezy, looks really cute with a cardigan, and could definitely be belted to accentuate any curves (i did that the first time I wore it but ahaha forgot to take pictures and forgot to put it on this time around. WHOOPS.)

navy gingham dropwaist dress

[dress: Loft | Shoes: Target (on clearance!) | Sweater: Gap (similar, similar, similar]

I can’t decide if I’m ready for fall weather yet – I don’t think I am, because I’m still loving dresses and skirts and tank tops but then again…fall means cozy cardigans, comfy leggings and beautiful boots. I’m pretty sure next

I’m pretty sure next months big purchase has to be a new pair of nice cognac boots. Mine kind of look like crap after surviving Snowmaggedon 2016 so I’m in desperate need of a new pair (never mind that they’re nearly 3 years old in February… suggestions of favorite wide calf boots welcome!)

Are you ready to bust out the fall wardrobe yet? What are your favorite fall pieces??



Ten years ago I met a dude. It was a hot, humid evening on Capitol Hill. A mutual friend had invited us both to dinner. We dominated the conversation. Immediately hitting it off. It took me about 6 weeks, to see what was in front of me, but little did I know, that this dude, with gentle eyes, the cheeky smile, who could talk for hours about anything and everything, would change my life forever.

wedding(us circa 2006 – a month or so after we started dating. Taken nearly ten years ago.) 

Three years later we were married on a humid September afternoon surrounded by our amazing friends and family. It was the most perfect day. Everything I imagined my wedding would be.


But alas, marriage isn’t always easy. It’s not always pretty flowers and the most beautiful dress you’ll ever wear in your lifetime. There are lessons to be learned – it is, after all, a partnership, more so once a kiddo is in the picture. It’s a choice you make every day…to show up, to not be selfish, to play fair and to always be on the same team.

Seven lessons I’ve learned over the past seven years

  1. Communication is always key.
    Talking. Telling him/her what you need. What’s bothering you. If you don’t talk, they don’t know.
  2. Know the other’s person’s love language.
    We went to a “Strong bonds” retreat through the army earlier this summer and it was on love languages – it’s a powerful book and I highly recommend if you’ve never checked it out.
  3. Make each other laugh.
    We don’t take ourselves too seriously (most of the time), we’re not afraid to laugh at ourselves, and we both have the same (sometimes dry) sense of humor (akin to puns. I love all things punny).
  4. Their family is your family too. And vice versa. Embrace them.
    I’m very lucky to have married into a fantastic family; my in-laws have embraced me as one of their own. I’ve heard some wild stories in the mom’s group of about crazy, manipulative in-laws – and I’m so blessed that my in-laws are on the quirky (but well intentioned) side, not the drive-you-crazy and treat you like garbage side.
  5. Sometimes you have to put the other person first.
    Hubs and I are really good about knowing when to put the other person’s needs first and our own needs second. Likewise, we’re really great about communicating what our needs are.
  6. Listen.
    Many of the qualms in our marriage have come from one of us not listening. Listen – and even if the other person isn’t talking, pay attention to what they’re NOT saying.
  7. Make time for each other.
    Turn off your phone. Turn off the tv. Can’t get a babysitter? Open up a bottle of wine and sit with each other. Give each other feet massages and just be together. Read a book together. Go to bed early. But make time for you.

Happy seven years love of my life. To all of these lessons and many more in the years ahead.


Friday Five: Wine O’Clock Edition

Happy LATE Friday friends. I seem to be running late all too frequently here. BUT, here’s my favorite things from around the internet this week on Friday Five! 🙂

Friday Five

  1. Has anyone tried the Target Beauty Box? I saw it mentioned in a facebook group I’m a part of but September was already sold out. They share the items for purchase it looks like, but for $10, I’m eager to give it a go!
  2. I’ve been having some moodiness – I think a lot due to FOMO, some big news we got earlier this summer and just…loneliness. I’m on the prowl for a new therapist since mine didn’t really have openings that worked with my schedule, but this piece by Merrick on ways to be a happier really hit home for me.
  3. I’ve lusted after many ponchos but given my petite-ish frame, I’ve always been afraid of being swallowed up. Then I saw this gem on Kimberly and had to try it out. It’s a HUGE win – stay tuned next week for the transition look. Other pretty options to try: this and this.
  4. I’ve already shared my love of Lularoe, but Molly shared her favorite ways to wear Lularoe leggings – how cute is she?! Interested in buying a pair? I’m hosting a party on Tuesday night – join us (mention my name when you make a purchase!).
  5. Want 35% off to JCrew Factory? Of course you do! Get your voucher from Gilt City here before they’re gone!

On the blog: Did you see what I’m “Currently” up to?
On Instagram: Fitting Room snapshot
Coming up: My favorite paleo recipes


Currently | September

It’s time again for the Currently link up with Anne and Beth – a favorite link up of mine, that is *supposed* to happen on the first Wednesday of every month. I’m a day late, but only because life has been cray this week and I forgot to schedule! Better late than never though right?!



Reading | Modern Lovers by Emma Straub. She wrote the Vacationers which i read earlier this summer and loved. So far I’m a big fan! I was waiting for a while to read this book and then like three other books that i was on the waiting list for all became available at the SAME time. 

Trying | ALL of the paleo recipes. I’ve been trying to give up gluten lately. I feel better, I’m a little less dependent on sugar than I used to be but I’m still not quite at the 85/15 I want to be at. It’s a work in progress for sure. Hubs and I have, for the most part, been doing good with the dinners with a smoothie in the morning and I’ve been eating a lot of salads for lunch. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s a work in progress and I think we’re on the right path.

Hoping | this heat goes away – I’m ready for fall and some of my cute fall gear that I picked up over Labor Day weekend but i can’t really justify long sleeves or sweaters when it’s nearly 100 degrees out. Come on Mother Nature – it’s September, you can start packing up the summer weather now.

Decorating | For fall. I need a new fall wreath this year, and I really want to get our mantle to a place where I can decorate it. I blame the Target dollar section for ALL of this because they have some adorable fall goodies out. 

To-do Listing | Some honey-do projects for hubs and I and a lot of decluttering. This past weekend I did the laundry closet (God that felt good!) next up, my closet and the playroom! I’m hoping to make some progress on those this weekend and make at least one trip to Goodwill. 

Join us again on October 5th to share what you’re cheers-ing, organizing, dreaming, buying, and listening. Maybe next month I’ll actually be on time with my post. #lifefail


Friday Five: Fri-yay edition!

friday five

Happy Friday friends! I’m going to try to bring back my Friday five and share my favorite pieces from the week! Coincidentally I started this on like…Tuesday night.

  1. Last weekend, after an unfortunate breaking of a bra strap as I was leaving work Friday, I went to Nordstrom to get sized and pick up a new bra (still shopping for 2 more to have in rotation). It’s amazing how much more confident and comfortable I am in the correct bra size. I wrote about the importance of being fitted for jog bras but seriously, this is something you should do at least once every 6 months. I love this post by Jean from Extra Petite on what types of bras to wear with different outfits.
  2. Don’t you love the white on white that Anne is wearing? If we don’t get rained out of the effing weekend, I’d love to try a white on white before summer whites get packed away. [insert angry emoji here because Hermine put a wrench in our plans for Rehoboth beach this weekend.]
  3. Old Navy’s Monthly Outfit looks always make me swoon. I’m currently lusting for this look and this one (because red shoes) and this one
  4. I would like ALL of these shoes in my closet.
  5. These navy and white outfits from Maureen at the Northeast Girl  are stunning!

Bonus: I read this article yesterday and nearly wept – it’s as if someone GETS me. Gets how tough it is being a mom. I’m going to reinvigorate my efforts to really clean house and get rid of STUFF so I feel less overwhelmed when i get home and there’s 3 days of mail/dishes/laundry all crying for my attention.

On Only One Heidi 

Blog: Did you see my favorite summer dress? I think it’ll be a good transition dress with the right sweater or blazer too!
Instagram: I’m in love with the lularoe Carly Dress!
Coming next week: How is it already time for the September Currently Link up?! Check it out on Wednesday!

Worthy Sales

Old Navy | All jeans, dresses and tees 50% off. This dress, these jeans, and though not on sale, these shoes.
Ann Taylor | Extra 50% off sale. This wrap top (have it. love it.), these flats, these pants (so many color options!).
Loft | Buy one, get one 50% off and 50% off all sale styles. This swing tank, this peplum top (not on sale), this floral top (not on sale), and this gingham top (which I have and LOVE).
JCrew Factory | Everything 50% off. An additional 50% off clearance with code  Craving:  this, this, this and these. Pretty much everything though. I’d be happy with an all JCrew Factory wardrobe.
Banana Republic | 40% off (almost everything). This peplum top (obsessed much?), these pants (that i keep reading rave reviews on that i’m dying to try. I need…more work pants) , this ruffle top and this ruffle/pintuck blouse. OMG. Swoon.
Gap | 40% off with code SHINEON. Love this popover, this tank, this blazer.  

What are your plans this labor day weekend? 


Meet Carly: AKA My First Lularoe Dress

I’ve been tracking the Lularoe phenomenon for a while – and have gotten into scouring for cute clothes. They’re a little more than I would usually spend on a t-shirt or a dress so I’ve not bought that many pieces.

Then I saw Molly’s post about five ways to wear the Carly dress and I knew that this was the dress I was going to try. I got really lucky winning a 25% off raffle in a facebook party that a friend of mine had which worked out because there was a heathered blue Carly dress that was in my size and I was sold. 

lularoe carly dress

Friends, I’m in love. People don’t lie when they talk about the Lularoe fabric being so super soft. I’d probably go ONE more size down (size down twice) since it was still a little bigger than I’d like but returns and exchanges are tough and i didn’t feel like dealing with them.

As for how I intend on feeding this newfound Lula obsession of mine? A former colleague of mine just opened up her shop (check out her page here) and she always has the CUTEST outfits posted. I’m going to be co-hosting an online pop-up shop in mid-September with another favorite consultant that a friend of mine introduced me to and can NOT wait. I’m dying to try the Madison skirt, the Randy tee and of course, the never-ending mission of finding leggings with a most-perfect pattern (i like subdued. Black ideally because I can wear them with anything). I’m also going to be co-hosting an online pop-up shop in mid-September with another favorite consultant that a friend of mine introduced me to and can NOT wait (hi, free clothes!). I’m dying to try the Madison skirt, the Randy tee and of course, the never-ending mission of finding leggings with a

I’m dying to try the Madison skirt, the Randy tee, the Amelia and MAYBE a maxi skirt – maxi dresses and skirts are so hit or miss on me because I’m short. 

Conclusion: I give this dress a whole-hearted two thumbs up. If you’re on the fence, definitely try it (and if it doesn’t work out and you’re a size S or XS? Let me know, I’ll take that dress off your hands 😉 )

Have you tried Lularoe? Any favorite consultants I should check out? What’s your favorite piece? 


My Favorite Summer Dress

I heard on the radio on the drive home from work the other day that we’ve had a stupid number of days where it was at least 90 degrees – 49 days to be exact. So over half of the past 60 days have been too hot to handle if you will. So I’ve been leaning on dresses a bit more – even though at least half of those 49 days, I’ve had my heater on at my desk at some point or another. Office temperature wars – it’s a real thing.

jcrew factory dress

{dress (similar)  | shoes (similar)  | belt | Necklace – similar}

Fun fact, I also bought this dress in two other colors – red and blue (sold out). To me, these dresses are perfect for a business casual environment – they can be dressed up with a cardigan or blazer, or dressed down with flats and a fun belt. The red did shrink a touch on me which I was none too pleased with so I sized up when i bought the blue and the stripe.

jcrew dresses

I’m really a go-with-what-I-know-works kind of gal – so when I see something that i like that looks good on me or that I feel confident in, I’m going to go with it.

What’s your go-to summer outfit? 


Currently | August

Today I’m linking up with Anne and Dana for the August Currently linkup. It’s a favorite link up of mine, even though I seem to forget every other month either way!


Hearting | My new favorite dress. Seriously, I have two colors and I am seriously considering a third. Big fat puffy hearts all over this dress.

Watching | I got into the Bachelorette during Katlyn Bristowe’s season, and now i’m hooked. I’m now fully enthralled by Bachelor in Paradise – it’s terrible. I know this, it’s complete garbage. But the trainwreck…I just can’t turn away.

Exploring | Nothing recently summer has been busy in that I was in Vermont for a weekend then Hubs left for AT and we’re about to head back up to VT. However, Hubs and I need to put a couple of new stops on our #tripnorth next week.

Creating | Trying to create a bullet journal. I have not yet started, though I did buy the journal I intend to use… and a pretty new pen and I have pinned a few posts also on the how to. I’ll get around to it eventually. Also, creating blog posts. Because those are always being created…though not necessarily being posted, in any sort of timely manner. Sorry y’all.

Eating | Everything zucchini. So much zucchini. I made this chocolate, chocolate chip zucchini bread this past weekend and took it to work – it’s pretty amazing. Not at all in line with my “I’m going to half-assedly try the whole 30” type eating goals. So much fail but that’s for another post.


Join this fantastic linkup on the first Wednesday of each month – next month, we’ll be sharing what we’re reading, trying, hoping, decorating, and to-do listing.