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I had all of these amazing things I wanted to write about. I have running goals, and I was prepared to talk about the amazing experience I had mentoring my fantastic 10k group. I was ready to run a PR for my last race of the season. I was co-hosting a sprinkle for one of my dearest friends in DC this weekend and was ready to spend Thanksgiving with the same close friends at their new, beautiful home.

But life has a funny way of throwing a wrench into even the best of plans.

My grandmother had been suffering Alzheimers for the better part of the past four – five years. Among many other things. Late last week, she took a serious turn for the worse.

I was unable to make it to Vermont this past weekend (life, two year old, money…you name it), and Tuesday over lunch, as I was about to get out of my car to run in to grab food, my cousin called and told me simply, choking out tears, “she’s gone.”

My heart shattered. I felt crushed. I knew this was coming but nothing prepared me for the realization that I would never give her a big hug, or hear her laugh or see her smile. I don’t think anything can prepare you for losing a loved one – no matter how long they’ve been sick.

Nana, you are forever loved. You will be forever missed. All of the lessons I learned from you from cooking, cleaning, canning and dancing..etc… etc…I will hold dearly and pass on to my own children. I am blessed to have known you and for having had the best Nana I could have asked for for 32 years of my life. You were a cheerleader – standing out in inclement weather to cheer all of your grandchildren on through sports – hockey, football, track and field and sitting through hours of concerts, recitals and plays. You nursed us to health – sitting with us on our sick beds in hospitals, while we were laid up on your sofa, and you let us take over your bed when we were ill. You stood up for us – even to strangers. You were proud, you never held grudges (even when you could have), you loved all of us – your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren – unconditionally – even when we didn’t always deserve it.

And we did that for you. Above all other lessons, you taught us the meaning of love and family.

I couldn’t be with you in your final weeks/days, but I prayed for you. Hearing one of your favorite communion songs, one that you once told me reminded you of Great Grandma (your mother) broke me down in church just this past Sunday. As if we all knew, that any day you would leave us behind.

I know you’re looking over me Nana. Give me strength; give all of us strength because our lives will never be the same without you in it. I love you and I will always love you.

Rest peacefully Nana.


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My pseudo-regular blogging will return from somewhere up north next week. To those of you stopping in from the Blog-Hop – thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I promise to return all comments in the coming days and I have loved swinging by ALL of your blogs – even if I didn’t comment (most I did!). 


Race Recap: Across the Bay 10k

Homies, I ran my 2nd to last race of 2015 last weekend. I ran the Across the Bay 10k last year – and apparently, in order to complete the medals puzzle, I’ll be running it the next three years too. I digress, it’s a great local race. This year, there were some pros and cons but still – nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment of participating in one of the largest 10ks in the nation AND running across the bridge that terrifies so many to even DRIVE over.


  • Beautiful views. Seriously. Look at those views.
  • Not super expensive for a 10k (we got in early so discounted!)
  • A generally fun race



Sat in traffic for an hour. I paid $10 to park and no one was checking passes so most parking lots were full (navy stadium was and I heard that AACC sold out as well). I missed my wave, I missed the wave I was going to target so I could meet up with JL. I was incredibly cranky about this and… to make matters worse, I almost missed the race entirely. As I walked over to the starting corrals they were rounding up people for the last wave.

annapolis traffic


The food was gross. By the time i finished (1030a) the bagels had spots of mold on them and they were fully out of bananas. I hadn’t eaten enough to account for an almost 2 hour difference from when i ate (in my car at 7:45a) to when I started (9:30a) to when I finished so I was hungry – I don’t like pretzels and the granola bar just wasn’t enough.

I lost my car. Because of the lack of parking, I had to park on the street, except I was in such a tizzy about almost missing the bus, that I ran and forgot to look at the cross streets. Cue walking around Admiral Heights for 20 minutes hitting my panic button until I heard my car.

SO MANY WALKERS. Not that walkers are bad, but when they’re walking 6- 7 people across on the bridge, it’s not like there’s a ton of room to run around them. Cue all of the frustrations. Thank you traffic – earlier waves = typically “speedier” runners – I’m a solid middle of the pack runner (most of the time) so getting stuck behind walkers in the later(est) wave was frustrating to me.


{Please excuse the chub-rub and the massive pit stains.}

No Cheerleaders. Last year Hubs and Little Man met me at the finish – well. Kind of. They couldn’t find parking but they picked me up so i didn’t have be cramped on a school bus back over the bridge. This year, hubs had drill – which was a super bummer since we were going to run it together.

Will I run this race again next year? 

Likely. Not gonna lie.

How did I run?

It was a good race, I felt good. I had to stop a couple of times to get my legs stretched out. I didn’t PR as I had hoped but I did better than last year.

Time: 1:08:05
Overall place:
10172 of 21028
Gender place: 5820 of 13906
Age Group:
906 of 1870

Solidly middle of the pack. Bridge? I’ll see you next year!


What I Wore: Weekend Wear

Ahhh the weekend. Generally, I spend my weekends in leggings and oversized sweaters – it’s the two days that i don’t need to dress up or put a lot of effort into. Prior to the comfiness this past weekend, I got a little “dressed up” for a sweet Junior League event and stepped up the weekend outfit effort.

{Sweater – JCrew  | Shirt – Target, old (similar, similar) | Jeans – Old Navy | Boots – Macys (Similar) | Belt – Gap (similar) }

Hubs had drill this weekend so it was just Little Man and I at the Junior League of Annapolis’ Pig & Pearls event. Which was fun. But last time we held this event, Hubs was at BCT in Oklahoma and I didn’t have to chase around a 2 year old. In retrospect, I could have – and should have – considered a baby sitter but it was billed as family friendly. Which it was, very much so, but not necessarily to rambunctious 2 year olds.

Apparently Little Man is a fan of Bluegrass tunes. Kid’s got some good taste in music!

Either way, we – well, I – had oysters, some BBQ and I enjoyed a glass of delicious Boordy and some good company – wasn’t as great as if I had been able to go with Hubs or solo because wrangling a 2 year old who wants to get into EVERYTHING can be very trying BUT he loved the music, I loved the wine and the friends and he took a LOOONNNGGG nap afterwards so…win win.

What does your weekend wear typically look like? Do you put a lot of effort in or are you a leggings and tunic kind of gal (which I was after we got home…not gonna lie)? 


What I wore: Girls Night Out

Tuesday night I had a lady date to celebrate a pal’s birthday. I don’t usually stay in work clothes for a night out unless it’s a work straight to happy hour type thing, usually I’m all about comfort – give me ponte pants/leggings or give me death but the other night was different.

But I was really digging this outfit. I loved the simplicity of it and kind of wanted to show it off. Also – there was a rush to get home, get E settled and head out to meet my pal – the desire to get out the door was stronger than the desire to change my clothes and try on six different outfits which I knew I would inevitably do.


{Pants | Top (similar) | Flats (Similar– SAVE!) }

Sorry for the serious lack of posts – the struggle between training well for a race, being a FT Working parent and the need for solo time to decompress is a fickle balance and one that, a year and a half after going back to work, I’m still working to figure out. I do love these easy what I wore type posts though – my issue is I never remember to take a picture until I’m home or changing into my running clothes. No bueno!

That all being said – stay tuned for some fun ideas I have in the works. And as always… find me on twitter, facebook, and instagram. I’m still relatively active most days!


Race Recap: Hagerstown Duathlon (#2)

On Saturday, I ended my 2015 triathlon season. This season I completed IronGirl Columbia, MD Sprint duathlon and the Hagerstown Duathlon – a nice assortment of races and I’ve gotta say – the duathlon is a REALLY fun event.

Getting out there

Thankfully, Hagerstown is 1.5 – 2 hours from Annapolis – we left later on Friday than i would have liked but I didn’t pack Thursday night as I had hoped to. There wasn’t traffic, but it was late (10p?) by the time we got there – waking up Ethan to go into the hotel and get him resettled meant no one got to sleep at a reasonable hour and no one slept really well either. We stayed at a Clarion Inn which… wasn’t the nicest but for the night it was fine.

Checking In

Because of the youth race and the 5k before the adult duathlon, you had to check in before 8:15a. Had no problem, but then, what do I do for another hour? Because we rushed out of the hotel, hubs and I hit up Dunkin Donuts up the road to grab a bagel before my race once I got my bike racked.

Run 1

View More: http://hypnoticimagery.pass.us/hagerstown-duathlon-2

It was a mass start – with really, only about 200 – 250 runners. I felt really strong during the first half. It had a couple of rolling…molehills. Calling them hills would be unjust but for some reason my achilles and calves notice any sort of elevation.

18:44 (9:58/mi) 

T1 1:58 min


View More: http://hypnoticimagery.pass.us/hagerstown-duathlon-2

The bike was tough. It was shorter than my previous duathlon by about 3 miles – the roads were decent (though a bit bumpy in parts) with wide shoulders and hardly any traffic which was really nice. My chain dropped around mile 8 right before a hill so I lost a lot of time and two other riders that I had been going back and forth with (you pass me, then I pass you…) got way ahead of me. Frustrating. I finished strong though – considering the horrible headwind and side wind that made riding really tough for most of the course.

44:07 (13.1 mph)

T2: 1:54

Run 2

View More: http://hypnoticimagery.pass.us/hagerstown-duathlon-2

On the bike it had sprinkled a little bit – so I found it funny that my sneakers were damp – hubs said it had apparently sporadically poured for a few minutes! I started the second run feeling…okay. My legs were heavy and i was concerned because I hadn’t put in any brick workouts since Iron Girl. I started doing 4/1 run/walk intervals to break my legs in. The second half of the run my legs were super tight and I walked a little more than I had hoped. It wasn’t a super hilly course (light elevation) but just enough to irritate the crap out of my calves.

34:46 (11:14/mi) 

Final time: 1:41:28 

The best part of this race? Technically I was 4 out of 5 in my age group BUT because the 1st place AG finisher was also the overall female, everyone else got bumped up so I was “third” in my age group! I’ve never hit the podium before, and while technically I was 4th, the pictures show otherwise. Podium-ing aside, I was mostly proud of the fact that I shaved off over ten minutes from my early duathlon.

View More: http://hypnoticimagery.pass.us/hagerstown-duathlon-2


Now to begin planning my 2016 race calendar! Any small to mid size tri’s or du’s in the mid atlantic I should check out??


[image sources]


Currently | October

Linking up with Jenna and Anne for this month’s “Currently” post – my posting has been super lackluster as of late (so so busy with life which is good but I miss blogging. I need to make more time for it.) but I made a conscious effort to really do a little pre-writing this week. I can haz planning?




Anything but sugar. over the month of September, I gave up diet coke. I’ve been apart of these 6- 8 week weight loss challenges with fellow moms in my group and while the scale hasn’t been moving as much as I would like it to, my most recent victory was giving up that pesky diet coke habit. Replaced with sweet green tea and lemon water…so a step in the right direction. But I’m really trying to give up sugar, especially my


All over Anne Arundel County…our lease is up at the end of February and we’re currently trying to figure out where the eff we want to live. As much as I love Annapolis, my commute to Columbia is a bear and since Hubs commutes to Baltimore, we’re trying to find somewhere in the middle that wouldn’t mean…20-30 minutes just to get to I-97 because Forest Drive sucks a little piece of my soul every. day.


All of the Ponte Pants. I just bought these and these and I flipping love them both. Not to mention, I can make them both pretty work appropriate really easily.  I only wish I had bought the navy or the burgundy before they sold out in my size.


People who have their fall decorating shiz together. I’ve meant to buy mums for our stoop for two weeks now and keep forgetting. People who already have their kids costumes, and fall/Halloween decorations together…I admire that kind of togetherness/organization.


Not collecting anything! Trying to declutter the crap out of my house. I found crafts, and books and shoes and of course all of my race medals. Some of those will be donated/sold…clearly the medals will be retained and saved in the giant purge of 2015.

Join us on the first Wednesday of each month for the “Currently” round up! 


Get Your Fall Race On

Earlier this year, I created a month by month race plan. I budgeted for my races, and I registered early (mostly) and often. Luckily, I’ve gotten to do most of the races I planned on.

fall races

I mentioned previously, or at least on my various social media profiles, that I started mentoring at Fleet Feet Annapolis for their No Boundaries 10k Training group. It’s really awesome, I’ve met some brilliant people and runners who push me to be better everyday.

Looking for a fall race (or two or three?) here are a few local races I’ll either be participating in (look for the *) or highly recommend!

JLA Annapolis Volunteers on the Run 5k*
October 11, 2015 AACC Arnold, MD
This is an annual run put on by the Junior League of Annapolis – this year it’s being held up at AACC in Arnold as opposed to at Quiet Waters where it’s been held previously.
$25 Register here (mention Heidi Schmidt when registering!) 

Hagerstown Duathlon*
October 17, 2015 Hagerstown, MD
My second duathlon of the year. I loved the first one and this makes up for the fact that it’s a solo tri kind of year (I deferred Dewey until next year). We’re making a western Maryland weekend out of it so it should be fun! |
$70+ register here

10k Across the Bay*
November 7, 2015
I ran this last year and LOVED IT. This year, hubs and I were supposed to run it together but alas, drill weekend. Needless to say, I’ll be running. Along with my No Boundaries 10k Champions. Now to find a baby sitter for E for that day… 😐
$65 Register Here

Annapolis Running Classic*
November 21, 2015
I ran this race five years ago in 2011 when Hubs was at BCT in Fort Sil, OK. I ran the half marathon – it was the inaugural year and I lurrrved it. I mean, there were some inaugural year snafu’s but I’ve heard they solved all of those. If you’ve run any race in Annapolis, you’ve probably run the course before. Either way, there’s a baller post-race party with oysters. ALL OF THE OYSTERS. Regardless of whether you think it’s an appropriate post-race food, it’s shellfish so I’m sure it has plenty o’ protein and there’s beer. What more could you want?
USE CODE HSREF15 for 10% off your registration
$90/55 register here. PRICES INCREASE 10/26

Cold Turkey 10k 
November 22, 2015
I LOVE Annapolis Striders races. I haven’t run this one, and likely will miss it again this year because hi, 10k the day before and I’m not one to double up. BUT if for some reason, you’re not running the Annapolis Classic, and want a smaller scale 10k? Check this one out.

Lights on the Bay 5k & Fun Run
November 21, 2015
I was SUPPOSED to run this last year. I don’t think I finalized my sign up and missed it. That being said, I really want to run it this year. I’m still undecided since…10k the next day. BUT, I’m a sucker for evening races, and this one, if I remember correctly, opens up the Lights on the Bay at Sandy Point State Park.

What races are YOU running this fall?


What I Wore: Lusting over Loft

Lately, I’ve been all about Ann Taylor Loft. One weekend, when I stole away during naptime, I managed to pick up quite possibly the comfiest pair of ponte pants. Bonus, they’re not quite leggings so I can get away with them at work.

The past couple of days have been more fall like so I’ve been putting aside the dresses and reaching for pants and silky shirts that I was too afraid to wear over the summer because…pit stains. Need I say more? I actually snagged the top at Uptown Cheapskate in Annapolis, I recently purged a whole bunch of workout gear and had some time while it was being checked out and managed to find this gem. I rarely like to browse and sift through racks but I’m really glad I did because I got this for the perfect price of $7. WIN!

And the pants? Well they’re an added win and I recently picked them up at a Loft sale. Super comfy. There’s a more tailored looking pair from Ann Taylor that I’m eyeing but I loathe paying full price so I’m waiting (and should have gotten them this past weekend on sale but didn’t. Fail.)

Happy Fall!


Shirt (Lush | Similar ) Pants (Loft | Similar) Shoes (Tory Burch)

What are your favorite seasonal transition outfits? 



My first Stitch Fix

It was about time I jumped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon.

Friday afternoon, the box arrived. The glorious box!

Then came the disappointment. Maybe I put my sizes in wrong. The styles themselves were not horrible. A pair of black skinny, high waisted pants that wouldn’t even fit over my thighs – the style itself was adorable. If only it had fit. Medium petite? I’m anywhere from a 6 to an 8 to a 10 depending on the brand and the style of pants. Hmmmph, no big. I wouldn’t have spent $100 on a pair of black pants anyhow (because…Loft. Need I say more?)

Then the dress that was just a touch too tight. Design? Super cute. Sizing? Not so much.

(don’t mind the blurriness)

Or the pop over top that I loved but the fabric had no give and I was worried my boobs might pop a button if I bent over the wrong way plus it pulled in an unflattering way over my midsection. The very midsection that I’m incredibly self-conscious about.

Finally the other top which was cute. Flowy. But I’m not big into prints. Or at least not geometric prints. Was this geometric or animal? Who knew.

I did keep the necklace. That was really pretty and I loved it and after the $20 styling fee, it was only $8. #winning.

On the plus side, the pants I’m wearing above are an amazingly comfortable pair of Loft Ponte Pants. Highly recommend!

Have you tried StitchFix yet? If not, it’s worth checking out. I updated my style profile and my sizes going up a size in most things so I make sure everything fits next time. The style was about 85% on point, the size was like… not on point at all, but overall I came away with some great outfit ideas thanks to their style cards, and a pretty statement necklace – since I didn’t have to deal with the mall, I consider the experiment a success!



Nine years ago, you wooed me over the course of a weekend long “date.” You twirled me around under the rotunda on a late night tour of the Capitol.


(Blurry because…it was all such a blur. Wasn’t it?)

Six years ago, we said I do and vowed to love each other in good times and bad.

DC wedding photo

Two and a half years ago, we grew our family and welcomed this little guy into our lives. It was as if my capacity for love doubled in a way I couldn’t have imagined.

We’ve been through some ups and some downs but no matter what, you and I are a team. Thank you for being my biggest supporter, cheerleader (those 7a races are brutal!), my best friend and the love of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to spend the rest of my days with.

I love you Hubs. To many more years and adventures and everything in between.