Getting Over the Comparison Trap

Start reading any mommy blogger out there and I can guarantee you’ll find a post about how we, as mothers, need to stop comparing ourselves. To one another, to our former selves. That we need to be accepting. Less judgey. You know, all those things we learn about in grade school. Do unto others… but mostly – telling us not to compare ourselves to others. You know… we’ve each got our own struggles so why compare? Well…it’s human nature right? 

blogger comparison trap

Friends, I’ve been deep into the comparison trap lately.

Comparing myself to moms I knew who were running more than I was (they stay at home with their kiddos so….they have a little more time/flexibility). Some of those moms were faster than I was, why couldn’t I run that fast?

Comparing myself to other bloggers with better graphics. Who wrote regularly. Who have more followers. Who…you name it. And just…Why couldn’t I just make an hour a couple times a week to write?

Comparing myself to moms and friends that I knew who were losing weight faster than I was. What was I doing wrong? Why was my body not cooperating? Why am I still…so unhappy with my body 3 years post-partum? 

Comparing myself to my former self when i was running sub 30:00 5k’s before I got pregnant with Ethan when I had time to run 5 days per week and was, arguably, in the best shape of my life since high school.

But I fell into that rut. The one where I was just clawing and digging at goals I thought I wanted because that’s what everyone else was doing and I wanted to be…like them? Better than them? I don’t know exactly but I wasn’t happy and my goals weren’t motivating me. 

But here’s the thing I’ve learned about setting new goals for myself. There’s a reason they’re SMART goals – realistic goals are more exciting to work towards right? I mean, yes 50% of your goals should be big and audacious and not necessarily attainable but the other half should be.

The biggest realization? My priorities shifted over the last few months/year.

Blogging wasn’t my priority. Running wasn’t a priority (weather. Time. Life. Job.) Because a three year old, a full time job with a 1.5 hour round trip commute, and running and spending time with the husband who is frantically trying to finish up his MBA… my family has been my priority. But I felt left out. I felt like I was missing out. I felt like all these moms I knew were starting to run and were leaving me in the dust. I felt like all the bloggers I followed were just better at it than I was so why bother when no one is reading my blog anyhow?

But here’s the thing. I was mixing up what i thought I SHOULD be doing with what I want (or don’t want) to be doing.

I don’t want to run long distances right now. I’m perfectly content with 10k races and sprint triathlons. Life isn’t allowing me the time to train for a half marathon or a half ironman as I’d much like to, and I need to be okay with that. That doesn’t make me any less of a runner though. I have time for these goals, but little man will not always be up for going to the park in the evenings – soon enough our evenings will be over run with activities, and school meetings so let’s enjoy those nights of giggles, chasing through the yard and cuddles on the couch before an early bedtime.

I’m not a morning runner. I don’t have time to run 7 days a week and even if I did, I enjoy rest days very much (after running four days in a row, this is so true. My poor legs are tired!) I like to sleep and getting up at 5:00AM to run just…isn’t something that excites me or is realistic given my work schedule. 

I’m not losing weight fast enough. I have other things going on with my thyroid and vitamin D levels that are affecting this – so hopefully with the change in doctors and cutting most gluten out of my diet, this will start turning around.

I don’t blog often enough. Here’s the biggest lesson about blogging in my 15 years of writing a blog – write about one thing and one thing only. Write what you love. Write what interests you. Don’t write about what you don’t know or what you don’t enjoy…because you’ll never write. DUH.

I don’t do enough with my child. I work full time. I’ve worked hard to advance my career and to be able to 1. Pay off my education 2. Provide nice things for my child. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time off from work so hubs and i are very much partners in this which is great but still. So much mom guilt.

Back to the comparison trap.

When we compare ourselves, we’re only holding ourselves back. I’ve been trying to think more positively about the amazing things that are going on for me – I am running (consistently lately…3 – 4 days per week, most weeks) on my own terms. I have a great job where I’m valued and paid my worth. I have a beautiful family and we have a beautiful home that hubs and I worked really hard to purchase. Life is, for the most part, really really good. These are all good things. Why would I let myself forget about or disregard these because I’m too busy worrying if our house is in the wrong neighborhood, or if I should have stayed home with E, or if I’m not running fast enough or training for long enough races. So what?

Life, man. Life. Lately, aside from the comparison trap, I’ve just been trying to live life.

You do you.

I needed a big fat reminder of “you do you” to get out of this rut but I think the comparison trap was really just…holding me back. Now that I’ve acknowledged it though, I think I can remedy this and get back to my big fat blogging goals.

I want to know: Do you get stuck in the comparison trap? What holds you back from your goals?



Stumped: Getting My Blogging Mojo Back

So I joined snapchat today. (Friend me! Legallyheidi is my user name!)

I’ve resisted for a long time – it’s not for “early adopters” like myself I said. I’m too old for that ish – my cousins (second cousins mind you, who are only 15) are on it – thats not for my generation I’d think.

But i gave in per the suggestion of an old blogging pal who saw a cry for bloggy motivation. I’ve gotta say…it’s kind of working. Already.

Getting My Blogging MoJo Bac

You see, I love blogging but I’ve been lacking inspiration lately. Lacking a certain blogging mojo where by the time i get home, have dinner with hubs & E, get my workout in, make lunches and then relax I’m spent and don’t want to open up my computer to write.

So I joined snap chat to try to reinvigorate my blogging mojo. I’m not quite sure how another social network will do that but day 1 and I’m a fan.  I like the authenticity of it- there are no slimming filters as some fashion bloggers use on instagram. There are no staged photos – it’s much more “life-casty” if you will – because thats why I started blogging way back in the day. I really loved the lifecast style blogs, it felt real and authentic.

Back to my lack of inspiration lately.

So that inspiration that seems to be MIA. It’s not entirely gone. I have a list of posts to write in evernote- half of it is lack of time, and the other half is lack of…excitement about what I’m writing about.

It’s hard to blog about running when you’re not running regularly (working on that…). It’s hard to blog about “fashion” or “style” when I don’t get dressed up much anymore because work is a bit more casual and my pictures are never staged and never more than an arms-reach selfie. It’s hard to blog about healthy living when I feel like I struggle every day to make healthy choices and when my weight loss efforts for the past six months have just…not moved. I gained almost 10 lbs over the holidays and while I’ve lost about 5 of it, i’m still about 20 – 25 lbs from my goal.

Where’s my niche anymore? Blog about what you’re passionate about they say, blog what you like. But what i like… just… doesn’t seem to be inspiring me at the moment. I’m not sure what the remedy is for that because I want amazing, beautiful images. I want to have dozens of comments. I want to inspire and build a community and I want to feel like I’m successful at this whole blogging thing and right now? I feel like I’m failing. I feel like i compare myself too much and I feel like I just don’t have – or didn’t have – it in me to do what all my favorite, “more successful” bloggers did/do.

But, define successful. 

Well, I don’t know quite what my vision of success looks like. Prior to rebranding last year, I was making a little bit of play money from my blog but when I rebranded those opportunities dried up – I botched the rebrand I think but I like this new space. It’s more me, I think I just need to spruce it up a little bit.

I read this great post from Katy Widrick (one of my favorite bloggers who never ceases to educate/inspire me). It was on bloggers sharing income reports and what they do to get there. Huh. Maybe I need goals. I’ve always wanted to use this little hobby not to turn into a career because I did that but to generate supplemental money. You know, play money to fund my affinity for buying nice things – the whole champagne taste on a beer budget thing.

I digress.

I know I can do that. If I set goals. I know I can make this little space successful.  I live and breathe the inbound marketing methodology. I complete agree that influencer marketing has changed the way of blogging and content marketing over the past ten years. I want to be a part of that. I’ve been blessed over the years to have some AMAZING opportunities thanks to my blog, but I just… seem to be in a rut.

This all came to me during a chat with the hubs on my drive home yesterday. I know what i need to do. I want to be a successful blogger. I know how to but it’s as if, as my career as a marketer took off, I stopped blogging for myself. Dare I say, I got burnt out.

My action plan over the next 3 months

  • Blog 2 times per week (increase to 3- 5 times per week by October 2016 after 2 consistent quarters of regular weekly postings
  • Join at least 1 weekly linkup post and consistently post
  • Sponsor 1 blog post every 2 weeks on facebook
  • Develop my own social media plan for instagram/facebook/twitter/snapchat
  • Finish the “intro to canva” course so I can create better images for the blog (since i know that matters SO much when it comes to content/content marketing etc…)
  • Create a premium offering for my blog
  • Take (and complete fully) one “blog better course” (any suggestions with these are welcome!)
  • Find a blogging coach/mentor!

Blog goals

  • 2500 unique visitors/month by April 2017
  • 5000 visitors/month by April 2017
  • Make $500/month (average) by December 2016

I want to know: Do you have a blog? What are your blogging/social media goals? How did you get started and did you lose your “inspiration?” How did you get it back? 


2016 Races and Goals

I’ve been thinking a lot about races. Races I’ve done, races I’m planning for. You know… all the races.

races(image via)

I love the idea of doing one race per month, 12 races in a year. But sometimes? That’s just not doable. because…life.

This year, my race calendar is pretty much planned out at this point. I’m not overdoing it by any means and the races I’ve picked aren’t marathons or even half marathons. But, I have 6-7 big(ish, for me) races which I think, given life and schedules, sets me up for success and keeps me motivated. I would LOVE to do 10 10k’s in 2016 but I’m not going to set myself up for failure – I’ve got 5 listed here but I’m not over planning the fall for life reasons (no. Baby Schmidt is NOT getting a sibling) – I’m still working on the whole working mom balance thing and I just don’t want to over commit right now.

Here are my 2016 races

Sole of the City 10k, April 16, 2016

Because I didn’t get to run the Cherry Blossom 10, I still wanted to feel like the running I have been doing (albeit half hearted training) was going towards something. 10ks are my favorite race distance as of late, so this was a nice happy race to sign up for!


Zooma 10k June 4, 2016

This is one of my favorite races – the course is so pretty, and even though it can be really hot, the community of women runners is something that you don’t get from a lot of other races. Prices go up March 12, so if you want to register, register soon – you can use code HEIDI16 for 10% off your registration! Register here!

Maryland Sprint Duathlon, July 16, 2016 

I loved this race so much last year – 2 mile run / 13 mile bike / 2 mile run – I’m excited to do it again this year, and I’m excited to train better for it.

Iron Girl Columbia, August 7, 2016

AKA my get in shape for my sisters wedding race. My sister is getting married the weekend following and initially, until they changed the date of Iron Girl, I wasn’t going to be able to do it. But then they moved it. THEN, I found out Hubs would be back from his AT the day before racking. So I couldn’t NOT sign up for it.

Dewey Beach Triathlon, September 17, 2016

I actually deferred this from last year – the race ended up being on the weekend of a good friend of mine’s bachelorette party. I couldn’t not help her celebrate her impending nuptials at the time, so I deferred and I’m all good to go for this year! I’ve heard great things about this race so I’m really excited for it!

Baltimore Running Festival – Marathon Relay, October 15, 2016

I’m trying to be more active in the local MRTT group – it’s tough though as a working mom, especially since I’m much more of an evening runner than a morning runner and the whole…working thing, but there are a few moms who expressed interest in a relay team for this race so I jumped on board. I need to actually set up the team, but I’ll get there 🙂

Annapolis Running Classic 10k OR 10k Across the Bay

I probably won’t do both, but I am scheduled to lead the training of the 10k across the bay group at fleet feet in Severna Park this fall. I didn’t get to run the ARC 10k last year because of the death of my grandmother (devastating) and I never got a chance to defer and since I was an ambassador, I’m not even sure how that would work.

I’d love to throw in a December race in there too, but there’s not really any around here that I’m pumped up about so I’m going to leave that open.

What 2016 races are YOU excited about? Any I should check out? 


The Cherry Blossom 10 miler that Wasn’t

So I didn’t run the Cherry Blossom Ten miler.

DC cherry blossoms

I was okay with this. Hubs’s drill schedule changed about a week and a half out from the race and his drill was moved up a week. For those of you who haven’t run the cherry blossom 10 miler, it’s a fantastic race and I highly recommend it, but it’s an early race. I would have had to leave the house by 5:30 – latest. Before Hubs left mind you – to get to the race. I probably wouldn’t have gotten home much before 11a so even if we got a sitter for when hubs left around 6:30a, it would have been 5 hours so between $50-75 for a sitter – roughly the cost of the race.

I’m not about doubling race fees for baby sitters. I don’t roll that way.

So, knowing the transfer period ended, I took a shot in the dark and emailed the race director explaining the situation – no family, no babysitters (seriously, the likelihood of me finding a sitter on short notice for 6am on a sunday?! LOLOLOL) and a husband with National Guard duty that changed last minute.

Bless them, they made an exception. Relief!

Had I trained better, and actually gotten my long runs in,  I might have been more disappointed/pissed at the situation. But there was a lot of life over the past three months (we moved! bought a house! I changed jobs! we hosted family for Easter! And had Ethan’s 3rd birthday party at the house! ) so my training didn’t go as I had hoped and I was very much okay with this outcome (even more so when I saw the weather forecast – bravo to ALL the runners who ran on Sunday – especially in those conditions!)

So what did I do?

Registered for another race, duh.

I’ll be running the Sole of the City 10k in Baltimore next weekend. I’ve been solidly running 3.5 – 5 miles the past couple of months so I feel okay with this despite…a kind of…m’eh training for the 10 miler

It sets me up quite well for Zooma training though! And that race, I’m itching so hard for a PR – sub 1:00? I’ve got this. Next weekend will set a good baseline since I haven’t run 6.2 miles since the bridge run in November.

So how am I preparing?

Well, to date my longest run was just short of 5 miles so I’m not in awful shape as far as distance goes.

This past week I fit in ~10 miles. This upcoming week:

Monday: Run 3.3 (for my 33rd birthday which is technically on Tuesday but I have a busy day Tuesday so I know it won’t happen)
Tuesday: rest (or another 3.3 if i feel like it)
Wednesday: 3-4 (hills?!)
Thursday: rest
Friday: yoga? maybe?
Saturday: 10k!

Speaking of Zooma…

They added a 5k for Annapolis! How flipping awesome is that?! There’s less than 60 days until the race now, so register early before the fees go up! Keep in mind for Zooma Annapolis or ANY of the Zooma series races in Florida or Cape Code, you can use code HEIDI16 to get 10% off your registration fee. Come run/train with me! 

How do you handle race set backs? Did you run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler? How did it go for you? 


Friday Fives: Navy Love

My love of all things navy has gone to new levels over the past few years. Back in college, I had a problem with white tops – my gal pals had an intervention at one point because I think i had like 15 white tops some of similar styles (white polo shirts. White ruffly tank tops. White tube tops. What can I say, I loved them all.). I was finally told (politely – I had great friends) “no more white tops HB.”

Nowadays, I prefer navy. My favorite designers/brands carry it always (JCrew, Loft, Ann Taylor, Lilly, etc…) It doesn’t show dirt from grubby toddler hands as much, or dirty looking sweat stains like white shirts do (I know I’m not the only one that has that problem – despite using the strongest deodorant I can). Navy tops are just classic looking. And, depending on the style, can be dressed up or down and worn in just about any season. Navy and white pants in the summer. Navy sweaters in the fall. Navy and black in the winter. That’s right. I went there. Navy and black.

So happy Friday my friends (and happy birth month to me!), not only did I write twice in one week (I can haz blogging goals?!), but you too can lust over some beautiful navy tops that are spring appropriate (and possibly summer and fall! Because…all season right?!)


  1. Eyelet Lace 3/4 Sleeve Top (uniqlo)
  2. Botanic Soft Vintage tee (Loft)
  3. Lacy Mixed Media Top (Ann Taylor) Side note, i have this top in cream and love it. 
  4. Pintuck Tee (Ann Taylor)
  5. Linen Lace Tee (JCrew Factory)

March Stitch Fix Review

How has it been a month since I last wrote a post?!

In that time: I started a new job (more soon?!), Ethan turned 3 (more soon!!!), I hosted the first holiday in our new home and I had to “defer” my cherry blossom 10 miler race to next year (by luck. Adam’s drill changed and I couldn’t justify doubling the cost of a race for a sitter who i may or may not be able to find for 530a on a Sunday).

So yeah. Back to Stitch Fix. Last month was very m’eh. I wasn’t in love with anything – i got one top that was really cozy but it’s not really something i would wear not on the weekends.

So what did I get?

Lavania Lace Knit Top

I loved this one It felt like it was made for me. Casual. Dressed up. It was the one piece that i loved in this box. Keep.

Esie Laser-Cut Flats

stitch fix shoes

I so wanted to love these. I really did. But they were a touch too big and when I tried to walk around in them, they rubbed a lot on my heels so I knew it would be blister city and as a runner, ain’t nobody have time for blisters. Return 

Tamarindo Blazer

I really wanted to love this. It was a pretty blazer and a fun style but it was a touch too tight in the chest and I felt it when i lifted my arms. Wamp wamp. Return.

Ronan Crochet Detail Blous

stitch fix top

Normally I LOVE peplum. But this was just…m’eh. I thought it would be really cute with a nice cardigan, but it just draped and was not flattering at all. Sad day. Return.

Chassie Textured Knit Dress

LOL. LOL. LOL. Too tight. Too short. A for effort because I do love me a navy sheath like nothing else, but not so much on this one. Also, NOPE dot COM on the flutter sleeves. AMIRITE?! also, I need some self tanning lotion because holy pasty legs! Return

I figure, I’ll keep stitch fix around if I can get one piece because i love their styling, and I get some great ideas for sure.

Do you use Stitch Fix? What has your experience been? If you’re interested in giving it a shot, please use my referral link!


Weekly Workouts: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

So last week was an okay week workout wise. As much as I want to get back to doing these “weekly workout” style posts once per week, it’s still aspirational. Also, there hasn’t been as much working out as I would like – we’re still getting settled and the weather has just…not been on my side.

20 (2)


Last week’s workout run down…

The good: Three runs! Two treadmill, one outside! Huzzah! I also went to 1 yoga class.

The bad: Didn’t get my distance in on Saturday, but was still really excited just to be outside running with the family. Didn’t fit in ANY strength workouts. The yoga class I went to? Restorative which usually I love but for some reason left me feeling nauseous and unsettled – it was not as enjoyable or relaxing as I would have liked.

The ugly: There’s like 6 weeks to the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and I haven’t run more than 3 miles since June. Hmmm….I should probably step it up this weekend with a 5-er…or maybe 6?

This week’s plan

Monday: Run 3(ish) – since it’s nice-ish out today, I’m going to try to run with the Fleet Feet crowd over in Severna Park since it’s only a matter of weeks until I’ll be coaching them!
Tuesday: Strength workout. I have plans in the evening so I NEED to get up in the morning to work out.
Wednesday: Run – speed workout. It’s supposed to rain so this will probably be a treadmill run. Blergh.
Thursday: Strength. Hubs has class, so it needs to be a morning workout or an evening video.
Friday: We have a weekend in Baltimore for this family seminar thing we’re going to – so Friday will definitely be a rest day for me unless I can fit in a quickie workout in the morning on Friday.
Saturday/Sunday – I need to find time to fit in 5-6 miles somehow/at some point in time. Fingers crossed it’s not on a flipping treadmill.

February Miles: 15.65
2016 miles: 18/500
2016 workouts:  15/216

How are your workouts going? Do you set mini goals for yourself? 


Run Love Challenge Virtual 5k Recap

So heres the problem with life sometimes. You make plans. You have ambitious goals. You plan everything out and then huge snow storms happen. And you buy a house. And you move. And you have to deal with closing out an old apartment 30 minutes away. (not all necessarily in that order, we moved right before the snow storm hit – lucky us!). Amidst all of this, I was signed up for the Zooma Run Love Challenge.

Unfortunately, all of that life, took a toll on all of my running goals.

Theres still a lot of life going on, but we’re mostly into a new routine. We’re still getting settled and there’s still not nearly enough hours in the day. But that’s just a factor of being busy working parents with an energetic 3 year old.

But. I finally finished the Zooma Run Love Challenge. Initially I had goals for a 10k but given that I haven’t yet been running outside this year, it was a treadmill run. So a 5k it was because ain’t nobody got time to run 6.2 miles on a treadmill. Time OR desire mind you.
run love challenge medal

This is the first week I think I’ll hit my scheduled runs for my Cherry blossom 10 miler training with one outside run and 2 treadmill runs. The good thing about the treadmill, and I hate to say this because I hate the treadmill as much as the next person, is that I can push my speed on it. I use intervals to get through my runs because i can’t just set a speed and run. I don’t have that kind of attention span.

How my training looked this week?

Monday – rest
Tuesday – treadmill run (2.5 miles) check
Wednesday – treadmill run (3.25) check
Thursday – unintentional rest (should have been strength but Junior League night and I did NOT get my butt out of bed this AM).
Friday – strength workout hopefully
Saturday – Run 4 miles
Sunday – strength

Run Love Challenge recap

  1. I loved the community. Seriously, the facebook group support was awesome. it was so nice to be amongst other people – some running their first 5k, others like myself using the virtual run to kick off training to other races.
  2. The medal and the swag was not too shabby either. We got a comfy sweatshirt, some Feetures socks (my favorite!!!) and a fantastic medal. That plus a training plan, a podcast, and a private facebook support group? #winning
  3. Tracking – well, here’s where i get a fail. 1. the race was supposed to be done on 2/14 – but it was like negative freeze my face off cold so I just…didn’t even leave the house. Despite finding my cold weather running gear amidst still yet to be unpacked boxes (i consider that a win!). So I didn’t get to use the Motigo tracking app. WHOOPS. That being said, I loved the cheers, and words of encouragement from the Zooma founder Brae Blackley, and for some cheers from friends and family.
  4. Total time? ~34:00; 3.1 miles. Treadmill. Ugh. All in all though? Not too bad. I’m pretty happy with it.

Would I do it again? Maybe. January is a shitty time of year for me to be motivated. There was a perfect storm of a lot of BIG deal life events going on, but it did keep me focused and when I did find the time to work out, I was working towards something which is always key for me.

Now that that’s done with the Run Love Challenge,  i’m moving into Cherry Blossom 10 miler training then into Zooma 10k training!

Want to run Zooma in June in Annapolis with me? Use code HEIDI16 for 10% off your registration. Fees increase on March 12 so register early to save $$ (who doesn’t like saving money on registration fees??) – register HERE.

Have you ever done a virtual race? Would you do one again?


FTC disclosure, I am a Zooma Ambassador, I did get a complimentary entry to the run love challenge but all thoughts here are my own. 


Lifetime Fitness Indoor Tri Recap

It’s been EONS it feels like since the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Tri that i did earlier this month. Yet since then, we’ve packed. We’ve moved. We’re in the process of building a home – so I can’t really say I’ve been doing nothing – even if there hasn’t been a huge amount of minutes worked out or miles run. Life man. Life.


They had two people per lane, which was pretty convenient – i’m not super strong in the swim and I’m fairly certain the last time I swam was August. WHOOPS.

We swam 10 minutes and were scored by the number of laps.

Total laps: 15

Transition 1: we had 10 minutes to change and get ourselves up to the bike. I wish i had been more organized BUT


indoor tri bike

The bike was 30 minutes – they had some awesome jams and once I got my resistance down, I cruised along. I hadn’t been spinning either – so I probably could have done better.

total distance: 8.3 miles

Transition 2: Had 5 minutes. Pretty much sprinted to the treadmills. Struggled with my feet and shoes and just…m’eh.


I had a really hard time getting in my groove for the run. I tried doing 4 and 1 intervals. I tried getting into it by picking up the speed – it was only 20 minutes right? I had hoped to fit in 2 miles – but came just short.

total distance: 1.72 miles

The event was points based – I got 125 points, which put me in the top third of the women’s open category.

All in all, super well organized (Ironman is one of the sponsors along with LifeTime Fitness). The Lifetime Fitness facility in Columbia where my event was held, was absolutely beautiful. My colleague goes there with her beau and says it’s super nice. If I had more time (and more cash money) I’d get a membership there but it’s only convenient to work and not some place I’d want to go to on the weekends.

My gear

indoor tri gear

Sneakers: Brooks Pure Cadence
Spin Shoes: Pearl Izumi
Tri/Bike Shorts: Pearl Izumi
Tank: Athleta
Sports Bra: lululemon


It’s a fun event – it’s meant to kick off the new year – there were people of all abilities – people who were clearly using the event to kick off new, healthy habits which I thought was fantastic. That being said, it’s a pretty vigorous hour – no matter what your athletic ability is. I recommend fueling as if you would any other race. I had a gel with me for the run in case I ran out of gas (which I did), and a water bottle – though they were handing out water bottles during the bike and run which was super helpful.

You don’t need spinning shoes, you don’t need to run, you just need to move and keep moving. That’s really the beauty of this event and really any event like the Resolution runs that we so often see around the new year. It’s an ability to turn a new leaf.

If you’re near a Lifetime Fitness center and see one of these events? I highly, highly recommend! I had a great time doing it – even though I’m not a member of LifeTime Fitness myself – it’s open to members and non-members alike. The staff was fantastic and they gave us t-shirts, swim caps and had tons of food (bagels! peanut butter! bananas! pea crisps! – you know the usual post-race food) and a beautiful locker room/sauna area that I took full advantage of (Hubs called many times being like “where are you?!” and i was all like…steam room. bbl. (via text. not via phone. I did not bring my phone in the steam room. That’s weird.)

All in all? Great event. I gave a great showing for having a rough November/December, and was really pretty proud of how I did despite all that. Definitely a great way to kick off the new year for sure.


Weekly Workouts

Happy Tuesday!

I haven’t shared my weekly workouts in a while but as I ramp up training for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler – and try to get caught up on the Zooma Virtual 10k (Run Love Challenge!) training – I’m getting started again for the accountability. With all the house stuff, workouts have been the last thing on my mind but now I really need to get back to it. Normally these posts come on Mondays but yesterday was survival of the fittest with us being stuck inside for most of the day – daycare was closed and our road was an icy, slushy, unplowed mess for most of the day.


 spin/21 day fix cardio
Wednesday: 21 day fix OR a short run
Thursday: 21 day fix upper
Friday: rest
Saturday: Run 35 min
Sunday: PiYo class OR Body Pump

I’m technically signed up for the virtual training with the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler, so I’ll be mixing in elements of that – but next week really kicks off my training and I plan to use a modified version of the Hal Higdon 15k Training plan. I’ll share more about that next week, but thats why my “time” running is lower. Also, I hate running on the treadmill. And people drive crazy on my road (that doesn’t have sidewalks) so I’m going to pass on the outside running until this ish melts a bit more.

Edited: my schedule got thrown out of whack when Hubs was activated for National Guard duty yesterday. He may be home tonight but we never know so I threw in 21 day Fix workouts since I’m not comfortable taking Little Man running in this weather with these icy conditions. We’ll see when/if I make it to the gym this week 😐

How do you stay motivated when it’s cold, icy and just in general nasty outside?? Any winter workout tricks?