What I Wore: Lusting over Loft

Lately, I’ve been all about Ann Taylor Loft. One weekend, when I stole away during naptime, I managed to pick up quite possibly the comfiest pair of ponte pants. Bonus, they’re not quite leggings so I can get away with them at work.

The past couple of days have been more fall like so I’ve been putting aside the dresses and reaching for pants and silky shirts that I was too afraid to wear over the summer because…pit stains. Need I say more? I actually snagged the top at Uptown Cheapskate in Annapolis, I recently purged a whole bunch of workout gear and had some time while it was being checked out and managed to find this gem. I rarely like to browse and sift through racks but I’m really glad I did because I got this for the perfect price of $7. WIN!

And the pants? Well they’re an added win and I recently picked them up at a Loft sale. Super comfy. There’s a more tailored looking pair from Ann Taylor that I’m eyeing but I loathe paying full price so I’m waiting (and should have gotten them this past weekend on sale but didn’t. Fail.)

Happy Fall!


Shirt (Lush | Similar ) Pants (Loft | Similar) Shoes (Tory Burch)

What are your favorite seasonal transition outfits? 



My first Stitch Fix

It was about time I jumped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon.

Friday afternoon, the box arrived. The glorious box!

Then came the disappointment. Maybe I put my sizes in wrong. The styles themselves were not horrible. A pair of black skinny, high waisted pants that wouldn’t even fit over my thighs – the style itself was adorable. If only it had fit. Medium petite? I’m anywhere from a 6 to an 8 to a 10 depending on the brand and the style of pants. Hmmmph, no big. I wouldn’t have spent $100 on a pair of black pants anyhow (because…Loft. Need I say more?)

Then the dress that was just a touch too tight. Design? Super cute. Sizing? Not so much.

(don’t mind the blurriness)

Or the pop over top that I loved but the fabric had no give and I was worried my boobs might pop a button if I bent over the wrong way plus it pulled in an unflattering way over my midsection. The very midsection that I’m incredibly self-conscious about.

Finally the other top which was cute. Flowy. But I’m not big into prints. Or at least not geometric prints. Was this geometric or animal? Who knew.

I did keep the necklace. That was really pretty and I loved it and after the $20 styling fee, it was only $8. #winning.

On the plus side, the pants I’m wearing above are an amazingly comfortable pair of Loft Ponte Pants. Highly recommend!

Have you tried StitchFix yet? If not, it’s worth checking out. I updated my style profile and my sizes going up a size in most things so I make sure everything fits next time. The style was about 85% on point, the size was like… not on point at all, but overall I came away with some great outfit ideas thanks to their style cards, and a pretty statement necklace – since I didn’t have to deal with the mall, I consider the experiment a success!



Nine years ago, you wooed me over the course of a weekend long “date.” You twirled me around under the rotunda on a late night tour of the Capitol.


(Blurry because…it was all such a blur. Wasn’t it?)

Six years ago, we said I do and vowed to love each other in good times and bad.

DC wedding photo

Two and a half years ago, we grew our family and welcomed this little guy into our lives. It was as if my capacity for love doubled in a way I couldn’t have imagined.

We’ve been through some ups and some downs but no matter what, you and I are a team. Thank you for being my biggest supporter, cheerleader (those 7a races are brutal!), my best friend and the love of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to spend the rest of my days with.

I love you Hubs. To many more years and adventures and everything in between.


Currently | September

I seem to hit these link ups like every other month. I feel like September is a chance to start over though – you know, new school year, new season. So I’ve been making it a point to blog regularly. Again. I say that again.

currently august


Anyhow, check out the Currently Linkup hosted by Anne and Jenna. They’re two of my favorites. Here’s what I’m currently up to:


I’ve been reading a lot lately – I recently finished Dare Me by Megan Abbott, and now I’m reading Killing Monica by Candace Bushnell. I’m into delightfully (sometimes trashy) chick-lit. Don’t judge me.


Anything with zucchini. A couple of weeks ago I made the best chocolate chip zucchini bread (which reminds me I want to share the recipe!!). I might have to make these muffins next. Zucchini is one of my favorite vegetables this time of year!


Recipes – especially surrounding toddler friendly lunches and healthy, easy recipes. I’m in a rut. We’ve been eating out too much, so I’m on the prowl for better – nay, faster – recipes to make and lunch ideas so I can hopefully stop giving little man lunchables – which are a working mom’s god send. #justsaying.


Our anniversary trip. We haven’t really celebrated our anniversary in a couple of years so this year we’re doing a weekend trip to Lewes/Rehoboth Beach, DE! I’m super pumped to have some quality family time for a weekend – I don’t have much vacation time until next summer so we’re making it a point this fall to make a few weekend trips. Next weekend is mini-vaca numero uno.


Being a mentor! I recently signed up as a mentor for a 10k training group at Fleet Feet Annapolis which is super fun because I get to actually use the info I learned during my RRCA coaching certification that I got over a year ago. It’s pretty awesome getting to run with some people training for their first 10k and solidly running 3 days per week no matter what. No excuses. Big fan of new running buddies and running consistently.

What are YOU currently up to? 


What I Wore: Camel and Stripes

I’m lusting for fall weather that I know is right around the corner. So the other day when I saw morning temperatures were only in the 60’s, I grabbed the latest cardigan I picked up on our most recent outlet jaunt.

I had happy hour plans that night so I wanted to be sure I would be comfortable. That was the great thing about this outfit – it totally took me from office to happy hour without much effort. The sweater, tank combo was perfect for casual Friday and the tank, necklace, sandal combo was great for casual happy hour at Greene Turtle.

Another plus? I can totally make this a more business casual outfit by trading out the jeans for black pants or a pencil skirt. Win!

Tank: JCrew Factory (Old. Similar) | Jeans (Old Navy) | Sandals (Target, Similar) | Sweater (JCrew Factory) | Necklace (JCrew Factory, Similar)



Friday Finds: Finding Red

I’m obsessed with the plum/burgundy trend. Seriously – i have pants that are a berryish/marsala color, and now I’m looking for a few nice tops to dress up and dress down. It’s a beautiful color for the fall and these pieces I’ve picked for this week’s Friday Finds are perfect transition pieces and will also last you through the colder months with some layering.


Friday Finds - Seeing Red

1. This utility blouse from Loft is super versatile. I have a couple of these from Loft and a similar style from Express. I saw a similar top at the outlet a couple weeks ago but they were out of my size so getting it now? 40% off? Win.

2. Another gem from Loft, this autumn plaid blouse would be super cute with skinny jeans or with black work pants OR with leggings.

3. I have a Charley sweater from JCrew factory in a deep reddish color from last year, but I love this long sleeved Sawyer sweater for those chilly fall days that I really hope are just around the corner.

4. I can’t get enough of Old Navy’s Pixie pants! Last year I got a raspberry-ish colored pair and the color is back this fall! They call it potent purple but it’s definitely a bit more plum/reddish. Love them!

5. For my fellow pencil skirt lovers, check out this beautiful burgundy lace Halogen Skirt. The price tag isn’t so horrible either!

What trend are you loving lately? 


The Working Parent Balancing Act

So many people ask me how I can be so busy and yet stay so active and train for races regularly – especially as a working parent. It’s a juggling act my friends. It’s not easy and you pick your battles.


What do I mean? It’s a balancing act of compromise – knowing when to rest. Knowing when to be a little selfish and knowing when your family needs you. My workouts to me are important – they keep me sane, healthy and give me the 1/2 hour to 45 minutes of me time I know I need to be the best version of myself and thankfully, I’m blessed to have a husband who understands that.

Despite finishing Iron Girl and being relatively happy with my time, I did not train 100% according to my plan. I didn’t get nearly as many miles on the bike as I would have liked, I nursed injured calves through most of my training, and I leaned on hubs a lot in the mornings when I would get up and out to work out and he’d get little Man up and ready for school. But I did my best and really, that’s all I could have hoped for.

Check your schedule 

What do I mean by that? I mean look at your family’s schedule first. I know that little Man has speech therapy two days per week. One of those days I take him. Now, hubs is back in classes so I know two evenings a week I’m on the hook for pick up. I don’t work out every day – I try to – but I also value rest days. Weekends we go out and be active as a family whether to the park, or walking/running around the neighborhood. Weekdays are tougher but as many working parents of toddlers especially can understand, you just have to do the best you can. But I always look at my schedule and know what days are going to be ideal for morning/evening workouts

Be realistic

if you’re not a morning workout-er, don’t bank on getting in a 5 mile run or a 15 mile bike before work. Save the long workouts for the weekends when you can compromise with your spouse. As i mentioned, do the best you can. Maybe set the goal to workout 4 days per week rather than 5 or 6. Setting yourself up for success, versus failure, will make a huge difference when it comes to setting realistic goals for yourself.

Don’t underestimate strength workouts

Can’t make it out for a run or a bike? Weather crappy? Oversleep? Too many morning meetings to risk getting into work late? I’ve dealt with all of those things, and do pretty regularly. Now that hubs is back in classes, I know I can plan for an evening workout for 30 minutes or so after Little Man goes to bed with a fitness video (last night I did the 21 day fix Upper Fix – my arms are HURTING today). There is nothing wrong with getting your butt kicked for 30 minutes with an intense cardio DVD or whatever other workout you may scrounge up. It might not line up with your training plan, but it’s better than nothing.

Make it a Priority

Listen, there are certain musts in every day. If you prioritize your workout x days per week like you prioritize your cleaning routine or how many nights you’re going to cook a family meal, then you might actually get your workouts in and feel accomplished. I add my workouts to my to do list and make sure it’s either the first thing I check off in the morning or the last thing I check off before winding down at night. If it’s a priority for you, then you’ll make it happen.

Plan ahead

I plan my workouts out for the week at the same time I plan our meals and our grocery list. I take into account: Hubs’s MBA classes, Running Group nights, Work happy hours, plans with friends, and everything in between. Will I make it to my regular Thursday night yoga class? Should I work out in the morning? What’s the weather going to be like? This helps me plan out my week to set myself up for success but I also factor in my rest days because those are just as important and I can go about my day without stressing about missing a workout.

Find a buddy

Nothing says accountability like finding a friend.  Whether you join a weight loss group (think DietBet), Weight Watchers, a running club, or sign up for a training program – finding a group to hold you accountable does wonders. I joined up Fleet Feet’s No Boundaries 10k group as a mentor – now I have to run Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturday’s – I’m accountable and I know that people rely on me to be there. Additionally, some moms and I got together and have a dietbet-ish type of facebook group – we weigh in once per week, we comment regularly, and we pay $10. I haven’t hit the goal yet (5% this time around!) but it’s the accountability and knowing that i have a group of mamas who have the same struggles that I do that makes it fun for me.

It’s a balancing act though friends. My fitness and healthy living efforts are not flawless. I am not perfect. I dove right for those stupid sugar cookies at Wegman’s yesterday in the brief 20 minutes I had between meetings – but gawd was it delicious.

Working parents, what are your tips for balancing training for big races, accomplishing hefty weight loss goals while juggling a family and a full time job? 


Race Recap: Iron Girl Columbia Tri

I am an Iron Girl!

So this was my first year competing in Iron Girl – I’d heard great things about the race and was super excited for it. it was my A race this year – especially since I deferred Dewey Beach to next year. I’m REALLY hoping I can race it next year though i fear it may coincide with my big sisters wedding – regardless. I HIGHLY recommend – i had a blast on the course!

Expo & Racking

I was super impressed by the organization and ease of packet pick up, racking my bike and generally getting the gist of the race layout. I didn’t do much research about where swim start was ahead of time – major planning fail – but luckily on Sunday morning I just followed the crowds to head over.


I was really not looking forward to swimming in Centennial Lake – I mean…no body of water is perfect but I do have to say this was probably slightly better than the Potomac (at least this swim wasn’t cancelled). I felt unprepared in the open water, and the form I had worked on the past couple of months in the pool went to the crapper. Then my goggles fogged up. Multiple times. Not my strongest swim but certainly longer than I’d been swimming and I wasn’t last out of the water or last in my division so…success!

I actually think I did pretty well for T1 – the run up from the water was a ways, but getting pseudo-dried off, and since my bike was in the middle… on the end (I always get the crappiest transition spots) I consider 5 minutes not too shabby.

swim time: 34:29
T1: 5:07



I was strongest on the bike. I felt really good. I got my clips fixed the other day before I racked my bike and they loosened them so they’re easier to get in and out of – win! Biggest flaw of my training? Lack of bike training. lack of hills. WHOOPS. That being said…I still did really well and didn’t have to walk my bike up any hills (remember when I had to do that on the Huffster back at Hopkins Vineyard Tri? Yeah. That sucked.). I made up a lot of time on the downhills – i need to work on my fear of speedy downhills and losing control because downhills can be fun. I suppose.

Bike Time: 1:09:55
avg speed: 13.7 mph



T2 was super fast – it helped that I was closer to run out, and that I really only had to drop my helmet and get my sneaks on which only needed to be tied. I think i did really good at setting myself up for success in regards to the transitions here so I feel good about that.

But God that run sucked. There is no amount of words about how much that run sucked. So much. So many hills. Was not fueled well. Should have brought that extra Gu. My calves were super tight because of my ankles and hills do that to me. That being said, I think I did…okay. I finished strong. I walked up a lot of hills. Was slower than i had hoped but it was hot and my calves were aching. Room for improvement but that finish was pretty awesome.

T2: 2:18 (!!!)
Run: 43:47  (12:53 avg pace)

Total time: 2:35:37.9

Given that this is my first FULL tri post baby (swim got canceled last year at Nations), I’m pretty proud of these numbers. I’m never going to be a front of the pack-er. I’m a solid middle-back of the pack and as long as I’m having fun, and giving my races my all, then i’m a happy camper!

Stay tuned on the blog this week to find out what’s on deck for my fall race schedule and a discount code to join me at the Annapolis Running Classic in November!


Friday Five: Favorite Things

Happy Friday Folks! I’m changing it up a touch instead of my favorite reads from the week I’m sharing a few of my favorite things and a few reads that have caught my eye this week.


//Wear this

I’ve been in full on dress mode. I don’t know, they’re just easy. I don’t really have to think about them especially on mornings when I’m tight on time.

1. I’ve mentioned this one from Old Navy. All of the colors plskthx. Got some dough to spend? Check out this Boden lookalike.
2. H&M lured me in with a 50% off email. Then I saw this beaut. For $10. Sold.
3. Another Old Navy one – for the birds!
4. I really, really want to try a swing dress, in the past I’ve been wary of how they look on me. I love this one from Old Navy, this from Nordstrom and this one from Asos.
5. I love, love, love this navy scalloped dress from JCrew Factory. So pretty and feminine.

//Read this

1. How closely do you follow YOUR training plan? I never follow mine perfectly to a tee because…life. Greatist says it may not be as important as you think to follow your training plan perfectly.
2. I really really want to work for Netflix. They’re offering up to one year maternity leave.
3. Note to self, stop over scheduling.
4. How do you survive long runs with a toddler, or do you not? Macaroni kid has some survival tips.
5. I think, I need to try this popcorn. ASAP.

What caught YOUR eye this week?


Maryland Sprint Duathlon Race Recap

Yesterday I completed my first *big* race of the season and my first duathlon – the Maryland Sprint Duathlon.

I think I can say that it’s official, I’m in love with endurance sports.

Saturday we went up to Western Regional Park out in Howard County to get my race packet and get a lay of the land. I had no idea what the course had in store for me, and no idea what to expect in regards to the race.  We got there shortly before the race chat, so I sat in on it which was incredibly helpful. While I’ve done a couple of triathlons before, I’ve never listened to the prerace talks so my familiarity with the USAT rules is minimal at best. I also found that listening to the course description gave me an idea what to expect – also helpful.

Sunday, we got up stupid early to head out. I was worried about race traffic since not anticipating race traffic has burned me before. Also i wanted to have time to get set up in transition and not be rushed. We got there around 6:15/6:20 – no traffic, no backups, not parking hassle. Incredible!

MD Sprint Du

Run 1 and T1

The first run was a bit downhill going through the park, onto a trail and then down a road with a short out and back turn around then up a hill back to transition. I picked up new sneaks from Charm City Run the other day and while I know you’re not supposed to run a race in new sneaks, it was really nice having only minimal calf pain and having a better understanding on what’s going on with my legs (it all makes sense to me now…consider my beloved Newton’s retired for the most part :( More on that later!). The weather was perfect, and it was super nice having the chance for water/gatorade at 3 spots.

Saw hubs and little man as I ran into transition and grabbed another cup o’ gatorade.

My transitions are not fast, and I really need to work on them

Run time: 21:36
Transition 1: 3:30 (!!!!) 

Bike and T2

I’m still not super confident on my bike. That’s just a fact. Downhills make me anxious (i’m afraid of crashing) and I’m not at all used to clipping in and out yet. BUT! I am getting better.

I got my tires pumped up before I headed into transition (good thing since I was apparently flat!!) and had the bike dude check out my pedals –  I have a clip that’s bent because i got my cleats stuck when i was working out on the trainer earlier this spring. It should be an easy fix, but I need to bring them to a bike shop to get fixed but I can still get half clipped in and fully clipped in on the other foot. I need to get this fixed ASAP since I noticed I had some pain in my right foot that I think is related (as in did not have on the other foot that was properly clipped in).

The bike was awesome. A bit hilly but some awesome downhills. I passed a bunch of people and didn’t finish DFL so I felt really good about that. I only dropped my chain once, but I fixed it and it remedied this annoying clanking sound that I was having. I should have sipped more of my fuel but I kept forgetting and by mile 10 I was a little crampy likely from dehydration. Note to self: practice drinking while on the bike.

I should probably read up more on bikes and/or go to some clinics so I learn the basics… how to change a tire. How to know your tires are flat. You know…the basics.

Again, transition took me a couple of minutes – so I need to find a way to be more efficient – especially as I change my shoes.

Bike: 1:00:38
T2: 3:20

Run 2

The second run sucked. While the first run was largely downhill, when that course gets reversed that means a large part of the run is up hill. Thankfully – it was only two miles. A slow and hot 2 miles but only two miles so the suck time was only 2/3 of your average tri.

Run 2: 24:48

Chip time: 1:53:54.3

What I liked about this race

Beautiful location
Open course but no traffic so it felt closed
Not a crowded race
Awesome medal/race shirt
outstanding support – each time I stopped on the bike someone pulled up to ask if I was okay.

What I didn’t like about this race
Early race at 40 minutes away from me = earlier morning.

Would I race again? Abso-effing-lutely – Sign me up for 2016 for sure! Many thanks to the fine folks at Rip It Events for putting on an amazing well organized and overall fantastic event!