Lifetime Fitness Indoor Tri Recap

It’s been EONS it feels like since the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Tri that i did earlier this month. Yet since then, we’ve packed. We’ve moved. We’re in the process of building a home – so I can’t really say I’ve been doing nothing – even if there hasn’t been a huge amount of minutes worked out or miles run. Life man. Life.


They had two people per lane, which was pretty convenient – i’m not super strong in the swim and I’m fairly certain the last time I swam was August. WHOOPS.

We swam 10 minutes and were scored by the number of laps.

Total laps: 15

Transition 1: we had 10 minutes to change and get ourselves up to the bike. I wish i had been more organized BUT


indoor tri bike

The bike was 30 minutes – they had some awesome jams and once I got my resistance down, I cruised along. I hadn’t been spinning either – so I probably could have done better.

total distance: 8.3 miles

Transition 2: Had 5 minutes. Pretty much sprinted to the treadmills. Struggled with my feet and shoes and just…m’eh.


I had a really hard time getting in my groove for the run. I tried doing 4 and 1 intervals. I tried getting into it by picking up the speed – it was only 20 minutes right? I had hoped to fit in 2 miles – but came just short.

total distance: 1.72 miles

The event was points based – I got 125 points, which put me in the top third of the women’s open category.

All in all, super well organized (Ironman is one of the sponsors along with LifeTime Fitness). The Lifetime Fitness facility in Columbia where my event was held, was absolutely beautiful. My colleague goes there with her beau and says it’s super nice. If I had more time (and more cash money) I’d get a membership there but it’s only convenient to work and not some place I’d want to go to on the weekends.

My gear

indoor tri gear

Sneakers: Brooks Pure Cadence
Spin Shoes: Pearl Izumi
Tri/Bike Shorts: Pearl Izumi
Tank: Athleta
Sports Bra: lululemon


It’s a fun event – it’s meant to kick off the new year – there were people of all abilities – people who were clearly using the event to kick off new, healthy habits which I thought was fantastic. That being said, it’s a pretty vigorous hour – no matter what your athletic ability is. I recommend fueling as if you would any other race. I had a gel with me for the run in case I ran out of gas (which I did), and a water bottle – though they were handing out water bottles during the bike and run which was super helpful.

You don’t need spinning shoes, you don’t need to run, you just need to move and keep moving. That’s really the beauty of this event and really any event like the Resolution runs that we so often see around the new year. It’s an ability to turn a new leaf.

If you’re near a Lifetime Fitness center and see one of these events? I highly, highly recommend! I had a great time doing it – even though I’m not a member of LifeTime Fitness myself – it’s open to members and non-members alike. The staff was fantastic and they gave us t-shirts, swim caps and had tons of food (bagels! peanut butter! bananas! pea crisps! – you know the usual post-race food) and a beautiful locker room/sauna area that I took full advantage of (Hubs called many times being like “where are you?!” and i was all like…steam room. bbl. (via text. not via phone. I did not bring my phone in the steam room. That’s weird.)

All in all? Great event. I gave a great showing for having a rough November/December, and was really pretty proud of how I did despite all that. Definitely a great way to kick off the new year for sure.


Weekly Workouts

Happy Tuesday!

I haven’t shared my weekly workouts in a while but as I ramp up training for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler – and try to get caught up on the Zooma Virtual 10k (Run Love Challenge!) training – I’m getting started again for the accountability. With all the house stuff, workouts have been the last thing on my mind but now I really need to get back to it. Normally these posts come on Mondays but yesterday was survival of the fittest with us being stuck inside for most of the day – daycare was closed and our road was an icy, slushy, unplowed mess for most of the day.


 spin/21 day fix cardio
Wednesday: 21 day fix OR a short run
Thursday: 21 day fix upper
Friday: rest
Saturday: Run 35 min
Sunday: PiYo class OR Body Pump

I’m technically signed up for the virtual training with the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler, so I’ll be mixing in elements of that – but next week really kicks off my training and I plan to use a modified version of the Hal Higdon 15k Training plan. I’ll share more about that next week, but thats why my “time” running is lower. Also, I hate running on the treadmill. And people drive crazy on my road (that doesn’t have sidewalks) so I’m going to pass on the outside running until this ish melts a bit more.

Edited: my schedule got thrown out of whack when Hubs was activated for National Guard duty yesterday. He may be home tonight but we never know so I threw in 21 day Fix workouts since I’m not comfortable taking Little Man running in this weather with these icy conditions. We’ll see when/if I make it to the gym this week 😐

How do you stay motivated when it’s cold, icy and just in general nasty outside?? Any winter workout tricks?


Anouncement: House!

Dudes. I’ve been MIA again.

But! For good reason. Mostly.

Hubs and I bought a house!!


Our lease is up end of February, so back in November we started looking. Around Thanksgiving and the wretchedness of losing my nana, we met with our realtor, who showed us 7 houses on a rainy Tuesday night. The one we bought was the third we looked at. We closed two weeks ago and moved in a week ago while we work on cleaning the old place out (mostly cleaned out – have a load to go to Goodwill and a load to come to the new place – then we need to schedule cleaning ladies and carpet cleaning).

I’m mildly devastated that we moved out of Annapolis, but we’re only up the bay, and about 25 minutes away from “the city” (either city – Annapolis or Baltimore – which is quite convenient). The neighborhood is nice, we have some nice neighbors (from first impressions) and we feed into a great school district. Not to mention, daycare and our new, soon-to-be-gym is across the street from daycare both of which are about 2 miles from home. If that.

So it’s been a wild ride through most of December and early January, not to mention general insanity at work, both leaving me a bit crazed, stressed and feeling out of sorts. Leaving little to no time for running, blogging or any fun things because I’ve been too exhausted.  Not that I need to explain or “justify” an absence… “i write for myself” as I constantly say – which i do, but as a marketer, I do acknowledge and consider my audience – even if many hobby bloggers do not (or are just starting to).

But, I’ve got a plan. I have not and will not disappear forever, I love this space too much.  I have an editorial calendar, a training plan to share and some other life goals to get my butt in gear. Not to mention, you all get to see our “dream home” come together! I’m no Young House Love here, but I am ready to get friendly with my inner crafty-pinteresty-DIY-trying self.

Happy Sunday friends! Stay tuned – more to come soon!



2016 Intentions

Last year, I feel like I had a good year. Mostly.

I set my 2015 intentions and set off on my merry way for the year. Then I kind of forgot about them. My intentions this year are similar. Ish. I don’t necessarily think intentions should change drastically year to year because these are still the intentions I want to live my life by: take care of myself. be a good mom. be a good wife. be present in life. challenge myself. work hard. be passionate about my work and be an expert. It’s a lot but these are the intentions that I want to focus on every day. Last year, I just set those intentions.

I did not complete ANY of my 2015 goals….I think I need a better plan to you know follow through.

…I am not registered for a 2016 Half Ironman
…I did not bike a century ride. I would still like to do that but I’m not sure this is the year.
…No sub 2:15 half marathon…no half marathons actually.
…I did NINE races…so close to 12 but yet so far.

However, I also accomplished a number of OTHER things.

  • I did start a new job with a hefty salary increase. Working on the whole inbound marketing expert thing.
  • I did coach/mentor a 10k group. Not 25 people, but it was a great group.
  • I did place in my Age Group for the first time ever at the Hagerstown Duathlon.
  • I did rebrand my blog. But didn’t quite blog consistently. At all.

2016 Intentions (1)

This year, my goals/intentions are

  1. Run more. It makes me feel good, balanced and helps my weight loss goals. Why wouldn’t I? I don’t want to set a mileage goal, but I ran 340 miles in 2015 and I’d really like to hit 500 miles in 2016. That’s an average of 10 miles per week which I think is beyond doable. Considering I have the Zooma Run Love Challenge, Zooma 10k, the MD Sprint Duathlon, Dewey Beach Tri, Across the Bay 10k…among others. I think 500 miles is doable.
  2. Eat Cleaner. I have a sugar problem. This year? I want to kick it. Like really…really want to kick it. I can’t just have one cookie…i have 5. That’s an issue. So I’m giving up sugar (mostly).
  3. Be Present. I need to focus more on family when I’m home. Work when I’m at work. Myself when I have the time. It’ll help with my stress levels which will in turn help with other things.
  4. Write more. I love blogging and social media. I love this space and I hate when I neglect it. I invested a decent amount of time and energy into my rebrand and I need to reinvest to keep it going and to keep my mind sharp outside of work.
  5. Stress less. This goes hand in hand with my be present goal but I want to get back into meditation and more yoga…these are two things i know that keep me balanced so let’s stick to that. For sure.

What are your 2016 intentions or goals? Any big scary goals?


Run Love Challenge

So you guys, BIG news.

I was recently accepted as a Zooma Ambassador (AGAIN!!!) for 2016! I’m beyond stoked to be included in an amazing group of women for what is by far, one of my favorite race series.

I’ll be running the Zooma Annapolis 10k (where I PR’ed in 2012 and hope to PR again!) in June and also, participating in their first ever Zooma virtual challenge this winter!

zooma run love

I’ve ceded my December goals- or at least my initial get fit during the holidays self-challenge. Coming down with a stomach bug didn’t help, nor did being in the midst of a couple of super stressful weeks at work. But, I can’t get myself down – just pick myself back up and start over right?

Anyhow, the Zooma Run Love Challenge starts in January and is a virtual race ending around Valentine’s Day with a 5k or 10k (your choice!). The challenge itself has pretty sweet swag (feetures socks – my favorites!, a swanky sweater, and a medal!)  Participants also get access to a private facebook group to connect with fellow participants, an a weekly newsletter, bonus podcast episodes AND a training plan – that’s a lot of perks for not a lot of cost! Want to join me? Sign up here!

What are your winter racing plans? How do you (if you’re a cold weather running weenie like me) keep yourself accountable during the cooler winter months (not that it’s been REMOTELY cold lately)?


Review: Stitch Fix #3

Happy Monday! It’s been a long weekend and today is a big day for us (more on that soon! I don’t want to say anything too soon but trust me, I can’t wait to share…no. It’s not what you think.)

It’s taken me nearly four days to finish this blog post. I think that’s indicative of the week I’ve had BUT there are now not one (ah-hem the above #vaguepost) but TWO awesome things about to be announced! Huzzah! Tomorrow, tomorrow I will have more to post

Last Friday, I got my third Stitch Fix. I forgot to post about my second but I actually liked this one – even if I only kept one thing from it. Here’s what my box included this month: 

Street Level Parvin Reversible Tote

I liked the bag. I did, even though I didn’t get an image of it. But I’m not really in the market for a new bag and if I was, I probably wouldn’t spend $58 on a bag I can get comparably for $48 at Nordstrom or $35 at Target. I’ve checked out those two bags before…and well the quality just wasn’t there for me to want to spend that kind of money on a bag when I’m not in the market for it.

Verdict: Return

Stitch Fix Outfit 1

Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant

I loved these. I loved the fit. I loved the color. These pants got a big fat keep. Normally $80 is a bit heavy for me to spend but with the $20 credit from the styling fee, bringing them down to $58 plus the fact that they’re nice enough I can dress them up for work but also casual enough that I can dress them down for a weekend, I felt they’d get enough wear out of them to justify. I have a pair similar in black that I wear CONSTANTLY from Ann Taylor so I knew these would get plenty of wear out of me.

Verdict: Keep

41Hawthorn Felton Lace Detail Blouse

I ordered a top similar to this from JCrew last year and ended up returning it because it was…just awkward on me. This one? I loved the style and the cut would have worked, but the shoulders were a bit narrow and the chest felt a little too tight. This was the first piece I tried on because I was so excited about it (it would have been perfect with the skinny pants!) but alas, the fit was no bueno.
Verdict: return

Skies are Blue Asa Blazer

I don’t really wear blazers often enough and while I loved the look of this, I didn’t love the look of it on me. It was good quality but I wasn’t crazy about the hook front.

Verdict: Return

Skies are Blue Dupree Split Neck Blouse

Ugh, I went back and forth on this one. I loved the top. I loved the style. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as flattering on me as I wish it was. I didn’t LOVE the color – I much rather prefer navy blues to cobalt blues. If I wasn’t on a tight budget this month, I would have kept it – no doubt. But I am on a tight budget and that tight budget doesn’t leave room for me to keep things that I waver on. If I have to pause about whether I really love it or not, I probably don’t love it enough to keep it.

Verdict: Return

All in all, I did love the styles picked – but colors and fits kept me from going all in on this fix. That being said, they’ve gotten better and better so I am looking forward to my next fix at the end of January! 


Have you tried Stitch Fix? If not, I highly recommend


Currently | December

currently december

Linking up with Jenna and Anne for this month’s Currently Linkup. Join us for the first Wednesday of each month where we share


For a house! We’re house hunting right now – our lease ends in February but we’re trying (fingers and toes crossed) to buy a place. We did find a house we love, so fingers crossed it all works out! 


My nana. I miss her so much. I was telling a colleague it was nice to be back in my routine – work, running, etc…because when i was in Vermont, I was just reminded constantly that she wasn’t around which made the trip that much harder than it already was.


Nothing yet! I need to get busy shopping! I have a list, i just need to get moving on it! 


Cookies! It’s the annual cookie swap this weekend that my pal hosts – I usually bring peanut butter blossoms so i’m trying to decide if i want to do these (for a change) or traditional sugar cookies this weekend. Decisions decisions!!


Our house! We got our tree this past weekend but it’s still outside because I don’t want to bring a soaking wet tree in the house. Also, hubs needs to bring all of our Christmas decorations out of storage. But our house will decorated and our tree will be trimmed in good time! 
Tell me what you’re up to this month! And join us for the next currently link-up on the first Wednesday of the month!


Sweating through the Holidays: 31 days of workouts

Or sweating to survive the holidays as I call it.

Sweat Through the Holidays 3

We ran a turkey trot up in Vermont on Thanksgiving. I decided then and there that I needed some healing and I would commit the end of my year to running. Nana was always super proud of my running, and some of my favorite races were VCM 2009 and the Unplugged Half Marathon 2012 when she was able to be there to cheer me on.

So I committed myself to the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak – a mile every day between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Then life. Five days in. So instead, I rethought this, because I know that it’s nearly impossible for me to run every day, I decided it would be a Holiday Sweat Streak.

What is a Holiday Sweat Streak?

Sweat once a day. A mantra I lived by for a year when I worked at lululemon. So that’s what I’ll do. I’m shooting for 100 miles between Thanksgiving and New Years Day – there will need to be a couple of longer runs, but I’m up to 5 for 5 (4 days of running, 1 day of Bikini Body Mommy) so far – even when traveling.


Mileage: At least 50  miles to round out the year

Workouts: 16 Bikini Body Mommy workouts to complete the 6 week challenge. I’ll do running for my cardio days and strength days i usually double up upper and lower workouts.

How do you stay active during the holidays? Are you taking part in any holiday challenges?



A Tribute

I had all of these amazing things I wanted to write about. I have running goals, and I was prepared to talk about the amazing experience I had mentoring my fantastic 10k group. I was ready to run a PR for my last race of the season. I was co-hosting a sprinkle for one of my dearest friends in DC this weekend and was ready to spend Thanksgiving with the same close friends at their new, beautiful home.

But life has a funny way of throwing a wrench into even the best of plans.

My grandmother had been suffering Alzheimers for the better part of the past four – five years. Among many other things. Late last week, she took a serious turn for the worse.

I was unable to make it to Vermont this past weekend (life, two year old, money…you name it), and Tuesday over lunch, as I was about to get out of my car to run in to grab food, my cousin called and told me simply, choking out tears, “she’s gone.”

My heart shattered. I felt crushed. I knew this was coming but nothing prepared me for the realization that I would never give her a big hug, or hear her laugh or see her smile. I don’t think anything can prepare you for losing a loved one – no matter how long they’ve been sick.

Nana, you are forever loved. You will be forever missed. All of the lessons I learned from you from cooking, cleaning, canning and dancing..etc… etc…I will hold dearly and pass on to my own children. I am blessed to have known you and for having had the best Nana I could have asked for for 32 years of my life. You were a cheerleader – standing out in inclement weather to cheer all of your grandchildren on through sports – hockey, football, track and field and sitting through hours of concerts, recitals and plays. You nursed us to health – sitting with us on our sick beds in hospitals, while we were laid up on your sofa, and you let us take over your bed when we were ill. You stood up for us – even to strangers. You were proud, you never held grudges (even when you could have), you loved all of us – your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren – unconditionally – even when we didn’t always deserve it.

And we did that for you. Above all other lessons, you taught us the meaning of love and family.

I couldn’t be with you in your final weeks/days, but I prayed for you. Hearing one of your favorite communion songs, one that you once told me reminded you of Great Grandma (your mother) broke me down in church just this past Sunday. As if we all knew, that any day you would leave us behind.

I know you’re looking over me Nana. Give me strength; give all of us strength because our lives will never be the same without you in it. I love you and I will always love you.

Rest peacefully Nana.


(image source)

My pseudo-regular blogging will return from somewhere up north next week. To those of you stopping in from the Blog-Hop – thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I promise to return all comments in the coming days and I have loved swinging by ALL of your blogs – even if I didn’t comment (most I did!). 


Race Recap: Across the Bay 10k

Homies, I ran my 2nd to last race of 2015 last weekend. I ran the Across the Bay 10k last year – and apparently, in order to complete the medals puzzle, I’ll be running it the next three years too. I digress, it’s a great local race. This year, there were some pros and cons but still – nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment of participating in one of the largest 10ks in the nation AND running across the bridge that terrifies so many to even DRIVE over.


  • Beautiful views. Seriously. Look at those views.
  • Not super expensive for a 10k (we got in early so discounted!)
  • A generally fun race



Sat in traffic for an hour. I paid $10 to park and no one was checking passes so most parking lots were full (navy stadium was and I heard that AACC sold out as well). I missed my wave, I missed the wave I was going to target so I could meet up with JL. I was incredibly cranky about this and… to make matters worse, I almost missed the race entirely. As I walked over to the starting corrals they were rounding up people for the last wave.

annapolis traffic


The food was gross. By the time i finished (1030a) the bagels had spots of mold on them and they were fully out of bananas. I hadn’t eaten enough to account for an almost 2 hour difference from when i ate (in my car at 7:45a) to when I started (9:30a) to when I finished so I was hungry – I don’t like pretzels and the granola bar just wasn’t enough.

I lost my car. Because of the lack of parking, I had to park on the street, except I was in such a tizzy about almost missing the bus, that I ran and forgot to look at the cross streets. Cue walking around Admiral Heights for 20 minutes hitting my panic button until I heard my car.

SO MANY WALKERS. Not that walkers are bad, but when they’re walking 6- 7 people across on the bridge, it’s not like there’s a ton of room to run around them. Cue all of the frustrations. Thank you traffic – earlier waves = typically “speedier” runners – I’m a solid middle of the pack runner (most of the time) so getting stuck behind walkers in the later(est) wave was frustrating to me.


{Please excuse the chub-rub and the massive pit stains.}

No Cheerleaders. Last year Hubs and Little Man met me at the finish – well. Kind of. They couldn’t find parking but they picked me up so i didn’t have be cramped on a school bus back over the bridge. This year, hubs had drill – which was a super bummer since we were going to run it together.

Will I run this race again next year? 

Likely. Not gonna lie.

How did I run?

It was a good race, I felt good. I had to stop a couple of times to get my legs stretched out. I didn’t PR as I had hoped but I did better than last year.

Time: 1:08:05
Overall place:
10172 of 21028
Gender place: 5820 of 13906
Age Group:
906 of 1870

Solidly middle of the pack. Bridge? I’ll see you next year!