During the storm…

I don’t know what you all do during a massive hurricane but us New Englanders (well, Marylanders now. Former New Englanders) aren’t equipped for this kind of crap. I know it’s just some wind and rain but that’s a LOT of wind and a LOT of rain. Also, I learned…hurricanes are kind of boring.

Since Adam volunteered to go down to the Armory yesterday, I’ve been on my own and will be for the foreseeable future – or at least likely through the week as we have no idea when he’ll be released then he has drill weekend Friday through Sunday. Thankfully my mom and sister are coming down this weekend so I won’t be ENTIRELY by myself.

So yesterday after he left…. I cleaned. A lot. And alternated watching the news and a Sex and the City marathon. Because that never gets old.










The kitchen, dining area, livingroom, bathroom, and spare room/nursery are all spotless and ready to be mom approved.

I still have to work on in the bedroom – but I’ll get there. Eventually (maybe tonight or tomorrow).

Since I got to work this morning and was promptly sent home (see, I don’t text and drive. Especially not in hurricanes) I’ve been chilling, watching Dawson’s Creek, updating the blog, and being a curmudgeon on twitter…well kind of.

And I baked.

I was going to make muffins also but this was easier and I just kind of got lazy after the cupcakes.

Now I’m just waiting – power keeps flickering. One load of laundry is done, one more to go that hopefully I can get done tomorrow morning (pending power status) – as of right now I don’t need to go to work until noon (if I have to go in) so I feel much better about all that. Hurricanes, I have learned today, make one productive.

Meanwhile, Adam’s being all high speed National Guardsman while his unit helps out the folks down in St. Mary’s County. #soproud

How do you hunker down during bad weather??