2016 Recap & 2017 Goals Intentions

Another year, another set of goal fails.

Let’s recap 2016.

  1. Run more. I had a good run (no pun intended?) and hit a couple hundred miles but not quite the 500 I had hoped for.
  2. Eat Cleaner. I did the Whole 10. I generally eat better, but not as clean as I should.
  3. Be Present. Still a work in progress. No more cell phones at the dinner table in 2017 I think.
  4. Write more. LOLOLZ. I did write. Not necessarily more. Not necessarily less.
  5. Stress less. Yes! I did this. I did better. I got a better job. I got a better commute

2017 goals

2017 goals & intentions

Read more. I hit 30 something books in 2016, I want to shoot for 50 in 2016.

Run 10 races. I already have 5 on my schedule, two that I’m registered for. I’m not going to put a mileage goal though I’d like to see 500 miles – which is roughly 10 miles per week. Totally doable, I think given my goals. I’m not sure I’ll throw any multisport events in there but we’ll see.

Blog 2x/week. Set the bar low right? I’m looking into a redesign and I’m cleaning up my archives. I’m comfortable with what I’m writing about (style! life! healthy living!) I just need to commit, streamline posting and not get distracted by feedly.

80% paleo by April. For my thyroid’s sake. Hubs and I are doing the Whole 30 in January so hopefully this helps reset and get me on the right track.

Create a budget and stick to it. We’ve got some fun trips planned this year and we really want to pay off some debt that we’re close to paying off…creating a budget that we can stick to is going to be key to this success.


Complete BBG 1.0 and 2.0 by December. I keep starting and stopping. I need to get my workout ADD under control. I really want to do this though – the program is fantastic and i do enjoy it.

what are your 2017 goals and resolutions? 



October Intentions

After talking about my September fails, let’s chat about goals.

When I don’t have goals, I feel like I’m flailing. Like I’m not on track.

So, I decided to get back to it and set myself some goals to get back on track and not eff up this month.

october goals

1. Complete the 3 day refresh.

I’ll be starting that this week in preparation to fit into my bridesmaids dress for my friends wedding in like…11 days.

Ladies, here is a tip: if you are ever a bridesmaid, try the dress on so you know how it fits. I did not try this dress on because the only place that had it in stock to try on in a 45 mile radius wanted to charge me $40…just to try it on. I was all like, eff that noise. I went up a size but apparently I should have gone up 2 sizes. That or I’m not the size I thought I was even though I based it on the bust size which I measured and had hubs measure me for – I am a solid 36 my friends, but I should have added 2 inches to that because that’s how much I had to have it TAKEN OUT. That dress was not 36 bust size. So I’m hoping the 3 day refresh coupled with 2 weeks of healthy eating makes me feel a bit more comfortable in the dress (which is so pretty!)

2. PiYo certification.

I want to do a full 30 days of PiYo before I start teaching but I’m super excited to a. find a place to start teaching. b. start teaching. c. stick with it and get in shape. I’m struggling because, as I suspected and my new primary care doctor confirmed, my metabolism is stupid slow and is making it stupid difficult to lose weight. Seriously, I take a sip of beer or even look at a bagel and I gain 5 lbs. It’s ridiculous. If you’re interested in trying PiYo – email me!

3. Blog regularly.

Three times per week. That’s not a lot. More is better but I want to commit to 3 days per week. At least.  I blogged exactly like…five times in September which is just…sad. I love blogging and I love sharing my journey with y’all so I need to remind myself of that, especially when life is feeling overwhelming.

4. Workout on a schedule.

I’m not really training for anything right now, but I do miss running so I think committing to running a couple of days would do me, and my new sneaks some good, fitting in some PiYo (which I especially enjoy in the mornings) and even a Pure Barre class or two before my class package expires in January.

Get it done!

One tip I really like? Tony Horton suggests 22 days. Schedule out ahead of time and in a 30 day month, you only need to work out 22 days. So me? I’m committing to 24 days this month. #24inOctober.

5. Try two new recipes.

I have one on tap for this week – a baked pumpkin tortellini which I made for a pal who had a baby at the beginning of September but haven’t tried myself. Also I really want to make a soup. I’ve been jonesing for hearty, autumny soups (think butternut squash…) so I really want to find a recipe to try out (post-our next trip north).

6. Buy Nothing

I’ve been shopping a touch too much for my liking. I’m cutting myself off for October to save some dough for Christmas and for our trip in January.  Stay tuned for more on this later.

What are your October goals and intentions? Any fitness goals I can help you reach?




Friday Five: Fall Goals

This Friday we’re talking goals. I usually set my goals seasonally, and tend to keep the SMART acronym in mind – mainly realistic, attainable, and timely. Though strategic by thinking of my overall long term goals – lose 20 lbs, and be healthy.

So my fall goals – I had to really be realistic – I’m traveling for a week after my triathlon, I have a wedding and bachelorette weekend that I’m traveling for all between labor day and columbus day. With a half marathon currently on the books, I’m not super excited about it, and I’m just kind of m’eh.


That being said there are a few goals I’m especially excited about….

1. Finishing my tri under 2 hours. 

I squeaked in just barely under 2 hours. However, this tri, the bike is a touch longer, but the 5k is flatter. SO, I think I can, i think I can. My workouts over the past ten days, thanks to Ethan’s Roseola have been wretched. Like…really.

2. A trail race. 

My first trail race since HIGH SCHOOL, I’m doing the Zooma Dirty Damsel 5k. I loved trail racing back in the day so I’m stoked to give it a go again! Not to mention I fricken love the Zooma Organization so I’m excited to check out this inaugural trail race!

3. My fifth half marathon

I’m not sure I’m as excited about the half as I am that it’s #5 so I can kind of set aside half’s for a while I focus on other things. Running hasn’t been doing much for me mentally, so I’m going to move to more 10ks and 5ks and Tris next summer. I haven’t entirely decided if I’m actually going to run this race, it’ll probably be a “let’s see how September goes” kind of thing.

4. Coaching! 

I’m going to be coaching this fall and leading some challenge groups. Stay tuned into September for details, but hopefully it’ll rejuvenate my blog, hold me accountable and help me coach some people to accomplish their own goals while continuing to work towards mine.

5. Getting a trainer.

Not a personal trainer, but one for my bike so that in the winter, I can keep training for triathlons. I really want to do an Olympic next year and want to keep working on my biking in the winter so I told hubs I wanted to get a trainer for Christmas. He’s going to oblige and I get to keep biking once cooler days roll around! Woo!


What are your Autumn goals? Any big things that you’re looking forward to towards the end of this year? How often do you set goals for your self? 


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Friday Five: Summer Bucket List

This week, I’m linking up with some of my favorite DC ladies (and fellow ZOOMA Ambassadors!)  for Friday Five and sharing my top five must dos for the summer.

friday five


1. Stand Up Paddleboard – I’ve been saying for YEARS that i want to try this. I recently wrote a piece for Chesapeake Inspired on where to go, and there are TONS of places in our area thus now I know. I’m dying to try out Mantra Fit in Severna Park since they offer SUP yoga (!!!). Anyone want to join – there’s a deal on LivingSocial today for a $15 class!

2. Unpack my bedroom. Seriously we have not unpacked our clothes yet and it’s a huge problem. I’d love to have our bedroom in order sooner rather than later to get my butt in gear.

3. Run. I have two adventure races (Foam Fest! Dirty Girl!) this summer and I really want to put together a training group of friends who are looking to run/train for their first race. I also start training for Baltimore at the end of July so I need to start working on building my base and getting over this calf issue. Also, once Adam gets back from AT at the end of June, I really want to make the whole AM running thing more of a habit.

4. Go to a beach. We didn’t go to a beach last year because Ethan was too little and it was super duper hot. This year, I want to make it to Rehoboth or the Cape or NJ at least once.  I think Ethan would just have a blast 🙂 Likewise, if we can’t make it to the beach (which we will. For sure) I definitely want to spend some quality time at our pool

5. Redesign my blog. I know it’s not really a summer-y thing to do, but it’s slow at work and it’s a time to refresh everything else and recommit to fitness goals and eating fresher so why not show the blog a bit of love too? Right? Right.

Check out the other Friday Five participants and share your link over here!

What’s on your summer bucket list? 


In with 2014

We rang in the new year right with the Resolution Run hosted by Fleet Feet Annapolis. I’m pretty sure I had intended on running it last year but at about 30 weeks pregnant I was down and out on running with my SI joint issues.

Needless to say, we were in bed by 12:15a last night and up by 7:30a thanks to a certain mister in the other room. Not to mention, I was stoked to launch the new year with a nice fun run.

resolution run annapolis

The greatest aspect of the run? The community. By far.

Along with various friends, I also saw our pediatrician (who was super impressed by us getting Ethan out and being such “good influences” and “getting him started early”), my favorite yoga instructor (I need to go back to class soon!), fellow junior league members and former co-workers. I don’t think you get much more small-town community vibe than that. Especially when you’re rockin’ a Bob stroller over a massive bridge.

Four miles donezo. Followed by some hellos, and the best hot chocolate I’ve had in my life.

Now that New Years Day is just about down the drain, onward to my goals.

In 2014  I will…

Pick a goal race. I want to PR and I want to PR again bad. I think the sheer fact that I don’t feel like I’ve made up for five months of inconsistent sleep four months later is getting me down and I’m ready to register for a couple of half marathons to get me back in the game. I want my sub 10 minute miles back yo! Sub goal: Run 35-50 miles/month.

Rebrand. I’m trying to figure out where to go with this little blog, I need to be more consistent (no more two week hiatus’s, I promise!) and I really want to have a better idea of what I’m about here. This’ll include a redesign, possibly a url change and newsletters (o.O) – stay tuned!

Eat healthier & Cook more. I’m not going to say I’m giving up the dr. pepper that I oh so love, because well, if I don’t give it up then I’m not a failure but I will try to cut back. I’d love to join a CSA this year, and we definitely need to cut back on the lazy eating out.

Coach and/or teach. I’ve been saying for years that I want to teach some form of fitness. I’m not sure what type of certification I want to get, but I know for certain that I’m on the prowl for my RRCA running coach certification as soon as I can get in to a class, those babies sell out quickly!

Complete an E-book draft. A friend of mine once told me that she thought I’d be a great next Jennifer Weiner or Emily Giffin. I wouldn’t go that far, but I’ve always wanted to write a novel or a book of some kind so this year I’m going to finally challenge myself and get a draft done.

Kind of lofty. But I think doable. Bring it on 2014!!!

What are your goals/resolutions for 2014?


Fall Bucket List: Navy Game Tailgate

Last weekend i knocked another item off my fall bucket list – one of a few, and probably one of the only ones I’ll get around to since my weekends have been jam packed.

But my pal Kelly invited us to a tailgate with her, her husband and a couple of their friends. The tailgate was organized by the Knights of Columbus  – it just so happens that Adam is a knight, but he’s been a bit MIA with his MBA classes that happen to fall on the nights they meet.

The tailgate was tons of fun. The KoC had a tent right on Taylor Avenue and the Mids marched past as they walked into the stadium.

navy football midshipmen

We scored pretty awesome seats for the game – right in the end zone about two rows back from the field.

Navy football game No zoom here!

We stayed until half time but Ethan was starting to get too chilly and cranky so we bailed early and finished watching the game at home. It didn’t help that he didn’t have much of an afternoon nap but Adam and i were getting too cold too so we were happy to skee-daddle.

navy football game

Here are my tips to surviving an outdoor sporting event with a baby

Dress for the weather. We were all bundled up but we should have brought a blanket – as the sun started to go down it got chillier than any of us were prepared for. Ethan had a onesie, a sweater and a fleece. He had on a hat and a hood, and jeans and socks. He’s prone to pulling off socks so next time we might put him in shoes – but I read somewhere that shoes are bad for babies not actually standing yet which he’s just kind of sort of starting to do…so it might be almost time but wasn’t as of this past weekend.

Use a carrier. Strollers are not stadium friendly. I don’t care what type of stroller you have. Between stairs, and narrow rows. There’s no room for it. We used the Tula and it worked awesome.

Be mindful of where you’re sitting. Our section – though a great view – had some pretty obnoxious dudes behind us. Definitely not kiddo friendly. Next time I’d get Standing room tickets for the grassy knolls on the other end of the field and bring a blanket. Also, if your babe gets cranky, just take them out of the stands for a minute. My pal’s baby girl got a bit cranky so she walked with her, and when Ethan got cranky, we decided to bow out.

Have your gear accessible. Bottles, diapers, blankets, hats. Make sure you don’t leave it in the car. I left something in the car, I don’t remember what it was, but even though we parked across the street it was still a pain going back for it. We had a bottle in the bag, and plenty o’ diapers as per usual. My bad habit is stuffing my diaper bag so full that I have to pull everything out just to find the formula. Fail mama bear. Faiiilll.

Ethan was a bit more interested in the game or at least thats what I tell myself. Well, him and I both were more so than hubs so there’s that. I love football games, I’m trying to get Hubs on board to be a Navy Football fan (what? They’re the home team!!!) but he’s National Guard which means he’s all Army. Even though quite frankly he’s not really into football. It’s cool though, Ethan and I will be Navy fans (except when they play Army). Any other sport though, it’s all Northeastern. Hockey. Basketball. No questions asked – my Huskies are my number 1.

Mission: baby’s first sporting event overall? Huge success.


Weekly weigh in

I did better last week. Or at least I think I did. I feel better. And my pants are starting to fit better again, so I think a little bit of this all was water weight or something. I’ll take it.

Starting weight: 147
Current weight:  145.2
Difference: -1.8

I made it to hot yoga last Monday morning which was…ahhhh-mazing. I mean, never mind the fact that I was up at o’dark stupid, and I am NOT a morning person whatsoever. But the thought of going to an hour long yoga class, for $10, with my favorite yoga instructor just was such a great start to my week last week. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen this morning. Ethan woke up ANGRY at 5a – exactly one hour before my alarm was set for. Baby. Fail.

The three of us finally crashed in the living room around 6:15 until 7:30 am. We brought Ethan in to the doctor for walk in hours because when homeboy isn’t sleeping for 12 hours a night, which he’s been doing consistently for over a month now, I know something is wrong. Ear infection and some sort of sinus infection.

Back on Amoxicillin. At least this time he’ll be done with it by the time we head north in 3 weeks. Phew, because that made for some epic car seat diaper explosions. At 4 am. On the Garden State Parkway. Blerrrggg.



Last week…we made it to yoga Monday, a run on Monday night with hubs, the Pumpkin Fun Run on Tuesday, Stroller Strides on Thursday, and then swim lessons with Ethan (which is really just walking around in the pool holding him and getting him used to being in the water) and then on Sunday, we ran the Ripley Race 5k and walked a mile with Liz after around the stadium. I’ll post my Ripley Race recap later today but spoiler alert, it was tons of fun!

As for my running, I didn’t run as much as I wanted to. I feel like I never do. It’s harder to motivate myself these days with the cold, with so much going on finding a good 30 minutes to get out the door is easier said than done. Despite it being late and totally messing with bedtime, I loved going out to the fun run at Fleet Feet Tuesday night.

This weeks workouts

Monday: rest (missed yoga thanks to 5 am angriness)
Tuesday: Stroller strides + run
Wednesday: Run (speed workout 400, 800, 1600, 800, 400)
Thursday: Stroller Strides + run
Friday: yoga
Saturday: rest (Ethan swim lessons)
Sunday: Junior League 5k

I’ll also be sticking to my 30 day Plank a day challenge and working towards my 100 mile goal.

Also…after months, I finally finished week 1 of the 100 push up challenge. #winning!

Mileage goal: 13 miles


30 day Plank Challenge

So I saw this on the Annapolis Stroller Strides newsletter yesterday.

30 day plank a day challenge

30 day Plank challenge? Sure. I started last night with 20 seconds.

I also finally got around to day 2 of the 100 pushup challenge. I know I can do more than 27 pushups – especially since we do them quite frequently in Stroller Strides.

And in case you missed it, I set my big goal for the end of the year.


I ran just about 45 miles in the month of October. I’m pretty sure I can fit in about 12 miles per week between running, and walking/stroller strides. I want at least 50 of those miles to be solid 3-7 mile runs and the other half can be walking.

I’ll get into my other goals for November on Monday but for now, happy weekend!


October Goals & September Review

A new month, a new set of monthly goals.

In October I will…

Get to bed by 11p. I’m a perpetual night owl and while Ethan is sleeping through the night finally, Adam and I tend to stay up late doing work, puttering and sitting in front of the TV which I hate. Needless to say, I want to make sure I focus on getting to bed early all month. So far…I have not been successful. But! I have time to shape up!

Run 40 miles. I did horrible with training last month. I’m not focusing on a half since deferring and after the 10 miler, most of my races I have on tap for the rest of the year are 5 and 10k races. So 40 miles should be doable if I can fit in at least 10 miles each week.

Make my home festive. I want to celebrate Halloween with Ethan – I know it won’t matter since he’s so little, but I want to decorate and make things festive around these parts. I’m not sure where to start so I think I need to pin a whole bunch of awesomeness and go from there.

Get 2/3 of the way through the 100 pushup Challenge. I keep starting but rarely make it through the first week. I finally want to get through week #1 and down to week #4 by the end of the month.

Try four new seasonal recipes. Should be easy – that’s one new recipe each week. I want to make these one night this week since i have a spaghetti squash left and I want to try to make a roasted pumpkin soup sometime soon!

How’d I do in September?

Eat more locally. We did m’eh on this. My trip to SC threw everything off but I did get a whole bunch of squash’s from Larriland farms recently that were delicious and gave us ~4 meals! I could have done better but I’ll give myself a C+ on this one.

Six Stroller Strides Classes. Check!

Stick with long runs. Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Thus. The deferral.

Give up the Dr. P. Close to check. I’ve stopped ordering them every day – I’m not fully off the caffeine, but I have cut back. And by cut back I might have been relying more on Starbucks caramel frappuccinos. So maybe not as close as I thought.

What are your goals for October? Intentions? 


Autumn Bucket List

A new season is upon us which means a new seasonal bucket list. I had so much attempting and completing most of our Summer Bucket list so getting to an autumny one – one for my favorite season – is right up my alley.


Go to a Navy Football Game. We don’t have tickets (yet) but we have three games that we’re planning on going to – the first being this upcoming weekend for the Navy v. Delaware game with some mamas from my playgroup.

Go to a Pumpkin Patch. One thing I really miss about New England is Apple Festivals and the Maple Festival and all those types of fun autumn-y things. This fall, we’re going to take Ethan to his first pumpkin patch, on a hay ride and hopefully for some apple picking. Hopefully after apple picking I’ll be able to make my own apple sauce. Fingers crossed!

Finish the 100 Pushup Challenge. I keep starting and stopping this. Time to stick to it and finish up!

Run Five Races. I’ve got one down and three more scheduled: the Baltimore Half Marathon, Army 10 miler, Junior League 5k, and I’d love to add the Ripley 5k, and possibly the Rehoboth Half Marathon on there. We’ll see which one gets the add!  The one down was the 9/11 Heroes Run here in Annapolis yesterday.

Visit a local Brewery. Heavy Seas is based in Baltimore. The Old Dominion Brew House is just outside of DC. DC Brau is just outside of DC and Lexi has said great things about that one. Decisions decisions – but after our trip to Long Trail and Harpoon – more breweries are in our future.

Go to a Fall Festival. There’s the Maryland Avenue Fall festival but come on, there has to be more right? The Craft beer festival we went to last year but had ridiculous lines. I will find another awesome fall festival with amazing food, beer and fun stuff for kiddies (they go hand in hand right?) to visit this fall. It will be great.

Happy Autumn friends – what’s on your autumn bucket list?