2015 intentions

Happy 2015 y’all! We had a quiet night – flying in from Connecticut and getting home in time for dinner and an early bedtime for Little Man, and then some CNN/NBC 2014 recap shows while cuddled up on the couch catching up on reading and sipping some Harpoon Gingerland. It was perfect and quiet and everything a New Years should be for these old souls.

2015 beer

2014 was a year of so much change for us – a new job, E went into daycare, hubs got a new job after a few months of unemployment, but we ended the year on a high note and I’m ready to restart this whole blogging thing in 2015 after I have most definitely gotten off track through the second half of 2014. But new URL, new blog design…what’s not to love about my new bloggy home?

So I wanted to start the year with some intentions for the year – not resolutions because I don’t like that term. Intentions and goals.



Be present at home when I’m with hubs and little man.

Develop myself as a leader and subject expert at work.

Coach 25 people this year.

Eat healthier and cleaner. So many holiday cookies – SO MANY.

Get rid of more clutter.

Participate in a quarterly wardrobe capsule in an effort to par down. (stay tuned next week for the reveal of my winter wardrobe capsule!)

Blog more. Regularly if you will.

Take care of myself. Mentally. Physically.
I had a lot of emotional ups and downs in 2014 and need to resolve some of those lingering issues in 2015.



Complete a century or metric century ride.

Run 12 races.

A sub-2:15 half marathon.

Register for a 2016 Half Ironman.

Run 500 miles. Bike 1,000 miles.


What are your intentions and/or goals for 2015? Any lofty ones?


September Goals

I can’t believe summer is just about over.

We did however, have a great summer. Most of our summer bucket list was completed, including our recent trip to Vermont (which I’ll be recaping over the next couple of days because we did some awesome things up there this time around).

How’d I do with my August goals?

Stick with training.  I think I did pretty good with this. I ran 51 miles of my predicted 60. Which makes sense because I missed my 9 miler this past weekend but I’ve been solidly running 1-2 days and doing stroller strides 1-2 days per week. My longest run of the month is 8 miles, so I feel like I’m in good shape as far as my distance and training is going.

Go to yoga once per week. Nope. I think I made it once? Now that Adam has class on Tuesday and Thursday nights though the likelihood of me finding time to go to my favorite yoga instructors class is slim to none for the time being. Must find a different class.

Set up a home work space. We bought a desk from Target. We just need to move some stuff around (i.e. the bassinet out of our bedroom). However, I have been able to keep space cleared at the kitchen table to regularly get work done there. Now if only Ethan would nap more regularly so I can actually get said work done at a decent hour.

Continue to work on organizing my house and my online profiles. No progress. Though most of my flickr account is pseudo…organized. ish. NOPE. I did however set up a cleaning schedule so I feel less overwhelmed by housework. I’ll post on that soon – thank you pinterest for inspiring me and thanks to the husband for sticking with it.

Finish up our summer bucket list! When I last checked in August we had a trip to VT, a trip to Rehoboth, a day hike, and a trip to NJ left. We had to nix our trip to NJ due to scheduling. We’re trying to decide when to go to Rehoboth – I know it’s not summer but that ain’t not thang. We did a day hike/run out on the Cross Island Trail on Kent Island which was awesome. All in all, a full, fun summer was had by all.


Eat more locally. After our recent trip to Vermont I really want to focus more of my grocery shopping efforts to farmers markets. Today I picked up some green beans, peaches, corn and cucumbers from the farmers market near my usual coffee play date on Tuesdays.

Go to six stroller strides classes. Going to six justifies the $50ish per month that I pay for my membership and then some. Since the Naval Academy classes are twice per week just down the road from me, it shouldn’t be too hard though I did skip on Tuesday. Whoops?

Stick with my Long Runs. They’re so easy to scrimp on on the weekends but they’re the most important. I really want to make sure that I get in my speed workouts and my long runs this month since they’ve suffered the most this month. With Ethan not sleeping well it’s been tough on all of us but time to suck it up since we’re about to peak in my half marathon training.

Give up the dr. Confession: I have a massive caffeine addiction. But I don’t drink coffee. No, no, this ah-hem pseudo healthy living blogger gets her fix from Dr. Pepper. Fountain soda only. Usually in 32 oz cups from Wawa after a sleepless night. By the end of the month I want to end that bad habit. It’s not good for me, not great for Ethan and I hate using caffeine as a crutch. So I’m weaning myself over the course of this month.


What are YOUR goals for the start of fall? Are you training for a big fall race? How’s training going?


Mama Aspirations and Criticisms

Last week, after I blogged about wanting to run marathon number five next year (which I kind of forgot about since but after being sidelined earlier last week by my Physical Therapist, it hasn’t been on the forefront of my mind), I posted the same question on my facebook page. Not so much a question rather, but a statement. And a friend of mine responded and I was kind of bummed by her comment:

Oh, sweetie — do you really think you will have time to train? Maybe if you have a nanny and don’t nurse! Otherwise, I would love to know the secret of post-baby moms who can find time to train (and aren’t rich celebrities). I am trying to train for a 10k and it is next to impossible.

Here’s the thing, my aspirations of being a working mother who is in shape and also involved in the community may be just that, aspirations. I don’t know how life is going to be and I imagine it’s not going to be nearly as easy as I like to think. But regardless, my passion for running and the community are not going to be pushed too far to the wayside after Baby Schmidt is born.

I want to be a good influence to my son. I know that when I wasn’t prioritizing my health and general well being, it was not only detrimental to myself as a person, but also to my marriage. When you don’t care about yourself, you stop caring about those around you – a lesson I  learned the hard way. And I want to be a good influence on little boy Schmidt as far as caring about his health, and I want to be a good mother – I don’t think that it has to be one or the other. I do believe it can be both.

As a soon to be mama, I really hope to keep those priorities – obviously realigned – but with the support of the husband I like to think that getting out for 30 minutes even if at the end of the day, is so super unrealistic (it might be harder than I think, but I don’t know that yet). I don’t see how on the weekends, I can’t leave baby with Adam while I go for a long run or better yet, we go for a long run together with the baby in the jogging stroller we inherited.

I’ve read some amazing bloggers – who granted, (most who seem to be full-time bloggers – how do I get me one of those gigs? Hint self, perhaps make more time to blog no?) and who seem to find time to work out. Caitlin wrote a great post on life/work balances that really hit a chord with me, also I read this great post from (never)homemaker about being a running mama.

When other mothers or soon-to-be mothers say something about setting personal goals, why would you want to knock them down or otherwise scoff at their statements. This is one thing that hugely bothers me about the whole “mommy blogger” crowd, excuse me, not even just mommy bloggers, but mommy’s in general – why are women/mothers so critical of one another? 

Listen, I know I have a few months to go before baby Schmidt is in the world, and I’m not oblivious to how difficult it will be to raise baby without the support of our families nearby (as many of my cousins and friends have been blessed with) but Adam and I are a team, and he supports my goals and we’re going to work together to support one another.

Ultimately, me making time for running and/or yoga is my way of ensuring that I maintain a certain level of mental health.

Setting goals, and teaching baby Schmidt the importance of being healthy in every way possible and to set big goals for himself is beyond important to me. And if that means I don’t get 30-45 minutes to watch television or if the dishes don’t get done for a night, well then I’m okay with that. Life isn’t going to be perfect or peachy I’m certain but teamwork with the husband goes a long way and I’m certain that even if marathon #5 doesn’t happen next year, it will happen in the next couple of years. Do I think I’ll be running the Zooma Half in June? No. Am I bummed? OMG Yes. Will I be running the Army Ten Miler in October? I hope so. And I’ll definitely be toeing the line at the Annapolis Half in December 2013.

How do you prioritize yourself? If you’re a mother, weigh in and share your thoughts on how you find time for “you time.”


January Recap and February To Do’s

One month down, three to go til Hubs is home from training. I want to say home for good, but the downside of military life is that he will inevitably at some point be deployed. Thankfully his unit recently returned from a deployment so chances are it won’t be any time in the near future.

Recap of Goals for January

So i didn’t actually write out goals for January but I did start my resolutions. Where’m I at 1/12 of the way through the year? I did not work out all 31 days this month.

Goals for February

Photo a day – I saw this on instagram and thought it was an awesome idea #FebPhotoaDay. Since I failed oh so badly at #project365 (will restart on my birthday – that makes sense right? A picture each day of the last year in my 20’s?)  Come play along 🙂 I’ll have day 1 up by tonight on Instagr.am -( legallyheidi is my username! Follow me!)


Embrace positivity – Stop beating myself up for not working out, for not loving my job every day. Stop expecting success to come easy. This goes for personal and professional goals. I was super inspired today by  Nicole. She wrote a great post about how bloggers are inherently narcissistic (#truth) and how most likely? People just don’t give a damn. I’ve had too many ugly cries lately over pretty mundane things that I do have control over. Time to embrace positivity and buck it up. While I don’t need to force myself to vomit rainbows and butterflies every day of the week, I do have control over my attitude and my life. More so than I’ve been letting on lately. I need to embrace a better attitude and have a little faith in destiny and that I will get where I need to be someday. Hopefully soon.

Stick with tracking eats I read somewhere that people who track their food see 80% better results in their weight loss goals. Last week? I was not so good. This week? Have been so much better. I also feel better about what I put in my mouth if I track it before hand. In general I only track my food during the week, but i really want to do better about posting foodie friday recipes because I liked that trend on my blog and even if it’s a simple recipe? I think it’s a nice habit and I like sharing. Even if you all don’t give a crap 😉 (see Embrace Positivity)

Start training for Half Marathon #4
I’m running the VT Unplugged Half the weekend of my birthday which goes from my hometown of Colchester, Vermont to Burlington. It’s a pretty low key race and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. It’ll also be nice to spend my birthday with my family so I’m super pumped for that since Hubs’ll be out in the field and not able to talk to me himself.  My goal is to start next week, now that I’m back in lust with running thanks to my new sneaks, I’ve got no reason to slack!

No shopping
Since I’ve got my trip to San Antonio at the end of this month, my goal is not to buy anything until after that trip.  Not to mention, I keep fluctuating between 142 and 138 on any given day depending on my eats/workouts so I’m finally down to my size 6 skinny jeans that I got from The Gap as a #gapenthusiast three years ago (#win!) so that’s positive but I don’t want to buy anything else clothing wise until I hit my goal weight. That’s fair and Feb is only 28 days and while I may not

Weigh In Wednesday

This morning? Not a good day. I felt good, my pants are looser (even after coming out of the dryer! WIN!), my tops are all fighting me a little bit better and my tummy is looking a bit flatter. Granted, I’m not so vain to put up progress pictures (mostly because I’m so pasty and pale that I’d blind the interwebs with my whiteness)  and also I’m just incredibly self conscious (not that I think people who put up progress pics are vain, if that’s how you measure that’s groovy, it’s just not my thing but take my word on my personal progress 🙂 Again, you all prolly don’t care though 😉 )

Todays weight: 141.6
Starting weight: 154 (from when hubs left or something – i forgot my exact starting # but the 10 lb challenge? My  starting weight was around 144)
Total loss: ~13 lbsish since October. 

A friend of mine recently saw me at a JLA event and asked if I’ve lost weight, it’s always kind of flattering when people notice your hard work. I informed her that yes, yes I had. Sans the doctor pepper I’m nursing right now.

So even though my loss this week from last wasn’t huge, I felt good that for the most part, at least since this weekend, I’ve stuck with my workouts and that? Is always a good thing no matter what the number on the scale says.


What are your goals for February? How do you reward small accomplishments??


Picking Back Up

I got off my #31daychallenge track. It’s my own fault really.

I think I’ll go to Boston…

I hadn’t mentioned about this because my friend Ryan and I wanted to surprise his wife (and my close pal) Jean. But I made a lil jaunt up to Boston this weekend for the Frozen Fenway game between Northeastern (GO HUSKIES) v. BC. Boston was amazing (as always) but I did not go to yoga or go running as I had originally planned/hoped to do. I mean, that’s to be expected when you’re there for hockey and birthday parties. On that aside, I also didn’t go as heavy on the drinking as I have been known to do during trips to Boston (bachelorette party NOT included…that was an exception).

Jean and I @ Jillians – I love surprising her 🙂

Not bad seats! Granted my boys lost. Badly but it was still super fun to be there.

I always get a little nostalgic when I go back. It’s weird going back to places where you remember so much and  just want to call up people that you no longer talk to, people who aren’t in your life anymore. Walking through places and remembering laughter and tears and long drawn out conversations into the night on benches. When I go back with hubs, I share the fun stuff – the parties, the accomplishments, the friends and memories shared. I don’t share the screaming matches that make me shiver when I remember, the tears over broken hearts gone past – the stuff that leaves behind nasty ghosts in a city I will always LOVE.  I mean, it’s a bit…just sad…when you think about all the memories with people and half of them you’ll never see or talk to again. It makes me a little bit nostalgic but grateful at the same time for the friendships I have maintained since then and the love I found with the husband and how full my life is these days. No matter what though, our little group will always share memories and be linked in ways no one else can understand. But as I need to remind myself, even six years later, that closure is over rated. 

Bringing it back to September 2004.

Getting back on track…

While I didn’t schedule time to work out this weekend, I find that that’s a common-ish I have when I travel (case in point: Hubs and I not doing any workouts when we were up north over the holidays) and something I want to work on for my upcoming trips to San Antonio and Vermont in the coming months.  I have scheduled my workouts for the week:

Mon – run 3 miles
Tues – X-train (elliptical)
Wed – Speed workout (6×400) (~4.75 mi)
Thurs – xtrain
Fri – yoga
Sat – yoga
Sun – 6 mile run

The first thing I did yesterday was go for a grocery shop. It was super convenient that Trader Joes was right on the way home so despite the fact that I had a pounding headache (that’ll teach me for not packing an extra pair of contacts on my vacation – of course my right contact lens RIPPED IN HALF ON SATURDAY MORNING and of course I FORGOT TO PACK MY GLASSES), I made a point to pick up food for the week.

I had considered popping over to the gym but given the pain of my head and the fact that I was in glasses for the night, I decided against it. Tonight however, the treadmill and I have a pre-gossip girl date.

Weekly goals

Estimated mileage: If i stick to my workouts this week, I should hit  ~14 miles (not including elliptical times)

Hit up the gym as scheduled (see above)

Drink more water. I’ve been laying on the Diet Dr. P a bit much for my liking time to limit myself and ween myself off the peppery sweet goodness.

Get to bed! Hubs and I have been chatting late and it’s affecting my AM workouts. While he’s forced to get up regardless what time he goes to bed, I have the friend we all love to hate…the snooze button.

Read 3 chapters per week  for my Personal Training Certification exam. Also, make a study guide!

Stay tuned later for my 10 lb challenge weigh in!

What are your goals for this week? Do you find it hard to stick to your workout plan when you travel? How do you prepare yourself to workout when you’re traveling??



A friend of mine told me today over gchat that I made healthy living seem “attainable.”

That’s cause it is. It just takes some work. I’m not perfect. I’d rather stay in bed than get up at 530a to run. I’d rather enjoy a glass of wine from my couch than go work out after work but here’s the thing, if I want to reach my goals, I’ve gotta move.

Motivation. Dedication. You know, all that mumbo jumbo. It’s a lifestyle.

What’s kicked my arse into gear this time as opposed to the million of other times I’ve tried to jump start this in the 11 months since I started my job?


You see, he gets up every day around 4a CST. He works out for an hour. He’s lost 30 lbs and counting since he left for Basic. I was super attracted to him before (duh, he’s my husband) but holy $(@(&~!!!!

I a. don’t want to seem like a slacker. b. want to look just as seksi for him. My bum doesn’t get all hawt by sitting on it, I’ve gotta work it. c. I plan to be kickin’ it for a long time. I’ve gotta work for that too!

But really, for me, doing it for myself and the hubs is just one motivation. But motivation doesn’t get your butt on the treadmill now does it?

No sirree.

Write it down

I schedule my workouts each week. Even if I don’t stick with them exactly (for instance, in my planner I had running down for today but I ran 3 miles last night when I was waiting for hubs to call, tonight I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and a strength workout), I still have them scheduled in. On days when I know I have something planned (i.e. Thursday night when I’m volunteering for Junior League) I know I will have to get my bum out of bed at an ungodly hour to go for a run or do yoga in my living room for 20 minutes.

Plan your meals

Not gonna lie, as with much of my inspiration, I got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers Beth – every week she posts her meal plans and has some amazing ideas for super healthy and often super quick meal plans. Now, each week before I go grocery shopping, I plan my meals and try (and am often at least 75% successful) to stick with them.

Get a partner in crime

Hubs and I talk about our workouts, we talk about our plans, we’ve made plans to be more active. The main thing is we need to follow through but if you vocalize your goals and hold one another accountable, you can work towards changing your life. Which is really what it is – a lifestyle change.

So what are you waiting for? Hop to it friends!

What’s your plan of action to make your goals attainable?


Revisiting My Goals

I’ve set a great many goals for myself. I created a vision board. I’m always reevaluating my goals based on the corporate culture that I was so lucky to be a part of.

Since I started my new job just about two months ago, I’ve reevaluated my long term career goals. My personal goals are always evolving – I’m still attempting to run 12 races this year, I’m still trying to lose 20 lbs and eat cleaner, and I’ve still cut back A LOT on my mid week drinking.

One year goals:

Health goal: I work out 3 days/week in the morning and 1 day on the weekend by June 1. I run 12 races by December 2011 (so far I’ve run 2. Signed up for #3 and will be signing up for 4, 5, 6, and possibly 7 by the end of May with 8 and 9 planned for late 2011). I lose 20 lbs and maintain a healthy weight by eating healthy by December 2011.

Career goal: Take Calculus for Business/Humanities majors and score at least an 85 in it by August 2011.  I score a 600+ on the GMAT by November 2011 and apply for business school by December 2011. I am involved in Social Media Club – DC by July 2011.

Personal goal: I save 10% of my paycheck into savings each month by September 2011. I call my grandparents 2 times/month by September 2011.

3-5 year goals


I run the NYC marathon finishing sub 4:30:00 by 2017. I practice yoga 3x per week and run 3x week by 2015. I attend a yoga retreat for one week by myself by April 2014.


I obtain my MBA in Marketing from University of Maryland graduating in the top of my class by June 2015. I work for a firm managing social media marketing in Washington DC by December 2015.


I buy a house or townhome in Annapolis with the husband by January 2016. I have paid off my credit card debt by December 2015.

I’ve always got my goals on the brain. Always. I’m always thinking of the next step, and always planning how to get to my destination and be the most sucesssful.

Best way to start setting awesome goals for yourself? Think SMART.

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Realistic
T – Timely

Also, think BIG! Everyone should have a BHAG – a big hairy audacious goal. One that scares you. That you think you can’t obtain. Goals shouldn’t all be easy to come by and they should scare us. But they should also excite us and motivate us. Mine? I’m super excited. Super excited about applying to my MBA, about becoming financially secure with the husband and fixing all the errors of the past year of unemployment and under employment. Super excited about exploring our city and our life and hanging out with friends. In my humble opinion? Having concrete goals that are SMART give my life a purpose almost, remind me that I’m working towards something.

Speaking of, this week, I AM going to start blogging more about my fitness goals. Today hubs and I started Easter with a 2 mile run/walk – hubs is getting into the whole running thing and I figure starting out with basics isn’t a bad thing plus it’s more time we can spend together. This week we’re working out M, W, and F and Saturday and I WILL start posting what I’m eating. I think I need the accountability. I need to know that HEY! I’m going to post this, so let’s make sure I’m not just eating crap all week and not being all sloth like. So this, along with me faxing in my course sign up sheet tomorrow, is me working towards my goals and being accountable. Go me.


Want a good resource to set goals? Check out this awesome website by lululemon. What are your big goals?


Not my Pal?

So in lieu of my recent workout slump, I tried to rally today.

A while ago, a coworker told me about an awesome iphone app called MyFitnessPal.

It kind of gave me insight to what I’ve been doing wrong with the weight I want to lose.

Whoops. So it sets up, based on your activity level, how many calories you should be taking in each day. It has a lot of foods in there, so it’s easy to search, I kind of improvised with figuring out my lunch, and dinner.

But essentially each day I should be eating 1200 calories. I should be burning way more than 71 calories each day (I went to the gym but the gym was closed this was after I napped for three hours after work.).

I probably didn’t need the venti Passion tea lemonade this morning (I had told hubs to only get me a grande…note to self. skip that.)

No more skipping workouts. I’m going to the gym at 10:30 tomorrow AM to get in a run. Skipping all three runs this week is just…not okay. Because if I stay on this track, I’ll weigh 138 at the end of March. That is…not okay.

{Though I did count walking pupski in the snow for 20 minutes around the block after realizing the gym was closed. }

My goal weight is 120. Which means I have about 20 lbs to lose and if I stick to this, and cutting calories/eating better, I can totally do this by my birthday. I just need to be aware of what I’m eating, how much I’m working out. But I’m glad I feel a bit better. It’s one aspect of my life I feel like I actually have control over – unlike everything else mainly my husband’s job search, and my lackluster paychecks as of late. Editing your profile so that it keeps track of your goals/and current weight (it also has a screen for weigh ins) and makes it easy to track everything. I do wish though, that despite the arguments for/against BMI that it kept track of that because I do want to get back to a healthy BMI/percentage of fat.

In short, if you’re trying to lose weight, and are looking to track your progress/food? This seems like an awesome program that is has easy accessability and is incredibly user-friendly this is a great start, it not only helps track foods but also let’s you know where you’re at as far as accomplishing your weight loss goals.

I’m pretty excited to use it and track my own goals. I’ll keep y’all updated 🙂 If you use it *or might try* friend me so we can motivate one another!


The Ugly Side of Motivation

I’ve been doing so well lately.

Running. Working out. Eating decently.

But then I hit a wall. A wall that was pretty solid on Monday night when I went out for happy hour with the husband, met up with Nicole, and wished Lexi a happy birthday. Then landed at RFD with a thud after Liz and Sara got out of work.

I don’t rarely get day long hangovers anymore, but mostly I don’t drink that much anymore, and then when I do slip up and drink from ohhhh 4pm in the afternoon til 11:30 at night. Oops.

So I slipped up, haven’t ran since Thursday. Being hungover Tuesday and just well, the weather is shit today, though I will make it to the gym tonight. Evenutally.

I need a swift kick of motivation. I’m afraid to get my measurements from my boot camp instructor of post boot camp… because since ending it last week, I have been off of my A game.

what I need to do is get back to writing out my goals. Scheduling my workouts for the week.

Thursday – 7 miles
Friday – rest/yoga
Saturday – run 3.5
sunday – Speed workout
monday – rest

Monday, I’ll be announcing a raffle for my fundraising – as most of you know I’m raising money for Girls on the Run of Greater Chesapeake Bay – and I have an awesome first raffle that’ll run next week from Sunday to Friday. So save your pennies!

Maybe that’ll be the motivation I need – and by that I mean, I want to run an AMAZING race. Maybe I need to go over my training plan with my coach, and maybe I need double my efforts for fundraising. My training usually requires me to run 3-4 days per week (any more and I get burnt out and just don’t run at all), with 2-3 days of yoga/cross training and at least one full rest day. But this week? I’ve just kind felt burnt out. I dunno.

How do you re-motivate yourself after you’ve fallen into a slump?


I have a vision

Vision board, inspiration board, whatever you want to call it, is supposed to be a visual place of your goals.

I’ve written about my goals for the past week, but I had read later last year, about vision boards, and how to’s. So inspired by a few bloggers, I figured the new year and all the goal evaluating I’d been doing the past week or so, would be a good time to git ‘er done.

I used magazines like Health, Fitness, Runners World and Women’s Health magazines to find inspiring images. Since so many of my goals are focused around healthy living this made sense to me.

I wrote down my goals on post it notes that were colorful (pink and blue!) You don’t have to write down your goals, but I kind of like having the reminder.

Some people use 8×11 sheets of paper, others use poster boards, or cork boards, I used the insert sheet for a framed photo frame I wasn’t using. I figure this way I can frame it for safe keeping to put up in the spare bedroom next to my desk.

Here’s my inspiration board. Sorry for the shotty pictures – I was lazy and just used the iPhone. Wamp wamp.

I will run a sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon and a sub 5 hour marathon.
I will run 12 races this year.

I will cook twelve new recipes.
I will coach again!
I will enroll in a nutrition certification program.

It was really fun making my vision board and I’m really excited to put it some where where I’ll look at it every day. I have faith that this year, unlike last year, I’ll actually accomplish my goals – note how I’m calling them goals (missions!) not resolutions anymore. After further thought I kind of resent the term “resolution.”

Looking for some extra inspiration? Check the Fitnessista out, I’ve found her to be super inspiring since I started reading her earlier in 2010. And home girl has some mad lulu love.

Have you ever made a vision or inspiration board?