The Last Week…

It’s my last three days as a pseudo single gal. Huzzah!!! Seven months of being alone…and I survived!!! I’ll post more on that before Wednesday because holy crap y’all…I’ve definitely learned a lot about myself and about hubs and I. The strength of love is a wondrous thing when it boils right down to it.

I’ve got a lot to do before o’dark thirty on Thursday when I head to BWI to fly to San Antonio to bring my husband HOME. HOME FRIENDS! He’s coming home 🙂

First…a weekend recap.

It was a productive weekend…ish. Starting with the Junior League Gala friday night. The event was tons of fun, featured some amazing chefs (it was “Moonlight Masquerade, a Chefs by the Bay event”) and was an overall amazing and beautiful night – so many kudos to our Gala committee who did an awesome job with the event. I for one, can’t wait til next year!

My fabulous dates including Sarah Jane (left also my committee chair), Jason and Anne Marie.

After the event, we brought the party downstairs to Pussers. My friends through Junior League are all so amazing. So much love for all the gals I’ve met through this amazing organization.

Then I ran into my pal Sarah in the bathroom!

I spent yesterday recovering, I am so not used to 2a mornings anymore. At all. But that’s cool cause sometimes you need a day to catch up with your Tivo. Which is precisely what I did until about 2pm.

When I finally peeled myself off the couch and made myself presentable, I went shopping and got two cute dresses from H&M and the hubs some new shorts (that fit!) for next weekend when he gets home – he really wanted a new pair of Nantucket Reds so I popped up to the Arundel Mills outlets and hit up the JCrew Outlet (since they were like half the price there that they were at the regular JCrew here in Annapolis)

One of the two dresses i bought at H&M, is it just me or is H&M totally taking inspiration from Kate Middleton’s closet lately?

I finally satisfied a craving I’ve had for sushi lately…

Philadelphia rolls and salmon rolls are my favorites.

I didn’t really get any workouts in this weekend (whoops?) but I ate, for the most part, half way decently. Except for the soda and popcorn I had at the movies today when Sarah and I went to see Titanic in 3-D. Whoops?

This week…

I think I need to sign up for another big race soon. I’m feeling a little sedentary and without training for something I lose focus super easily and fall back into bad habits. read: this weekend.

Monday: Hot yoga in the AM
Tuesday: Fleet Feet run club 3-5 miles
Wednesday: hot yoga in the AM
Thursday: TEXAS!!!
Friday: Texas!!!!!
Saturday: Running with the hubs before Annapolis Cup 🙂

I’m totally on a hot yoga kick lately, unfortunately, my wallet will not allow me to be on a hot yoga kick forever so I’ve really gotta get back into running. I think with the hubs back next week, it’ll be much easier since we’re both super excited about staying in shape together. I mean, I like working out alone to some extent but it also gets kind of lonely not gonna lie.

How was your weekend friends??


Going Green

The past two days I have been infatuated with my breakfast and lunch. Seriously, amazingness.

In this Green(ish) smoothie –

1 c. Almond Milk
2 T Nutella
2 scoops protein powder
raw oatmeal
flax seed
1 1/2 banana

My coworkers say it looks gross but I say it’s delish.

Yesterday I boasted about my awesome lunch. Wellp, today I brought the same thing (I’m the type of person that once I get hooked on something, I have to have it like…every day)



What is a pizzadilla you ask? Inspired by a blog I saw (that i forgot to star so I don’t remember who it was) I decided to give it a go. I make mine pretty simply, whole wheat tortilla, a couple spoonfuls of pizza sauce and a bit of mozzarella cheese. Place in non-stick pan. Fold. Fry for about 2 minutes on both sides or until cheese is melted and tortilla is lightly browned and then enjoy! Here’s another similar recipe from SparkPeople. You could also add filling like sausage, spinach, tomatoes, etc…but I chose not to because I was short on time (and didn’t have mushrooms in the house).

Last night I went to a “Coffee and Conversation” event for the Junior League. The discussion was on the book “Life without Ed” (which I forgot to read but ordered on Amazon last night!) then a discussion with the Board President of Girls on the Run of Greater Chesapeake. It was really interesting to hear stories about how a lot people don’t take eating disorders seriously. I mean, if a girl is crying out for help, the last thing people should be doing is telling her she’s fine and she doesn’t have an eating disorder, regardless of what her weight is. I’m super excited to read this book because the most intriguing part of eating disorders from a psychological standpoint is that they’re mental. They’re largely about control that stems into their body image and feeling like they can control some aspect of their life through what they eat (or don’t eat) and how much they exercise.

I’m really excited to get involved with Girls on the Run here in Annapolis, I’m hoping to run as a running buddy in May and then maybe in the fall assistant coach or coach again. It was such a rewarding opportunity that I would love to be a part of something so profound on these young girls’ lives.  If you’re in the Annapolis area, the Girls on the Run 5k is on May 19, 2012 at Anne Arundel Community College and you should definitely come out and see the girls run – they’re so inspiring and amazing to watch as they cross the finish line!

Are you involved in any charities or volunteer organizations??


Productive Saturday

You ever have those weekends? Where everything just flows?

So I made plans this weekend. A few things that I wanted to get done, no questions asked.

Hubs and I started our day today by jaunting for a 3.8 mile run. It was a beautiful run, and the weather was perfect – not too hot, not too cold.

After, I hit up my first ever Weight Watchers meeting. I’ve been eluding to the fact that I’ve been super unhappy with myself and my weight lately so after a couple half hearted attempts to track my food, I decided to attend my first meeting. I’m actually pretty excited and feel really positive about reaching my goals.

current weight (starting say): 154.7
goal weight: 120

Doable yes. I need to not let myself get frustrated by set backs and you know, stay away from the Orange Crushes. I’ll get to that in a minute.

So after the meeting hubs and I had a lunch outside at our usual – I had a pear and gorgonzola salad (mixed greens, and roasted sunflower seeds) with a shrimp skewer which was delightful.

We then headed up to Severna Park to hit up the driving range. I’ve wanted to learn to golf for a while and by the end of the summer I would really love to try a 9 hole course. I figured starting at the driving range was a good place to start though.

Hubs did a lot better than I did. We each hit about 50 balls and oh man! My arms are actually kind of sore. Probably from all of those practice swings considering I’m just not that good. Wamp wamp.

A for effort though. A for effort.

After we came home for a bit, I “power napped” and then we decided to go out for a pre-race dinner. We opted for Coconut Joe’s on the South River where we were ah-hem lured by sheer intrigue into the world of Orange Crushes.

For food we each had Salmon BLT’s which were actually rather tasty – grilled salmon, on a potato roll with avocado, a little bit of bacon (which I picked off since I don’t like bacon), tomato and lettuce. It was…pretty amazing. My only complaint? I wish they had toasted the bun because it kind of fell apart when I was eating.

Never had an orange crush? I get the sense it’s a summery beach drink.

1 oz Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
1 oz Orange flavored vodka
1 oz Triple Sec

Serve iced with orange slice garnish.

Seriously you can’t taste the booze friends. I had heard about these things. I had only two – which was enough for me. Anymore and I would be in no shape to run tomorrow morning with young girls at the GOTR DC 5k. Thankfully we’re home early, I’m drinking plenty of water and my laundry is on so I have clean running clothes.

Tomorrow, like I said, I’m running the GOTR DC 5k as a running buddy which I am SUPER excited about. It’s race number 3 for this year, though not at all racing for time, racing for the experience that I feel like I missed out on up in CT for the GOTR council which I was a coach for. It was the pilot season, so we didn’t expect much but it was still ever so amazing seeing the girls come out of their shells and grow.

Then tomorrow afternoon, I’m being trained as the JLA “webmistress.” So excited to take on this role with the Junior League and also to introduce social media to our league since it’s non existent right now.

Gotta love productive weekends!


Highlight of my week

I should have posted this yesterday but I had to share because Wednesday night was just so much freakin’ fun.

I’ve really gone away from mid-week drinking out (or drinking in general really) but Wednesday was a special exception. Two years in the Junior League. Two leagues. One awesome assignment for next year (I’ll be the JLA Webmistress!)

Though I’m still new with this league, I’ve thrown myself into it and I’m loving everyone I’ve met so far, I only wish I hadn’t been so afraid to jump into it when we first moved down here. I joined up in CT for the same reasons I was excited to transfer to the JLA – I didn’t know…anyone. We moved to two new areas and I had no lady friends really, here – especially in Annapolis as all my girlfriends live in DC and I don’t see them regularly. And let’s all be honest, it’s tough making new friends when you’re out of college. Especially for me, meeting new people makes me nervous and anxious (kind of like in high school…) but this is kind of different and maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s me. But it all really started with this earlier this spring…

{JLA Chefs by the Bay event early April 2011}

{Annapolis Cup 2011}

And then this.

{Junior League of Annapolis Annual Dinner/May GMM}

I big puffy heart the Junior League for all the amazing people I’ve met. For the experiences I’ve had. I’m looking forward to next year for the same reasons and more!

Happy two years to me!

Are you a part of any organizations like Junior League? How’d you make your pals after college?


Of Note

1,000 posts.

DANG homies! It’s been a wild road.

And you know what? It keeps getting better doesn’t it?

Three awesome things….

Book Club

The ladies and I are restarting our amazing book club that sometimes forgets to discuss books. If you’re interested in some new gal pals centered around good convo and good food and reading good books and you live in the DC area, email me at heidi(at)legallyheidi(dot)com. We’re trying to do structure and shit – starting in June!

Review and Giveaway

I have an awesome giveaway going on til this weekend! Want to try a new supplement? Go check out my review of Sun Chlorella over at my review page! (I have 3 upcoming reviews two of which are majorly delayed because of the whole not having a life for the past two and a half months!) Share with me what vitamins or supplements you take for your chance to win a sample pack of Sun Chlorella!

Making good habits

Last night I took hubs running and this morning we kicked butt doing the 30 day shred at 6:15am. I felt pretty bad ass. Unfortunately I will NOT be getting up at 5a to work out tomorrow as I have to be to work by 8a. Baby steps here people. Plus I say I will work out 5 days a week so tomorrow is an off day.  This way I can make it back to Annapolis to my Junior League annual dinner at Yellowfin. One of my FAVORITE places on the water in Annapolis. I’m still going to be a little late, since I’m working 8-5, I’ll trek down to meet hubs since he doesn’t get off work til 6 and then we’ll make it back to Annapolis by 6:45 or so (hopefully. depending on traffic. that might be wishful thinking.). I long for the day when I have a dream day working in social media here in Annapolis where I can just bike to work 9 months out of the year. I’m not there yet, and I enjoy where I am now…but someday. Perhaps after that MBA. Right?


To the Mothership!

Tomorrow, I will get up at the butt crack of dawn, hop on a train in my cutest outfit, meet fellow Junior League gals, travel downtown in Manhattan, and see the MOTHER of all things organized and pretty.

I am going to a taping of the Martha Stewart Show. Of course, this meant that I had to buy a cute new sweater, most of mine are black and they don’t recommend wearing white or black. So, I deemed it okay to buy a pretty new one. My shopping habits have…returned. It’s hard to keep them at bay. Now that I have a paycheck coming back in. Obviously though, I spend within my means, and will not, under any circumstance, put anything on credit. But this? Was a nice $26 which is well within my teeny tiny budget. See the complete, class-tacular, ladies who lunch outfit for the day tomorrow (as we are not just seeing martha, but also going to lunch at

Going to Martha!
Going to Martha! by

I deemed the sweater okay to purchase if only, because I didn’t already have one like it and while I can’t wear this kind of stuff to work, I don’t work every day and I do still like to go out to enjoy myself – which is when I will not be wearing work clothes. Although I am looking forward to wearing my work gear to my upcoming races – bold and bright!

Can not wait til tomorrow, expect many pictures, and a full recap – though likely not tomorrow but Thursday afternoon. Tomorrow night is the provisional-sustainer potluck (hope I didn’t over cook that pasta while watching Biggest Loser!)

Life is good freaders, life is very good.


Just what I needed

My hands were sweaty, my knees shaking. I don’t know how I managed to park my car, but I did. I was nervous – and late – but I walked in. Smiled and mumbled an apology about being late.

After hearing about the joys of being a member of Junior League of Stamford-Norwalk, I knew I was going to join. Granted, I knew that walking in, but I was afraid I’d chicken out.

You see freaders, I’m not good at people. I mean, I am. I fake it a lot, but in social situations by myself? Not so good. I get incredibly nervous and anxious in situations where I don’t know many people. Seriously, sometimes it’s xanax worthy anxiety.

I often forget to follow up on emails, I tend to be slightly scatterbrained when it comes to remembering names but there I was, in a room full of ladies who wanted the same thing i did. To meet other gals while serving the community.

I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am for this all to start. Within an hour I was all smiles, eager and laughing and engaging in the conversation so I’m pretty excited. I’ll get over this fear of new social situations soon enough, but the way I see it? This is kind of like me giving blood – doing it to get over a fear and make myself a better person while doing so. So go me?

But really, this is what I’ve needed to pull me out of my rut. Something for me, something to give me social interaction. This? Will be good. In addition, this week I’ve applied to countless teaching jobs today and yesterday, I drove to Bridgeport to apply to be a substitute teacher, I spent 3 hours yesterday filling out two applications for two schools and completed my TFA application a week early! It’s been a good week. A very good week indeed.

I am so happy that I finally feel like I’m settling down here, for the past couple months I feel like I’ve been twiddling my thumbs just kind of…being. But now I have something, something for me. The only that could make things better? A nice teaching job at a private school or admission to SHU for grad school or a substitute teaching job. I mean, I don’t think I’m asking for much am I?