Boo-ing our Neighbors

When we bought our home, the one piece of the puzzle I never felt I got that I really wanted was a close-knit neighborhood. As we’ve started getting involved in our neighborhood association, I’m finding they are pretty close. Our direct neighbors seem really nice, however, we haven’t really connected with them as much as I had hoped.

I was lucky to grow up with my three best friends all living within a house of me. I had a fantastic childhood (until my parents split up in 8th grade) thanks to so many fun memories with those friends. I always had friends to hang out with – there were summer camp outs, late night swims, someone to walk to school with, and someone to hang out with on our many snow days. It was all idyllic. So when we moved in and saw a kiddo around Ethan’s age wave at us with small hands through their front window, I got excited that he might have that too.

Needless to say, the family friendship is still in the works, but they work different hours than us so we’re always two ships passing in the night. BUT I decided to Boo them anyhow. It’s not even a thing in our ‘hood but i’m going to make it so.

boo basket

What I included: 

My favorite pumpkin beer for the adults
-Halloween cocktail napkins
-Fun glow sticks for trick or treating
-A autumny candle
-Halloween sticker book
-Gummy worms
-some chocolate peanut butter cups
-Some Halloween utz cheddar balls
-Fun halloween socks
-A printed “You’ve been boo’ed” sign with instructions to pay it forward (maybe they’ll boo us?!) 

I picked up everything at Target in the Halloween section and the dollar spot and spent about $10-15 on each of the baskets I made. I really hope they enjoyed it!

Have you ever boo’ed your neighbors or been boo’ed?



Anouncement: House!

Dudes. I’ve been MIA again.

But! For good reason. Mostly.

Hubs and I bought a house!!


Our lease is up end of February, so back in November we started looking. Around Thanksgiving and the wretchedness of losing my nana, we met with our realtor, who showed us 7 houses on a rainy Tuesday night. The one we bought was the third we looked at. We closed two weeks ago and moved in a week ago while we work on cleaning the old place out (mostly cleaned out – have a load to go to Goodwill and a load to come to the new place – then we need to schedule cleaning ladies and carpet cleaning).

I’m mildly devastated that we moved out of Annapolis, but we’re only up the bay, and about 25 minutes away from “the city” (either city – Annapolis or Baltimore – which is quite convenient). The neighborhood is nice, we have some nice neighbors (from first impressions) and we feed into a great school district. Not to mention, daycare and our new, soon-to-be-gym is across the street from daycare both of which are about 2 miles from home. If that.

So it’s been a wild ride through most of December and early January, not to mention general insanity at work, both leaving me a bit crazed, stressed and feeling out of sorts. Leaving little to no time for running, blogging or any fun things because I’ve been too exhausted.  Not that I need to explain or “justify” an absence… “i write for myself” as I constantly say – which i do, but as a marketer, I do acknowledge and consider my audience – even if many hobby bloggers do not (or are just starting to).

But, I’ve got a plan. I have not and will not disappear forever, I love this space too much.  I have an editorial calendar, a training plan to share and some other life goals to get my butt in gear. Not to mention, you all get to see our “dream home” come together! I’m no Young House Love here, but I am ready to get friendly with my inner crafty-pinteresty-DIY-trying self.

Happy Sunday friends! Stay tuned – more to come soon!