I’m a couple days late in the link up but better late than never. I keep reading so many of these each month and the two hosts have quickly become some of my favorite blogs to read that I keep meaning to link up, and I half write the post and then get distracted and just as quickly forget. Like so many other things in life these days. Sigh.

Currently I am…

last year swinging

Dreaming of… warmer weather. Yesterday was a bit of a tease, I had the windows open, did all sorts of spring cleaning and dare I say…nearly wore flip flops out of the house. Warm weather please be here to stay!


Planning… Ethan’s 2 year old birthday party! I can’t believe we are less than three weeks away from having a TWO year old! Where does the time go?!

21 day fix chili

Making…21 Day Fix Extreme Turkey Chili! I’m normally a slow-cooker chili kind of gal but this stovetop turkey chili was super easy to make and took about 10 minutes to prep and then another 20 simmering on the stove! I’ll be sure to share the recipe later this week!

corn bread muffins

Baking…corn bread. Don’t get me wrong, all I had to do was add eggs and milk so I didn’t struggle with this recipe at all. Box recipes all the way. Nothing pinterest worthy of this one, sorry friends.  We had it with the 21 Day Fix approved chili last night for dinner and it was delightful!


Watching… Gilmore Girls. I’m half way done with season 7, which is so sad to me since I love this show so, so much. I’ll need to find another show to binge watch the crap out of after this.


Linking up with Anne and Jenna to share. Like I said, a couple days late. But better late than never for one of my favorite link ups? Linking up again on April 1 for what we’re currently wearing, sipping, wish-listing, writing and exploring.