Currently | September

Happy Wednesday and happy September my friends! Given the first Wednesday of the month, I thought I would join back in for the Currently Linkup with Anne!

Starting: School! Ethan starts Kindergarten on MONDAY! I’m both excited for him and subsequently terrified of little man growing up too fast. How is he five already? How is it already so close to my first ever PTA meeting? I have many feelings on this.

Buying: Ahhhh back-to-school shopping. I’ve done some shopping for some clothes for Little man, and a couple of things for myself in the way of new jeans (my first ever distressed pair! In a size down from what I’ve been buying!) , a top that I kept seeing on Instagram and was finally back in my size, a new workout top that is a new favorite, and some replacement sneakers because mine were half a size too big and I got tired of my feet slipping out during mountain climbers haha (and I found them at a FANTASTIC price – $35 sneakers? yes, please!)

Sharing: All of the experiences with Little Man’s encopresis on my Instagram stories and my own battle with anxiety (mostly work induced but has certainly seeped into other areas of my life). I’ve gotten so much support from friends and family and I can’t even begin to thank everyone for their comments and words of encouragement.

Reading: Lately? The High Season, which is moving so slow. But it’s a library book, I’ve gone well over my two weeks (thanks Airplane mode on my kindle!), so it might be time for something new. I think. Maybe.

Recording: My training plans for Ragnar DC, the Army Ten-Miler and for the upcoming Run Club in my bullet journal. One of these days, I’ll share more about my journaling. I’m a huge fan and while I’m not super artistic, it keeps me so organized and on track with so many things.

What’s up with you currently???