Six Blogging Mistakes to Stop Making Today

I had a post written about how I was going to take a break from blogging. Then I got inspired and wrote like 9 posts in the matter of an hour. Apparently, all it takes is writing in Google Docs. 

I decided I was done over-thinking blogging – I’ve been blogging for the better part of 16 years and up until the past few months, rather consistently. This isn’t my full-time job, nor do I have any desire to make it as such. I blog because I love writing and because I love the blogging community. Because I love reading other blogs. Because I love sharing ideas and inspiring others.

blogging mistakes

I’ve been making a few mistakes, though – especially over the past year or two. Blogging isn’t the same as it used to be – it is certainly much more involved since I started in 2001 and even more so since my first influencer campaign in 2008. In order to be “successful” or to be considered an “influencer,” there’s just so much more “stuff” to do.  But if I stop having this vision of success in my head and stop marching to the beat of the drum of other bloggers, I’ll find that I still very much love this hobby that I’ve held onto for so long. 

Stop: Over-thinking EVERYTHING

Stop thinking about the quality of my pictures. How often or frequently I share. How often I post. How often I post to social media. Why doesn’t X favorite blogger read me? Why can’t I look cute in that outfit? You get it. Over thinking. My nemesis. I need to stop right now and just do me. 

Stop thinking You need an in-depth content calendar

I am the queen of content calendars. But I don’t REALLY need one for myself. A lot of bloggers will make you think you do – but honestly? Ehhh. They’re overrated unless you’re churning out content like a machine. Me? I’m not a machine and life happens so the likelihood of sticking to a content calendar for my personal blog is slim to zilch. 

Stop thinking you NEED to only write on one topic or stick to one niche

I keep thinking that I need to write about ONE thing. Or perfect ONE topic. That I need to be super well versed in and write about one thing. Here’s the thing. I like to write about a lot of things. Parenting. Sharing outfit posts and my love of shopping. Marketing – especially blogging and social media; I might not be a high-paid, professional lifestyle blogger but I AM a marketer by trade so I know a thing or two  about social media and creating content and just because I’m not a high paid lifestyle blogger doesn’t mean I can’t share that expertise. 

Stop thinking that you NEED to promote the crap out of your blog

Listen, I can promote my blog until the cows come home. I can schedule shit, make Pinterest-worthy pictures but see point #1 – I over-think and my overthinking paralyzes me and then I just don’t do anything. It’s a vicious cycle. So here’s the thing – read my blog or don’t but I’m not going to waste my time promoting my posts over and over and over again or scheduling them on Pinterest or creating an email list that I just don’t know what I’d do with. Because ultimately I’m just going to honeybadger it up and share what I want and if I feel like working towards an email list maybe I will maybe I won’t but for now? I want to stick to basics and just write. 

Stop thinking you need uber professional photography to be a style blogger.

I’m a working mom. I get up every day between 6:15a and 6:30a and am out the door by 7:15 am. The other day I wanted to document my outfit….you know where I took the picture? In a bathroom stall before I changed into running clothes to go for a short post work run. Suuurreee professional photos always look better but don’t bathroom stall pictures have a little more real life aspect? One of these days I WILL do a styled photo shoot – but probably not in 40-degree weather. Still, though, I read plenty of bloggers without someone taking pro-like quality photos and there’s nothing wrong with that. Get of your head that you NEED a professional photographer to take your photos to be a well-liked blogger.

Stop getting caught up in the Comparison Trap

Guilty. Guilty as charged. There are tons of bloggers I adore and read every day. But I compare myself to them. I worry I’m not skinny enough or that I look too fat in my outfits. I worry that my content isn’t authentic enough (it is). I worry I’m not good enough for blogging anymore because I don’t get sponsorships anymore. I don’t blog enough. I don’t have a large enough email list. I don’t post enough to Pinterest….you get the picture. I need to stop comparing myself and worrying that I’m not “doing it right” and just do me.

Stop doing it for the money

I haven’t gotten paid for blogging in a long time. But doing it for the prospect of getting paid, lacks a certain authenticity – every blogger knows that. Every blogger. Also the likelihood? Well, blogging has become slightly oversaturated so standing out as a big fish in a big pond requires a lot of effort. And I’m not gonna lie, I just don’t have that kind of energy. Sure, I’ve certainly envisioned or dreamt about working with big brands but when you take away the hopes of getting paid, you find a more authentic voice. Because it all comes back to over-thinking it all. Just stahhhpppp.

So those are the things I’m guilty of and the “resolutions” I’m going to take to get this whole blogging thing back on track so that it feels less like work and more like something I truly enjoy doing in my free time that isn’t a burden. I’m going to stop them all. I’m going to not set expectations for myself for how often I need to blog based on how often I think I SHOULD blog. I’m going to share on my social networks as I do but not over and over and over and over again like I “should.” I’m just going to do me for a little while here in my little corner of the blogosphere.


What’s your biggest blogging Mistake?