Currently | October

Linking up with Jenna and Anne for this month’s “Currently” post – my posting has been super lackluster as of late (so so busy with life which is good but I miss blogging. I need to make more time for it.) but I made a conscious effort to really do a little pre-writing this week. I can haz planning?




Anything but sugar. over the month of September, I gave up diet coke. I’ve been apart of these 6- 8 week weight loss challenges with fellow moms in my group and while the scale hasn’t been moving as much as I would like it to, my most recent victory was giving up that pesky diet coke habit. Replaced with sweet green tea and lemon water…so a step in the right direction. But I’m really trying to give up sugar, especially my


All over Anne Arundel County…our lease is up at the end of February and we’re currently trying to figure out where the eff we want to live. As much as I love Annapolis, my commute to Columbia is a bear and since Hubs commutes to Baltimore, we’re trying to find somewhere in the middle that wouldn’t mean…20-30 minutes just to get to I-97 because Forest Drive sucks a little piece of my soul every. day.


All of the Ponte Pants. I just bought these and these and I flipping love them both. Not to mention, I can make them both pretty work appropriate really easily.  I only wish I had bought the navy or the burgundy before they sold out in my size.


People who have their fall decorating shiz together. I’ve meant to buy mums for our stoop for two weeks now and keep forgetting. People who already have their kids costumes, and fall/Halloween decorations together…I admire that kind of togetherness/organization.


Not collecting anything! Trying to declutter the crap out of my house. I found crafts, and books and shoes and of course all of my race medals. Some of those will be donated/sold…clearly the medals will be retained and saved in the giant purge of 2015.

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  • I am with you on the fall decor! The only reason my house was ready on time this year was because my mom came for a visit and put everything up while I was at work. It was a wonderful surprise to come home to.