ZOOMA 10k Race Recap

My ZOOMA experience in 2014 by far has been the best one. I absolutely loved serving as a ZOOMA Race Ambassador in my community, and I loved the fellow bloggers that I got to meet and make connections with – we had an outstanding group of ambassadors this year and I am so lucky that I was chosen to be one of them. The Zooma 10k continues to be one of my favorite annual races in Annapolis 🙂

Friday Night

The ambassadors and I met for dinner at Federal House – which was outstanding. I’ve only been to Federal House a couple times before and haven’t been for food in years. The food was decent, and the beer selection was pretty stellar. {clockwise from back right: me, Mar, Sue, Cynthia, Erika, Courtney, Lisa…image credit: Mar}

After dinner we popped over to the Loews for the Honest Tea Mocktail Party. I ran into my pal Meg who, since I didn’t want to break myself and my legs more than I already have, I said I’d run with and pace. It was her first 10k and she really just wanted to finish.

The mocktails were delicious, but similarly to last year I found the expo a bit underwhelming. But then, once you’ve been to one expo you’ve been to them all.

I really wish the mocktail party had been earlier – given that it was at 7pm I felt that the attendance was a bit…m’eh, and with the expo winding down it was just…not super exciting. Wamp wamp – at least the drinks were delicious and the company was good!

Such an awesome group of bloggers!

The Race… Pros…

*running races with friends is a lot of fun! (I usually race solo excepting the few times Hubs and i have raced together – also a lot of fun) *The weather was OMGSOAMAZING.

*The 10k didn’t go over the Naval Academy Bridge! #winning #bestcourseever

*Seemed like many of the snafus from last year were fixed, which is awesome that they heard our feedback and listened!

*Seeing my pal crush her goal by over 20 minutes!

*Did I mention the swag? I personally am a big fan of the Feetures socks – i got a couple of pairs for being an ambassador and they’ve worked their way into a solid rotation in my running must-haves. Huge win!

{meg and I at the finish}

Honestly, this year was a great year. I wouldn’t change a thing. While it wasn’t a PR, not every race will be. The plus side was my legs weren’t sore after the race, and I got to finish hard. Cons… Forgetting my ID and not being able to have wine. Meg managed to snag me a glass but the Barefoot Wine after-party is always one of my favorite aspects of this race. I forgot my ID in the car and had no desire to walk to the far side of the parking lot. But I did get to hang out with Meg, Adam and Ethan while I waited for a post-race massage. Necessary and amazing.   He’s the best cheerleader ever.

Final time: 1:33:56

  • Mar @ MarOnTheRun.com

    aw, no wine?!?! they didn’t check mine… they asked if I was over 21 and I said yes. I did have it on me though so was prepared to dig it out but I also looked desperate for wine after 13 miles, lol 🙂

    • legallyheidi

      I know! Every year i’ve gotten checked, so I didn’t test it :/ wamp wamp – next year 😀