Race Recap: Zooma Annapolis 10k

Saturday was rough friends.

Friday night I enjoyed myself – borderline too much – with coworkers at a work celebration. Now, I knew that the Zooma 10k started at 7a but man, I hadn’t been to karaoke in AGES.

So karaoke I sang. And I was still in bed by midnight, after drinking four beers and a bunch of water.

6a rolled around and I jumped out of bed, drank another glass of water, got dressed in my clothes (that were NOT laid out…whoops) and we drove down to the Stadium. We ended up parking in West Annapolis, because I had NIGHTMARES that I would be 10 minutes late for the race a la the Annapolis Half Marathon last fall.

Alas, it was so much better managed and I got there five minutes before the start (only because I chose to walk two blocks rather than parking at the stadium).

Ready to get this party started!

The race got started. It was PERFECT running weather. Though, because of the storms the night before there were some large puddles in the parking lot and there was dodging – lots of it. I’ve found that mile 1 is always a bit slow though.

Hubs texted me and said I was “moving” – and I was (I texted him back while running with “move faster” ) . I tried to keep my splits sub 10:00/mi – which I did okay at until we got passed downtown. Here I am at mile 1 flying past him!

I didn’t see hubs again til mile 5.5 after going through downtown where my pal Anne was sitting in front of her house cheering on runners, and then up and over the Naval Academy Bridge where the lululemon cheer team was at the top of. Thankfully, the 10k runners split half way down the east side of the bridge and then headed back to the finish so I only had to run up it one and a half times (instead of up, down back up and then back down). Hubs missed me at the corner before turning onto 450 to go up the bridge, so he stuck around rather than heading to the finish (which was the original plan).

Here I am at mile 5.5 or so – looking good and feeling really good!

I kicked it in after waving to the husband and then flew to the finish. I hate races that have you finish on an up hill. I also dislike races where you have to run on grass. I should probably get used to that and I will, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

The sun was right in my eyes so I definitely look all squinty and shiz. Hubs and I shared my free lunch, and then I tried some amazing barefoot wine – seriously, try the pink moscato. Delish. They were however, generous pours.

After my mini wine tasting, I went over to the Muscle Milk truck to grab my free drink, and check out the foam rollers when someone called my name. Kim had emailed me the night before (but I didn’t see it because I was being all irresponsible with my colleagues) and recognized me from my pictures. I was super stoked especially since I’ve met very few blog readers (freaders) so I was pretty pumped! Definitely want to see her again – and am so impressed – Zooma was her first 10k! Huzzah and congrats!!!

Time: 1:04:05
AG: 101/222
Overall: 512/1369

That my friends…is another PR. Huzzah!!!