What I’m Wearing Wednesday – December 2

So today I’m heading into the city. I’m meeting my dear ‘ole dad for lunch, galivanting around and then heading up north to meet hubs in New Haven/Hartford.

So being that I try to pretend to be all stylista like and such, I decided to be comfortable, casual and cool. AKA giving a damn. Unlike last week.

Shoes: Steve Madden (Love!!!)
Cowl neck sweater: Ann Taylor Loft (on sale!)
Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft Boot cut
Belt: Ann Taylor Loft
Button Down Shirt (white): JCrew (outlet!)

Love love these shoes. All things considering, they’re pretty comfortable too!

Happy Humpday everyone!!!

  • Love the shoes!

    One thing I love about the state you live in is the proximity to NYC and Boston. 🙂 Have fun.

  • Meg

    How fun! Love the shoes, especially. Don’t think I could rock them back here in D.C. — it’s so cold and rainy — but I can dream!

  • Nice shoes;)
    I really like those give-a-damn days 😉

  • Love the shoes!

  • Those ARE cute shoes. Love!

  • What cute shoes and an overall outfit! You look comfy and warm!

    Happy hump day to you, too!

  • What on earth would we do without Anne Taylor Loft?

    Perish, most likely.

    Hope it was fun!

  • meg

    Ah! i LOVE your shoes… i’ve been dying for a pair of leopard print flats for ages!!! good work lady 🙂
    xo meg

  • Hey girl,

    Love those shoes and outfit!