BOOK REVIEW: Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner

Stayed up till 12:30 finishing this book. Loved every minute of it. But the ending? Shocked the crap out of me.

I mean, you’re going along reading about a mother and her 13 year old daughter,   the book alternates between their voices which allows the reader to understand how the daughter (Joy) and mother work and how their relationship is viewed from both points of view. This is especially important because you see Cannie, the overbearing mother who hides her past from her daughter and Joy, the daughter who finds out about her mother’s past and does everything in her right mind (including running away to California) to find out what’s true and what’s not without asking her mother directly.

I don’t want to give too much away but the ending? Let me make you aware that you WILL need the tissues. I mean, I love Jennifer Weiner’s writing, and “Good in Bed” was the first book of hers I’ve read and this is the sequel to that book. Through the book, you wonder what’s going to happen next and the beginning of the ending…let’s just leave it at “that came out of nowhere” and for about the last 50 pages or so? I was wiping my nose on my pillow case and the duvet cover trying not to wake boyfriend.

I give this book a 5 out 5. I thought it was going to take me forever but I finished it in about a week, her writing style is fun, and leaves you wanting more. Her descriptiveness is detailed but not the point that you’re like “get on with it…” but mostly? Her story is telling of the sensitive mother daughter relationship between a 13 year old who just wants to grow up and a mother who is afraid to let her daughter do just that because she wants to protect her. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who loved any of Jennifer Weiner’s other books (In Her Shoes, Good in Bed, Little Earthquakes, The Guy Not Taken) or anyone who loves chick lit that’s a little deeper than your run of the mill chick lit.


  • Holy crap – that ending! I just finished this book on Saturday myself. I was just cruising through it, thinking I knew what was going to happen and then BAM!

    I actually had to reread that page like five times because I swore it didn’t actually happen:)

  • yay! can’t wait to read it and chat about it next week!!!

  • Thanks for the review!!! I love books with unexpected endings! I’ll definitely pick this up!

  • Ohhh..have you read “Come Back”? It is a similar mother/daughter type story and really good.

  • Cool…I’ll definitely have to read it! I’m looking forward to it! Thanks!

  • Am going to Borders today. May have to buy this.

  • LJ

    I really liked it too. The ending was killer though. Totally a tissue annihilator. I still give Good in Bed an edge over this one, but I agree – loved the alternation of narrator.

  • J P

    We totally have the same taste in books! I went to JW’s book reading/signing in Philly a couple weeks ago and it was awesome!

  • Clueless Cat

    omg, i totally teared up when I read the bit you’re talking about! my initial reaction was total shock – like ‘wait, what just happened?’ and i had to read it over again. then i thought it was a joke, until i read on and it really happened!!! ahhh crazy. I LOVE Good in Bed though. 🙂

  • SO i totally didn’t read this b/c I was worried that it would give something away (LOL) but now I’m just waiting for someone to put it on book mooch which I signed up for today 🙂