Body Back Review: Week 1

So I signed up for Fit4Mom’s 8 week Body Back course. I’d been interested in this program for a while, but I finally bit the bullet since my schedule opened up for the summer. I had done stroller strides in Annapolis back before I went back to work but their evening class options were next to none (until recently) and I didn’t want to drive 25 minutes to a 5:30a workout. So I found Fit4Mom Severn, which is like 15 minutes from us and they have not one, but TWO evening body back options.

It started last week with a goal setting call, and two (separate) HIIT workouts (the classes). In addition, we were to complete 1 HIIT workout at home – I did two and fit in 2 separate runs.

The program comes with special workout videos provided by Fit4Mom, as well as a made-for-moms meal plan, and templates to track our food and workouts. Pretty comprehensive,

Workout review

The workouts are hard. I mean, shit, I know I’m weak and my upper body strength is complete garbage. I’m a runner and a wannabe biker. Strength workouts are not my m.o. Nor are HIIT workouts. I do know, however, that they are a necessary evil to getting stronger. All the research says so.

Thankfully these workouts aren’t like that – well, they are tough, but they’re also fun and I feel incredibly strong after.  The group is fun, super encouraging and the workouts are quite challenging – even our supplemental 20-30 min videos. I finished the Total Body workout last night after E went to bed and Hubs even joined me for a couple of butt kicking rounds.

This week’s workout plan:
Tuesday: Run 3.5 (Check)
Wednesday: HIIT (Check)
Thursday: Body Back Class
Friday: Run 3
Saturday: HIIT Core (before flying to Boston)
Sunday: TBD (either run or bike ride when I get home)

I should note that I’m in Boston this weekend with my sister for a concert, so I’ll do my HIIT workout first thing in the morning before I leave, and hit the run when I get back since my flights are mid-morning to Boston and early coming back on Sunday.

Meal plan

Since we know 80% of weight loss comes from diet, I was really looking forward to the meal plan part of Body Back – the recipes were compiled with a busy in mind (that’s me!!) The meals are super easy and absolutely delicious. I kind of went off plan a little bit this weekend with the family. I don’t want to be a 97%-er but man, weekends in the summer are going to be tough. I indulged (mostly in kiddie-sized ice cream), but I fit in my workouts and kept to my meal plan MOST of the time and meal planned the shiz out of this week. I even packed us super healthy lunches to bring to the pool on Sunday so that was something right?

body back week 1


Results so far

So it’s super early but I’m down about 2.4 lbs and on twice now I’ve run a sub 12 min mile (mostly) consistently for 3.5 miles – granted it was 80 degrees and I did 4/1 intervals to account for the terrible heat/humidity *even at 8a – will I never learn?!* I know what matters most is going to be the inches lost at the end of this all but I feel really good. Because I know someone is checking out my food journal 1-2x per week, I know I need to stay #accountable.

All things told, I’m pretty pleased so far. Stay tuned for an update halfway mark and at the end of the program to see how it turns out!

Have you done any of the Fit4Mom programs? 


Iron Girl Training – Weeks 4 & 5

So we’re almost half way through my 10 week Iron Girl training.

I am proud to say that nearly one month after starting my training, I finally made it to the pool.

Granted the first month was a blur and a crapshoot since Hubs was gone for two weeks for National Guard AT.

BUT, I did make it to the pool. So go me.

Triathlon Training

Last week – week 4

Monday – ran 2.75 mi(some run/walk intervals)
Tuesday – swam (800 yds) AND did hot, slow flow yoga
Wednesday – unintentional rest day (whoops)
Thursday – ran 3 miles in the AM
Friday – strength workout (Day 33 Bikini Body Mommy – was short on time!)
Saturday – Rested.
Sunday – Ran 4 miles
Total mileage
Running: 9.75
Biking: 0 (WHOOPS)
Swim: 800 yds

This week – Week 5

Monday – run 35 mins
Tuesday – swim (100yd w/u; 100 freestyle, 100 kick, 100 breaststroke, 2×100 alternate FS/BS; 100 yd c/d )
Wednesday  – bike 40 mins (~8-9 miles)
Thursday – Run 30
Friday – swim or strength
Saturday – run (Women’s Distance Festival 5k)
Sunday – 1st brick workout – 35 min bike, 15 min run

This year triathlon training is a unique balance. I’ve been fitting in running either early in the morning before Ethan is awake, or in the evenings after he goes to bed. Surprisingly, I prefer evening runs because I like to shower in the evening – my mornings are easier if i don’t have to worry about drying my hair. But as I’ve accepted a new job with a heftier commute, and hubs’s office just moved to Baltimore, we both are struggling with a new morning groove that allows us to get workouts in while also getting out the door earlier to get little man to day care earlier so we can get home earlier.

Needless to say, my workouts have been heavy on the running, less so on the biking (largely because I’m having issues with my clips and shoes) so I need to work on that. Especially since I have the Maryland Sprint Du in less than a month. I’m thinking of changing out the pedals to the cages, at least until I get my clips fixed since I don’t quite feel safe using them right meow which is probably why my bike is still on the trainer, currently being used as a clothes drying rack for the Hubs.

Cue so many side eyes on that last one.

Working moms, how do YOU manage your training and a work/life balance?


Race Recap: Foam Fest 5k

Recently, I completed my first adventure/endurance race and holy….eff…was it hard.

I mean, there are hard races (like the one I ran Sunday in Baltimore that was a bit hillier than I was prepared for) but then there are races that just challenge your endurance and make you leave everything out on the course. Those races can be marathons or they can be endurance 5k races. Regardless of the race that challenges your endurance and confidence as an athlete, the Foam Fest 5k was that race for me.

It was a good race – the Foam Fest 5k course was challenging enough, it looped through woods (wowza hills!) and up and down motocross jumps on a dirt path. We started by running through a massive pile of foam.  Woo?


The obstacles seemed pretty standard for a mud run/endurance race based on what I’ve heard – army crawling through mud (gross. I was so grossed out), over/unders on logs, walls that you climb over, you know the drill.

It was pretty well organized with some solid volunteers kicking around. I was late for the race because it took us longer to get down there than we anticipated, but jumping into another wave wasn’t difficult – they started about 10 – 15 minutes apart. However, as I’ve heard from many others who have completed other endurance runs, I did think that there was a lack of volunteers on the course with many obstacles not having any supervision. Although I personally never felt unsafe, I can see how if someone was a newbie, they could certain feel like something was lacking with the race.

The course it self first sent us through a dirt motocross track for about the fist mile, into the woods, there were a couple of inflatable obstacles that were fun but nothing challenging.

There was one obstacle that held us up for about 10 minutes or so – annoying – it was when you had run over a foam bridge over a pool of muddy water. Of course I fell. Of course I did.

The course had a couple of more obstacles in the field area before we headed into the woods for a good mile and a half with a few obstacles (spider web, army crawling) along the way. We came out of the woods around mile 2-2.5 for a few more inflatable obstacles and a couple of ropes challenges which were…okay…but kind of cheesy at best.

It should be noted that my lululemon cool racerback tank top grew in length about four inches because of the water. Thus looking like my shorts were MIA.

We finished off after a massive slide that totally scared the pants off me. I’m afraid of heights so I definitely had breathe deeply for that one.

All in all, it was a really fun, challenging race. But there were tons of walkers, groups and people of all levels so it was an all-levels race. Definitely, no matter what level you are, go in expecting to run for time.

Unfortunately, Foam Fest has since gone bankrupt leaving a lot of people out of money (the race wasn’t cheap!) and angry – understandably so.

All in all, it was  fun day. It would have been a lot more fun had I ran it with a group of pals. It’s definitely an all-level kind of activity – no one is going to make you feel bad for walking up hills or struggling through obstacles. Everyone was super supportive and the volunteers were great along the way (when I saw them. there didn’t seem to be an over abundance of them).

Have you ever done an obstacle race? 

Disclosure: I was provided with a free entry to the race thanks to Fit Approach as a race ambassador. All thoughts here are my own. 


Weekly Workouts: Half Marathon Peaking

I feel like I’m in a rut, but I’m not.

Something about so little progress with so much work is making me frustrated. Like…seriously frustrated. Stupid 21 Day Fix. Stupid Half Marathon Training. I’ve been feeling a bit ADD with my workouts lately so even though I’m working out I feel like the progress I’ve been making – or lack of progress – can’t be pinpointed on one specific habit or whatever. What i’m trying to say is I feel like i’m getting slower when I run (I’m nursing some tight calves), I don’t feel fit, the scale is staying stagnant and I’m just…in a rut.

Color me frustrated.

Anyhow, I got out of the habit of sharing weekly workouts…so let’s get back to that.

Monday – 3 mile run
Day 8 of BBM
Wednesday – Day 10 of BBM
Thursday – Day 11 of BBM/ 3 mile run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 10 mile run
Sunday – Stand Up Paddleboard class?! mayyybeee…..

How’d I do last week? 

Monday – I started the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge with some moms in my group. So far I’m really liking it!
Tuesday – I did Day 2 of BBM in the AM because I had a board meeting later that evening so I couldn’t work out after work.
Wednesday – scheduled rest day since I had an event for Junior League
Thursday – 3 mile run
Friday – rest day
Saturday – 8 miles donezo. A sloppy, sweaty 8 mile run but 8 mile
Sunday – Pure Barre

We had the most perfect mothers Day weekend – full of wine, cuddles with my sweet boy, and love. I slogged through those 8 miles and fit in a Pure Barre class.

pure barre annapolis mothers day

 {photo via PB Annapolis}

They even had some treats for us after class including the makings for mimosas!

We spent the afternoon up at Boordy Vineyards with a picnic. Ethan worked on his standing, we shared a bottle of wine and cheered him on. It was a beautiful afternoon.



FINALLY – The winners of my Seventh Generation Goody Bags are Shaina A. & YB. And because I had an extra goody bag, I threw in a third winner – congrats Kaycee! Email me your addresses ladies at heidi (at) legallyheidi (dot) com and I’ll get your packages into the mail this week!


Finding the Mama Motivation

I’ve been reading a lot of conversations in my moms groups about motivation. Finding the motivation when kiddos are so demanding. How do you motivate yourself when you barely have time to shower let alone make it to the gym or find 30 minutes to go for a run.

It’s not impossible my friends. It’s called priorities.

When Adam was in Texas, he and I both really began to prioritize activity in our life. The summer prior to him going to basic we hiked Old Rag, went on day trips, hiked in Vermont, and realized that we enjoy activities like that. When he got home, we regularly went for bike rides together, or went running together as I trained for the Hopkins Triathlon.

So upon having baby, I knew that I would rather find time to go for a half hour run, or clean my house than nap when Ethan napped. So when I hear mamas in my group struggling, it makes me sad because taking care of yourself is such an integral part of being the best mama you can be.

Five ways to be a motivated mama

1. Make it social. Whether you work out with the hubs, or whether you join a group like Stroller Strides – make it a social event. Go for a walk with another mama pal. Make plans to meet up for a run with the bebes in strollers – if it’s social you’re less likely to find an excuse to back out.

2. Schedule it. I schedule my workouts. Mostly so I’m less likely to bail, but also so I can coordinate with the hubs and know when I need to bring Ethan along and when I can get an hour to myself to go for a run or go to a class.

3. Pick a goal. I have to be working towards something. Whether it’s a weight loss goal or a race, if I set a goal for myself I’m more likely to make the time to work towards it for fear of failing.

4. Start out small. Listen, having babies and being a mama is a lot of work. It’s tough, sometimes thankless and if you’re anything like me, by the end of the day you want to kick up your feet, watch an episode or five of the Good Wife and drink a case of wine (who needs moderation?!). But starting out small – say with Couch 2 5k, is a good way to ease back into it.

5. Pick something you enjoy. For me, working out is enjoyable. Though getting my sneakers on and getting my butt out the door is always a chore, once I do, I never regret it. The high at the end of the workout makes me happy through out the day and nothing feels better than the feeling of accomplishment after a good workout. But if you don’t like running…you’re going to be hard pressed to go out for a four mile run. If you don’t like spinning, you’re not going to go a class. If you’re frightened by yoga? You get my point. Pick what you love. After all this is YOU time. Even when I run with Ethan, he takes it all in and I just feel bad ass for pushing the stroller and getting my butt moving.

Like I said, you need to take care of yourself. Being a good example and prioritizing your health and your mental well being (which I’ll get into soon) will go a lot further than you taking a 20 minute power nap where you drift in and out of sleep because you’re worried about not hearing the baby when he wakes up (I was never the type who napped when Ethan napped. I’ve done it a couple times in the past week but usually for 20 minutes and I end up waking up feeling worse. If I nap, I usually only do it if Hubs or someone else is around).

So figure out your strategy to fit in the time, whether you pick up a used elliptical and go at it for 30 minutes in front of the TV while baby naps or if you get up at early o’clock to go to the gym (I know a lot of moms who get up at 5a to go workout. I try not to see the 5-6a hour unless absolutely necessary. As in, I have to be at the airport for a flight.) figure out what will work best for you and hop to it. I promise you’ll feel a million times better.

What’s your strategy for fitting in your workouts with a baby around? How do you find the time? 


A #fitmama’s wish list

Everyone keeps asking “what do you want for Christmas?”

Eff friends – half the time I don’t know what I’m going to eat in a day, let alone what I want for Christmas. Not to mention, I could never ask for stupidly priced workout clothes for Christmas (I’m looking at you lululemon), and I don’t really need any more yoga tops or leggings. I like multi-functional items. Leggings I can wear every day or to yoga or barre. I like socks that aren’t going to give me blisters or other practical accessories.

So here are a few of my favorites off my wish list:

Bobeau Wrap ($39, Confession: I have this in like two colors already but I wear it to and from classes, play dates. No it’s not running related (directly) but its a great comfy, good quality piece for to and fro and it’s a helluva lot cheaper than any lululemon piece deemed “go to wear.” Or whatever it is they call it these days.

Gap Fit Breathe Long Sleeve ($30, I’ve heard fantastic things about Gap’s workout line, and I love this color. Not to mention, again, it’s half the cost of my favorite lululemon long sleeve tops. That’s a win in my book.

Medals Display Rack ($29, Etsy) I’ve needed a rack to hang my medals on for a while now – currently I just have a couple of nails in the wall. Granted they’re in a row. And look okay. But this (or something similar) would be better.

Race Bling ($60 – I’ve seen so many people post about Erica Sara jewelry. I absolutely love her race bling collection, as well as her mother’s jewelry collection. But for the runner in your life, pick up a charm in honor of their latest PR.

C9 by Champion Yoga Layering Top ($25 – Because I’m a sucker for tops that can be multi-use like this one. And the price is right. And it looks perfectly cozy.

Mittens ($35 I do love my running gloves but mittens are way cooler and I’m ready for an upgrade. I don’t know if it’s just me that finds that my hands sweat so much more when they’re in gloves than in mittens but I hate being hot when I run, I always dress like it’s 10 degrees warmer than it is but I can’t stand too cold or too sweaty of hands.

Other great ideas: gift cards to a favorite studio (Pure Barre!), running socks (always a win – especially for stocking stuffers), or a gift card to sign them up for their next race!


Weekly weigh in

I did better last week. Or at least I think I did. I feel better. And my pants are starting to fit better again, so I think a little bit of this all was water weight or something. I’ll take it.

Starting weight: 147
Current weight:  145.2
Difference: -1.8

I made it to hot yoga last Monday morning which was…ahhhh-mazing. I mean, never mind the fact that I was up at o’dark stupid, and I am NOT a morning person whatsoever. But the thought of going to an hour long yoga class, for $10, with my favorite yoga instructor just was such a great start to my week last week. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen this morning. Ethan woke up ANGRY at 5a – exactly one hour before my alarm was set for. Baby. Fail.

The three of us finally crashed in the living room around 6:15 until 7:30 am. We brought Ethan in to the doctor for walk in hours because when homeboy isn’t sleeping for 12 hours a night, which he’s been doing consistently for over a month now, I know something is wrong. Ear infection and some sort of sinus infection.

Back on Amoxicillin. At least this time he’ll be done with it by the time we head north in 3 weeks. Phew, because that made for some epic car seat diaper explosions. At 4 am. On the Garden State Parkway. Blerrrggg.



Last week…we made it to yoga Monday, a run on Monday night with hubs, the Pumpkin Fun Run on Tuesday, Stroller Strides on Thursday, and then swim lessons with Ethan (which is really just walking around in the pool holding him and getting him used to being in the water) and then on Sunday, we ran the Ripley Race 5k and walked a mile with Liz after around the stadium. I’ll post my Ripley Race recap later today but spoiler alert, it was tons of fun!

As for my running, I didn’t run as much as I wanted to. I feel like I never do. It’s harder to motivate myself these days with the cold, with so much going on finding a good 30 minutes to get out the door is easier said than done. Despite it being late and totally messing with bedtime, I loved going out to the fun run at Fleet Feet Tuesday night.

This weeks workouts

Monday: rest (missed yoga thanks to 5 am angriness)
Tuesday: Stroller strides + run
Wednesday: Run (speed workout 400, 800, 1600, 800, 400)
Thursday: Stroller Strides + run
Friday: yoga
Saturday: rest (Ethan swim lessons)
Sunday: Junior League 5k

I’ll also be sticking to my 30 day Plank a day challenge and working towards my 100 mile goal.

Also…after months, I finally finished week 1 of the 100 push up challenge. #winning!

Mileage goal: 13 miles


Ask Heidi Vol 7: Workout Preparation

Time for another round of Ask Heidi! Yay! This one talks about getting yourself ready for a big workout – whether it’s a six mile walk in the park or a 6 mile training run, any sort of workout – especially in the heat we’ve had lately – requires a bit of planning. I told the hubs when I sent him his workouts for the week (week 1 of Army 10 miler training for him!) that failing to plan is planning to fail. So true.

Dear Heidi,

How do I prep for weekend morning workouts? Since I’m a little new at this, the total lazy bones folks like me did not know you hydrate the night before. Is there a particular routine you should follow to prep for a big walk/run the next morning?

No problem pal! My pre-workout or pre-race day prep means three things:

1. Be hydrated. I always have my water bottle handy and full. This is so important especially in the heat, you can never have too much water, especially if you’re going to be working up a sweat. Also, if it’s really hot, bring water with you. I use a fuel belt when I run longer than 5-6 miles, you can also pick up a hand held water bottle if that’s more your style. Either way, if you’re going to be out and about getting your walk or run on, bring H2O with you.

2. Eating well. I make sure to fuel well. A hearty meal with a nice balance of whole grain carbs and protein the night before a race – whether pasta and veggies or a couple sushi rolls, eating a healthy, balanced meal is key.

pre-race breakfast bananas peanut butter

Some of my favorite pre-workout breakfasts include bananas with peanut butter, or an english muffin with peanut butter.

3. Be prepared. I lay out my clothes the night before. I get out my sunscreen, body glide, and any thing else i might need the night before and lay it out so I’m not running around wasting time before the heat sets on.


4. Be rested. Get a good night’s sleep.

In the summer time make sure you get an early start – for long runs depending on the temperature I’ll start anywhere between 7:30am and 9am, for walking I’ll start anywhere between 8:30 and 9:30am. This means going to bed between 10pm and 11pm to make sure I can get in enough zzz’s – especially these days since baby’s sleep is rather unpredictable.

Finally, always put on sweat proof/water proof sunscreen, and be sure to wear wicking workout gear!

Hope this all helps – happy working out friend!!

What routines do you have when you get ready for weekend or early morning workouts?

Got a question? Need advice? Drop me a line and I’m happy to answer your most curious work out, running or family related questions! 



Taking it slow

I didn’t run today in honor of Boston, but I did walk. It was a beautiful night that reminded me of so many spring nights last year when I was in full on training mode. Instead of running, I spent some quality time with a spring time breeze, the husband and sleeping baby in the snap & go as we walked 1.6 miles.

It felt really good to be out and about in the fresh air, which I have not been as great about getting into (outside that is) over the past few days.

But, because I’m trying to set some solid goals, and be mildly aspirational about my fitness goals (though I know that slow and steady wins the race and that I need to listen to my body in regards to my healing) I decided to start from scratch.

I put my miles in Daily Mile again.

I also set up two walking dates for next week (I have a blind mom date next week! Eeep!!!) so I feel good about that. I’m eager to make mom pals that will hopefully really inspire me to get out more and make more friends who are mama’s.

And I’m really hoping that next week I’ll get cleared to start *slowly* working out again. I’m looking forward to starting couch 2 5k to start building up my endurance and getting back to my pre-post natal yoga class again.


It’s not much but it’s a start and I’m the type of person who thrives off numbers and seeing progress so it’s a starting point. Two for 2013! Woo! (it’ll be up to 6 by the end of the week!)

As I walked, taking in the spring air, looking at my precious little boy, I thought about last year and the goals I accomplished. I thought about the races I have yet to run, I thought about the streets I’ve ran on – in Boston during college, in Bennington – the town I grew up in, in DC and now in Annapolis. I thought about the trails that I fell in love with running on back in high school and smiled when I thought about the runs I have ahead of me with Ethan, and the races where him and Adam will cheer me on.

I will run again. I will race again. It will happen in due time. I can’t rush it. I won’t rush it but I will get out. And move and enjoy the weather, and keep my body moving not because I’m working towards something, but because it just feels good.

Finally, if you’re in Annapolis, there’s another 5k Run/Walk for Boston at City Dock at 10a on Saturday AM. The facebook invite page is here. Please join if you can! Adam and I will be walking it with Ethan so be sure to say hi!



The first workout…walking it off

Yesterday, baby and I walked 1.25 miles around the neighboring town home community.

Later, I noticed my incision area bleeding a little bit around one of the edges…cue nervousness. The nurses at the hospital told me it was common to be a bit more sore around the edges as sometimes it tears a little in that area during the surgery (sorry if that’s TMI) and can be a bit tender during recovery. I attribute my activity today to that.

I also attribute it to the fact that my pre-baby running skirt may not have sat well – I’ve been worried about that a lot of my elastic waist band stuff (looking at you lululemon – and not from right before baby, I’m talking back before I lost the weight I lost last year before baby) is still a little too tight or at least it feels like it.

I’m so hesitant to spend money on new clothes though, if only because I’ve lost about twenty pounds already, and while I haven’t been so brave to try on my pre-baby pants, my maternity pants are a little loose. Hopefully, within the next few weeks, I’ll be able to start running again, and it’s now skirt/dress season (apparently? So the weather man says) so I don’t really need to wear jeans much longer. I think though, I may take Jaclyn’s advice and pick up  a couple of Forever 21’s workout pieces to tide me over .

I should also note, that 1.25 miles took a lot out of me – granted it was a little hotter than I anticipated at 1045 am. Thankfully I kept baby shaded and covered up so he didn’t get super hot, or any sun. But it was incredibly apparent as I rounded the corner back into our air conditioned apartment that my level of fitness is not even close to where it was this time last year, despite my prenatal yoga practice. Stupid injury. Trying not to set lofty racing goals, but I’m really itching to get back at it, I just need to remind myself that running is going to take time, and I can set goals to finish but this summer and fall, I’m not going to set time goals for myself.

Either way, I’ll be following up with my doctor stat, scheduling my 4 week follow-up ASAP. Additionally, because nursing is still a work in progress (thanks to the friends who have sent messages – I owe you all emails!) we’re also heading to a breastfeeding support group at the hospital this AM. Holy productive morning batman (and by productive more productive than we’ve been the past three weeks).

On that note… have a cute baby picture. He really likes to touch his face.

Also, it’s quite possible that picture was taken at 3am.