MNO: Crafty Night In

Grab a bottle of Boordy and sit right down.

Recently a gal pal of mine and I had a crafty night in. Well technically we had two. We’re not the craftiest of the bunch so this shouldn’t be surprising to those who know us. I’m pretty sure after we were a couple in, we were in no shape to handling hot glue guns so really, it was probably for the best that this was a two part endeavor.

The first night (also known as the first fail) was a Saturday and there were three of us. And we were going to get around to making autumny wreaths, really we were. Instead, we sat around being Chatty Cathy’s enjoying wine and beer to our delight. One pal had to go so Liz and I watched You’ve Got Mail – because what else do you do when you have full control of the tivo for the night and aren’t in any shape to be creative and crafty?

This was earlier this month when hubs had Drill and was post baby’s bedtime.

First of all, any night sitting around a table with a couple of awesome gal pals and a bottle of wine will always be a great night. That’s just a fact of life.

Far fetched from the wanna-be table dancing days of my twenties, but everyone evolves.

Second of all, making autumny wreathes is super easy. And should be done with wine. But watch out for hot glue guns. We finally got around to it on a Thursday night.

autumny wreath DIY

What you need: 

A grapevine wreath ($5 at Michaels)
Burlap ($10 for a large roll)
Fake Autumny flowers and leaves ($1-3/bunch at Michaels)

Total spent: $20 for two wreaths ($10/wreath)

I wrapped the burlap around 1/4 of the wreath, and then stuck in and glued the flowers to the other 1/4 of the wreath.

I think they turned out really great. We put on a fun movie (Admissions with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd – a bit more serious than I was anticipating!) had a touch of booze (Liz with the beer, me with the wine) and had a grand ole time!

Here’s the finished product hung up!



Moms Night In with Barefoot Refresh

The product and promotional item were provided by BarefootWine & Bubbly for this review

I’m a “go with what I know” kind of gal when it comes to wines. Hubs is a bit more daring, but me? I go with my tried and true favorites. So, when I was asked to try some new flavorful and sparkly flavors of Barefoot Wine, I was totally game! I’d seen them before at events like Zooma, so I knew they were a pretty solid wine.

Barefoot Refresh is a new take on the wine spritzer but better. It’s lightly bubbly, and much more flavorful than your traditional wine spritzer and comes in at the perfect price point of $8 per bottle.

I enjoyed the Summer Red and the Perfectly Pink.

Hubs and I stayed in last Friday for our anniversary date night attempt #1. We ordered up some sushi and I busted out the Summer Red. I was in love. Not just with the husband for our fourth anniversary but with the wine. It was sweet, but not too sweet. Bubbly without being overly carbonated.

barefoot refresh

I really enjoyed both wines – I tend to lean towards sweeter wines anyhow. Sometimes however, moscato based wines tend to almost too sweet. Even though both of these wines were moscato blends – the summer red is a pinot noir rose blended with moscator and the perfectly pink is a granache blended with moscato. Both wines were chilled lightly in the fridge so it didn’t take long to get the bottles ready

We enjoyed the red with sushi, and some dessert for our Friday evening date night in which was really refreshing and a delicious addition to it. Gotta say, there are few wines that bum me out when they’re empty and this was one of them.

The pink was equally as refreshing, enjoyed out on the porch one night after bedtime and it was really enjoyable! Even though it had the sweetness from the moscato it was a little bit dryer from the granache. Think sweetish rose flavors. Yum!

This weekend we’re in South Carolina visiting my dad and since my usual wines couldn’t be found last night, I went for Barefoot and picked up a couple bottles to enjoy over the weekend. Barefoot is a solid, lower price point wine with lots of flavor for your buck. I’d also pick these up if I were to host another JLA event at home again – they’d be perfect to enjoy at home with a bunch of gal pals – especially if you have friends who are just getting into wines, these are easy to enjoy and incredibly flavorful!

You can see more of what Barefoot has to offer by visiting their website, facebook or twitter pages.

What’s your favorite wine to enjoy on a night in? Have you ever tried Barefoot wines? If so, what’s your favorite flavor?

FTC Disclosure: I was provided with compensation and two bottles of Barefoot Refresh to try, however all opinions here are my own.


I’d go to Austria

I got an email a couple weeks ago inviting me to a wine and cheese tasting event hosted by the Austrian Trade Commission that took place Monday evening in Georgetown at L2 Lounge – my first ever SpeakEasy!  It was in preparation for the Fancy Food Show coming up and was open to the press and trade people. I love being a pseudo member of the press!

I can get behind the Austrians! They apparently have the most land per capita devoted to eco-friendly food production than any other country in Europe. That’s pretty awesome. I like their cheeses and wines too.

We started with some cheese, a pastry type with some sauerkraut, some bread and a riesling. Austrian and German Rieslings are my FAVORITES. I also enjoy Italian reds, but that Riesling was amazing.

They also showcased some awesome products. Including this one, the Go Tube. Which, not only comes in various alcoholic versions, but also has sports drinks as well so it can always be with you. Interesting concept. Apparently it just recently launched in the US. Am curious to hear more about it.

I learned that the Austrians have some amazing beer. This was a nice full hefewiezen, very different than the American style, had a lot more flavor and way more color.

 They had some amazing desserts toward the end of the night. I enjoyed the chocolate cake thing, and a tiramisu/almond type treat.

 Isn’t he so handsome???

We had a great night in Georgetown – after we left the event we grabbed dinner at Pizza Paradisio in Georgetown. Someone needed a more proper dinner before driving home to Naptown. Thank you so much to the Austrian Trade Commission and to the Austrian Wine Marketing Board for hosting a great event!

Do you have a favorite foreign beverage??