Weekly Workouts: the workout fail edition

So last week? Not perfect. Workout wise, I had two dud workouts: a 6am Monday workout with one of, if not THE WORST, spin instructors ever, and a post-work run where I had to drag myself over to the trail only to realize I had to pee REAL BAD and spent the second half of my run worrying about peeing myself so I cut it short…and ran one mile…out of the three I had planned. Ugh.

But alas, pick myself back up. Here’s the dealie-o

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Run 3
Wednesday: strength something or other
Thursday: TBD but either an AM pilates workout OR a run
Friday: Hot yoga
Saturday: 3 on the treadmill and spinning
Sunday: yoga and/or a run when hubs gets home

Adam has drill so, getting in a long run is going to be tough without doing it on the treadmill since little man will NOT tolerate the jogging stroller. Saturday morning, we can make our way to the gym for sure, BUT each time I go to a class OR hit up the treadmill half way through my workout they come find me because my child crapped his pants. So I can never expect too much. Thankfully, we have the treadmill in our basement so I can do SOMETHING during nap time…if he takes one.

So yeah, solo parenting for the weekend and getting in a solid workout….do NOT go hand in hand.

Last week by the Numbers:

Starting weight: 159.4 (UGHHHH, Of course, I was PMS’ing so cue all of the emotions and bloat and sugar cravings.) My goal was 150 by the time we head to Disney on 3/21, that might take a damned miracle at this point. *sigh*
Workouts: five
Monday Spin; Tuesday, run;
Miles ran: 7 (LOLOLOL)
Best workout: a perfect six mile run on Saturday in the MOST perfect weather ever.
Worst Workout: tie – the 3-mile run that turned into 1 mile when I near peed myself .3 miles in, or the 6 AM spin class with the instructor who played Elton John…and not fun Elton John either…).
Biggest fail: Trying to make it to a 6 pm Rev Cycle class in Baltimore from the Baltimore HUG group – getting across town in Baltimore apparently takes nearly an hour. I was 8 minutes late for the class before I parked so after losing 20 minutes in traffic, and knowing they weren’t going to let me in (10-minute policy) I called it and went home.

Note to self: never double book myself for workouts after work events. I did that two weeks ago with an event in Annapolis…trying to make it to a 7;30 yoga class and failed miserably (taking a front row seat will do that.). Note to self… just don’t.

This week’s goals
Run 10 miles
Stick to my “11 day reset” that I’m starting tomorrow.


What are your weekly workout/weight loss goals? 


Weekly Workouts

I got off the blogging bandwagon just as soon as I got back on it. It’s okay friends, I finally have a plan to get back into this. I’m inspired. Again. And I’m back on the workout wagon also…it’s been a rough month and a half and the fact is my pants aren’t fitting me so well these days so it’s time to remedy that ish. ASAP.


Hubs and I both joined weight watchers. He has a tiny bit to lose for Army standards and well, I don’t want to be the fat bridesmaid in his brothers wedding that we’re both a part of in May. So, he joined through work, I joined online and I’ve been tracking for about a week. I’m feeling good about this all, I’m solidly inspired and him and I are supporting each other so it should be really good.

I signed up for the St. Michaels Half marathon – I have a whole list of races to do this year, but this is my first half marathon post baby. I’ve chickened out on the other two due to lack of training/discipline. So, I registered, and I’m really shooting for a sub 2:15:00 half marathon that I was so close to hitting before E.

So in an effort to hold myself accountable – here’s my weekly workouts….

MondaySpin  (done! 6:15AM this morning – great class!)
Tuesday – Pure Barre
Wednesday – Trainer Ride
Thursday – Trainer Ride
Friday – Pure Barre
Saturday – Pure Barre
Sunday – Run 3

heart rate monitor

I’m kind of excited – I received a heart rate monitor for Christmas and I finally figured out how to get it to work. So I was pretty pumped when i saw I burned 350 calories in a 55 minute Pure Barre class. I have 3 classes this week before my class package expires on Saturday (same day as the Polar Bear Plunge! I’m jumping into the Bay….in January….but I think Hubs is past having me committed.)


 How do you re-motivate yourself after falling off the bandwagon? Have you ever tried Weight Watchers? Any tried and true recipes?


Clean Eating … Part 2

It’s time again my friends for another clean eating week. It’s a recovery week for me after yesterday’s tri/duathlon (thanks corrupt DC Sewage for overflowing into the Potomac) but I’m registering for the Rock Hall Sprint Tri the first weekend of October so I need to keep up with training (I’ll go into that later this week).

So what does this clean eating challenge look like?



Shakes for breakfast.
Two Clean snacks each day.
Healthy lunches – mostly soups and salads.
Dinners are going to be tough – Wednesday night with a Junior League event I’m hosting* and Friday night with Hubs and I’s 5 year anniversary. (!!!!)

Last time, I stuck with it about 80%. But I was down 1 lb, and overall lost 4″. This time, coming off a week of serious carbo-loading, I’m up about 2 1/2 lbs from my lowest, and I haven’t even measured my inches. I’m mildly afraid to.

Either way, this week is back at it with two days of PiYo and some swimming, biking and running to get back into it before the Rock Hall Sprint Tri in 4 weeks.

If you’re interested in joining me for a clean eating challenge, the next one will be starting Monday 9/22! Email me if you want more information! 


Nations Tri Training: Halfway!!

Dudes & dudettes…we are half way to triathlon numero dos.

I’m not sure I feel quite ready. But I still have like…five weeks or so…but holy goodness is time flying!!!

Which means four BRICK workouts left. Hopefully my next one won’t be as soup-y as this past Saturday. That was ick.

All in all, good week last week! Swimming is going…swimmingly. Running is still dragging me down BUT my 12 mile bike was awesome. Biking is quickly becoming my favorite sport, so I think next spring and summer will definitely be spent biking more – hopefully with a Century ride thrown in the mix at some point along the way!

This week…

Mondayrest (Hallelujah!)
Tuesdayrun 30 mins (actual: 35 mins)
Wednesday – swim 6×100
Thursday – Run 40 minutes
Friday – swim 6×100
Saturday – BRICK | 45 minute bike | 25 minute run
Sunday – 15 mile bike ride

Weigh In…

Last week was not a good week. I was closer to my starting weight than I’ve been. Too much wine and lobster and cupcakes when we were up north.

This week, I’m back down. Woot!

Last week…152.2
This week….151.2
Difference…-1.6 total


Weigh In Wednesday: Dealing with Setbacks

No one is perfect.

Last week, my tracking was uber craptacular. Like there was no point. I enjoyed a couple adult beverages at a work happy hour Thursday, a couple beverages with hubs on the fourth – you smell what I’m stepping in. It just snowballed to a whole lot of bad food and not watching what I ate.

No one is perfect.

I was dreading my weigh in this week but it wasn’t so bad. I was expecting much worse.

Because here’s the thing, weight loss is as much about your eating as it is about your workouts. If you’re not eating right and eating well, then no. No you will not lose weight. Duh. Time to be better.


A setback but I’m back on track this week.


Regaining Sanity

Sometimes, after two long weeks of playing single parent and managing a sick child, you just need an afternoon off. So yesterday,  I took it and got to hang out with some awesome lady pals.

I enjoyed some good beverages.

Some good friends and a fun game.

And enjoyed some DANG good food.

After our #naptownpintbeerclub with said awesome ladies, I got myself a pedicure and then came home for some dinner and relaxing with the husband. I did not go for a run, I used up 3/4 of my activity points for the week in one afternoon with pals and the best part?

I did not feel at all guilty about it.

Sometimes, splurging is necessary. I needed a few hours to turn off parental responsibilities (thanks hubs!), to laugh with friends and not have anyone dependent on me for EVERYTHING for a couple of hours. I hadn’t been out solo sans Ethan in almost two weeks so it was great to get out and relax and talk about something other than Hand Foot and Mouth Disease or Ethan’s pending Ear Tube surgery.

Sanity regained. 80/20 maintained. Back to running tomorrow. Triathlon training starts Monday AM with an early swim!



Weigh In Wednesday: Week 2

So today I did something.

nationstri copy


Yep. That happened.

Stay tuned for my training plan. Training starts next week (!!!!)

But back to the weigh in….

Last week: 152.8
This week:
Difference: -0.8

Woo! Progress! I tracked every day last week. I’ve tracked every day this week. I’m all up earning activity points. Just wait till triathlon training starts next week! Eeeeee!

Remaining workouts for this week

Thursday: C25k Day 2 week 2 (because I accidentally skipped a couple of workouts)
Friday: BBM
Saturay: C25k Day 1 week 2 (again skipped a day)
Sunday: Pure Barre


Wednesday Weigh In: Restarting

So while Adam went off for two weeks to play Army for his two week annual training. I decided to use this time to get back in good habits.

Since we stopped nursing about 8 months ago, I gained 10-15 lbs.

You can guess how happy I am about that. Right?

So I rejoined Weight Watchers. I tried it before, but didn’t really stick to it because I was working at LivingSocial and had all of the bad habits and no time for anything because I was commuting 2+ hours per day on top of working 9-10 hours per day. I was trying MyFitnessPal but I really didn’t like the calorie restrictions and I often just felt…hungry. Not to mention, I wasn’t great at recording my eats – hopefully this will be better – especially if I stay committed and it helps that I have super healthy coworkers which makes you think twice about bingeing on cookies.

So we’re going to give this a try for 3 months, see where it gets me –  if I can make it to my lowest post-baby weight – 139… I’ll be a happy camper.

Week 1

Starting weight: 152.8 remaining workouts for this week….

  • Thursday: C25k week 1 day 3
  • Friday: Bikini Body Mommy strength
  • Saturday: C25k Week 2 day 1
  • Sunday: C25k Week 2 Day 2

What did you do to recommit to your weight loss goals when everything else wasn’t working? 


Weekly weigh in

I did better last week. Or at least I think I did. I feel better. And my pants are starting to fit better again, so I think a little bit of this all was water weight or something. I’ll take it.

Starting weight: 147
Current weight:  145.2
Difference: -1.8

I made it to hot yoga last Monday morning which was…ahhhh-mazing. I mean, never mind the fact that I was up at o’dark stupid, and I am NOT a morning person whatsoever. But the thought of going to an hour long yoga class, for $10, with my favorite yoga instructor just was such a great start to my week last week. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen this morning. Ethan woke up ANGRY at 5a – exactly one hour before my alarm was set for. Baby. Fail.

The three of us finally crashed in the living room around 6:15 until 7:30 am. We brought Ethan in to the doctor for walk in hours because when homeboy isn’t sleeping for 12 hours a night, which he’s been doing consistently for over a month now, I know something is wrong. Ear infection and some sort of sinus infection.

Back on Amoxicillin. At least this time he’ll be done with it by the time we head north in 3 weeks. Phew, because that made for some epic car seat diaper explosions. At 4 am. On the Garden State Parkway. Blerrrggg.



Last week…we made it to yoga Monday, a run on Monday night with hubs, the Pumpkin Fun Run on Tuesday, Stroller Strides on Thursday, and then swim lessons with Ethan (which is really just walking around in the pool holding him and getting him used to being in the water) and then on Sunday, we ran the Ripley Race 5k and walked a mile with Liz after around the stadium. I’ll post my Ripley Race recap later today but spoiler alert, it was tons of fun!

As for my running, I didn’t run as much as I wanted to. I feel like I never do. It’s harder to motivate myself these days with the cold, with so much going on finding a good 30 minutes to get out the door is easier said than done. Despite it being late and totally messing with bedtime, I loved going out to the fun run at Fleet Feet Tuesday night.

This weeks workouts

Monday: rest (missed yoga thanks to 5 am angriness)
Tuesday: Stroller strides + run
Wednesday: Run (speed workout 400, 800, 1600, 800, 400)
Thursday: Stroller Strides + run
Friday: yoga
Saturday: rest (Ethan swim lessons)
Sunday: Junior League 5k

I’ll also be sticking to my 30 day Plank a day challenge and working towards my 100 mile goal.

Also…after months, I finally finished week 1 of the 100 push up challenge. #winning!

Mileage goal: 13 miles


Pregnancy and Body Image

Here’s something I’ve learned over the past almost eighteen weeks – no one thinks you’re fat when you’re pregnant.

It takes a while for it to sink in, and probably this week when my bump finally started to pop a little more did it really get in through my thick skull.

Since I graduated high school, nay college – I didn’t care much in college, my weight was never comfortable. I remember breaking down in a fitting room of Macy’s sometime about a year after I graduated because I was no longer a size four, nor a six but rather a ten. A size ten at 5’2″?!

Of course, it took me about three-ish years to really get my life and level of fitness back on track despite running various road races in the mean time.

Low point: Summer 2009. Working 45-50 hours per week at a job that largely had me tethered to my desk. Commuting 2+ hours each day (round trip) didn’t leave much time for running. I hit a peak of 155…which at the time I didn’t think was bad for my 5’2″ frame until I saw pictures. It was 20 lbs over my current lowest weight and 30 lbs heavier than I was when I graduated college. YIKES.

 Me at a wedding after party. Yikes.


High point: 134. After 8 months of running 20-30 miles per week (rain, shine and late at night after a wretched commute and often “mandatory overtime” , and eating well: 135 lbs the healthiest I’ve been in at least five years.

And here’s what i’ve learned about pregnancy. Clothes won’t fit. You’re growing. It’s not fat. It’s not bad but it can make you feel awkward, uncomfortable and until you have that visible baby bump that shows what the growth is for, it may damage your self image a bit. Everyone gains weight at a different pace. And weight gain during pregnancy is healthy it’s going to happen. If you think you’re gaining weight too fast, talk to your doctor.

That’s all okay. Emotions run high. When I’m having fat days, when my pants are tighter, or sweater buttons start clinging to their threads for dear life, I know it’s okay. Leave the cardigan unbuttoned, wear a belly band, and start shopping girls – you’re pregnant. Within a few weeks, most of my wardrobe probably won’t be fitting me anyhow.

People find pregnancy is a beautiful thing. And it is. I’m learning that. It’s hard to think that when you’re 14 weeks pregnant, have nothing to show but your clothes don’t fit. But patience pays off and that beautiful, sensual tummy that’s working hard to grow a human being will round itself out and as the weeks go on will be only more beautiful.

I’m no longer stressing about my weight gain. I eat what I want, when I’m hungry. I try to balance my severe Taco Bell cravings with vegetables, fruit and lots of water. I walk every where and when my doctor tells me that I’m being super unhealthy or if I feel like I’m letting go of the healthy habits I worked so hard for, then I’ll reevaluate. Until then, I’m going to bask in the pregnancy glow and stay off the scale.