Weekly Workouts & Weekend Recap

What a blah weekend my friends.

I mean, aside from the outstanding news on Friday, a Saturday AM spin class (that left me with a pain in my bum as spin classes are wont to do), some shopping for my pal’s hospital bag (the most glamorous shopping EVER) hitting up Babies R Us (which had some EPIC sales), Target and Barnes & Nobel/Old Navy for just us. The weekend ended with nice visit with another friend for Sunday AM brunch, then some mommy son time at the mall where we visited the giant fish tank while Adam got some schoolwork done for a couple hours.

I didn’t take many pictures because I just don’t think of these but Sunday night as we were finishing up dinner, about to head into bath time Ethan produced this gem:

He’s apparently a fan of Chinese food. Chicken and Broccoli to be exact. He discovered it in his bib pocket as I was getting ready to bring him into the bath – thus his foot kicked up. Homeboy “walks” around like he owns the joint.

Anyhow last week…I went to body pump, barre, zumba and spin. Four workouts (solid) but no running but with the polar vortex of death it just wasn’t in the cards. Not to mention Friday and Saturday were rainy and blah – at least I made it to the gym?

This week…

I’ll be starting up training for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler in the next couple weeks so I’ll be ramping up my running days and really trying to embrace the cold suck and make my running work around hubs’s schedule. I’m not a treadmill girl but I might throw in one or two days of dreadmilling to get in some speed work.

Monday – Run 3 (I was going to go to spin but have a phone interview)
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – Run 3
Thursday – Body Pump
Friday – spin
Saturday – spin or run (pending weather)

So while my mileage is still 4/1000 for the year…meaning I have about 80 miles left to do this month to hit the average of 84 miles/month to hit the goal or 20 miles/week which will be easy to hit this spring when I’m in training…but I’m not hopeful about January. I’m still hopeful.


Weekend Recap & Weekly Workouts

We had a great weekend this weekend.

Saturday I went to a very packed Body Pump class and then to throw in the towel and join a gym. I had put my stroller strides membership on hold because we traveled so much in December and I wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of working out in the mall. Plus, as a lifestyle/healthy living blogger, I like to change up my workouts every now and then. It gives me more foder for not just here but also my articles for Chesapeake Inspired – gotta stay fresh right?

While I love the Stroller Strides instructors, I felt that my fitness level was plateauing. So, it was time for a change, if only temporarily until the classes go back outside and I can start running down to classes again, I loved that in the fall.

For now though, you can find me at Premier Fitness in Annapolis taking any class with Keri – though preferably Spin or Body Pump.

So back to Saturday.

After class and Ethan’s naptime, we trekked over to Crofton and hit up Wegman’s to get our healthy eating focus this new year off to a good start. I had a list, I had a menu planned out, and we were doing so well at not adding random crap to the cart…but now…we have another problem.

Someone likes to grab at veggies. We ended up buying the potato after he drooled all over it. (Adam showed it to him, then tried to put it away but then Ethan started to cry. So Adam gave it to him. Commense…drooling and gnawing)

No matter the dining ware (nice china, nice toasting flutes) it’s hard to have a romantic dinner in with our favorite third wheel. This was our date night in Saturday night – BBQ pizza and an unopened bottle of prosecco from New Years Eve that we never got around to.

Last night we had a great dinner of soy maple glazed salmon with roasted brussel sprouts and a rice pilaf. Ethan was not a fan of any of this, however. Baby Led Weaning…for the loss.

He was…not a fan. Exhibit B. A noble Baby Led Weaning effort, but we’ll have to attempt again later.  At least our efforts to make sure all 3 of us get balanced meals are succeeding with 2 of 3 of us. Number 3 just needs a bit more…coaxing.

Anyhow, onto what matters.

This is my first week back really working out – December was really a wash and I definitely feel it. Never mind that I was sick for 5 days, then we traveled for 10 days then we were getting readjusted to life so half the month was a wash. Back to holding myself accountable!

This week’s workouts…

Monday – Body Pump (i got my times mixed up)
Tuesday – Body Pump
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – Body Pump
Friday – Spin
Saturday – short run (pending weather)
Sunday – rest

We’ll be trying two new recipes this week: sausage zucchini boats (inspiration) and quinoa stuffed peppers (inspiration), I’ve made stuffed peppers before so I’m excited to try a new take on them! Stay tuned for recipe reviews! 

This week, aside from workouts, I want to focus on drinking more water.

What healthy habits are you focused on lately? 


Weekly weigh in

I did better last week. Or at least I think I did. I feel better. And my pants are starting to fit better again, so I think a little bit of this all was water weight or something. I’ll take it.

Starting weight: 147
Current weight:  145.2
Difference: -1.8

I made it to hot yoga last Monday morning which was…ahhhh-mazing. I mean, never mind the fact that I was up at o’dark stupid, and I am NOT a morning person whatsoever. But the thought of going to an hour long yoga class, for $10, with my favorite yoga instructor just was such a great start to my week last week. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen this morning. Ethan woke up ANGRY at 5a – exactly one hour before my alarm was set for. Baby. Fail.

The three of us finally crashed in the living room around 6:15 until 7:30 am. We brought Ethan in to the doctor for walk in hours because when homeboy isn’t sleeping for 12 hours a night, which he’s been doing consistently for over a month now, I know something is wrong. Ear infection and some sort of sinus infection.

Back on Amoxicillin. At least this time he’ll be done with it by the time we head north in 3 weeks. Phew, because that made for some epic car seat diaper explosions. At 4 am. On the Garden State Parkway. Blerrrggg.



Last week…we made it to yoga Monday, a run on Monday night with hubs, the Pumpkin Fun Run on Tuesday, Stroller Strides on Thursday, and then swim lessons with Ethan (which is really just walking around in the pool holding him and getting him used to being in the water) and then on Sunday, we ran the Ripley Race 5k and walked a mile with Liz after around the stadium. I’ll post my Ripley Race recap later today but spoiler alert, it was tons of fun!

As for my running, I didn’t run as much as I wanted to. I feel like I never do. It’s harder to motivate myself these days with the cold, with so much going on finding a good 30 minutes to get out the door is easier said than done. Despite it being late and totally messing with bedtime, I loved going out to the fun run at Fleet Feet Tuesday night.

This weeks workouts

Monday: rest (missed yoga thanks to 5 am angriness)
Tuesday: Stroller strides + run
Wednesday: Run (speed workout 400, 800, 1600, 800, 400)
Thursday: Stroller Strides + run
Friday: yoga
Saturday: rest (Ethan swim lessons)
Sunday: Junior League 5k

I’ll also be sticking to my 30 day Plank a day challenge and working towards my 100 mile goal.

Also…after months, I finally finished week 1 of the 100 push up challenge. #winning!

Mileage goal: 13 miles


Weekly workouts

Happy Monday friends!

Since I survived the Army 10 Miler, I’m taking it easy this week. I have a couple of 5ks on tap for the first two weekends of November and a 10k the first weekend of December so I’m going to rest my knees this week but plan to ease back into running by Wednesday. But really, now that I’m not training (though my training was so disjointed…I’m so ashamed of the half hearted effort. Ugh.) for a longer race, I want to focus on getting my endurance back and getting my weight back down. So starting next week, weekly workouts will also include a weigh in (again) and 1 goal for the week to work towards my long term weight loss goal – according to where I am now, I have about 15 lbs to go – no more excuses. Time to play like a champion.

I was pretty pumped that I managed to score a new pair of Newton’s at the race expo the other day for $50 off retail price. I did like the Kinvara’s that I picked up this spring with some gift cards from being a Charm City Run ambassador but the IT band pain that I had fought off before pregnancy came back. I blamed the shoes.

Post race in my new Newton’s? No IT band pain just some aches in my hips and knees which is common when I run long distances – hips more so post-partum but knees have had some level of aches and pains since the MCM back in 2007. Newton’s I will sing your praises far and wide.

Anyhow, this week’s workouts are falling under active recovery week…

Monday rest/walk
Tuesday track work with Adam in prep for his PT test this week
Wednesday rest
Thursday stroller strides
Friday yoga
Saturday  rest
Sunday run/walk

Also random: this week is part of the SITS girls October Blog Challenge. We’re linking up our About Me pages today – if you have a blog share with me your about me page in the comments so I can go check it out!

How long do you take to recover from a race? What are some of your recovery tips? Specifically for an active recovery?


Weekly Goals: Week 8

I feel a little frumpy after last week. My mileage wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I didn’t get to barre. I ate horribly. Just…no bueno. Kind of an adjustment week since getting back from Connecticut. Maybe also because baby slept like butt the first few nights as he readjusted to a very long car ride back on Sunday evening. Just…not a good week.

Here’s how we fared this week.

Monday: rest
Tuesday: walk 2ish miles with Stroller Strides Playgroup – done! I had a great time and really enjoyed talking with Karen the Stroller Strides owner here in Annapolis. I really hope she starts up classes in Annapolis rather than just Broadneck park – getting there for 9:30 is just a bear for us since baby isn’t exactly an early riser.

plum moms group annapolis walking
Wednesday: 3-4 miles running – done! I went for a nice 3.5 mile run. Mostly I just had to. By the time hubs got home I was going stir crazy so out I got and ran.
Thursday: I went walking for an hour at the Mall with a new moms group. Amazing how much shorter the mall feels when you’re power walking through it. I was surprised I worked up a sweat for this one!
Friday: rest
Saturday: 5k! Done! I had a really great time running with a friend of mine from Junior League. I wasn’t expecting to do as well as I did. I’ll have a full recap tomorrow, but I finished in 31:46 which isn’t bad. I was keeping sub 10:00 miles with my pal through the first two miles but after we hit the 2nd mile, I just hit a wall and stopped to walk twice in the last mile. My legs just weren’t feeling fresh but I felt good the first 2/3 of the race and was really pleased by my finish!

annapolis womens distance running festival 5k
Sunday: walk 2-3 miles – nope. Liz had a family thing come up so even though I was a total a-hole being like “where is Liz?” all up on foursquare, she had emailed me an hour earlier and I just hadn’t checked my email because I woke up late. Drrrrrr. I should have gone for a run while I was down at our meeting spot but instead I just grabbed Naval Bagel and headed home. I did walk around a bunch downtown while getting some interviews for my article I’m writing. We were going to go for a family run this evening but after mass, we decided to skip it and to grab a brewski over at Boatyard instead. It was necessary.

Boatyard Annapolis Summer Shandy

Total mileage: 9.5 miles

This week…

It’s another travel week – yikes. But! I’ve got some fun stuff planned for myself and next week…training for the Baltimore Half and Army 10 miler begins! Wahoo! Expect to see my training plan up sometime this week – I’m really excited because I really think I can do well with these two races mostly. I’m committed to training and I know that I have Hubs supporting me so I know I can make the time for it and I’ve learned/am learning constantly how to juggle baby and workouts and think I can make it a win/win for all of us.

Monday – Run- something to get out and move. AND we may take baby to his first trip to the pool. Oooooohhhhh. I sense a fun blog post coming up!
Tuesday – Barre/Pub Run at Fleet Feet Annapolis – though I may cancel barre and just stick to the pub run since we have two potential play dates (coffee with my usuals or story time at pottery barn kids?? Hmmm decisions decisions…)
Wednesday – Run
Thursday – barre
Friday – rest
Saturday – I’d like to get some kind of run in up in CT but I’m not banking on it.

Highlight of the week: Seeing the scale at the lowest it’s been in a year. When I got pregnant I was at 139. This week, the scale hit 137.8. I know that losing baby weight is tough, getting back to my pre-baby level of fitness has been tougher, but having patience and doing it the right way has been key. Seeing the scale consistently going down as well as feeling myself get stronger and stronger, keeps me motivated.

Low of the week: Eating directly out of a Nutella jar this week. I was craving sweets and was super sleep deprived. Before my 5k, baby woke up at 12a and 4:30a. I was exhausted and likely slightly dehydrated. Neither was a good combo. At least I enjoyed the Nutella at the moment, after the fact when my sugar high came crashing down? Not so much. Whoops.


Weekly Goals: Week 7

So I did okay last week regarding my workouts. I probably didn’t need to pause GymPact, since I still got in 3 workouts but I did because you never know how workouts are going to go on vacation. The fact that I still managed to get ~10 miles in even fitting in most of those up in CT, made me feel real good 🙂

Monday – 3-4 mile run – completed. We went on a 3.25 run/walk around the stadium with baby!

running Annapolis
Tuesday – 3-4 mile walk/run nope.
Wednesday – Stroller Strides nope. Was too busy getting ready to leave for CT.
Thursday – rest/30 minute walk – we went walking with my sister in law in CT! ~ 1 mile
Friday – 3 mile run  nope.
Saturday – rest/30 minute walk Ran 2.9 miles with the hubs before Mass.

turkeys wildlife runningI saw some wildlife on my runs in CT – gobble gobble!

Sunday – Travel Day but still got up early while baby and hubs were still sleeping to run 3 miles. Need to do that more often.

They’re so precious. Baby likes to take his morning nap in bed – it’s the only time we let him cosleep, since it’s not usually longer than an hour or two and one of us is usually awake.

More turkeys!

Total Miles: 10.2 (granted they weren’t all running but still! Double digits!) 

This week…

Monday: rest
Tuesday: walk 2ish miles with Stroller Strides Playgroup
Wednesday: 3-4 miles running
Thursday: yoga and/or run 2-3 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: 5k!
Sunday: walk 2-3 miles

total estimated miles: ~12 miles

As for meals? We’re still on our eat in focus and I think I did pretty good

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Pulled BBQ sandwiches with sweet corn on the cob
Wednesday: BBQ Chicken Naan Pizzas
Thursday: Mom’s Night Out
Friday/Saturday: Tempeh Taco Salads

Time to buckle down. I didn’t gain as much as I thought during our CT trip but still, I always feel like a sloth when I get back from vacation especially if I’m not super active during it.


Weekly Goals: Week 3

I can’t help but feel guilty for working out. I was asked this weekend “Do you really work out five days a week?”

Yes. Yes I do.

Why? Working out is an hour to myself. During Barre, running or at yoga. It’s just me. No crying baby (not that Ethan is a huge crier unless it’s a Sunday night and he didn’t really nap well Sunday afternoon and is still hungry even after nursing til he wouldn’t latch well/at all anymore). No husband whining to me about something or other (bless his heart, he doesn’t take care of himself sometimes). Just. Me.

So let’s look at last week…

Monday: rest
Tuesday: barre
Wednesday: 3 mile run
Thursday: barre or run (am currently on the waitlist for barre) ended up going to yoga Thursday night because it was the only time I could get out after Adam got home from work – Ethan had his 2 mo. shots on Thursday AM so we laid low during the day.
Friday: yoga…nay. Rested.
Saturday: Run – we took a family run around the track testing out our new jogging stroller attachment. I wanted to see how Ethan would do on a flatter surface that wasn’t so bumpy. We took the stroller over to Bates Middle School and it worked out really well. I’m still not comfortable taking him out on long runs on the streets with it, but Bates will be good for speed work where one of us can be running and one can be walking or doing 1 min sprints with 2 min rest (60/120’s as they’re called in the Army per Hubs).

Mileage for the week: about 5.5

This week’s workouts…

Monday rest (maybe slow run if it’s not raining)
Tuesday barre
Wednesday Striders All Comers Track Meet (5,000m and 800m or 1500m…uncertain which 2)
Thursday barre
Friday yoga/run
Saturday run

I am proud to say that with the exception of Saturday lunch, and Sunday lunch we ate in all week. Which is a first for us especially since Baby hit the scene. Proof that meal planning works friends.

This week’s meals…

Monday – Shrimp tacos
Tuesday – 
Sweet Chicken Sausage over quinoa (modified from this recipe)
Wednesday – Loaded Sweet Potatoes
Thursday – out (I have a Junior League meeting and hubs has an MBA open house. Baby will be hanging out with me and my council 🙂 )
Friday – TBA depending on if Adam goes to drill 1 night early.

Planning for the week, our meals definitely takes the guessing out which makes us less likely to eat out due to sheer laziness. Lunches are usually avocado egg salad sandwiches or PBJ with apples & peanut butter on the side. Breakfast, I usually have a bagel with peanut butter or a smoothie. I find planning better also means less spending when I go grocery shopping. I know what hubs and I both like for our lunches and breakfasts I try to make our meals planned based on what we have so we don’t spend too much and subsequently waste too much if we don’t plan our meals.

Do you plan meals/workouts? If so, do you find it helps you stay on track? 


Week 2 Goals

So now that I’m back to setting weekly goals and menus for myself, I figure Monday’s are my re-boot days.

Last week…

Monday: Travel
Tuesday: barre method (done!)
Wednesday: Couch 2 5k
Thursday: Barre Method
Friday: Yoga
Saturday: Zooma

Woot! I finished them all! (generally I’m the queen of excuses so this is awesome!) Go me! I seem to be valueing fitness more and more than I did prior to my pregnancy because it’s my alone time, whereas I used to enjoy working out with the husband, now I savor the 30 minutes of solo running time. When i go to barre, it’s an hour where I just challenge myself. I should also note that I sign up for my barre classes a week in advance and if I don’t go, I get charged. Plus I’m paying for that membership so it makes sense to use it and use it well. Right? Right.

This week…

Monday: rest
Tuesday: barre
Wednesday: run
Thursday: barre or run (am currently on the waitlist for barre)
Friday: Yoga
Saturday: Run

I signed up for the Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up which I’ll be incorporating into my workouts. Woot for strength training! Thankfully it’s not supposed to be super hot out the rest of this week so pending the husband’s schedule, I’m looking forward to getting out and running on my own this week, especially after the success of Zooma this past weekend – I mean…I finished didn’t I? There’s still work to be done obviously but progress is progress…yes this means I’m still working on Couch 2 5k.

I should mention that I’m most excited, not just about my workouts and finding time to go for a couple of runs this week, but that I’m most excited about the meal plan I’ve made for us.

M- leftovers. Corn/Blackbean/Avocado salsa & pork tacos (recipe tomorrow!!)
T – Kale & sausage pasta
W – BBQ Chicken Naan Pizzas
Th – sweet potato & black bean quesadillas
F – date night (I want sea food. Like…clams. Or crabs.)

Also, I’m making this tomorrow. Because it sounds delicious and will be perfect for a summery lunch.

What’s your week looking like this week?