May Stitch Fix Reveal

Happy Tuesday y’all!

It’s been a busy week/weekend – we just got back from a whirlwind 24 hours in Boston and nearly 20 hours in the car over 48 hours. Do not recommend driving to Boston for such a short visit but was significantly cheaper than flying so…you do what you gotta do.

A couple weeks ago, I got my May Stitch Fix. Since I’ve been reading up a lot on how to make fixes better and giving more productive feedback about fit and style, my fixes have improved. My issue with Stitch Fix is still prices largely, but it’s always a fun package to receive so I’m going to keep on keeping on with them.

Top: Skies are Blue Leann Lace Blouse | Bottom: Liverpool Anita Skinny pant (petite)

I have these pants in burgundy and a pair in navy (that I only recently realized are not petite length thus…way too long) and they are so comfortable and flattering. I noticed that my favorite Ann Taylor skinny ponte pants are getting worn in the legs, so I mentioned I was looking for a replacement pair of black pants for work – they delivered. Huge win, these pants are most flattering and comfortable. Keep!

The top, I wanted to love. It was a touch too big for me, but I loved the color and style generally but when it came to deciding factor, it was a $58 shirt which is a lot for me to spend on one top (especially since I was getting the pants for definite). I passed on the shirt, but style wise it was on point. Returned. 

Top: Blu Pepper Kenward V-Neck Top

I was very ehhhh on this one. I wasn’t in love with the color, and the crochet like detail on the collar was not-exactly work friendly for me. Though the style/shape of the top was okay, I didn’t really love it at all. Returned. 

stitch fix scuba dress

Dress: Wisp Mere Lasercut Scuba Dress

Generally, I like A-line dresses. I love ponte style fabrics – I find them flattering and comfortable. I requested to see what they had and they came back with a cute black and white dress in scuba like fabric. It was….okay. The dress itself was comfortable, but a little bit dressier than I was looking for. I wavered back and forth but ultimately, I just wasn’t in love with the dress as much as I wanted to be for the price tag. Returned. 

Skirt: Le Lis Maura Zip Pocket Detail Skirt

Skirts are SO hit or miss for me. They’re either too high waisted or they sit wrong and flaunt my mom-gut that I’m still working on getting rid of. This skirt, unfortunately, was no different really. The print was cute, but the way it fell was just…nope, it was too high and the pockets were too awkward. I disliked it so much, I forgot to take a picture. I promise…you’re not missing much.  Returned. 

I’d give this month’s fix a 3.5 of 5. Reading up on how to get the most out of your fix has really helped as has joining a couple of styling groups on facebook to see what others are getting to give yourself ideas as well.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  What was your experience like? 


Lustworthy: BaubleBar for Target

I’ve got a thing for statement jewelry.  I have a few pieces that are “dainty” and sentimental but really, my chunky, statement necklaces are what I grab most days. So I super pumped to see that #targetdoesitagain with their latest partnership with Baublebar – one of my favorite jewelry joints.

They have a great variety of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings – I don’t wear earrings much, and bracelets aren’t really my jam (except for the one I picked – this one is perfectly dainty and not bulky)  but the necklaces are ON POINT. See my favorites below! Baublebar for Target

(Top Row L-R: One, Two, Three,
Bottom row L-R: Four, Five, Six)

Seriously loving these pieces from the statement colors to the pears to the bling – this line is everything for me and I’m in serious love and want all of the pieces.

Have you checked out the Baublebar line for Target yet? What are your favorite pieces?

{FTA disclosure: All opinions here are my own. This post has no affiliation with Target or Baublebar and is not sponsored. This post may contain affiliate links that provide some extra $$ in my pocket if you click and make a purchase}


What I Wore: Festive Copper

How has it been nearly a month since my last blog post? I have half a dozen drafts sitting in my backlog but no time/energy to wrap them up and schedule them. Maybe I’m over thinking this blogging thing but some of my favorite bloggers have such beautiful photos and images whereas I’m in selfie-city. Somedays I feel like such an amateur. Either way, setting the bar low for myself. Blog one time per week. Two would be fantastic, three would be a dream. Let’s see if I can get my act together!

jcrew tippi

[sweater | pants | shoes (similar) | Necklace (similar, similar) | Button down (similar) ]

I know JCrew has gotten some crap lately regarding their quality and that , but I got a beautiful Tippi sweater on a black Friday sale and I’ve gotta say, I’m in love and want at least ten more in different colors.

In other news, this weekend we’re going to be in full cooking baking, gift wrapping, holiday movie watching mode. Shopping is ALMOST done and I am READY for Christmas morning with my two favorite people. Cue “matching” pjs, mimosas, a festive brunch and all of the Christmas movies with Little man. It’s going to be a fun day 🙂

Tell me about your favorite parts of the holiday season! Any great finds that you’ve found through the Holiday Shopping season?


July Stitch Fix Review

The July Stitch Fix is in. I have mixed thoughts. Nothing was REALLY my style. I wasn’t wild about anything. The prices were okay. I did keep one shirt because it was completely different than anything i have, the price wasn’t break the bank after my styling fee credit and the style itself is one I wear often.


Daniel Rainn | Minal Sleeveless V-Neck Blouse

This style top looked better when I tucked it in, but it still wasn’t quite right. I didn’t LOVE the color and the fit was just…okay. Not exactly the most flattering.

Verdict: return

Kut From the Kloth | Siena Cropped Pant

stitch fix cropped pants

The pants themselves, from a fabric standpoint, were super comfy. Unfortunately, cropped pants that aren’t tapered or fitted, just don’t look good on me. I’m short so anything above the ankle just kind of cuts my legs in a weird spot which is exactly what these pants did.

Verdict: return

Market & Spruce | Char Geo Print Maxi Skirt

Ugh. What is it with the maxi length? I just got a maxi dress last time, that ah-hem I still haven’t found a place to wear it to yet. I didn’t need a maxi skirt sent to me again this month. I don’t like busy prints. If my stylist actually looked at my pinterest board, she’d probably see that i like gingham and stripes and polka dots. Not weird geo-prints. I like neutrals – my palatte in my closet is best described as navy, black, white, tan, ballet pink and red-orange. With the occasional olive or maroon thrown in for the fall/winter months. But yeah, no geo prints and really, not any jewel tones like…magenta. Ugh.

Verdict: Return

Street Level | Rio Crossbody Bag

Cute bag. Not in a color that goes with anything in my closet. And not nearly big enough for me. I didn’t get a clear picture that wasn’t blurry – silly non-photog skills showing through. 

Verdict: Return

Papermoon | Holden Scoop Neck Blouse

papermoon scoop neck blouse stitchfix

Like I said, normally, I don’t go for busy prints. I’m a simple girl. But this one i kind of liked. Especially once it was tucked in with the black pants. This is a top I could throw on with some cute shorts, a pencil skirt or a pair of black skinnies. Multipurpose is always a win.

Verdict: Keep

All in all, I’d give this fix a 2 out of 5. I didn’t feel it was personalized. I didn’t really think it was tailored to me. However, I will say, while I’m good at giving feedback, I’m not great at leaving my stylist notes saying what I’m specifically looking for – so I think for my next one which should be in September, I’ll let her know some colors I’m looking for, and what gaps I’m looking to fill in my fall wardrobe. Nope, not giving up on Stitch Fix quite yet – getting my fix box is just too much fun.


Have you tried Stitch Fix? If you haven’t, I’d love for you to use my referral link!



Unboxed: May Stitch Fix Review

Happy May! Happier now that the sun is out, but at least after a long week last week, I came home Thursday to a couple of fun packages including my latest Stitch Fix box!

May Stitch Fix

Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Shorts (by Dear John) 

finnegan chino shorts stitch fix

I loved these so much. They were so comfy, so flattering, but, they were way over budget. $68 for a pair of shorts? When I can get similar looking shorts for a third of the price at JCrew or Old Navy? Nothx.

Verdict: Return


 Juli Lasercut Detail Blouse (by Market & Spruce) 

market and spruce blouse stitch fix

Oh my word. Pink and navy polka dots – need I say more? I kept this looker – i loved the detail, the shape (though it’s not super stretchy but that’s okay), and the price was juuuusstttt right. A little high, but I had some credit so it worked out.

Verdict: Keep


Elaine Ikat Print Pocket-front Knit Shirt (by Market & Spruce) 

market and spruce ikat print pocket knit shirt stitchfix

Though super soft and flowy – just how I like my t-shirts, I wasn’t crazy about the print (ikat), and it just felt kind of blah and I felt kind of blah in it. The fabric was nice but I couldn’t see myself wearing it outside of home despite the styling card suggestion.

Verdict: Return

Carlita Knit Maxi dress (by Loveappella) 

stitchfix loveappella knit maxi dress

My new favorite. If it would stop raining one of these weekends, I’d be able to wear it. It’s unlike anything i own print wise, and maxi dresses are super versatile in the summer. Though I can’t wear dresses to work (i’d get laughed off the farm, let’s be honest), it’s perfect for weekends and beach trips and MNO’s.

Verdict: Keep

Genevieve Stacked Chevron Pendant Necklace (by Romolo) 

I’ve been missing a long statement kind of necklace – i loved the simplicity of this one, and the weight of it told me that it wasn’t just another cheap-o necklace that I could do without. I’ll share a picture later, but I assure you, it’s super pretty. 

Verdict: Keep

All in all, this was one of my favorite boxes – so I won’t be cancelling Stitch Fix just yet (much to Hubs’s chagrin). If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, use this link (referral) and let me know what you think! I love seeing what others get to inspire pins to help my own stylist out!


What I wore: Girls Night Out

Tuesday night I had a lady date to celebrate a pal’s birthday. I don’t usually stay in work clothes for a night out unless it’s a work straight to happy hour type thing, usually I’m all about comfort – give me ponte pants/leggings or give me death but the other night was different.

But I was really digging this outfit. I loved the simplicity of it and kind of wanted to show it off. Also – there was a rush to get home, get E settled and head out to meet my pal – the desire to get out the door was stronger than the desire to change my clothes and try on six different outfits which I knew I would inevitably do.


{Pants | Top (similar) | Flats (Similar– SAVE!) }

Sorry for the serious lack of posts – the struggle between training well for a race, being a FT Working parent and the need for solo time to decompress is a fickle balance and one that, a year and a half after going back to work, I’m still working to figure out. I do love these easy what I wore type posts though – my issue is I never remember to take a picture until I’m home or changing into my running clothes. No bueno!

That all being said – stay tuned for some fun ideas I have in the works. And as always… find me on twitter, facebook, and instagram. I’m still relatively active most days!


My first Stitch Fix

It was about time I jumped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon.

Friday afternoon, the box arrived. The glorious box!

Then came the disappointment. Maybe I put my sizes in wrong. The styles themselves were not horrible. A pair of black skinny, high waisted pants that wouldn’t even fit over my thighs – the style itself was adorable. If only it had fit. Medium petite? I’m anywhere from a 6 to an 8 to a 10 depending on the brand and the style of pants. Hmmmph, no big. I wouldn’t have spent $100 on a pair of black pants anyhow (because…Loft. Need I say more?)

Then the dress that was just a touch too tight. Design? Super cute. Sizing? Not so much.

(don’t mind the blurriness)

Or the pop over top that I loved but the fabric had no give and I was worried my boobs might pop a button if I bent over the wrong way plus it pulled in an unflattering way over my midsection. The very midsection that I’m incredibly self-conscious about.

Finally the other top which was cute. Flowy. But I’m not big into prints. Or at least not geometric prints. Was this geometric or animal? Who knew.

I did keep the necklace. That was really pretty and I loved it and after the $20 styling fee, it was only $8. #winning.

On the plus side, the pants I’m wearing above are an amazingly comfortable pair of Loft Ponte Pants. Highly recommend!

Have you tried StitchFix yet? If not, it’s worth checking out. I updated my style profile and my sizes going up a size in most things so I make sure everything fits next time. The style was about 85% on point, the size was like… not on point at all, but overall I came away with some great outfit ideas thanks to their style cards, and a pretty statement necklace – since I didn’t have to deal with the mall, I consider the experiment a success!


Fashionable Friday

So i don’t often do “style” posts – read…by often I mean never. But I’ve been following so many fashion bloggers lately trying to get some inspiration for my fall “style” that I’m going to try to throw my hat in the ring to do the every-so-often style post. Mind you, I will not be joining the ranks of fashion/style blogger extraordinaire. Lately, my status as blogger in general has been wavering. BUT I’m trying my friends. I’m trying. I promise.

Anyhow! So here’s this week’s attempt at a “What I wore” post….

top// H&M ; pants// Old Navy;  Shoes; Jack Rogers; Belt// JCrew Factory (similar)


Maternity Favorites

I’m now in the seventh month of pregnancy (!!!!! – I keep wanting to say things like ‘of being knocked up’ or ‘being preggo’ but I really hate that terminology outside of joking with the hubs) and I’m pretty sure my pregnancy wardrobe is just about complete. How long I’ll be able to wear my favorite lululemon leggings aside, I’ve got a replacement set that should be arriving today. I figured since there’s so many bloggers out there expecting (see I almost typed knocked up again!), I’d share my favorites and where I got my inspiration from because let me tell you….maternity fashion is a learned skill and if you don’t try, you may think that you’re destined for frumpy garb from the likes of Motherhood Maternity – a store that made me stabby with the many shades of emerald and fuschia they carry(ied).

OK, that was snobby and I know some people really like Motherhood but I found their clothes ill-fitting and frumpy looking and over priced for the quality. Yes I know that not everyone shops at JCrew but jeez. Give us more than long sleeve ruched t-shirts and oversized sweaters if you call yourself a maternity store.

I’m not a fashion blogger by any means so don’t take what I say as “fashion know how” necessarily, I do try to put myself together and be classy though, and I don’t wear pearls with t-shirts so I consider that all a big win.

maternity must haves

1. Target 2. Gap 3. Gap 4. Gap 5. Gap 6. Gap 7. lululemon

Color me unoriginal with the Gap stuff, BUT I’m not a guru with Polyvore, and they didn’t have my favorite H&M tops on there – one of which you can see in my 29 week update. Gap happens to be my favorite maternity line since it’s inexpensive (seriously, they run 30% deals every other day, you never have to pay full price with them). Old Navy would be but I find that they need to put a little more effort into their maternity line, they have some super cute non-maternity clothes but their “new additions” look an awfully lot like their old ones but in short sleeve. Their dresses are too long, and their shirts too blah. Old navy, fail.

Maternity pieces I was not a fan of? Some of the Liz Lange line at target – mainly this top and this dress which I wanted to love oh so badly but they were just…ill fitting. Really, just bad. Not fit for a pregnant woman. Maybe the same as a shrunken muu-muu. Without the stretch. The quality of Motherhood Maternity, I find to be shameful for the price. I am pleased to say that for all of my maternity pieces I’ve bought, I have not paid full price. I have two sweaters, one pair of jeans, and six-seven tops. I’ve been able to use a lot of my longer cardigans/sweaters, and my lululemon cool racerback tanks make for good tanks underneath sweaters that might otherwise be a smidgen short.

Shoes? My feet haven’t swelled yet, but given I work at a Physical Therapy clinic heels are out. Wamp wamp. I do wear flats (though those are looked down upon by my therapist as well – mostly because they’re bad for my back/posture/feet/whatever…), and my Sperry’s. Weekends, I usually wear my uggs, and leggings. Seriously, I will wear leggings until I can not wear leggings any longer. Yes I’ve ordered legit maternity leggings. Yes, I’ll share my review when I try them out.

My tips for buying maternity gear

  • Get things on sale. With all the sales out there – especially with Gap, Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft and H&M there’s no reason to ever really pay full price. I mean, with ATL, their maternity clothes are so expensive that even on sale, they’re still way out of my budget but if you’re willing, you know the quality is there so go for it!
  • Read reviews. I always read reviews on sizing, most are true to pre-pregnancy size – so if you were a size small before pregnancy, you’ll probably be size small after.
  • Read blogs. I was inspired by a few bloggers – Jaclyn has some great posts about maternity wear, and so does Julie (another longtime fave). Also, check out Hellobee (I love their message boards!!) – they are a great resource for all things maternity and such!
  • Check out the consignment shops. This I haven’t done nearly as much as I should, but I did browse a couple of shops, and just didn’t see much in my size that I liked.
  • Hand-me downs. A friend of mine in the league offered up her maternity clothes to borrow, as did a friend of mine. Unfortunately, sizing is so hit or miss and nothing really fit me (fail) but if you have a friend who’s the same size you, take that to the bank!
  • Make do with what you have. I wore my beloved Jackie Cardigans by JCrew until they looked far too small. I bought a bella band to make my regular jeans work as long as possible. There are some tops and sweaters that I can still wear while layering, it’s all about being creative.

Like I said I’m no fashionista, but I do like to look put together and think I have a little bit o’ style. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy and over-sized, in fact, I find it to be just the opposite. I love my baby bump and I adore styles that are classic and let me flaunt it. Don’t feel like you have to give up your style just because you’re pregnant.


What are YOUR favorite maternity must-haves in your wardrobe? 



We ran again this morning, since when I got home yesterday, I crawled into bed and finished the book I was reading. Whoops. Post work runs are…not ideal apparently since we definitely did not make it out to the Fleet Feet running group I had planned on going to. Whoopsy daisy.

What I wore Wednesday

Ready to run!

Top: run swiftly by lululemon
Shorts: Speed shorts by lululemon
sneaks:  Newtons

Again, don’t mind my mess. I just haven’t had the energy to clean up. I’ll do that tonight though. Hubs is going to an open house for a company up in Beltsville so I’m on my own tonight (woo hoo! PARRTTYYY…or not).

I do however, clean up real nice.

top: JCrew Outlet
skirt: express
shoes: Payless
necklace: ebay

My run this morning was so sluggish. I couldn’t tell if it was the humidity, the fact that my legs felt like lead and my calves were super tight, or if it was just because I was super restless sleeping last night or a combination since none of those really help have a great morning run. But we managed to fit in a nice 4.25 miler in about 45 minutes.  Pretty sure while hubs is gone tonight I’ll be a. doing a yoga podcast, b. cleaning up the bedroom and c. catching up on my bad television that he hates oh so much. Somewhere in there, there will be a mini date with my foam roller. Hopefully that’ll help some of the tension in my calves and IT bands.

I just can’t let this bad run define my training this week. Each week is full of success (completing all my workouts!) or hurdles (soreness or sleeping in) but as a runner, one thing I’ve learned the most is that you can’t let those hurdles take over and bring you down. You just have to pick yourself up and keep going.

When I was a hurdler in high school on our track team, I struggled a lot. I was never really fast and couldn’t figure the 4 step out (4 steps between each hurdle alternating lead legs). I had somehow taught myself how to hurdle in middle school and was okay at it but I used only my right leg to go over the hurdles and never learned how to alternate despite my coach pushing me hard by my senior year. My mom still remembers when I raced my first home meet freshman year and I fell. I got back up but man that race did me in and for a while, I was afraid to hurdle.


Eventually, I got over it and realized I’m not going to go anywhere if I don’t just do that…get over it. Which is really, what you have to do as a runner. When you don’t PR, when you have a tough run or when you mentally just get down on yourself. You just have to get over it. And keep moving forward. Setbacks don’t define you and they don’t equal failure

How do you handle tough days or bad training runs?