Lustworthy: BaubleBar for Target

I’ve got a thing for statement jewelry.  I have a few pieces that are “dainty” and sentimental but really, my chunky, statement necklaces are what I grab most days. So I super pumped to see that #targetdoesitagain with their latest partnership with Baublebar – one of my favorite jewelry joints.

They have a great variety of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings – I don’t wear earrings much, and bracelets aren’t really my jam (except for the one I picked – this one is perfectly dainty and not bulky)  but the necklaces are ON POINT. See my favorites below! Baublebar for Target

(Top Row L-R: One, Two, Three,
Bottom row L-R: Four, Five, Six)

Seriously loving these pieces from the statement colors to the pears to the bling – this line is everything for me and I’m in serious love and want all of the pieces.

Have you checked out the Baublebar line for Target yet? What are your favorite pieces?

{FTA disclosure: All opinions here are my own. This post has no affiliation with Target or Baublebar and is not sponsored. This post may contain affiliate links that provide some extra $$ in my pocket if you click and make a purchase}


Casual Tuesday

After a weekend of travel and bundling up, I tried to put a little effort into my outfit today – even though there was only 2 of us in the office for most of the day – with the grey weather and the next two days gearing up to be sleet and snow and rain and more snow, I decided it was time to bring a little brightness to my wardrobe.

I took advantage of the tax free shopping in Vermont as well as the spring line at Old Navy to get some springy looking clothes. I figure if I will it to be spring it will be right? Maybe?


Casual Tuesday

The sweater is a little more red than pink in that picture but…whatever.

Pants – Old Navy| T-shirt – JCrew (similar) | necklace – JCrew (similar) | Cardigan – Old Navy | Flats – Tory Burch

 I think I need more in this poppy/coral color. I’ll be revisiting Old Navy soon. They had some really cute spring finds. Kind of hard to shop for spring when you’re about to get 6″ of snow and nearly slip out trying to get into your car because of all the stupid ice.

What did the outfit look like on me?

Pardon my selfie-ing.

What do you wear for casual days at work?


Dinner in St. Michaels

Welcome back to the real world kids.

I got the chance to skip Monday at work kind of – we had a company retreat over in St. Michaels where we stayed overnight Sunday. A few of us got massages at the 5 Gables Inn and Spa where we all stayed. After, a colleague and I checked out Gina’s (a delicious little eatery that Hubs and I checked out a couple years ago on our last trip to St. Michaels), and the St. Michaels Winery and then we had a team dinner at Ava’s – a delicious little pizzeria on the main drag in St. Michaels.

avas cupcake st michaels

Dessert at Ava’s.

Wine tasting at the St. Michaels Vineyard.

It was unseasonably warm for January on Sunday night. Since I didn’t know where we were going when I packed, so I packed pseudo-dressy-ish. Thankfully, I didn’t feel overdressed at all, I was warm (enough) – until my colleagues opened the window in our private room (BRRRR) and we had to walk back after a rain.

dinner outfit

Sweater (Gap)
Pants  (Old Navy)
Shoes (Gap, old – similar)
Scarf (Old Navy – similar)

Of course, I came and remembered I had to register for the St. Michaels Half before the price went up. I’m excited to actually train for a race again – and I’m hoping to schedule a mid-late summer metric or full century so I simultaneously train for a long road race and a long bike race just to see if it’s doable and if I like the long bike ride distances. You know, in hopes that I’ll have the desire to do a half ironman next summer.


A #fitmama’s wish list

Everyone keeps asking “what do you want for Christmas?”

Eff friends – half the time I don’t know what I’m going to eat in a day, let alone what I want for Christmas. Not to mention, I could never ask for stupidly priced workout clothes for Christmas (I’m looking at you lululemon), and I don’t really need any more yoga tops or leggings. I like multi-functional items. Leggings I can wear every day or to yoga or barre. I like socks that aren’t going to give me blisters or other practical accessories.

So here are a few of my favorites off my wish list:

Bobeau Wrap ($39, Confession: I have this in like two colors already but I wear it to and from classes, play dates. No it’s not running related (directly) but its a great comfy, good quality piece for to and fro and it’s a helluva lot cheaper than any lululemon piece deemed “go to wear.” Or whatever it is they call it these days.

Gap Fit Breathe Long Sleeve ($30, I’ve heard fantastic things about Gap’s workout line, and I love this color. Not to mention, again, it’s half the cost of my favorite lululemon long sleeve tops. That’s a win in my book.

Medals Display Rack ($29, Etsy) I’ve needed a rack to hang my medals on for a while now – currently I just have a couple of nails in the wall. Granted they’re in a row. And look okay. But this (or something similar) would be better.

Race Bling ($60 – I’ve seen so many people post about Erica Sara jewelry. I absolutely love her race bling collection, as well as her mother’s jewelry collection. But for the runner in your life, pick up a charm in honor of their latest PR.

C9 by Champion Yoga Layering Top ($25 – Because I’m a sucker for tops that can be multi-use like this one. And the price is right. And it looks perfectly cozy.

Mittens ($35 I do love my running gloves but mittens are way cooler and I’m ready for an upgrade. I don’t know if it’s just me that finds that my hands sweat so much more when they’re in gloves than in mittens but I hate being hot when I run, I always dress like it’s 10 degrees warmer than it is but I can’t stand too cold or too sweaty of hands.

Other great ideas: gift cards to a favorite studio (Pure Barre!), running socks (always a win – especially for stocking stuffers), or a gift card to sign them up for their next race!


Favorite things (part 1)

So we’ve really stocked up lately on baby stuff. I’ve fell in love with a few favorites so far, things I can’t wait to dress the little guy in and things I’ve fallen in love with myself that have made my pregnancy manageable.

For baby…

 Baby Leg warmers. Lexi first introduced these to me, but I didn’t quite get it. Then I saw these when I was shopping on Amazon the other night.. And died. Of preppy happiness of course. They’re kind of perfect for Annapolis no?

aden + anais Muslin Swaddle Wrap. They’re super soft, super cute and from what I’ve read, super multi-use. Sold.

I just purchased these for baby last weekend – there’s other stuff that I’m a big fan of also, including this book series, that Lexi started for us at my baby shower and since my mom and Adam’s aunt have both sent us additional books also. I also love my aden + anais changing pad cover, and the super cute storage caddy I bought. Expect the big nursery reveal next week sometime, we just need to get artwork up on the wall and then it’ll be good to go!

For me…

 Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks. I’ve only just started to notice stretch marks in the last week or so and even still, they’re really not that bad. Hubs calls them my battle wounds. Some women are grossed out by them but I dunno, I find them to be a pride thing – like shit. I carried a child for 9 months! Though I do envy the women who don’t get stretch marks 😉

 Crossover Nursing Tank (via The Gap). I’m a big fan of most of Gap’s maternity line. I started purchasing some nursing tanks for post baby and I really, really really like this one. It fits me now for starters, so it’s super comfy for evening lounging, and is cute to boot. Though I wouldn’t necessarily wear it in public as it’s a bit…low cut (maybe with a sweater?), it’ll still make me feel pretty when I’m lounging around on the couch or in the hospital post-c-section.

Full Panel Maternity Leggings (Old Navy). These, I’ve found were the best bang for my buck. $14 a pop, and by far the most comfy thing I own these days. I live, breathe and…well…that’s about it in these.

lululemon’s cool racerback tank. I own dozens of these tanks, and while I had to size up (usually a six, a size 8 during pregnancy), they’ve lasted me throughout this pregnancy and are great for layering under a cardigan, sweater, or t-shirt. Probably how I’ve gotten away with such a limited maternity wardrobe because I’ve been able to use so much of my regular wardrobe for pregnancy. It’s what happens when you lose ~20 pounds just before you get knocked up. Ha!

 lululemon’s still pant. I fell in love with these pants when I worked at lululemon, and because you generally size down in these (otherwise they’re huge!) I’ve been able to roll them up over my belly or down under my belly and lounge around the house in them. They’re probably also the pants that I’ll be coming home in and living in post surgery since they’re that comfortable. Close second? The Astro pant.

What products/clothing items are you loving these days? Any post-natal must haves that you loved or didn’t (for yourself or for baby)? 

Happy Friday everyone! Stay tuned – Five on Friday is coming back this afternoon!


Maternity Favorites

I’m now in the seventh month of pregnancy (!!!!! – I keep wanting to say things like ‘of being knocked up’ or ‘being preggo’ but I really hate that terminology outside of joking with the hubs) and I’m pretty sure my pregnancy wardrobe is just about complete. How long I’ll be able to wear my favorite lululemon leggings aside, I’ve got a replacement set that should be arriving today. I figured since there’s so many bloggers out there expecting (see I almost typed knocked up again!), I’d share my favorites and where I got my inspiration from because let me tell you….maternity fashion is a learned skill and if you don’t try, you may think that you’re destined for frumpy garb from the likes of Motherhood Maternity – a store that made me stabby with the many shades of emerald and fuschia they carry(ied).

OK, that was snobby and I know some people really like Motherhood but I found their clothes ill-fitting and frumpy looking and over priced for the quality. Yes I know that not everyone shops at JCrew but jeez. Give us more than long sleeve ruched t-shirts and oversized sweaters if you call yourself a maternity store.

I’m not a fashion blogger by any means so don’t take what I say as “fashion know how” necessarily, I do try to put myself together and be classy though, and I don’t wear pearls with t-shirts so I consider that all a big win.

maternity must haves

1. Target 2. Gap 3. Gap 4. Gap 5. Gap 6. Gap 7. lululemon

Color me unoriginal with the Gap stuff, BUT I’m not a guru with Polyvore, and they didn’t have my favorite H&M tops on there – one of which you can see in my 29 week update. Gap happens to be my favorite maternity line since it’s inexpensive (seriously, they run 30% deals every other day, you never have to pay full price with them). Old Navy would be but I find that they need to put a little more effort into their maternity line, they have some super cute non-maternity clothes but their “new additions” look an awfully lot like their old ones but in short sleeve. Their dresses are too long, and their shirts too blah. Old navy, fail.

Maternity pieces I was not a fan of? Some of the Liz Lange line at target – mainly this top and this dress which I wanted to love oh so badly but they were just…ill fitting. Really, just bad. Not fit for a pregnant woman. Maybe the same as a shrunken muu-muu. Without the stretch. The quality of Motherhood Maternity, I find to be shameful for the price. I am pleased to say that for all of my maternity pieces I’ve bought, I have not paid full price. I have two sweaters, one pair of jeans, and six-seven tops. I’ve been able to use a lot of my longer cardigans/sweaters, and my lululemon cool racerback tanks make for good tanks underneath sweaters that might otherwise be a smidgen short.

Shoes? My feet haven’t swelled yet, but given I work at a Physical Therapy clinic heels are out. Wamp wamp. I do wear flats (though those are looked down upon by my therapist as well – mostly because they’re bad for my back/posture/feet/whatever…), and my Sperry’s. Weekends, I usually wear my uggs, and leggings. Seriously, I will wear leggings until I can not wear leggings any longer. Yes I’ve ordered legit maternity leggings. Yes, I’ll share my review when I try them out.

My tips for buying maternity gear

  • Get things on sale. With all the sales out there – especially with Gap, Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft and H&M there’s no reason to ever really pay full price. I mean, with ATL, their maternity clothes are so expensive that even on sale, they’re still way out of my budget but if you’re willing, you know the quality is there so go for it!
  • Read reviews. I always read reviews on sizing, most are true to pre-pregnancy size – so if you were a size small before pregnancy, you’ll probably be size small after.
  • Read blogs. I was inspired by a few bloggers – Jaclyn has some great posts about maternity wear, and so does Julie (another longtime fave). Also, check out Hellobee (I love their message boards!!) – they are a great resource for all things maternity and such!
  • Check out the consignment shops. This I haven’t done nearly as much as I should, but I did browse a couple of shops, and just didn’t see much in my size that I liked.
  • Hand-me downs. A friend of mine in the league offered up her maternity clothes to borrow, as did a friend of mine. Unfortunately, sizing is so hit or miss and nothing really fit me (fail) but if you have a friend who’s the same size you, take that to the bank!
  • Make do with what you have. I wore my beloved Jackie Cardigans by JCrew until they looked far too small. I bought a bella band to make my regular jeans work as long as possible. There are some tops and sweaters that I can still wear while layering, it’s all about being creative.

Like I said I’m no fashionista, but I do like to look put together and think I have a little bit o’ style. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy and over-sized, in fact, I find it to be just the opposite. I love my baby bump and I adore styles that are classic and let me flaunt it. Don’t feel like you have to give up your style just because you’re pregnant.


What are YOUR favorite maternity must-haves in your wardrobe? 


This past weekend

We started out Saturday with a short run – it was super short and super slow but it felt really good to get moving. We’re still planning on doing the Fun Run with Fleet Feet tomorrow so that should be fun!

Then we headed up Towson to stop into the new Lily store – where I wanted to buy ALL of the things.

We finally got our Furminator for the cats – OH EM GEE. Seriously we’ve taken off the equivalent of like FOUR cats of fur.

We also had a great dinner out with my old roommate and his wife at Boatyard – one of my favorites

I’m focusing on moving more this week, and I want to get started (again) on the 100 push up plan – I’ve really gotta start knocking these items off my 30 before 30 list before it’s too late!

This week I will…

Run 3 days
Do one day of yoga
Complete week 1 of 100 pushups

Also I cooked an amazing meal in my slow cooker last night – about time i busted that bad boy out – too bad I forgot pictures sorry. But take my word for it, this is delicious.

Slow Cooker Lasagna

1/2 onion chopped
1 lb sausage (I used TJ’s sweet italian chicken sausage)
28 oz Italian style tomato sauce (I used the canned stuff from TJ’s)
1 box oven ready lasagna noodles
basil, italian seasoning, oregano, garlic powder (i was out of garlic) and salt
15 oz ricotta cheese
1 egg
1 pkg mozzerella cheese

1. Cook up sausage (if you have the type with the casings take out of casings to crumble) with onion for about 5-10 minutes. Meanwhile, mix 1/2 c mozzerella cheese, ricotta cheese and egg together beating until well mixed. set aside.
2. add sauce and spices. I add my spices to taste because i’m bad at measuring them. Let simmer about ten minutes.
3. add layer of sauce, noodles. breaking noodles as needed to allow to fit into slow cooker
4. top noodles with ricotta and egg mixture slathering so it’s evenly spread across the noodles. Top with mozzerella and sauce mixture. Repeat three more times.
5. Add last row of noodles top with sauce and mozzerella cheese (i add a lot. others may not so add as much cheese as you want)
6. cook on low for 4 – 6 hours or until noodles are cooked and not burnt. (i burnt mine a little on the side…whoopsy daisy)


I’ve been on a massive lasagna kick lately so now I have leftovers to last pretty much all week for lunch. Hubs is going to be all kinds of pasta’ed out but so worth it.  At least for me.

How was your weekend??



Last night we popped out to El Toro Bravo for a celebratory date night since we had much to celebrate last night. I had originally thought that Adam’s interview in Beltsville would last longer than it did, and that I’d have time to get a run in on the B&A Trail last night. Au contrare self, he was here by 5:30 p.m.. We were both starving by the time he got here and did NOT have the energy to run. I wanted to head to Gina’s Cantina in Millersville, but I didn’t want to wear my work clothes out. So instead, we headed home to change then went downtown for a nice dinner and date night out.

El Toro Bravo keeps disappointing me. I don’t know what it is but something’s just…off about the flavoring. I’m an enchilladas fiend and something about their sauce just doesn’t do it for me.  Maybe it was because the taco shell got soggy from the enchilada sauce or because it didn’t seem as hot as it could have been. The flavors were just…bland. Bad tasting meals out just make me sad.

After dinner, we walked downtown and grabbed some strawberry oreo at Annapolis Ice Cream which is a favorite of ours. If you’ve never checked it out, please do. And be sure to look up on the shelves for the massive amounts of Oreo packages that they put into their homemade ice cream.

We kept walking down to city dock and back up past the state house. New realization last night – when you park in any of the garages downtown, be sure to ask if your restaurant validates for the Park & Shop initiative. We saved $1.50 on parking which may not seem like much but was a pretty nice perk of spending some time downtown!

There was much to celebrate last night but really, it was nice just being out with the husband walking and chatting.

I’m looking forward to the weekend – we’re hitting up Ikea up in Baltimore tomorrow along with the new Lily Pulitzer store in Towson, then grabbing dinner with my former roommate that I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen in a good six months.


Will Not…

I know they say telling yourself not to do something generally makes you want to do it more.

Yes. Ish.

Looking at myself in the mirror kind of makes myself want to be ill. Seriously homies, I’ve let myself go and it’s not that I’m totally sedentary, I just am bad at keeping with my workout schedule. So rather than push myself and make a schedule I MUST stick with, I’m picking things I know I can control.

Like working out 4 days per week in any way shape, or form possible. Be it a mock crossfit workout in the gym, a short run, long run, or workout video or bikram, anything that makes me sweat.

So in September, I’m kicking mah butt into gear by making changes I really should have made a long time ago.

1. No Shopping September.

I tried to do this in March and almost succeeded. I lasted 3 weeks without shopping which is actually pretty good for me. So i’m doing it again in September – with ONE exception – I had used a LivingSocial deal for Lands End and had to return a few things so I want to rebuy them in the correct sizes. They were all on sale and I’m waiting til Friday to do so. Otherwise, no Lilly, no JCrew, no nothin’. All that Lilly I bought in August at the end of summer sale killed me. This also means no beauty stuff (with an exception of the eye brow wax/pedicure I’ve wanted to get for the past two weeks but haven’t had time to get). Also since you know, I want to lose some weight this month, really pushing for that weight loss and rewarding myself with a couple of new pieces in October if I’m successful will be awesome.

2. No Soda September

Drinking 3 Sprites or Ginger Ales per day at work is no bueno. I mean, even though they don’t have caffeine that’s still a LOT of sugar that I don’t need. At all.  I’m going to stick to water and tea this month. I call this past weekend a wash but the month starts today for me.

It takes 21 days to form a habit, I’ve got 25 days left of this month (i think that includes today) so can I become healthier and a better blogger this month? I say yes. Yes I can.

And yes I know they say you shouldn’t ban yourself for doing things – which is why so many diets don’t work because restricting yourself is bad and makes you want it more. But, I NEED to be restricted. Hubs and I are on a mission to get in shape especially before he ships off to boot camp for MD National Guard so we both have an incentive – also with my five year college reunion coming up at the end of the year sometime, the last thing I want is to be the girl who gained 30 lbs.


Have you ever challenged yourself NOT to do something? How did it work out? What motivated you?


No Shopping – a progress report

So I’m going the entire month of march without shopping. A big freakin’ deal for me.

I haven’t been good about abstaining from eating/drinking out – which I want to be better at. Especially during the week.

I have not been restraining against buying LivingSocial deals. I found one from BuyWithMe for $30 for 30 days at Vida Fitness which is an amazing deal considering I work right around the corner from them. Win because well, workouts are good 🙂

I also purchased about $100 in gift certificates from from borders rewards. $25 at Las Placitas on capitol hill which has my FAVORITE margaritas? Sure why not! Sushi around the corner from work for $2 for $10? Sure!!!

However, I have NOT purchased any clothing. As much as I WANT a manicure this weekend, I will refrain. Those lululemon product notifications will go straight to trash and I will not buy any more cool racerbacks.

Sooo there’s that.

I did however, buy a new pair of sunglasses for $17. I am super sensitive to sunlight, especially when driving and I never spend more than $20 on a pair of sunnies, so I didn’t feel bad replacing the ones that broke on march 2. Hate.  And I DID purchase a thing for my desk. It was needed. If you saw the space I was jammed into. It’s a shelf with a drawer and it cost me $12. So I’ve spent a total of $25.

I’ve been pretty good about bringing my lunch, I went out last Friday and then Monday hubs and i had time to take lunch but otherwise I’ve brought lunch just about every day since the beginning of the month. Which is why I need to get better at cooking because otherwise I have nothing to bring. Sandwhiches just don’t cut it for me (that’s me being a fatty. I know.) I should also note…that I have been marking all as read in regards to fashion blogs because why torture myself right?

Anyhoozle. So that’s my 33% donezo of my buy nothing month. So far pretty successful I’d say. Maybe I should include no eating/drinking out for the rest of the month? (well….)

What am I lusting over right now?

{JCrew dress and Hunter boots}


What are you swooning over these days??