14 races for 2014

Y’all, I’m ready.

I’m ready to sign up for a “goal” race or two. I hate using the term goal race, but I miss training. I miss that sense of dedication, organization to my life, something that benefits me. It’s a new year, which means new races to register for!

I don’t get a lot of me time, and running really gives me that balance in the summer and the fall that I crave and need. I’m a better mama-bear and wife when I have that healthy balance in my life. The only problem with that is, I need to be in training for something to run otherwise I have a really hard time with motivation. I love running, really I do, but unless I’m actively training for a race, I can always think of 1,001 things that I should do before I do something for myself like running. Double edged sword really.

But you know, once this polar vortex gets out of dodge, I’m looking forward to some brisk winter running. After all, we’ve got the Bob, we’ve got the Bundle Me so if it’s 40 degrees or warmer, I’m not afraid to take E out running with me. Otherwise, he’s gotta stay inside – especially if there’s wind.

So the races below are the ones I’m intrigued by. The ones in bold are the ones I’m already registered for, the others are ones I’m considering and will be gradually be registering for. A few of these aren’t super expensive, some might sell out before I can get in. But the one to take note of: October 2014 – 4 big race weekends all in a row. Those are my goal races – especially the Baltimore Half and the Metric Marathon. Bring it Baltimore!!

(note: I deferred Baltimore Half last year so I’m automatically registered for this year – booyah!)

Ok mother nature, time to warm up so I can get out there! I am not NEARLY as baller as the lady in my Body Pump class this AM who ran 10 miles yesterday and ran to class today. Nope. That’s not me.


Cherry Blossom 10 miler 4/6/14
St. Michaels Running Festival 5/17/14
Zooma Annapolis 5/31/14
Baltimore 10 Miler 6/14/14


Women’s Distance Festival 5k 7/12/14
Boordy Vineyard 5k (TBD)
Dirty Girl 5k (8/23/14)


Metric Marathon 10/5/14
Army 10 miler 10/12/14
Baltimore Half Marathon 10/18/14
Marine Corps 10k 10/26/14
Cold Turkey 10k TBA
Junior League of Annapolis Volunteers on the Run 5k TBA
Rehoboth Half marathon OR Annapolis Classic Half Marathon (11/2014)

What races are you looking forward to this year? Any good ones I missed on this list?