May Stitch Fix Reveal

Happy Tuesday y’all!

It’s been a busy week/weekend – we just got back from a whirlwind 24 hours in Boston and nearly 20 hours in the car over 48 hours. Do not recommend driving to Boston for such a short visit but was significantly cheaper than flying so…you do what you gotta do.

A couple weeks ago, I got my May Stitch Fix. Since I’ve been reading up a lot on how to make fixes better and giving more productive feedback about fit and style, my fixes have improved. My issue with Stitch Fix is still prices largely, but it’s always a fun package to receive so I’m going to keep on keeping on with them.

Top: Skies are Blue Leann Lace Blouse | Bottom: Liverpool Anita Skinny pant (petite)

I have these pants in burgundy and a pair in navy (that I only recently realized are not petite length thus…way too long) and they are so comfortable and flattering. I noticed that my favorite Ann Taylor skinny ponte pants are getting worn in the legs, so I mentioned I was looking for a replacement pair of black pants for work – they delivered. Huge win, these pants are most flattering and comfortable. Keep!

The top, I wanted to love. It was a touch too big for me, but I loved the color and style generally but when it came to deciding factor, it was a $58 shirt which is a lot for me to spend on one top (especially since I was getting the pants for definite). I passed on the shirt, but style wise it was on point. Returned. 

Top: Blu Pepper Kenward V-Neck Top

I was very ehhhh on this one. I wasn’t in love with the color, and the crochet like detail on the collar was not-exactly work friendly for me. Though the style/shape of the top was okay, I didn’t really love it at all. Returned. 

stitch fix scuba dress

Dress: Wisp Mere Lasercut Scuba Dress

Generally, I like A-line dresses. I love ponte style fabrics – I find them flattering and comfortable. I requested to see what they had and they came back with a cute black and white dress in scuba like fabric. It was….okay. The dress itself was comfortable, but a little bit dressier than I was looking for. I wavered back and forth but ultimately, I just wasn’t in love with the dress as much as I wanted to be for the price tag. Returned. 

Skirt: Le Lis Maura Zip Pocket Detail Skirt

Skirts are SO hit or miss for me. They’re either too high waisted or they sit wrong and flaunt my mom-gut that I’m still working on getting rid of. This skirt, unfortunately, was no different really. The print was cute, but the way it fell was just…nope, it was too high and the pockets were too awkward. I disliked it so much, I forgot to take a picture. I promise…you’re not missing much.  Returned. 

I’d give this month’s fix a 3.5 of 5. Reading up on how to get the most out of your fix has really helped as has joining a couple of styling groups on facebook to see what others are getting to give yourself ideas as well.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  What was your experience like? 


Unboxed: May Stitch Fix Review

Happy May! Happier now that the sun is out, but at least after a long week last week, I came home Thursday to a couple of fun packages including my latest Stitch Fix box!

May Stitch Fix

Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Shorts (by Dear John) 

finnegan chino shorts stitch fix

I loved these so much. They were so comfy, so flattering, but, they were way over budget. $68 for a pair of shorts? When I can get similar looking shorts for a third of the price at JCrew or Old Navy? Nothx.

Verdict: Return


 Juli Lasercut Detail Blouse (by Market & Spruce) 

market and spruce blouse stitch fix

Oh my word. Pink and navy polka dots – need I say more? I kept this looker – i loved the detail, the shape (though it’s not super stretchy but that’s okay), and the price was juuuusstttt right. A little high, but I had some credit so it worked out.

Verdict: Keep


Elaine Ikat Print Pocket-front Knit Shirt (by Market & Spruce) 

market and spruce ikat print pocket knit shirt stitchfix

Though super soft and flowy – just how I like my t-shirts, I wasn’t crazy about the print (ikat), and it just felt kind of blah and I felt kind of blah in it. The fabric was nice but I couldn’t see myself wearing it outside of home despite the styling card suggestion.

Verdict: Return

Carlita Knit Maxi dress (by Loveappella) 

stitchfix loveappella knit maxi dress

My new favorite. If it would stop raining one of these weekends, I’d be able to wear it. It’s unlike anything i own print wise, and maxi dresses are super versatile in the summer. Though I can’t wear dresses to work (i’d get laughed off the farm, let’s be honest), it’s perfect for weekends and beach trips and MNO’s.

Verdict: Keep

Genevieve Stacked Chevron Pendant Necklace (by Romolo) 

I’ve been missing a long statement kind of necklace – i loved the simplicity of this one, and the weight of it told me that it wasn’t just another cheap-o necklace that I could do without. I’ll share a picture later, but I assure you, it’s super pretty. 

Verdict: Keep

All in all, this was one of my favorite boxes – so I won’t be cancelling Stitch Fix just yet (much to Hubs’s chagrin). If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, use this link (referral) and let me know what you think! I love seeing what others get to inspire pins to help my own stylist out!


Fueling with Vega Sport

As I’ve decided to start from scratch with my running, I’ve also decided to rethink all my fueling and eating. I think since ZOOMA and my RRCA training I’ve wanted to get my ducks in a row to make sure I’m being the best runner I can be to be the best coach I can be once I get there.

So I got an opportunity to try out some Vega Sport fuel through Sweat Pink, and I’ve gotta say…big fan.

I tried the Vega Sport pre-workout energizer – the taste is kind of m’eh but I really like drinking it before my workouts as I’m getting ready to go out running. You drink it about 20 minutes before your workout and it provides immediate energy, increases your endurance and anaerobic capacity, and enhances mental focus and recovery.

The first time I tried it was before my 8 mile run in May.  I had a banana and a glass of this before I headed out for my run and by the end of my run, when I’m usually famished, I was hungry but felt energized through most of my run, and didn’t ache nearly as much as I usually do after long runs. Who knew fueling properly (and by that i mean fueling at all) could help you get more out of your workout?!


I really need to start bringing one of these to work with me for the nights I run afterwork – it’ll be a nice end of the day energizer that’ll get me through the last hours of my day.

Find out more about Vega Sport and #fuelyourbetter here.

How do you #fuelyourbetter

FTC Disclosure: I did receive the product for free, however all thoughts here are my own. 


Blog Review: Amber Teething Necklaces by Amber for Babies

I’m a big fan of trying to be a natural mama – holistic, and green and everything in the middle. I don’t go out of my way, but since Ethan was about five months old, we’ve tried amber teething necklaces on him for any teething pain he might have.

Naturally, it made sense when I was asked if I wanted to do a review of Amber for Babies Amber Teething necklaces. This review is a bit late, but we tried it out for a couple of months because I wanted to see how the effects were.

amber teething necklace

We’ll ignore the fact that now 53 weeks old, homeboy still doesn’t have any teeth.

However, lately, his gums have been swollen, he’s been excessively cranky (we’ll ignore the yeasty diaper rash from hell that he’s getting over) and even our pediatrician acknowledged that he may in fact have two bottom teeth that could poke through any day now.

For those of you who don’t know why people believe in them,  baltic amber has anti-inflammatory properties triggered when the beads interact with the heat of the skin. The baltic amber is said to reduce swelling and pain from the effects of teething thus reducing discomfort. (via)

The necklaces are hand beaded, and each bead is strung individually secured with knots on each side preventing the loss of beads if a thread breaks.

amber teething necklace

While we’ve been saying homeboy has been teething for the past eight months, you really wouldn’t know it. He doesn’t drool much, and he doesn’t get excessively cranky or wake up every two hours. I do think the amber teething necklace had some effect on that. 

Lately, he’s had a small reaction to the necklace (according to our ped) so we took a break from the necklace (he has horribly sensitive skin so this isn’t surprising to me). But I do think that the necklace helped with drooling and swelling (his gums are much more swollen now than they were when he was wearing the necklace) – is there proof? Nope.

Like most holistic medicine, there’s not really medical proof that amber teething necklaces work. This is important to note since each baby has different reactions to teething – some babies get sick, others get ear infections, others get angry diaper rashes, and others you wouldn’t even know they’re teething until the teeth pop through.

If you’re curious though, and willing to try something other than the run of the mill tylenol and frozen food to relieve your babies teething, I highly recommend them. I know a number of mamas who swear by them, and I personally recommend them to any parent looking for relief for their little one’s teething discomfort.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review, however I did receive a free necklace to try out. All thoughts here are my own. 


Review: Mustela Bebe Products

I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mustela. I received product samples to facilitate to my review and to thank me for participating.

Ethan has the most sensitive skin. Seriously, right now we’re battling a flare up of his eczema and a major diaper rash thanks to a stomach bug that he apparently likely picked up from day care. I find that using sensitive skin creams and lotions works best to combat it, and I personally prefer the ones that are paraben-free.

So when I got the opportunity to test out Mustela bebe products I was stoked to try a new lotion out when I noticed our usual favorites were slacking in taking care of his eczema. I’ve heard great things about their products through my moms group – especially when we were first experimenting and trying to find out what would work best for E’s skin.

mustela bebe

Verdict? I’m a big fan. Their facial cleansing cloths are great for me for getting make up off before bed and aren’t drying to my skin. But my favorite is definitely the 2 in 1 hair and body wash for Ethan – it doesn’t have a strong scent, but it does smell very clean. Almost like the old school bar of soap but better. It’s a nice smell without being strong or overly fragrant…very subtle. I also really like the body lotion – it’s super gentle and moisturizing which is great since he has skin that dries out super easily. We’ve had a lot of problems finding lotions that don’t dry him out and this is definitely going to be one of our go-to’s from now on.

For those of you who haven’t tried Mustela Bebe Products – they are well worth giving them a shot especially if you want paraben-free and phlatate-free products. Also, for the wanna-be-Euro in all of us, they’re the number one baby care (and stretch marks!) brand in Europe and are a trusted name in skincare for over 60 years. They recently reformulated the Mustela Bebe line based on 10 years of skin care research and it now features Avocado Perseose (patented!) to help protect skin for even the littlest of littles.

Check out Mustela online or on facebook to learn more about their bebe line as well as their products for mamas!

Also for all you fabulous Life in Pink readers, you can get free facial cleansing cloths and free shipping with the code Mom314 with a $50 purchase on


MNO: 1747 Pub

A couple weeks ago right after I got back from South Carolina, the Plum Moms Group rocked my world again with another amazing Mom’s Night Out.

This time, it was at 1747 Pub, formerly known as Sly Fox Pub, in downtown Annapolis. I was always a huge fan of Sly Fox prior to it closing shop. The outdoor space is really the best in Annapolis in my opinion, so while I’m bummed that Sly Fox shut down, I’m so glad Reynolds Tavern kept it up with 1747 Pub

Since I had had dinner before going out, I ordered an appetizer – Fried Green Tomatoes. Really, you can’t go wrong with fried green tomatoes – one of these days I need to get my nana’s recipe that I pray she has written down somewhere. These were pretty amazing – they were topped with shrimp and corn. The shrimp was cooked in a chipotle cream sauce that was perfectly complementary by adding a touch of spice to this Southern classic dish.

fried green tomatoes 1747 pub annapolis

They had a small, but decent beer list but the wine list seemed a bit more comprehensive than beers.

A few nights later, I wanted to enjoy the outdoor seating while we still could. The happy hour at 1747 is from 3-7p so Adam and I popped over on a friday night for a cheapie dinner off the apps menu and a couple of drinks. We were pretty pleased with our finds – including the bratwurst and Natty Boh for $6.

Another awesome find? Grilled, buffalo corn on the cob. Granted you only get one ear for $4 which is absolutely a rip off considering you can get ten ears of corn for $4 at whole foods (Cheaper at Giant!) but trust, this was well worth it.

Was so yummy. I don’t even like buffalo flavoring since I find it often has too much of a kick for my liking (I’m so anti- super spicy it’s not even funny.). I ordered the fried green tomatoes again, because I stick with what I know and while the happy hour menu is tasty, it’s not super expansive.

The thing that I loved most was the laid back vibe – just like it was when it was formerly Sly Fox, the laid back atmosphere was just perfect for the perfect fall evenings I was out during. Monday night with the mom’s group there was trivia (I so want to go back for that) and Friday night when Adam and I went (much earlier) there was live music on tap (as well as a beer stein holding contest sponsored by Sam Adams….random).

1747 is also awesomely baby friendly especially if you go earlier – happy hour, not busy, and plenty of room for strollers to be rolled up. Ethan was in a surprisingly good mood and even made some suggestions off the craft beer list.

So if you’re in Annapolis – definitely stop by 1747 Pub – they have heaters keeping the outdoor space going into the colder months (well, since they’re new who knows but Sly Fox used to keep them going and threw a baller New Years Eve party…so I heard). In the winter months, they have the indoors pub downstairs from Reynolds Tavern which has fireplaces and hidden back bars. I haven’t been during the week but on the weekends, it’s a raucous good time!

1747 Pub
7 Church Circle
Annapolis, MD

{Curious about Reynolds Tavern? My book club previously went there for tea one afternoon!}


Happy 6 Months…and a Giveaway

This day, six months ago, at 1:30pm, Ethan John was born via cesarean. It’s been an amazing journey – this whole motherhood thing but not without many lessons along the way.

Over the past six months, I’ve become acquainted with many a fabulous baby products – and some not so fabulous. Today, I want to talk about some great baby products and throw in a little surprise at the end.

Recently, as an Honest ambassador I was hooked up with a couple of cool kits. I had already tried out the essentials kit and I used the diaper kit for Ethan since we subscribe to the diaper bundle – that one lived in his diaper bag. If you haven’t tried their ridiculously cute diapers? I highly recommend them! So, I thought the extra essentials kit would be a great giveaway for y’all to celebrate little man’s 6 month birthday!

honest essentials kit giveaway

I keep the lotion and body wash for when we travel since they’re not drying to Ethan’s skin and I use the lotion on my self as well. The diaper balm lives in his diaper bag – it’s not my absolute, must live without favorite, Target brand diaper cream won us over early on for clearing up his first super angry diaper rash in about a day. But this stuff works great on the go, and will usually do the trick at keeping any angry redness at bay.

That being said, I’ve heard great things about the healing balm being great for super dry skin in tough areas – elbows, knees and heels.

I love the hand soap for it’s gentleness and subtle fragrance, and the laundry detergent is still on my list to try – I currently use 7th Generation laundry detergent and love it but I’m itching to try this stuff out since again, I’ve heard awesome things. All of these – baby or not – are super great products and are just like the bundle refers to them… essentials. 

honest diapers discovery kit

I’ve really tried to put a priority on using safe and sustainable products with baby which was one of the reasons I was so drawn to Honest. I actually became curious after reading about them so much over on Jaclyn’s blog. I tried out the free kits, canceled the essentials bundle (it didn’t make sense for us) but kept the diaper bundle.

The great thing about any of the Honest bundles (aside from the actual product) is that you can set your own ship dates. We don’t receive our bundle every month. We had one bundle of the size 1’s which lasted us until he was in size 2’s. We had a free case of size 2’s so after we used that, we set our ship date for our next bundle. I don’t know when he’ll be in the size 3’s but I can keep pushing the date back as needed so when people say $80/month on diapers? Outrageous. Not every month. $80 for 3 months? Less outrageous no?

So today, as little man celebrates six months of life on the beach, I want to know from you all how do you practice ‘green’ living? What are your essential products?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I did receive products for free from the Honest Ambassador program, however, all opinions here are my own and I was not compensated in any way for my review or giveaway of these products. Additionally if you are interested in trying any of the amazing Honest products, I do hope you’ll sign up through my referral link. 


Moms Night In with Barefoot Refresh

The product and promotional item were provided by BarefootWine & Bubbly for this review

I’m a “go with what I know” kind of gal when it comes to wines. Hubs is a bit more daring, but me? I go with my tried and true favorites. So, when I was asked to try some new flavorful and sparkly flavors of Barefoot Wine, I was totally game! I’d seen them before at events like Zooma, so I knew they were a pretty solid wine.

Barefoot Refresh is a new take on the wine spritzer but better. It’s lightly bubbly, and much more flavorful than your traditional wine spritzer and comes in at the perfect price point of $8 per bottle.

I enjoyed the Summer Red and the Perfectly Pink.

Hubs and I stayed in last Friday for our anniversary date night attempt #1. We ordered up some sushi and I busted out the Summer Red. I was in love. Not just with the husband for our fourth anniversary but with the wine. It was sweet, but not too sweet. Bubbly without being overly carbonated.

barefoot refresh

I really enjoyed both wines – I tend to lean towards sweeter wines anyhow. Sometimes however, moscato based wines tend to almost too sweet. Even though both of these wines were moscato blends – the summer red is a pinot noir rose blended with moscator and the perfectly pink is a granache blended with moscato. Both wines were chilled lightly in the fridge so it didn’t take long to get the bottles ready

We enjoyed the red with sushi, and some dessert for our Friday evening date night in which was really refreshing and a delicious addition to it. Gotta say, there are few wines that bum me out when they’re empty and this was one of them.

The pink was equally as refreshing, enjoyed out on the porch one night after bedtime and it was really enjoyable! Even though it had the sweetness from the moscato it was a little bit dryer from the granache. Think sweetish rose flavors. Yum!

This weekend we’re in South Carolina visiting my dad and since my usual wines couldn’t be found last night, I went for Barefoot and picked up a couple bottles to enjoy over the weekend. Barefoot is a solid, lower price point wine with lots of flavor for your buck. I’d also pick these up if I were to host another JLA event at home again – they’d be perfect to enjoy at home with a bunch of gal pals – especially if you have friends who are just getting into wines, these are easy to enjoy and incredibly flavorful!

You can see more of what Barefoot has to offer by visiting their website, facebook or twitter pages.

What’s your favorite wine to enjoy on a night in? Have you ever tried Barefoot wines? If so, what’s your favorite flavor?

FTC Disclosure: I was provided with compensation and two bottles of Barefoot Refresh to try, however all opinions here are my own.


{Review} Green Giant Veggie Chips

I often find that as a part time work at home mama, I forget to feed myself a real meal or two during the day. Between entertaining baby, churning out articles and blog posts and getting work done for my job, I struggle to find or make the time. Time flies when you’re having fun, what can I say?

The other day, I actually had lunch, and then, later in the afternoon as I was writing more during nap time, had a snack. Let me tell you about the amazing chips I got to try out from Green Giant.

Green Giant Veggie Chips Key Visual 1

Listen up friends, there’s a new chip in town.

I’m usually more of a sweets kind of gal but sweet potato anything has me drooling. Same with Ranch. Nom nom nom. So when I got the opportunity to try out some new chippers, I jumped up – after all, I’m quite familiar with Green Giant veggies – especially their frozen selections which I’m a big fan of.

green giant sweet potato veggie chips

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of BBQ chips. My dad used to always get them on car trips and the smell used to really just…irk me. But these? Not too salty, not too BBQ-y, and the sweet potato isn’t greasy like other potato chips. Really it was just a yummy combination. That handful you see there? Is a serving.

I did however, enjoy the sweet potato chips a bit more than the Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips – they were still tasty but reminded me a little too much of Cooler Ranch Dorito chips. That being said, these re decidedly much better than my lunch of choice from 1997. The flavor wasn’t over powering and definitely had that distinct tortilla chip texture. Yum.

green giant veggie tortilla chips

{Again, that’s a serving of the Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips – a nice sized snack for a mid afternoon salt craving!}

Both types of Green Giant chips are made with real veggies. Neither flavor was overly salty nor were the flavors over powering. If there’s one thing I really don’t like when it comes to chips is greasy-ness and residue. These had neither! Huzzah!

Next time, I’m going to dip these in hummus – perhaps Roasted Red Pepper hummus or Tomato Basil Hummus (from Trader Joes that I eat with EVERYTHING) because it goes with everything and the creaminess would be a delicious compliment to the flavors and textures these have. But really, they’re pretty amazing on their own too.

What’s your favorite afternoon snack? Are you a sweet or salty treat eater?


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


Moms Night Out: Paladar Latin Kitchen Annapolis

Last night one of the meet-up groups I’ve been courting had a mom’s night out at Paladar Latin Kitchen in Annapolis.

Many thanks to hubs for holding down the fort – he even had bath time done by the time I got home! Generally he’s a little timid when it comes to doing bath time on his own since I have a crazy routine to get everything done effectively (read: laying everything out before hand so we’re not scrambling for towel, diapers or pj’s as we often did at the beginning).

Anyhow back to MNO.

Paladar is a favorite of mine over in the Annapolis Towne Centre – I mean, aside from Whole Foods, some of the food leaves much to be desired. Gordon Biersch is just m’eh (though frequented for wine after Junior League meetings), Fuji is good but expensive for sushi, don’t even get me started on Cadillac Ranch, Brio and well, PF Changs is a chain and just…okay.

My only complaint about last night is that the service was a bit slow. The company and the food were both outstanding, the service, while pleasant just a bit slow.

Granted we were a table of 9 or 10, so I get it. But 20 minutes to get a dessert. 20 minutes for our drinks. 20 minutes just to take our order.

Two of the moms had a glass of wine spill on them (which was the wrong glass…”I believe Pinor Noir is Red…” thankfully the glass spilled was white.) and kudos to the manager who was a gem who gave us free apps (though we only had a couple bowls of guacamole) and a free first round (though those of us who drank only had one round anyhow). While the service was a slow, our waiter was super sweet and friendly so props to that.

paladar annapolis

I had sweet potato soft tacos and they were delicious. The sweet potatoes and beans and slaw were the perfect blend of flavors. The Haitian rice and beans combo was a little flavorless but overall I enjoyed the dish and would definitely order it again.

If you check out Paladar Latin Kitchen in Annapolis, be sure to try the guacamole (it’s my favorite), the sangria, and any of the soft tacos. I really like their happy hour specials which are fabulous $5 appetizers and drinks. The pupusas are AMAZING and a favorite of mine if I’m eating in the bar area.

{ftc disclosure: all opinions are my own. i was not compensated for this review. it’s just me, sharing a good place to eat & go to happy hour}