2016 Recap & 2017 Goals Intentions

Another year, another set of goal fails.

Let’s recap 2016.

  1. Run more. I had a good run (no pun intended?) and hit a couple hundred miles but not quite the 500 I had hoped for.
  2. Eat Cleaner. I did the Whole 10. I generally eat better, but not as clean as I should.
  3. Be Present. Still a work in progress. No more cell phones at the dinner table in 2017 I think.
  4. Write more. LOLOLZ. I did write. Not necessarily more. Not necessarily less.
  5. Stress less. Yes! I did this. I did better. I got a better job. I got a better commute

2017 goals

2017 goals & intentions

Read more. I hit 30 something books in 2016, I want to shoot for 50 in 2016.

Run 10 races. I already have 5 on my schedule, two that I’m registered for. I’m not going to put a mileage goal though I’d like to see 500 miles – which is roughly 10 miles per week. Totally doable, I think given my goals. I’m not sure I’ll throw any multisport events in there but we’ll see.

Blog 2x/week. Set the bar low right? I’m looking into a redesign and I’m cleaning up my archives. I’m comfortable with what I’m writing about (style! life! healthy living!) I just need to commit, streamline posting and not get distracted by feedly.

80% paleo by April. For my thyroid’s sake. Hubs and I are doing the Whole 30 in January so hopefully this helps reset and get me on the right track.

Create a budget and stick to it. We’ve got some fun trips planned this year and we really want to pay off some debt that we’re close to paying off…creating a budget that we can stick to is going to be key to this success.


Complete BBG 1.0 and 2.0 by December. I keep starting and stopping. I need to get my workout ADD under control. I really want to do this though – the program is fantastic and i do enjoy it.

what are your 2017 goals and resolutions? 



In with 2014

We rang in the new year right with the Resolution Run hosted by Fleet Feet Annapolis. I’m pretty sure I had intended on running it last year but at about 30 weeks pregnant I was down and out on running with my SI joint issues.

Needless to say, we were in bed by 12:15a last night and up by 7:30a thanks to a certain mister in the other room. Not to mention, I was stoked to launch the new year with a nice fun run.

resolution run annapolis

The greatest aspect of the run? The community. By far.

Along with various friends, I also saw our pediatrician (who was super impressed by us getting Ethan out and being such “good influences” and “getting him started early”), my favorite yoga instructor (I need to go back to class soon!), fellow junior league members and former co-workers. I don’t think you get much more small-town community vibe than that. Especially when you’re rockin’ a Bob stroller over a massive bridge.

Four miles donezo. Followed by some hellos, and the best hot chocolate I’ve had in my life.

Now that New Years Day is just about down the drain, onward to my goals.

In 2014  I will…

Pick a goal race. I want to PR and I want to PR again bad. I think the sheer fact that I don’t feel like I’ve made up for five months of inconsistent sleep four months later is getting me down and I’m ready to register for a couple of half marathons to get me back in the game. I want my sub 10 minute miles back yo! Sub goal: Run 35-50 miles/month.

Rebrand. I’m trying to figure out where to go with this little blog, I need to be more consistent (no more two week hiatus’s, I promise!) and I really want to have a better idea of what I’m about here. This’ll include a redesign, possibly a url change and newsletters (o.O) – stay tuned!

Eat healthier & Cook more. I’m not going to say I’m giving up the dr. pepper that I oh so love, because well, if I don’t give it up then I’m not a failure but I will try to cut back. I’d love to join a CSA this year, and we definitely need to cut back on the lazy eating out.

Coach and/or teach. I’ve been saying for years that I want to teach some form of fitness. I’m not sure what type of certification I want to get, but I know for certain that I’m on the prowl for my RRCA running coach certification as soon as I can get in to a class, those babies sell out quickly!

Complete an E-book draft. A friend of mine once told me that she thought I’d be a great next Jennifer Weiner or Emily Giffin. I wouldn’t go that far, but I’ve always wanted to write a novel or a book of some kind so this year I’m going to finally challenge myself and get a draft done.

Kind of lofty. But I think doable. Bring it on 2014!!!

What are your goals/resolutions for 2014?


2012 recap and 2013 goals

So I already posted my top 10 of 2012 – it was a pretty epic year not only in running and racing but also in life – hi baby schmidt!

But how did I do when it comes to my resolutions?

In 2012 I said I would…

Be Healthier

  • Run 12 races by December 2012.
    How’d I do?  From October last year to October this year, I ran 12 races. Not all in 2012, but I still count it all. Was on track, until I ah-hem, got knocked up and baby Schmidt decided he didn’t want me to be a runner while he was occupying my body.
  • Complete a 30 day workout challenge each quarter (January, April, July and October.)
    How’d I do? Not even. Close. It has been decided that 30 day challenges and myself do NOT get along.
  • Practice yoga once per week
    How’d I do? Ehhhh I practiced a lot but not once per week. There were weeks when I was going twice per week so I’m sure if I checked my bank account and records and shiz, I’d find that I went to yoga a total of 52 times. Maybe.
  • Workout 3 days per week also keep food journal 5 days per week.
    How’d I do? The first half I was doing GREAT, but then after July…not even close. I blame Baby Schmidt.

More Money…less problems

  • Spend three whole months not shopping (do not need to be consecutive – by December 2012)
    How’d I do? Hahahahahahaha. I did not shop in February I think before going to San Antonio…so 1 out of 3??

Work Harder – just fail. All of it failed.

  • Be a Certified Personal Trainer by the end of the year with five clients (by August 2012).
    How’d I do? Nope. I am however, CPR certified. I’m not sure becoming a certified personal trainer is really something I want to do – given that I you know, really hate the gym. Now a running coach…that’s a different story.
  • Ace my HTML/CSS Class and pick up 5 freelance clients by the end of the year (by May 2012/December 2012)
    How’d I do? Dropped it when the professor tried to fail me because he didn’t understand how to use a freakin’ mac. I should mention that our class site (it was an online class) was black background and black text. And he tried to teach me HTML/CSS?!!?!!

Blog better

  • Blog 5 days per week
    How’d I do? Nope. Again, some weeks, better than others but definitely not consistent.
  • Design a new Life in Pink that better reflects me and where I’m going. (by June 2012)
    YES! I redesigned, in like…November but it’s still redesigned!!!
  • Participate in Project 365 – because I just got a fancy new camera for Christmas, this will actually inspire me to use it!
    How’d I do? Failed. The first week. Photo challenges and I don’t get along either 

SO. For 2013, lesson, be less ambitious.

In 2013….

I will…stay healthy and happy in anticipation of Baby Schmidt’s arrival. And keep up my (semi?) weekly updates. 13 to go.

I will…celebrate my 30th birthday to the best of my ability and not be disappointed if I celebrate my 30 1/2 birthday instead. Mostly because Baby’s expected due date happens to be ~2 weeks before my big 3-0.

I will…grow my blog. I’d love to be at 500 daily visitors (right now I’m at about 150-200), with 150+ facebook fans. Putting time into the little blog that could is going to be key.

I will…get back into running when my body says it is ready. I hope to train for a triathlon, half marathon and at least two other races (5ks, etc..). Additionally, I’d like to run the Army 10 miler with Adam next year since I missed it this year. That’s my goal race. Everything else is “wait and see.”

I will…enjoy every moment of every day with Adam and Baby Schmidt. As has been proven, seemingly time and time again, life is short. Often, too short.

I will…try 12 new recipes and blog about them. Adam keeps saying he wants to be more diverse in what we cook so here’s my chance. Twelve recipes? They don’t have to be hard…just new.

What are your 2013 goals??


Good Riddance

So yesterday I was watching the 11p news and saw that it was “Good Riddance Day.”

{image via WorldStudio}

According to this post from NPR,

“The day is designed to say goodbye to the worst memories of 2012. In New York Friday, a mobile shredding truck along with a dumpster and sledgehammer, will help you say goodbye to things you don’t need heading into the new year.”

I thought about what I would say good riddance to. I mean there’s been a lot that I’ve done away this year. I’ve gotten healthier, ran a bunch of races, got pregnant. In general, a lot of things I’m proud of and have no real regrets for 2012. But there were some lingering habits from years past…

I say good riddance to…

…My crazy boozehound days. Though I gave up “heavy drinking” when I stopped working in DC or mostly when Adam went to BCT, I had a couple of lapses in the early spring….noticeably no further lapses since May or so. I do miss a good glass of wine though – (will just make it that much sweeter and tasty once I’m able to safely drink again), I never want to go back to that feeling of being out of control and 2012 really taught me a lot about appreciating my limits and setting boundaries for myself.

…Toxic people. I’ve surrounded myself by an amazing group of people from work, Junior League, old friends, new friends and family and I couldn’t be more appreciative of them. No more surrounding myself with people who are bad influences or who are otherwise unsupportive of myself and my decisions.

…Excuses for slacking on workouts. I’m not going crazy on the workouts these days for obvious reasons, but when I get back to hitting the pavement, I will be much more appreciative of the miles I log since I will have spent 6+ long months of not running. No excuses…play like a champion. I miss you running, I miss you a lot and I take back all of those mornings that I slept in instead of going out for that scheduled run (this is me blowing my neglected Newton’s a kiss. /end nerdiness).

…Bad debt. When hubs and I got married and we both had a lot of debt from post-college low paying jobs. Which somehow, is a problem we still haven’t grown out of (the low paying jobs I mean…), but we’re on track to pay off a large chunk of it before March which is a really good feeling. Time to keep up the momentum and keep cutting back in life.

Being a bad blogger. I’m so passionate about blogging but I let myself get overwhelmed by work, life, and other things and let blogging go by the wayside. I (and this is not meant to sound egotistical) think I have a good voice, and really want to make something out of the blog. If I put time and energy into it, I think that’s doable. Time to stop slacking and procrastinating and make something big out of this.

What bad habits do you say good riddance to in 2013?


January Recap and February To Do’s

One month down, three to go til Hubs is home from training. I want to say home for good, but the downside of military life is that he will inevitably at some point be deployed. Thankfully his unit recently returned from a deployment so chances are it won’t be any time in the near future.

Recap of Goals for January

So i didn’t actually write out goals for January but I did start my resolutions. Where’m I at 1/12 of the way through the year? I did not work out all 31 days this month.

Goals for February

Photo a day – I saw this on instagram and thought it was an awesome idea #FebPhotoaDay. Since I failed oh so badly at #project365 (will restart on my birthday – that makes sense right? A picture each day of the last year in my 20’s?)  Come play along 🙂 I’ll have day 1 up by tonight on Instagr.am -( legallyheidi is my username! Follow me!)


Embrace positivity – Stop beating myself up for not working out, for not loving my job every day. Stop expecting success to come easy. This goes for personal and professional goals. I was super inspired today by  Nicole. She wrote a great post about how bloggers are inherently narcissistic (#truth) and how most likely? People just don’t give a damn. I’ve had too many ugly cries lately over pretty mundane things that I do have control over. Time to embrace positivity and buck it up. While I don’t need to force myself to vomit rainbows and butterflies every day of the week, I do have control over my attitude and my life. More so than I’ve been letting on lately. I need to embrace a better attitude and have a little faith in destiny and that I will get where I need to be someday. Hopefully soon.

Stick with tracking eats I read somewhere that people who track their food see 80% better results in their weight loss goals. Last week? I was not so good. This week? Have been so much better. I also feel better about what I put in my mouth if I track it before hand. In general I only track my food during the week, but i really want to do better about posting foodie friday recipes because I liked that trend on my blog and even if it’s a simple recipe? I think it’s a nice habit and I like sharing. Even if you all don’t give a crap 😉 (see Embrace Positivity)

Start training for Half Marathon #4
I’m running the VT Unplugged Half the weekend of my birthday which goes from my hometown of Colchester, Vermont to Burlington. It’s a pretty low key race and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. It’ll also be nice to spend my birthday with my family so I’m super pumped for that since Hubs’ll be out in the field and not able to talk to me himself.  My goal is to start next week, now that I’m back in lust with running thanks to my new sneaks, I’ve got no reason to slack!

No shopping
Since I’ve got my trip to San Antonio at the end of this month, my goal is not to buy anything until after that trip.  Not to mention, I keep fluctuating between 142 and 138 on any given day depending on my eats/workouts so I’m finally down to my size 6 skinny jeans that I got from The Gap as a #gapenthusiast three years ago (#win!) so that’s positive but I don’t want to buy anything else clothing wise until I hit my goal weight. That’s fair and Feb is only 28 days and while I may not

Weigh In Wednesday

This morning? Not a good day. I felt good, my pants are looser (even after coming out of the dryer! WIN!), my tops are all fighting me a little bit better and my tummy is looking a bit flatter. Granted, I’m not so vain to put up progress pictures (mostly because I’m so pasty and pale that I’d blind the interwebs with my whiteness)  and also I’m just incredibly self conscious (not that I think people who put up progress pics are vain, if that’s how you measure that’s groovy, it’s just not my thing but take my word on my personal progress 🙂 Again, you all prolly don’t care though 😉 )

Todays weight: 141.6
Starting weight: 154 (from when hubs left or something – i forgot my exact starting # but the 10 lb challenge? My  starting weight was around 144)
Total loss: ~13 lbsish since October. 

A friend of mine recently saw me at a JLA event and asked if I’ve lost weight, it’s always kind of flattering when people notice your hard work. I informed her that yes, yes I had. Sans the doctor pepper I’m nursing right now.

So even though my loss this week from last wasn’t huge, I felt good that for the most part, at least since this weekend, I’ve stuck with my workouts and that? Is always a good thing no matter what the number on the scale says.


What are your goals for February? How do you reward small accomplishments??


On choosing a gym

One thing I forgot to add to yesterday’s post, was finding the right place to work out. Obviously, if you don’t like your gym, you’re not going to go. A lot of people join for the sake of joining a gym – whether it’s their first step to achieving their goals or merely something they do because they feel they have to, many of those people who join just don’t go.

I’m guilty as charged.

This begs the question, why join if you’re not going to go?

Well let’s nip that problem in the bud and find a place where you will want to go to work out.

Finding the right place

Figure out what’s important to you. Prioritize if you will. Example, if you don’t want to go to a gym that’s super crowded, you probably don’t want to join the hot new gym that everyone is raving about.

Things to think about:

  • How much do you want to spend? If you don’t have a lot of room in your budget, check for specials – especially if you visit at off peak times. Are you a student? Many gyms offer student specials.  Always ask for a guest pass before signing up – most gyms will offer 1-7 day passes before you join so you can try it out.
  • What do you enjoy? What makes you cringe? If you don’t like feeling like everyone is watching you or don’t want to spend a ton of moolah, consider join a smaller gym. One that might be off the beaten path that doesn’t have all the spa-like bells and whistles that many gyms sell themselves on. If you want to go for classes, make sure their class schedule fits into your schedule. If their classes aren’t convenient for your but you know you want to take classes – why bother? Are you a swimmer? Don’t join the gym nearest to you if they don’t have a pool. Think about what you want out of a gym features wise before you commit.
  • Location, location, location. If you have to go across town, in rush hour, to get to the gym before or after work…it’s probably not the right gym for you. If you work from home and don’t mind wasting gas? Go for it. Also, for me at least, if I can’t walk or bike to a gym…I might not go (case in point, I went to spinning at Evolutions once last week. I would go again but see also: morning workouts and I get home just after the last evening class begins. Wamp. Wamp.)
  • Are you really going to go? Most importantly, why do you want to go? What are your goals, what do you enjoy and do they offer it. If you’re an outdoors runner maybe rather than joining a gym make it a point to grab some LivingSocial vouchers for area gyms to try out different classes like Yoga or Crossfit or pick up some workout videos (Jillian Michaels is always a favorite) to work out in the comfort of your own home. If you really want to join a gym and feel like it’s imperative to accomplishing your goals, get a friend or your spouse to join with you so you have someone to motivate you to go when you’re really not feeling it.
Still on the fence? The Wall Street Journal had a great article about The 27 Rules to Conquering the Gym. Stay tuned for a post on gym etiquette coming up soon (just for you Resolution-ers!!)
For me? I joined Evolutions for 3 months because back in October I bid on and won a 3 month membership in a raffle. I probably won’t renew when my 3 months is up, unless I happen to get a new gig closer to Annapolis. I also utilize my complex gym, workout videos and run outside. I try it all. On top of that? Hubs and I have access to the Naval Academy or Ft. Meade MWR gyms (neither of which are super convenient).
Do you belong to a gym? What went into your decision to join??



Failure is not an option

I had this goal last year and so this year – I want to get ‘er done.

After all there were some awesome runs last year –

I ran the unhalf Annapolis Half Marathon (half #3!)

I ran the Marine Corps 10k and PR’ed!

I ran a 5k for Junior League of Annapolis, Inc.

Hubs ran his first 10k with me!

I ran the Girls on the Run 5k in DC which made me miss coaching my girls up in CT.

I also did the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and the National Half (on a just recovered injured foot – thanks bad karaoke…that step to the stage came out of nowhere).

This year I will run (at least) 12 races.

Valentines Day 5k (Annapolis, 2/11/12)
St. Patricks Day 8k (DC 3/11/12)
Cooper River Bridge Run 10k (Charleston, SC 3/31/12)
Unplugged Half Marathon (Colchester, VT 4/14/12)
Race to Remember Half Marathon (Boston 5/27/12 – deferred from last year!)
Dawson’s Fathers Day 10k (Annapolis 6/2012)
Zooma Half Marathon (Annapolis, June/July 2012)
Women’s Running Festival 5k (Annapolis, 7/2012)
Annapolis Ten Miler (Annapolis, 8/2012)
Army 10 miler (DC, Oct 2012)
Volunteers on the Run 5k (Annapolis, Oct 2012)
Marine Corps 10k (DC, Oct 2012)
Annapolis Half (Annapolis, Nov 2012)
Anniversary 15k (Annapolis, Dec 2012)

I’m also willing to throw in a Ragnar Relay there (last year we had a team from work – this year…I want ON that team) and a mud run or two…I’m looking at you Warrior Dash 🙂

Hubs and I are also hoping that for my trip in February, we’ll be able to find a 5k or 10k in San Antonio so if I run all these that I PLAN to run and throw in a few smaller races on the fly when I can, I’ll certainly hit my 12 race goal and hopefully I’ll PR in the 5k, 10k, 10 miler and Half this year! New year, new records no?

Starting on the right foot….

Despite the fact that hubs and I spent much of today out and about enjoying each other’s company before he leaves tomorrow (which we’re not talking about by the way), I did manage to fit in a workout to start off my 31 day workout challenge right.

Eventually, I fit in 25 minutes with the 30 day shred. Thanks Jillian Michaels for kickin’ my butt.

This weeks workouts…

Sun 1/1: Shred (check!)
Mon 1/2: 4 mile run with hubs in AM, yoga in PM (if I’m not sobbing my eyes out)
Tue 1/3: strength workout
Wed 1/4: 3 mile run
Thurs 1/5: Strength workout
Fri 1/6: yoga
Sat 1/7: 5 mile run  (or yoga)
Sun 1/8: Hot yoga


Out with the old…

Fare thee well 2011 and on to 2012. Sorry for my pseudo hiatus, but vacation with hubs was necessary and I was off line (exception: instagram) for most of the past week.

So let’s review last years resolutions:

I did not run 12 races. But I did run like 7 races and and I did PR in a 10k and a ten miler.
I did not read 52 books. I may have come close but I stopped keeping track. I’ll do better next year. Maybe.
I did not take the GMAT (YET!) but I did sign up for an awesome CSS/HTML Course that starts in March!
I did not lose 20 lbs but I am on a better track and have lost 10 lbs since hubs went away in October.
I may have tried a new recipe each month. But I didn’t blog about them so I dunno.

I also got a new job. PR’ed in a 10k. Ran 2 more half marathons. Hubs joined the National Guard. I lived on my own for 12 weeks. I

Be Healthier

Run 12 races by December 2012. (i have my first 3 picked out in Feb, March and April!)
Also record each run for a goal of at least 50 miles per month
Complete a 30 day workout challenge each quarter (January, April, July and October)
Record all workouts. Take measurements. Numbers = progress. Progress = healthier and faster.
Practice yoga once per week
hot, yin, bikram. home or studio. Just practice.
Workout 3 days per week also keep food journal 5 days per week.
yoga doesn’t count. Running, Crossfit, classes, elliptical, biking does.

More Money…less problems

Spend three whole months not shopping (do not need to be consecutive – by December 2012)
Maintain $100/month allowance.

Work Harder

Be a Certified Personal Trainer by the end of the year with five clients (by August 2012).
Any advice on this one friends???
Ace my HTML/CSS Class and pick up 5 freelance clients by the end of the year (by May 2012/December 2012)
I am a good student. Don’t let my collegiate gpa fool you.

Blog better

Blog 5 days per week
Set weekly editorial schedule. it helps!
Design a new Life in Pink that better reflects me and where I’m going. (by June 2012)
Stick with blue and pink but make more whimsical and organized. Or something like that.
Participate in Project 365 – because I just got a fancy new camera for Christmas, this will actually inspire me to use it!
Instagram is okay too.


Next year….

Each year I set goals, and each year I either fail miserably or just fail to keep track. Or both. But this year..I will do better. Not to mention I have to update my 30 before 30 list!

1. Run a sub 2 hour half marathon and a sub 5 hour marathon. Shooting for the National Half Marathon and either Marine Corps or NYC for my fifth marathon. Also considering the Baltimore Half Marathon in early October.

2. Be enrolled in a program to obtain my nutrition and weight loss management consultant certification. Looking at either the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, or the AFPA. Unless I find a program that’s better. But most likely, will start with the AFPA, and move on to the IIN when I can you know…afford it.

3. Lose that twenty pounds. I lost 15 in 2010. Gained 5-10 back when we moved to Maryland in November. Goal weight: 120. Starting with the Bikini Bodies Bootcamp at Premier Fitness in the first three weeks of January. And half marathon training. Major change to the eating habits since I really lost track of those in the past few months.

4. Read 52 books. Self explanatory. One book a week.

5. Cook one new recipe a month. Record them on the blog. Be healthy (or entirely unhealthy. that’s okay too.)

6. Coach in some facet, either with Girls on the Run or with a local high school. I’ve met people from GOTR-Chesapeake, and I’ve met a few coaches from local high schools. I just need to figure out what’s going to work for me 🙂

7. Work harder to get myself out of debt. No explanation needed. Part of helping this? Hubs getting a god damned job.

8. Run 12 races. On the list: St. Patricks Day 8k, National Half Marathon, Cooper River Bridge Run, and I’m sure there will be others in the first and second halves of the year. Others of interest? Annapolis ten miler, Baltimore Half Marathon, Jingle All the Way 10k, Turkey Trot 5k, Army 10miler, Rock and Roll Half Marathon. And of course either NYC marathon or MCM.

I didn’t set too many goals because I didn’t want to ruin the authenticity, attainability, reality and timeliness of them.

What are your biggest resolutions of 2011???


Farewell 2010

Each year, I make resolutions. I vow to and then often forget to keep track of them on my resolution page despite my best intentions. I figured this year, since I had so much down time at the start of 2010, I would have been a little more productive. This was…not the case. See my resolutions, and reviews of each below. Overall, 2010 was a mild fail. Ish.

1. Complete the History classes needed to get my certification and get into a certification program, or get a job at a private school. Changed career path, found an amazing company to work for and got a promotion (which was in my goals.), am researching programs to get my nutrition and weight loss management certification – if anyone has any advice on programs that offer this (more specifically this program)

2. Run 2 marathons, a 1/2 marathon, 10 miler, 10k , a 5 miler and 5k. I will run these. I will PR in each. Ran: Race for Haiti 4 miler 41:11
NYRR 8000m (4.9 miles) 53:21
More/Fitness Womens Half marathon 2:28:47
Wall Street 3 miler 31:58
Dash and Splash 10k 1:11:29
Key Bank VT City Marathon 6:01:

3. Lose 20 lbs. I will do this. I will: by eating better, running more and working out 5 days/week. Follow my adventures here! Lost 15. Then gained 5-10 back during our month of quasi-homelessness (after we moved out of our apartment in Stamford and before we moved into our apartment in Annapolis). Working on that now. Deleting the fitness blog though since it’s kind of redundant as that’s my focus here now.

4. Read 50 books this year. (Hubs and I are starting a challenge.) FAIL.

5. Cut our debt in half this means cutting back on EVERYTHING. FAIL. But then again, when half the year at least one of us was out of work…it’s kind of hard to make progress when you’re barely staying afloat as it is, and not without support from our amazing family.

6. Join Junior League. Was a member of JLSN, am in the process of transferring my membership to the JLA. Best decision of my life.

7. Start freelancing (again…hire me!) FAIL. Also: blog more. I let my mood get me into bloggy ruts and well, I just don’t like that so I’m going to try to blog 5 times/week. Did not freelance (wamp wamp) however, did blog some more. Some less.

8. Start a chapter of this non-profit in Fairfield County. {done! kicked off on 9/16/2010!!! Was an amazing, eye opening experience, those girls are so incredibly special and I will miss them incredibly much. Can’t wait to get involved here in Maryland.

9. Go BlogHer 2010 in NYC. Went. Will not be going in 2011. Not strictly because of financial reasons but mostly because I just didn’t have as great of a time as I had hoped in 2010. I would however, love to go to BlogHer Food. Maybe I’ll just save the dough and go some place badass with hubs. If we have the money by then.

10. Send my brother at least 6 care packages while he’s in Afghanistan. Also: This. (0/6 …FAIL – WORST SISTER EVER.

11. Stay in touch with friends/family: write a letter twice/month, call my grandparents every other week, have lunch with my dad at least once/month (0/24; 0/26; 0/12) FAIL. I did have lunch with my dad a few times, including once right before we moved down to Maryland. Relationship with father and step mother is improving, relationship with rest of family, status quo.
12. Complete either JaNoWriMo or NaNoWriMo. FAIL. I will do this. In my life time. Just not any time soon.
13. Cook one new recipe/month. So that’s 12 new recipe’s for 2010. I’ll post them here to hold myself accountable! Also, I’m taking on Menu Monday’s! (0/12) I did cook a lot more. I did record some recipes here. I didn’t keep track of them. Maybe I’ll start doing that this year. When I cook more.

Biggest success? Finding lululemon, my promotion, my half marathon. Figuring out what I want to do with my life (now if only I could get there).

Biggest failures? Not following through on grad school. My full marathon. Not getting the 9+1 guaranteed entry into the NYC Marathon because we moved and my last few races and volunteer race were post moving thus unable to make it up there.

Any regrets or successes in 2010 for you?