Running for a Cause

A while ago, I ran my first race for charity. I raised a little over $100 for the Turkey Trot in DC back in 2008. I didn’t try hard, because I raised it mostly through family, some blog supporters (seriously y’all are amazing!) but I didn’t know much about fundraising (still don’t…but! I have a friend who is running the Boston Marathon for the SECOND time for charity, I need to get some lessons from him!)

My friend Melani and I after finishing the 2008 Turkey Trot!

This past fall, before leaving Connecticut, you might recall that I coached 12 amazing girls and assisted in launching the FIRST Girls on the Run chapter in Connecticut, including, attending a training in Charlotte NC where I was amazed and inspired by Girls on the Run founder Molly Barker.

{Myself, Molly Barker, and my former Council Director}

I had thought long and hard about running as a Girls on the Run Solemate for my next race and decided tonight, that I wanted to run as a Solemate for Girls on the Run for the National Half Marathon in March. I’ve got some lofty goals with this race as far as time goes, and I’ve got some amazing support from my lulu-team here in Naptown to keep me accountable. Raising money for Girls on the Run will not only hold me accountable, but also, help out an amazing organization!

So I think it’s on. I can raise my minimum and then some. I would love to raise $1000+ for the Greater Chesapeake Council of Girls on the Run. What exactly does the money support?

SoleMates is the charity running program for Girls on the Run. Girls on the Run is a life-changing, experiential learning program for girls age eight to thirteen years old. The programs combine training for a 3.1 mile running event with self-esteem enhancing, uplifting workouts. The goals of the programs are to encourage positive emotional, social, mental, and physical development. Our mission is to educate and prepare girls for a life time of self-respect and healthy living. Please check out our website at”

So what say you? $5? $10? $25? You can donate (any amount!) to my race here and know that it will all go to helping a young girl in the greater Chesapeake area participate in this life changing program!


Happy New Year!

I finished the year with these gals (and dudes)…


What better way than to set a 3 mile (supposed to be 5k but the garmin had me at 3.03 miles) in 30:05. AND Hubs ran! He ran the mile race, but still, so proud of my non-running husband! This was the first race for a few of the girls,

Pretty baller if you ask me. Hubs and I are going to get (slightly) dressed up and head downtown in a little bit (I finally found an outfit. Thank sweet goodness.) and meet up with friends later on tonight. It’s going to be a pretty good night if you ask me 🙂

What did you do this year that scared you?


In Training

Since I registered for my second half marathon, I researched many training plans. I don’t want to half ass this one like I’ve been known to do. Getting by on the fact that I can run, ignoring the fact that I want to run well but sometimes don’t feel like putting the effort in to do so. This year? That’s all going to change.

I researched training plans and read posts by the other fitness bloggers I look up to who are planning on using for this very race (bloggy meetup? I hope so!).

I thought about my schedule, the fact that I’m starting a 2 week 6x/week bootcamp on January tenth (that also requires 45 minutes of cardio. Every. Damn. Day.)

I lost track of myself the past couple of months. I feel it in my body. But I’m excited to put myself back into training. I’ve been running on the treadmill and I’m running a 5k on New Years Eve and my knee hasn’t been acting up too badly. Not to mention, hubs ordered me a foam roller for Christmas (win!). In January, I’m getting the bestie and the hubs onto fitness plans to get them both in shape which I’m super excited about, especially since this is what I want to do. Less on the personal fitness aspect, more on the nutrition aspect though.

Back to my training I went with the Hal Higdon Intermediate plan. I was going to go with the novice, but then I felt like it would really bore me. I like this one because it involves one day of speed training, a tempo run, what I call a maintenance run, and a long run capping at about 12 miles. It also gives me days for cross training in case I don’t want to run and yoga which I’ll do on stretching days.  I made some edits, since I likely won’t be doing a 5k race or a 10k race, but I do want to sign up for the St. Patricks Day 8k which is two weeks before the race.

(Super stoked for that – especially since Liz informed me that it’s her goal to drink green beer this year. I didn’t realize we hadn’t yet done that together back in 2006 😉

If you’re a runner, do you have a favorite training plan??


Pushing Yourself – or something

I signed up for another half marathon.

I tried breaking up with running but really, the races. I hate to run but I love to race. The competitive edge. The exhilaration of the finish. So, what better way to motivate myself than signing up for another race?  Right? Right. (I’m a masochist. This is what I do. I do things I hate to push myself. It’s my motivation.)

So, I’ll be running the National Half Marathon on March 26, 2011. I never thought I’d qualify for it but, the half marathon qualifying time (with a half marathon race) was 2:30:00 and I ran the More/Fitness in 2:28:47 (man those conditions were AWFUL) so go me? I want to finish this one in 2:15:00 – 2:00:00. Totally doable.

So I haven’t completely given up on my 30 day challenge, however, I modified it to a “sweat once a day challenge.” So I did yoga once a day, at least 5-6 times per week for the past two weeks, this week I’ve taken one (bad) yoga class, a bootcamp and tomorrow I’m going for a run before work.

So I’m now like 4 days behind, but last night I did this amazing Kettle bell class at Premier Fitness which thoroughly kicked. my. ass. I parked myself on the couch this evening and haven’t really done much of anything – especially by way of Christmas cards. Whoops?

Of course I do want to go see a PT professional about my IT band but I think it’s nothing a little rolling won’t fix, at least for now. I just got new sneakers before we left CT (thank you $100 gift card to the Running Store!) so I’m good on that front at least through the half.

I’ll pick up a new pair of running crops next week, the ones I have, which were purchased when I first started at lululemon, are a size too big and last night at the kettlebell class, I found myself (as I have often when I’ve worn them) pulling them up. A lot. Frustrating. Yes.

So I think I’ll reward myself with these bad boys 🙂 (or maybe these…).

Finally, the first week of January, I’ll be doing a 2 week long bootcamp (EVERY DAY) and starting my training plan.

Also, I’m running a 5k on New Years Eve. I’m excited. I’ve been feeling a little not…unmotivated per se but still recovering from us being displaced for a month. Excuses, excuses, I know. But? I’m getting back into it!


Call it my almost new year resolution.

Anything you’re resolving to do before 2011 hits us?


A 10k and a redesign

Saturday I ran race number 5 of my 9+1 quest to run the NYC marathon next year. Technically it was #6 because the Race for Haiti back in February was a double qualifier.

It was…hot. Friday night, I got ridiculously ill thanks to a combo of too much food and too much wine and not enough lunch. The wine came before the food, and oh mah goodness. Bad, bad, bad. Bad Heidi.

I am not always the queen of bad decisions. The bad decisions ended with these.

{holy Italian cookies batman.}

But despite hugging the porcelain god that night, and then passing out curled up on our bathroom floor (it wasn’t just the wine! I swear!) I was in bed by 11pm and somehow managed to have Hubs set my alarm, checked the alarm at 3am, and woke up – only mildly hungover at 6am in time to throw my butt in the shower to get up.

Still managed to leave about 30 minutes later than i had hoped (we ended up leaving around 8, I wanted to leave at 7:30 but Hubs didn’t think I was going to wake up for it (i had questioned if I was going to run it on the ride home) but I did and was relatively perky when I got him up.

Hubs managed to see me right by the end. When we first parked, at about 8:45, we realized the spot we parked in was in a tow zone. So he moved the car while I ran over to the start line. He saw me right by mile 6.

Mile 1 was tough, miles 2 – 4 were okay, but mile 2 started out rough since there are a lot of hills on that side of the Park. Mile 5 was hot…and wet – there were a couple of misting stations as we got past the 5k mark so I was pretty drenched as I came into the final leg but I still felt like I was a lot slower during this mile. Mile 6 I picked up the pace – I was feeling pretty good by then and then went into near full sprint mode to finish it up just after I saw hubs.

I get all happy when I see him on race courses.

I did not splash afterwards, mostly because Hubs couldn’t splash with me (which I didn’t realize but whatevs I wasn’t just going to leave him on the side of the pool). But I was pretty stoked that my lululemon groovy run shorts were COMPLETELY dry by the time I got back to the car. The cool racerback tank? Not so much but it wasn’t a heavy wet, just damp.

My garmin seems to be off, I don’t know if this is normal but it was about .04 miles off from the mile markers, so by the time i turned it off which was a bit past the finish, it was at 6.3 miles but at least the time wasn’t too far off (it took me about two minutes to get down the chute. My splits were good – I kept the same 11:29/mi pace through the first 3 miles, mile 4 was 11:54; mile 5 was 12:29; mile 6 was 10:56; according to the garmin, the last .3 (stupid garmin. and stupid me for not getting the time right) was at a 11:30 pace (best 7:30?!?!). But since part of that was walking, that’s probably the slower pace.

Distance: 10k. (6.2 miles)
Time: 1:11:29 (garmin 1:12:19)
pace: 11:31/mi

Go me?

PS I redesigned the blog, the tumblr and the twitter. Click on through and check them out – I’m pretty pleased! I also designed myself some rockin’ lil b-cards for BlogHer 2010 NYC – are YOU going???


Lucky Ducks and a 3M Race

Apparently I like running in 80+ degree heat.

I’ve never been a morning runner, nor have I ever really tried to be. So this past week, it worked out that I ran 3 days in a row – which I don’t usually do even when I’m in full on training mode. It’s usually running M/W/S or T/Th/S with a lot of yoga/cross training.

So I went into the city to run with the E.66th Street lululemon which was an amazing workout in Central Park. I seem to be inadvertently falling in love with Manhattan each and every time I go into the city be it by myself, or with friends. But I envision myself running in the park, taking the subway about town with my ear buds and book and finding something new every day.

But alas, I live in the suburbs and work in one of the wealthiest communities in America. Yet still, I miss my cities. Anyhoozle….

I went into the city Wednesday primarily to pick up my race packet for Thursday night’s Wall Street Heart Healthy 3M run.

Somehow in 88 degree weather, I managed to do pretty well in my recent races – my garmin was a little off and had me at 3.2 miles in 31:54 or so.

Official time? 31:58. 10:40/mi (garmin had me at 10:19; 10:27; 9:18). Not too shabby for 88 degree weather and a crowded course.

Me at the race finish. It was probably the closest I’ve ever been to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island – I really should visit them sometime!

I should note, that I have very particular race day doings. I must wear my hair in pigtail braids. I must wear mismatched socks. And I must be wearing my lucky duck undies. (This seriously may be TMI but wait wait…)

These are my lucky undies that I have worn for every (or almost every) race since I was 16. I believe, I purchased them in a $1 bin at Rue 21 sometime in my indoor track season my junior year of high school. Since, I have made sure that they were clean and on hand for every race since – track and field, cross country, etc…

Low and behold, the lucky undies went missing. Sometime in March around the NYRR 8000m race when there were awful storms, and I near froze to death in the cold rain. Again, I still couldn’t find them for the More/Fitness Women’s Half Marathon in April and it poured rain. I still ran well but the conditions? Were less than forgiving. THEN! I STILL couldn’t find them for my marathon in May – which was atrocious and I near dropped out at least four times and finished with a time worse than Hartford in 2008. I blamed the missing undies.

Then, I found them when I was cleaning up my dresser last week and reorganizing everything. They were found! I screeched with joy and couldn’t wait to have them for Thursday night’s race.

I ran so well, I was in a zone, even though I was sans iPod Shuffle, and my legs felt amazing.

Proof, that superstition isn’t always superstition. If an athlete has good luck charms for their big days? They should NEVER be doubted. I am so stoked that the lucky undies are back and even more stoked that I’ll have them for my 10k in early July!!!

Do YOU have any good luck charms??


On to Number 4…

I have a great post that I have yet to finish. This week has been ridic in terms of being busy with work, and preparing for our trip to Vermont – making plans to see people and the like.

I awoke this morning to check the weather for race day (marathon #4…how did I get here?!?), thinking it would say what it said three days ago when I checked. 67ish high and sunny. Right? Right.


Wamp. Wamp.

Well…at least I’ve got tons of fast wicking shorts and tanks to wear. Must not forget sunscreen though. That would be…really bad.

In other news, I have a post that I started last week that I need to edit but I’ll be sure to schedule that for this weekend, and as always, I’ll be active over on the tumblr blog via iPhone because I’m awesome like that.