Fall Races You Need to Run

Autumn is primo racing season and it seems marathons and half marathons are a dime a dozen so I’m not going to list all of them. But I wanted to take a moment to share some local to Annapolis races that you should definitely consider if you’re looking for a few smaller training races to bulk up your schedule while you get on track for a mad PR this fall. 

Starting this week, I’m going to be starting the couch to 5k with some mama’s in my play group which I’m going to supplement some of my training with. I’ll be doing 3 days of running for the C25k, and then 1 long run each week. My paces aren’t quite where I want them to be and I figure doing C25k with Ethan in the jogger, will help my overall endurance in a way that running on my own won’t. I mean, you’ve gotta gain something when pushing a 30+ pound jogging stroller.


Ripley Race, November 3, 2013, Annapolis.
Coined as a top race in the mid-Atlantic, this speedy 5k is in to raise awareness and support for our troops returning from war.

“The Ripley Race celebrates the legacy of valor and leadership of Colonel John W. Ripley Unites States Marine Corps (USMC). In a career that spanned more than 35 years, Colonel Ripley earned six valorous and 14 personal decorations in two tours of combat, including the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart. During the 1972 North Vietnamese Easter Offensive, the then-Captain Ripley was responsible for destroying the Dong Ha Bridge. In a desperate and heroic action that would make him a legend in the Corps, Captain Ripley placed and detonated more than 600 pounds of explosives, stopping an enemy assault of more than 20,000 men.

For his courage and heroism at the Dong Ha Bridge, Captain Ripley was awarded the Navy Cross, the nation’s second highest award for valor. The destruction of the Dong Ha Bridge has been memorialized in a diorama at the U.S. Naval Academy entitled, “Ripley at the Bridge.”

Colonel Ripley’s leadership continued off the battlefield, serving in leadership roles at universities, as a historian, a speaker and as an expert testifying before Congress on military matters.

The Ripley Race commemorates a lifetime achievement in the service of his country and dedication to the nation he loved.” (via)

Junior League of Annapolis, inc, Volunteers on the Run 5k, November 10th, Annapolis
A race near and dear to my heart because of my passion for the Junior League and all we stand and work for. “JLA is an organization dedicated to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers”. We are an education and charitable organization, and are full of amazing and inspiring women looking to advance ourselves and give back to the community.

Girls on the Run 5k, TBA (December 2013), Annapolis
I coached for GOTR twice now – once in CT and once here in Annapolis and each time, my heart swelled with the dedication of the other coaches and the inspiration from the girls I coached. Seriously, there is a lot you can learn from almost 40 third-fifth graders. This race is always a fun one, and I highly recommend volunteering to be a running buddy!

Cold Turkey 10kNovember 24, 2013, South River High School Edgewater, MD
I love the races that the Annapolis Striders put on.  I keep meaning to run this race but for whatever reason, I always seem to miss it. Last year was my pregnancy, the year before I was likely working because all I ever did was work back then. Subsequently they also have the Anniversary 15k in Quiet Waters Park in early December if you want to try a new distance!

Annapolis Half MarathonNovember 23, 2013, Annapolis
Want to go big or go home? I loved this race despite the issues it had in it’s first year (2011). The second year I was all knocked up and couldn’t run even though it was going to be fantastic. Alas, I’m hoping to hop back into it this year and run it again. This year, they’re also doing a 10k race and calling it the Annapolis Classic Running Festival. Fun name, awesome course…let’s be running buddies!

Edited to add (since I missed #6 and this one was recommended!)

Annapolis 9/11 Heroes Run, September 8, 2013, Annapolis
Another amazing cause – uniting communities to honor the heroes who have sacrificed their lives on 9/11/01 and the wars following.

Other races to consider if you’re willing to travel a little bit

Navy Air Force Half Marathon or 5 Miler
Marine Corps 10k
Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon
Veterans Day 10k
Jingle All the Way 8k

Or any of the races listed on the Charm City Run events page!

My two big races this fall are the Baltimore Half Marathon and the Army 10 miler – everything after that is just for funsies.

 What races are on YOUR fall agenda this year? Any I missed?


The Art of Spectating

For the past five years, Adam has spectated almost every race (minus the seven he missed while away at training last year) that I’ve ran. Trekking around DC for 7 hours while I completed my first marathon, standing in Central Park in the rain for 2+ hours when I ran my first half marathon, standing in sub 30 degree weather for nearly an hour while I ran a 4 mile race in Central Park, waiting in heat, humidity and everything in between.

This weekend, I got to pay it all forward. He’s run a couple races with me – a 10k here and a 5k there (1 of each to be exact) so while I sold my Army 10 miler bib a couple months ago, I got to play spectator.

Lesson: Specatating is not as easy as one thinks.

@ the start line. I headed over to Route 110 after to see him run by.

The perfect spot to watch him go by. “I’m near the portajohns after the bridge.” I told him. (He snuck his phone in. No one checked. It helped. Bunches.)

After watching him go by, I had had these grandiose plans to head over across the memorial bridge til I realized how wrong I was that that would be easy. Sure it was a metro stop away to get off at Arlington but what would be blocked off? How long of a wait would I have? Who knew!

Instead, I headed over to mile 6 on Independence. I camped out right before the 6.2 mile mark cheering on the runners with my cowbell and enthusiasm. They are AMAZING to watch. Not to mention, it was the perfect day, the weather was perfect and autumn like.

So many flags and amazing runners! I was definitely a little heart broken that baby Schmidt has me sidelined, but I felt really great cheering on the hubs.

Just before the 10k mark where I was camped out.

I figured at that point I should start heading to the finishing knowing that he had about 3+ miles left and who knew how long it would take me to get over there. Unfortunately, I was starved and really had to pee. Baby Schmidt isn’t such a fan of huge walks without eating for long periods of time. Wamp wamp.

I grabbed a quick bite, and made it to the bridge over 110 between mile 9 and 10. Unfortunately, I missed his big finish but I caught up with him in the finishers area.

YAY!! He’s totally all army strong and a year ago? He likely would not have been able to finish. Well, maybe he would have finished but not nearly as awesomely as he did.

So, so proud of him. AND his first ten miler (that, let’s be honest, he didn’t train for as well as he could have. Or should have) was better than MY first ten miler time back in 2009 (GW Parkway Ten Miler) so there’s that. That race for me was a month before I ran my best marathon ever (5:31:something).

I can’t wait to get back out on the roads with him – picking races that we can bring baby Schmidt on in our soon to be obtained jogging stroller, next year we definitely want to do the Army 10 miler together so we’ll have to get our parents here to be awesome spectators.

How to be an awesome spectator

1. Be prepared. Make signs. Cowbells. Be ready to scream your butt off. Not just for your loved one but for EVERY runner.

2. Have a plan. Where you’ll be. Figure out the most strategic spots. If I had been a block or so down, I could have seen the husband TWICE but I didn’t think about that. Wamp wamp. Races aren’t necessarily easy to navigate so be sure to give yourself plenty o’ time to get to point to point.

3. Have fun! Races are meant to be fun – enjoy it! You’re not the one putting blood, sweat and tears into the race so be sensitive to that. Also, check out the runners on the course – I heard a piper, saw Uncle Sam, Captain America, etc… the people who put some creativity into their race garb are AWESOME and sure to make spectating even more fun for you!

4.  Have food and drink on hand. Your runner pal might need a sip of your water/beer/juice but seriously – I got super dehydrated being out there for almost 2 hours. Note to self, water bottles aren’t just for runners. Not to mention, runners like snacks. Gummi bears, fruit, anything quick, small and nutritious (even sometimes not) – they’ll appreciate anything of the sort. At least I did 🙂 


Army Ten Miler Training

So I finally put together my training plan for the Army Ten Miler – I wanted to keep my training plan simple and I know I can get away with training for a race on 3 days of running each week. Plus, I know that Adam wants to do more strength training in general, so I figured two days of strength/cross training is better than we’ve been doing lately and makes for a five day workout schedule which is doable.

{tracked here}

It’s a ten week plan, though we’re uncertain if Adam will be able to run it since he has drill weekend that weekend but he’ll still want to train for it since he’s getting in shape for his OCS application in the fall. Homeboy wants his bars more than anything (which was the original plan when he enlisted last September).

So other than the speed workouts which I wanted to keep pretty easy (as easy as a speed workout can be), it’s a relatively easy training plan. I know more than anything to listen to my body and when it feels like too much to drop back. I blame my lack of energy recently on my worn out sneaks – my Newton’s are growing a hole…think it’s time for pair #2…since these have lasted almost 9 months.

The struggle here is going to be getting into a new routine. I was in a great routine working out in the mornings when husband was gone, but that kind of fell to the wayside over the past month or so. Adam starts his new job on Monday and he has a longer commute than me, I’m sure on strength training days he’ll likely workout at work and I’ll stick to our gym. I’m not sold on Thursday as a yoga day simply because I need to find a class I actually want to stick with. But the days can always get moved around – especially since I know the Striders do a track workout on Tuesday nights or there’s the Fleet Feet running group I should start running with again. I really enjoyed that back when I was making an effort to go (which might have actually only been once…so don’t quote me on that…).

Either way the distances will stick. The days, as with any training plan may shuffle, but that’s okay.


Fleet Feet Pub Run Recap

I love love LOVE the fun runs that Fleet Feet Annapolis puts on – The Turkey Trot 5 miler that I completed last Thanksgiving with Sarah Jane, Chocolate Bunny Easter Fun Run, the Quatro de Mayo Fun Run and yesterday, the first Pub Run.

We got there late and they had left (oops), but the store gave us the route and said we could shorten it or go on the full route. We shortened it a bit, but still managed to get in a slow 3 miles roughly in about 35 minutes.  It felt good to see sub 10 minutes on my garmin last night, good to know my speed work of yore hasn’t totally packed up shop and hit the road.

After a nice stretch session (and catching up with Lauren!), we headed over to Davis’ Pub in Eastport – one of my favorite joints in Annapolis for the homey, divey atmosphere.

On Monday 8/20, Davis’ is going to be on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives! Adam loves the crab pretzel! We went for the crab balls for our appetizer though, I’m indifferent to pretzels.


It was good to get out and get moving since I’ve been feeling so sloth-like recently. But training for the Army 10 miler starts soon (like next week?) so getting moving is going to be more imperative, not to mention while the couch is certainly comfy and I do love me some trashy tele, getting moving and schweaty always makes me feel amazing and sometimes I lose sight of that.

As for the Army 10,  I’m not going for a PR or anything, I’m running to finish because I know I can’t commit to training the way I want to but I want to run it for the sake that I stayed up til midnight to register for that bia and I will effing run it. Not to mention I have FOUR races left to get in my 12 races for this year (on my 30 before 30 list) and this is my last really big one (Marine Corps 10k, JLA Volunteers on the Run 5k, Turkey Trot 10k, and the Girls on the Run 5k in December are the other races I’ve got on my schedule to get me to 12/13 for this year).


Women’s Distance Festival 5k

Saturday morning I ran the Women’s Distance Festival 5k in West Annapolis.  It was a super fun race, my 8th of the year so far and my first Striders race this year (would have been my 3rd but the first one I had to make an emergency trip to CT for a funeral and then the 2nd I just didn’t feel up for).

It was a 2 loop course throughout west Annapolis, a course I know quite well for the most part since it’s often on the front end of my long runs to add an easy mile at the start.  I started out really great, and tried to just move through the hills. By the end of the first loop, my legs started feeling really heavy. I didn’t pace myself well enough but I did love seeing 8:22/mi on my garmin if not for long.

Midway through, just before mile 2 and after the water stop they had, it started raining. By this time I was done with the hills (there were 2 not so fun hills. Then again, are any hills fun??) and just had to make 3 more turns to the finish.

With a quarter mile left, it really started to rain. I finished strong though. Adam cheered me on (he wasn’t up to running the men’s race – thankfully, a crazy storm rolled through just after I finished!) and met up with me at the finish. I finished right before the real storm started which we ended up walking back to the car in. We grabbed Naval Bagel (my post run treat) and then headed home to regroup before our Eastern Shore Day trip!

Time: 29:42
Pace:  9:45ish
AG: 6/11
Overall: 51/168


Race Recap: Zooma Annapolis 10k

Saturday was rough friends.

Friday night I enjoyed myself – borderline too much – with coworkers at a work celebration. Now, I knew that the Zooma 10k started at 7a but man, I hadn’t been to karaoke in AGES.

So karaoke I sang. And I was still in bed by midnight, after drinking four beers and a bunch of water.

6a rolled around and I jumped out of bed, drank another glass of water, got dressed in my clothes (that were NOT laid out…whoops) and we drove down to the Stadium. We ended up parking in West Annapolis, because I had NIGHTMARES that I would be 10 minutes late for the race a la the Annapolis Half Marathon last fall.

Alas, it was so much better managed and I got there five minutes before the start (only because I chose to walk two blocks rather than parking at the stadium).

Ready to get this party started!

The race got started. It was PERFECT running weather. Though, because of the storms the night before there were some large puddles in the parking lot and there was dodging – lots of it. I’ve found that mile 1 is always a bit slow though.

Hubs texted me and said I was “moving” – and I was (I texted him back while running with “move faster” ) . I tried to keep my splits sub 10:00/mi – which I did okay at until we got passed downtown. Here I am at mile 1 flying past him!

I didn’t see hubs again til mile 5.5 after going through downtown where my pal Anne was sitting in front of her house cheering on runners, and then up and over the Naval Academy Bridge where the lululemon cheer team was at the top of. Thankfully, the 10k runners split half way down the east side of the bridge and then headed back to the finish so I only had to run up it one and a half times (instead of up, down back up and then back down). Hubs missed me at the corner before turning onto 450 to go up the bridge, so he stuck around rather than heading to the finish (which was the original plan).

Here I am at mile 5.5 or so – looking good and feeling really good!

I kicked it in after waving to the husband and then flew to the finish. I hate races that have you finish on an up hill. I also dislike races where you have to run on grass. I should probably get used to that and I will, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

The sun was right in my eyes so I definitely look all squinty and shiz. Hubs and I shared my free lunch, and then I tried some amazing barefoot wine – seriously, try the pink moscato. Delish. They were however, generous pours.

After my mini wine tasting, I went over to the Muscle Milk truck to grab my free drink, and check out the foam rollers when someone called my name. Kim had emailed me the night before (but I didn’t see it because I was being all irresponsible with my colleagues) and recognized me from my pictures. I was super stoked especially since I’ve met very few blog readers (freaders) so I was pretty pumped! Definitely want to see her again – and am so impressed – Zooma was her first 10k! Huzzah and congrats!!!

Time: 1:04:05
AG: 101/222
Overall: 512/1369

That my friends…is another PR. Huzzah!!! 


Weekly Workouts

Yesterday morning we did a modified workout of the failed workout on Sunday. Which would have been a great workout except hubs and I both thought the bleachers were being used so we vowed to go back later…and never made it back. Whoops

But yesterday we fit in a quick workout before work at the gym since it was rainy – 1 mi warm up run, 3 sets of 20 pushups, crunches, arm dips and tuck jumps and a quick .25 mi run home.

Tuesday: rest (it was pouring this morning, and I stayed up late)
3-5 mi
800m w/u, 1200m/800/400/200 w/ 400m rest 800m c/d (~3.5)
run 3-5 mi
Girls on the Run 5k followed by 5 miles (total 8.1)
Sun: rest

Yes friends, I stayed up late last night. It was so so worth it though….

Hubs and I are both officially registered for:

Apparently it sold out by 9a so the late night last night was definitely worth it!

So that puts me at 16 races left for the year. I’m pretty sure I can find at least ten more in there. I might not be the fastest runner but running races excites me to run and train and keep up this level of fitness and keep getting better. Everyone has to find that thing that gets them moving. Right? Races are mine.

1 ten miler (Oct)
4 half marathons (June, Sept, and 2 in December)
4 10k’s (2 in June, 1 in Oct, and 1 in November)
6 5k’s (throughout the summer, and fall I’m sure I’ll add to this number)
1 15k  (December)

What gets YOU moving?


Chocolate Bunny Fun Run

Last night I ran the Fleet Sweet Chocolate Bunny Fun Run. It turned out to be about 3.85 miles (probably about 4 when you consider the run to Fleet Feet from where I was parked.

I picked up cute bunny ears from the dollar store but did NOT get a picture of me (d’oh) in them.

The Easter Bunny at the turn around point at the Annapolis Sweet Shoppe however, loved them!

This was after he gave me a big ole hug. Swoon!

We also got a chocolate bunny (and water!) to either eat there or run back with.

I ate half of it when I got back to Fleet Feet – it was pretty tasty!

I ran with Lauren – who I really like running with – she runs just faster than me enough where I’m challenged but not so fast that I’m left in the dust. We kept sub 10 minute miles which was awesome because that’s about where I want to be and I’m fairly confident that tomorrow I can get my sub 30 5k finally! Fingers crossed!


mile 1: 9:59
mile 2: 10:53 (i didn’t stop my watch when we paused for water and for the Easter Bunny. We were there for about a minute so this was probably 9:53)
Mile 3: 9:39
.8: 8:09

Hey look! Negative splits!

While I haven’t trained much for negative splits, I really want to give them a try next weekend. I’ve been thinking of my strategy. I used the run 5 minutes walk 1 for the Annapolis Half which worked well enough but not for a PR so I’m going to walk the water stops which is my usual strategy for the half next weekend. I’m hoping for negative splits – if I start around a 10:30 pace and gradually make my way to a 9:30 pace I’ll do pretty decently. Unfortunately, my longest run was a really slow run when I had company a couple of weeks ago which makes it hard to gauge. My 9 miler was somewhere between 1:30-1:40 so I think, I really do think that I can hit 2:15:00 next weekend if I push myself just far enough out of my comfort zone.

All in all, the fun run was an awesome way to run with a nice (rather small) group of people (including the Navy Women’s Marathon Team?! They have a whole marathoning team?!?! Jeeeeezzzzz) including running with Lauren again who is AWESOME. I really like her pace and need to make running with her a more frequent occurrence. “If you want to run fast, run with faster people.”



St. Patricks Day 5k

I had resigned myself, when I awoke at early o’clock on a Saturday that I would run my scheduled 9 miler on Sunday. After all, I had had one too many Magner’s out on Friday night and wasn’t feeling hot. I had plans to go bridesmaids dress shopping with Lexi and her friend Michaela for Lexi’s sisters wedding. I drove to the metro at too early, forgetting completely about the Marathon and Half marathon until I woke up. Thankfully I left after it started so the metro wasn’t really that bad nor was traffic.

We met up at 10:30a in Georgetown, Lexi tried on some pretty dresses and some not so pretty. After, we got lunch at Serendipity 3. They had both been in NYC, but I had only heard of the amazingness.

I had a taco salad to start. It was pretty noms. The taquitos were pretty tasty too!

Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate. Apparently Serendipity is famous for this – can’t say I disagree. It was amazing and also voted one of the best desserts in DC by the Washington Post! It’s billed as having 20 types of chocolate in it. It was…amazing. Not too rich, but tasted like hot chocolate. Chocolately and milky and icy but not overbearing on the ice cream flavor as some milk shakes can be. It was…just yum.

After that, we did a little bit of shopping, then I headed home. It was absolutely beautiful yesterday, so I got home and was like hmm maybe I should run tonight? I had gone out on Friday night with a friend for a couple cider’s and some good irish fare at Galway Bay and didn’t really have any plans for St. Patricks Day but did see that the Annapolis Running Shop was having their St. Patricks Day 5k so I got the bright idea to run 6 miles downtown (I didn’t want to drive since they were having DUI checkpoints on Rowe Blvd coming home and I knew I’d be drinking after the race) and then run the race and meet new people at the after party to get my 9 miles in and still not sit at home on St. Patricks Day. BRILLIANT SMITHERS!

Mile 1: 11:38 (I walked the first .2 miles to warm up)
Mile 2:
10:28 (more like it! That’s where I want to be!)
Mile 3:
12:02 (then I got lost…)
Mile 4:
Mile 5: 11:31 (feeling a little stiff and ran into lots of drunks down on Main Street. They have no regards for runners on the sidewalk)
Mile 6: 10:32 
total time: 1:06:57
{10 minute rest to register/get started}
Mile 7: 9:59
Mile 8: 10:22
Mile 9:  8:35
total Mileage actually: 8.8
Total time: 1:35:53

If I keep this training up (I like to keep my long runs between 9:30-10:30 miles but the route I picked which was around the Naval Academy Stadium which turned out to be a lot hillier than I expected and I couldn’t remember the route I picked so I cut it short by about .25 miles. Whoops.), I should be on track to hit 2:15:00-2:00:00 for the half in April. I’m running 10 miles next weekend and then I’ll do 9 miles when I get back from CT the weekend after and then 11 the week before the race. No taper, but tapers I’ve found for half training don’t really work for me.

After the show it’s the after party…

The Annapolis Running Store was amazing enough to open it’s doors for an after party which included Guinness, Smithwicks, Murphy’s Stout and other edible refreshments.

It probably wasn’t too smart to end my 9 mile run with a Smithwicks and a couple cookies and a Guinness but you know what, I didn’t puke and when I got home I had more fuel to make up for it all and I brought a water bottle with me on the run so I was plenty hydrated.

It was a great crowd and I’m super pumped to start running with them on Wednesday Nights as a part of their group runs, I remembered seeing an article about Jon and Megan last fall in the Capital. Their dog Gordy was hanging out last night, he’s kind of a ham, but amazing.

{Gordy, he’s kind of amazing}

Either way, I got the sense that if I want to run fast, I should run with them. Considering Jon and Megan both coach high school track and field, I probably sensed that right. I can’t run with them this week, but next week? I’ll be there. It doesn’t hurt that they hit up happy hour after runs. I’m down for that.

{You could tell the party was dying down when Gordy decided to call it a night}

I managed to grab a cab home after the crowd petered out which was nice since I only ran down there with my house key, my ID and my debit card and a water bottle on my fuel belt. Note to self: buy shot blocks ASAP especially if I need to run 10 miles next weekend.

I got home, promptly showered because oh em gee. Rank. Then I ate, watched America’s Next Top Model and contemplated setting my alarm for yoga (I did not go by the way). It was, a perfect St. Patricks Day (well almost. Could have only been perfect if the hubs was here).

{Note: Race Recap only cross posted at NewlyMarylanders}
{disclaimer: this post includes paid link advertising however all thoughts here are my own and have not been influenced by any advertisers} 

How did you celebrate St. Patricks Day??


Failure is not an option

I had this goal last year and so this year – I want to get ‘er done.

After all there were some awesome runs last year –

I ran the unhalf Annapolis Half Marathon (half #3!)

I ran the Marine Corps 10k and PR’ed!

I ran a 5k for Junior League of Annapolis, Inc.

Hubs ran his first 10k with me!

I ran the Girls on the Run 5k in DC which made me miss coaching my girls up in CT.

I also did the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and the National Half (on a just recovered injured foot – thanks bad karaoke…that step to the stage came out of nowhere).

This year I will run (at least) 12 races.

Valentines Day 5k (Annapolis, 2/11/12)
St. Patricks Day 8k (DC 3/11/12)
Cooper River Bridge Run 10k (Charleston, SC 3/31/12)
Unplugged Half Marathon (Colchester, VT 4/14/12)
Race to Remember Half Marathon (Boston 5/27/12 – deferred from last year!)
Dawson’s Fathers Day 10k (Annapolis 6/2012)
Zooma Half Marathon (Annapolis, June/July 2012)
Women’s Running Festival 5k (Annapolis, 7/2012)
Annapolis Ten Miler (Annapolis, 8/2012)
Army 10 miler (DC, Oct 2012)
Volunteers on the Run 5k (Annapolis, Oct 2012)
Marine Corps 10k (DC, Oct 2012)
Annapolis Half (Annapolis, Nov 2012)
Anniversary 15k (Annapolis, Dec 2012)

I’m also willing to throw in a Ragnar Relay there (last year we had a team from work – this year…I want ON that team) and a mud run or two…I’m looking at you Warrior Dash 🙂

Hubs and I are also hoping that for my trip in February, we’ll be able to find a 5k or 10k in San Antonio so if I run all these that I PLAN to run and throw in a few smaller races on the fly when I can, I’ll certainly hit my 12 race goal and hopefully I’ll PR in the 5k, 10k, 10 miler and Half this year! New year, new records no?

Starting on the right foot….

Despite the fact that hubs and I spent much of today out and about enjoying each other’s company before he leaves tomorrow (which we’re not talking about by the way), I did manage to fit in a workout to start off my 31 day workout challenge right.

Eventually, I fit in 25 minutes with the 30 day shred. Thanks Jillian Michaels for kickin’ my butt.

This weeks workouts…

Sun 1/1: Shred (check!)
Mon 1/2: 4 mile run with hubs in AM, yoga in PM (if I’m not sobbing my eyes out)
Tue 1/3: strength workout
Wed 1/4: 3 mile run
Thurs 1/5: Strength workout
Fri 1/6: yoga
Sat 1/7: 5 mile run  (or yoga)
Sun 1/8: Hot yoga