Race Recap: Zooma Annapolis 10k

So this recap has taken me…just about a month to get up here. It’s been nearly finished for almost 3 weeks…so here we go!

Happy 10 years in Annapolis, Zooma! I was so jazzed to be chosen again as a Zooma Ambassador – the Zooma community, at its core is such an amazing one and the Annapolis race is, of all the Annapolis races, one that I love the most. 

You can read previous race recaps here, here, here and here

Packet Pickup

I headed down to Annapolis after work to grab my packet, and meet up with other ambassadors. The expo was at the Loew’s on West Street – a beautiful hotel if you’re ever looking for a place to stay in Annapolis. The ballroom has been host to many Junior League events and previous Zooma expos have been held here as well. 

Because it was the 10 year anniversary, the expo featured the runners who had run 5+ years, it had stickers to put on there for each year you had run Zooma and special pins. I completely forgot to do this but this year, I’m fairly certain was my 5th year since we moved to the Annapolis area in 2011 and I’ve done it most years since then (i might have skipped a year in 2015???).

The ambassadors met up at 6:30 for a meet and greet with Brae – Zooma Race Director. We got our shirts and Bondi bands as ambassador swag, sipped some Barefoot bubbly (a fantastic race sponsor. If you haven’t run this, or hit up the post-race party, you are MISSING. OUT.)

I didn’t join the other ambassadors for dinner – I like my quiet nights before races with sushi and some bad tv and an early bedtime. All of which i enjoyed with my two favorite boys.

zooma annapolis 10k

Race morning

I met up again with the ambassadors and other Maryland MRTT members for a couple of pre-race pictures. This group of ambassadors is pretty flipping incredible and I’m lucky to know them and follow their running journey’s online.

{Photo credit MCM Runs}

The weather on race day was really perfect. It was sunny. Not too hot (I’ve run Zooma in 80+ degree weather before). A nice breeze. Could not have asked for better weather in June in Annapolis. Fairly certain it won’t be that fantastic in August when I run the Annapolis ten miler. 

The 10k course in Annapolis is my favorite. I love all you hardcore half marathon runners, but the Annapolis Half Marathon route (for Zooma and the Annapolis Half Marathon) is just…no bueno. But the 10k course? You get the beautiful views of downtown (Miles 1 – 4), the challenge of the naval academy bridge (4-5.5) and then the fantastic downhill finish (well. Except for the Academy parking lot..which is a bitch of an uphill .2 miles).

zooma annapolis 10k

I felt pretty good through most of the race but by mile 4.5 my feet were a little achy, I was hungry and felt myself doing more walking breaks. I made the mistake of buying new sneakers (they were the updated version of my previous sneakers – Pure Cadence 5 by Brooks) which I picked up Thursday night and ran in Friday AM before the race. They felt pretty good but the tongue is a bit different on them so that’s still taking some breaking in.

zooma annapolis

All things told, I felt good as I finished up. I have to remind myself that I’m 15 – 20 lbs heavier than I was when I was racing sub 30 5ks and running regular 9:30 – 10:00/miles and that weight slows a runner down. I’ll get back to my happy weight, and my speedier times –  I’m working hard but I had a goal time for this race and I just didn’t hit it which was, not going to lie, a little disappointing. 

Time: 1:15:19
Place: 365/513
A/G: 60/81


**Zooma has other races – you can use code HEIDI17 to get 10% the Zooma Florida, Zooma Cape Cod races that are happening this fall!**

**Disclosure: Because I am  a Zooma Ambassador, I was given a free entry into Zooma Annapolis/other Zooma events. All thoughts here are my own.**



ZOOMA 10k Race Recap

My ZOOMA experience in 2014 by far has been the best one. I absolutely loved serving as a ZOOMA Race Ambassador in my community, and I loved the fellow bloggers that I got to meet and make connections with – we had an outstanding group of ambassadors this year and I am so lucky that I was chosen to be one of them. The Zooma 10k continues to be one of my favorite annual races in Annapolis 🙂

Friday Night

The ambassadors and I met for dinner at Federal House – which was outstanding. I’ve only been to Federal House a couple times before and haven’t been for food in years. The food was decent, and the beer selection was pretty stellar. {clockwise from back right: me, Mar, Sue, Cynthia, Erika, Courtney, Lisa…image credit: Mar}

After dinner we popped over to the Loews for the Honest Tea Mocktail Party. I ran into my pal Meg who, since I didn’t want to break myself and my legs more than I already have, I said I’d run with and pace. It was her first 10k and she really just wanted to finish.

The mocktails were delicious, but similarly to last year I found the expo a bit underwhelming. But then, once you’ve been to one expo you’ve been to them all.

I really wish the mocktail party had been earlier – given that it was at 7pm I felt that the attendance was a bit…m’eh, and with the expo winding down it was just…not super exciting. Wamp wamp – at least the drinks were delicious and the company was good!

Such an awesome group of bloggers!

The Race… Pros…

*running races with friends is a lot of fun! (I usually race solo excepting the few times Hubs and i have raced together – also a lot of fun) *The weather was OMGSOAMAZING.

*The 10k didn’t go over the Naval Academy Bridge! #winning #bestcourseever

*Seemed like many of the snafus from last year were fixed, which is awesome that they heard our feedback and listened!

*Seeing my pal crush her goal by over 20 minutes!

*Did I mention the swag? I personally am a big fan of the Feetures socks – i got a couple of pairs for being an ambassador and they’ve worked their way into a solid rotation in my running must-haves. Huge win!

{meg and I at the finish}

Honestly, this year was a great year. I wouldn’t change a thing. While it wasn’t a PR, not every race will be. The plus side was my legs weren’t sore after the race, and I got to finish hard. Cons… Forgetting my ID and not being able to have wine. Meg managed to snag me a glass but the Barefoot Wine after-party is always one of my favorite aspects of this race. I forgot my ID in the car and had no desire to walk to the far side of the parking lot. But I did get to hang out with Meg, Adam and Ethan while I waited for a post-race massage. Necessary and amazing.   He’s the best cheerleader ever.

Final time: 1:33:56


Throwback Thursday: MCM Edition

Almost six years ago I ran my first marathon – fitting since this weekend is the Marine Corps marathon! So for Blogtober’s Throw Back Thursday – here’s my “halloween” post – it was halloween weekend in my defense and I’m pretty sure I haven’t celebrated Halloween really since 2005 – I’ll bust out REAL TBT pictures from that next week.


Check out my race recap from way back when. Happy Throw Back Thursday and good luck to all the runners this weekend at MCM including one of my gal pals Sarah Jane! 26.2 or bust!



Race Recap: Army 10 Miler

This past Sunday, Hubs and i trekked into the city at the butt crack of dawn alone. For the first time without baby.

At the ripe hour of 6am, we woke baby up (a first) and dropped him off over with my in-laws at their hotel for the morning.

We drove over to Pentagon City (aka my old hood) and parked next to Costco – an inexpensive option and saved us the hassle of the metro. There were many plus sides of this: 1. we could have taken the metro one stop (we didn’t but if it had been colder or rainy we could have) 2. we used the bathrooms in the Pentagon City mall rather than waiting for nasty portajohns. Major win on that front.

The weather was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better day to run. I was a bit nervous since I hadn’t fit in any real long runs in a few weeks but I had been staying active so I used that to ease my mind.

I was in the white corral and Adam was in the orange so I hung back with him since we were going to run together. Our wave got started at 8:25a. Not too shabby for a race of 35,000 people – I was just impressed that it started on time!

I did a big race day no-no – I picked up a pair of Newton’s from Spark Running (a local Severna Park running store) at the expo on Friday and I was uncertain if I was going to run in those or my Kinvara’s that I had been running in. The Kinvara’s weren’t great on my IT bands and knees so I risked my feet to run in my Newton’s. Lo, no IT band pain just sore feet (which was expected after 10 miles), and tight hips which has been common in my “training” for this race.

Miles 1-3: were decently paced and took us up route 110, across the memorial bridge and around foggy bottom. When we made it onto Constitution, I had to pee so I jumped onto a line – the price one pays for being well hydrated. Almost ten minutes later (okay…8 minutes)…(rage) we were back. Not before some random dude picked up a pretzel for his pal in line behind me which we got a good laugh out of.

5k split: ~40 minutes (with a bathroom stop)

miles 4-6: uneventful – felt pretty good. This is where I could tell my training was lackluster. We made it to the 10k mark on Independence Avenue but my hips started feeling really sore. The crowds through this section were awesome though once we crossed 14th and headed up toward L’enfant Plaza area.

10k split: 1:19:20 (pretty similar to my time at Zooma. Except then I didn’t wait in line for 10 minutes for an effing portapot half way through)

miles 7-10: Hubs started to get really drained heading up to the 14th street bridge. We did more walk run intervals by this point – picking a landmark and running to that point then walking for a minute or so. I pushed him a bit, he’ll tell you that I have more endurance than he does and I can keep going. I’m not the fastest runner but man, once we hit mile 9 I kicked it into high gear. Of course it was also around here that I realized my runkeeper app was about a quarter to a half mile ahead of us – not sure how that happened…i mean .10-.15 miles is understandable but a half mile?! That just seems outrageous!

We finished strong holding hands and that was what really mattered to me.

{Post race selfie}

And the fact that we started dating a little over seven years ago and back then there was no way we would have ever run 10 miles together. We’ve come so far and I’m so proud of us and I’m proud of myself for feeling amazing during this race. I know I probably could have trained harder or better, but for my first real long distance race post baby – when we went through sleep regressions, nursing strikes, more sleep regression and an ear infection over the past three months – I think I did the best I could. Next time, though, I want to do better. But the whole training for a race with a baby thing? Well, there’s a bit of a learning curve there – and I think it takes time to learn that…whether you’re training for a 5k or an ironman. It’s not always easy with a baby to find an hour to go off and workout on your own.

This wasn’t a PR by any means but I’m proud of the time, and I’m proud that I completed the race with hubs – start to finish – and that we had fun and I ran the best I could, pushing myself harder than I thought I would on race day.

Clock time: 2:29:54
Chip time:
GPS time (sans bathroom break haha): 1:58:41


Womens Distance Festival 5k Recap

Saturday AM I ran my first post-baby 5k. I know I probably should have ran a 5k before the Zooma 10k back in June but whatevs. I march to the beat of my own drum.

This race was my last pre-baby 5k last year and I loved it.

The course, goes right through the quiet streets of West Annapolis – a loop I often run at the start of pretty much any training run that I start down at Naval Bagel. Originally, I was going to run it with three girls who sit on my council in Junior League – alas there only ended up being two of us but that was cool! I loved running with J, she’s super sweet and kept me moving along!

I keep telling hubs, when he worries about his PT run time, to run faster…and just run with faster people. Lauren helped me run faster last spring when I finally hit my sub 30 minute 5k, and I came super close to it this weekend but juuuust fell short. This just means, more group runs and more speed workouts for Half training!

So despite the rocky start to the weekend with a wake up from baby at 1:30 and again at 4:30 – where after he was fussy and didn’t want to go back to sleep. I made it to my race over in West Annapolis with a 7:45a start. I was there by 7:30 a.m.! Win! My alarm was set for 6:30, but I snoozed until 6:45, got dressed (everything was laid out thank gawd), wolfed down a quick breakfast and headed out by 7:20. So much winning!

pre race breakfast

Banana with peanut butter since we were out of english muffins which is my usual go to pre-race breakfast.

I headed over to West Annapolis Elementary, met up with J, and we headed over to the start line.

Womens distance festival 5k

The gun went off after the National Anthem and we were off! I felt really good the first mile or so, I could definitely tell my legs were pushing it but I wanted to go faster and I didn’t want to seem like a slow poke 🙂
Mile 1: 9:11 (WHAT?!)

wdf5k1{image via Annapolis Striders}

There’s J and I coming around and finishing the first loop – about the half way point (or it was at the start line. I don’t know). Still feeling pretty good though definitely not keeping a conversational pace. I’m not much of a talker when I run anyhow so there’s that.
Mile 2: 9:54


{image via Annapolis Striders}

Hubs said I get so red when I run – duh. But it was actually really warm out there the other day thus the excessive redness. Somewhere along loop number 2. Probably close to the finish line.

Mile 3: 10:58

.1 – uncertain. I did finish strong and I kind of forgot to turn of my RunKeeper app.

Okay, so pretty inconsistent there. Which shows me what I already know, that I’m still working on building my endurance back up. I need more speed workouts and more running in general but it’s nice to see my hard work paying off!

annapolis womens distance festival 5k

Total time: 31:46

Which in all reality isn’t super far off from my PR last year 28:09, and about 2 minutes off my time for this race last year. All in all, I had fun, I felt good, I felt strong and I ran a good race! I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my weekend! 


Zooma 10k: Recap

Saturday morning I had an early wake up call – my alarm was set for 5:15, baby of course had other ideas and woke me up at 2:30 and then at 5:15a. It was a rough night to say the least – mostly started by the fact that I had a hard time falling asleep and didn’t turn off my laptop til about 12a.

zooma prep

Still though, I showered, toasted my bagel and fed baby. Thankfully my gear was all laid out, my garmin and phone charged so I was ready to go and for the first time ever…we left the house on time.

zooma 1

I was super impressed by how easy it was to park – we took a back way rather than risking the traffic on Rowe Blvd, and it took us only about five minutes to get to the stadium and park. We took this as a perfect photo op for me and baby – it was baby’s first race as a spectator!

body after baby

Ten weeks post partum and back to toeing the line!

We walked over and i headed towards the back of the pack. I had a general idea what my pace might be but I didn’t want to push it so I didn’t push my way too far forward. I started just behind the 2:30:00 half marathon pacers and felt really good about that. The race started on time and we were off!

zooma 2

They saw me just after mile 1 at the corner of Rowe Blvd and Taylor Ave – while I was still feeling really good! I was clocking about an 11:30 pace in the early miles and was walking for 1-1:30 minutes every 5-6 minutes or as needed.

Miles 2-3 were really good and were down Rowe Blvd, around Church Circle, down Main Street and over to King George Ave. This is where things got tricky and where I noticed my garmin was off by about .2 miles once I hit mile 4. Miles 4-5 were over the bridge and it seems as if there were no mile markers for that part of the course – or at least I saw mile 4 but don’t remember seeing mile 5. Maybe I just missed it. There was a water stop at the start of the bridge which was super helpful since the last water stop was just after mile 2 – running almost 3 miles without water was rough. I had anticipated more water stops on the course so I didn’t bring my fuel belt which I normally would have done in the heated circumstances. My bad.

I was expecting Adam and baby to be at the corner of 450 and King George but he texted me as I was hitting the turn around on top of the bridge saying they were at the finish on the left. The lululemon ladies at the top of the bridge gave me the extra boost to keep going – my feet were aching by this point in time and I was just feeling really hot but in my head, even though I said I didn’t have a time goal, I saw a sub 1:20 time – my slowest 10k was back in 2011 at 1:16 something which was the first race I ran with Adam so I largely stayed back with him. So I feel good knowing that I can get back into fighting shape back into my comfortable pace.

I finished strong, picking off people in my head, like “okay, they’re walking. If you keep running, you can pass them.” Then when I saw the 6 mile marker, I thought, okay less than 3 minutes left of running if I just push it. And I did. And I finished. Strong.

Official Time: 1:17:23
Average pace: 12:54 – yay! Sub 13 minutes!

As for the race, I love the Zooma race in Annapolis. I’m willing to pay a bit more than I normally would for a 10k based on the convenience and the fact that I don’t have any added expenses. As for the issues that many participants have aired their grievances about on the facebook page, I agree that $5 to park at the Loew’s for an ah-hem…lackluster expo was a bit ridiculous but, no matter where you park downtown, you’re going to have to pay so that’s a non-issue for me. The distance issue, however it came about that it was .25 miles short was just absurd. I heard there were issues with Annapolis PD; I heard it was misdirection (which I heard there was actually a lot of considering Jenn finished the race about 2 miles short because the course marshalls weren’t directing correctly), but whatever the issue was, it’s not acceptable for a race of this caliber, if it was a “direction” issue as many say, make sure your volunteers and course marshalls are trained properly. As one person mentioned, this race is more expensive than some marathons, so having these issues just seems like a rookie mistake in a race that’s been in Annapolis for a few years now (as a friend of mine said later that day… they’re a Northern Virginia based organization and the fact that they couldn’t come out to their hearing for their permit is disappointing). As for the swag? I definitely agree with the comments that it should be handed out at the expo. Carrying it around is a pain – unless you have a bad ass stroller to haul it in…like me.

That all being said, will I run Zooma again? Likely, mostly based on the sheer convenience and because I do believe that any organization can overcome obstacles like the ones this year. Five minutes from my house? A course that I run regularly? Why wouldn’t I? I had wanted to apply to be an ambassador this year (they had some awesome ones this year) but given that baby was born in March which would have been the beginning of my training, that was nixed. Maybe next year?

All in all, a successful first post-baby race. I can’t wait to start upping my distance in preparation for Army 10 miler training, and to find my NEXT race.

Did you run Zooma Annapolis? What did you think? Will you participate again next year? 


30 before 30 update: 12 races

So the other day I was doing math in my head about my races. I was going through some local 5ks that I know I want to complete to get my 12 races in 12 months goal on the good ole 30 before 30 list.

Then I got to thinking – that my first race after Adam left for Basic Training was the JLA 5k. Then I ran a 10k. And wait a minute…

Adam left just over one year ago. One year ago we were separated for seven god awful months but seven god awful months that might lead to a longer separation. This time, I learned to be strong. To be independent. To live on my own. I brush it all off saying he was “just” at training, but every military wife out there, started with someone who “just went to training.” Then the deployments come and then you get moved. Well, we’re National Guard so we won’t get moved but there will likely be deployments (fact: his unit was reorganized last year before he enlisted – they were scheduled for a 2013 deployment then the reorganization reset their 5 year schedule, likely the earliest they’ll get deployed could be 2016…but that can always change. Still so thankful…)

I completed, in the year since the husband left, twelve races. I mean, it’s 12 calendar months. Him leaving was pretty significant because that was when I started refocusing on running to keep myself occupied.

It all started (kind of) with a new pair of wonderful sneakers (seriously, I live, breathe and die by the Newton brand since dropping dough on these babies. Nine months later and my legs still feel fresh as the first day on these bad boys!)

1. Junior league of Annapolis Volunteers on the run 5k. October 2011, time 33:00
2. Marine Corps 10k October 2011, time: 1:09:39
3. Annapolis Half Marathon November 2011, time: 2:29:05
4. Love the Run You’re With 5k February 2012, time: 30:22
5. St. Patricks Day 8k March 2012, time: 47:59 (PR)
6. Annapolis Youth 5k April 2012, time: 28:30
7. VT Unplugged Half Marathon April 2012, time: 2:16:11 (PR)
8. Tiger Trot 5k April 2012, time: 28:09 (PR)
9. Girls on the Run 5k May 2012, time: *untimed – unofficial about 33:00*
10. Zooma 10k June 2012, time: 1:04:05 (PR)
11. Women’s Distance Festival 5k July 2012, time: 29:42
12. Hopkins Vineyard Triathlon July 2012, time: 1:51:24 (PR)


BOOM. Twelve races. Ten long months of growing, crying, sweating, more crying, a sweet reunion, and culminating with finding out our family of two will be a family of three. Perfect timing baby Schmidt. Perfect timing. It feels so good knowing I completed this massive goal of mine – with FIVE PR’s in there (well my triathlon PR is a PR because it was my first…I’ll get another PR next year!)

You see had it not been for my running, I probably wouldn’t have survived on my own those awful seven months. It gave me an outlet, a way to relieve stress from my less than stellar job, the even worse commute and gave me a way to forget about the loneliness.

Another one checked off the good ole 30 before 30 checklist. Now to find a way to hitchhike to the west coast to see the Pacific before April (kidding!!) and to get on a plane out of the country (still kidding) – half my list won’t be completed not by choice but you know…money. Baby. Those kind of things.


Race Recap: Hopkins Vineyard Tri

This weekend, I became a triathlete.

I was a bit nervous, having not trained on any of the course, but for as nervous as I was, I was also pretty excited.

Me at the finish…but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

time: 18:35

I know I was a bit slow, and the last one of my age group to finish, but ultimately, I felt strong swimming. I could have definitely been stronger but considering I hadn’t swam in almost a month, and had never swam a half mile consecutively without stopping, I felt really good. The water was much warmer than I expected and I just stayed to the back and to the outside out of everyone else’s way.

Coming out of the swim.

Transition 1: 4:51
I do think I could have done better at the transition. But ultimately I think I was slightly unorganized and that slowed me down a minute or two. That and I was really effing tired.


Nine or so miles in less than an hour on a mountain bike with two MAJOR hills that I was relegated to walking my bike up? I’ll take it. I was thankful that there was next to zero traffic (since the roads were still open). Traffic kind of freaks me out. BUT! BUT! And this is a huge thing for me…on the downhills I totally didn’t ride my brakes. Wahoo! Go me! (and got my speed up to almost 23 mph!)

Listen, I know I need a better bike but thankfully the Huffster had the amazingness of being freesies and we totally increased her value by about $50 when we put new wheels on her. Will I stick with her into next triathlon season? Probably not but she’s good enough for right now and that’s what matters. Maybe for Christmas Santa will bring a fancy new/used road bike (that’s under $1,000).

Transition 2: 1:24

Still too long. But my bike was at the back of the TA so that’s that.

time: 37:34

Now, even though I did a fair share of BRICK workouts for an 8 or so week training plan, nothing prepared me for those god awful hills. Seriously, those hills were HORRENDOUS. I ran as much as I could but walked most of the first mile and  a half because it was just too much.

At the turn around point, I did kick it into gear because I had seen some runners coming down when I was going up that I knew I could catch. And I did. I passed two people in the last mile which was all downhill and some cross country. Had it been a flatter course I could have been faster in the run but alas, I hate hills and they hate me. I suppose I should schedule more Naval Academy Bridge Workouts before the Army 10 miler no?

Running strong to the finish.

time: 1:151:24
place: 220/229

Hey man, I didn’t finish last! HUZZAH! I will say that the event was super well organized, it was the perfect size for my first triathlon, and I felt really strong out there. I wasn’t racing for time (though I did think it would take me closer to 2.5 hours so finishing sub 2 hours was a super welcomed surprise). The Hopkins Vineyard Tri folks were AMAZING and super helpful. The volunteers along the course were fantastic and super friendly. Is it a race I’d do again? Ehhhhh the hills were a bit much for me.

Adam and I enjoying wine. They had an excellent post race spread including wine tastings! The wine was delicious and the views were amazing!

Next one? Keystone State Super Sprint on 8/25! It’s a shorter version of sprint tri just south of Harrisburg in PA – .25 mile swim/9 mi bike and 2 mi run. I can OWN that one!

Feel good moment of the day: The awesome shirt was voted by the women at the water stop as the best shirt of the race. I give kudos to Ali for that one!


Race Recap: Zooma Annapolis 10k

Saturday was rough friends.

Friday night I enjoyed myself – borderline too much – with coworkers at a work celebration. Now, I knew that the Zooma 10k started at 7a but man, I hadn’t been to karaoke in AGES.

So karaoke I sang. And I was still in bed by midnight, after drinking four beers and a bunch of water.

6a rolled around and I jumped out of bed, drank another glass of water, got dressed in my clothes (that were NOT laid out…whoops) and we drove down to the Stadium. We ended up parking in West Annapolis, because I had NIGHTMARES that I would be 10 minutes late for the race a la the Annapolis Half Marathon last fall.

Alas, it was so much better managed and I got there five minutes before the start (only because I chose to walk two blocks rather than parking at the stadium).

Ready to get this party started!

The race got started. It was PERFECT running weather. Though, because of the storms the night before there were some large puddles in the parking lot and there was dodging – lots of it. I’ve found that mile 1 is always a bit slow though.

Hubs texted me and said I was “moving” – and I was (I texted him back while running with “move faster” ) . I tried to keep my splits sub 10:00/mi – which I did okay at until we got passed downtown. Here I am at mile 1 flying past him!

I didn’t see hubs again til mile 5.5 after going through downtown where my pal Anne was sitting in front of her house cheering on runners, and then up and over the Naval Academy Bridge where the lululemon cheer team was at the top of. Thankfully, the 10k runners split half way down the east side of the bridge and then headed back to the finish so I only had to run up it one and a half times (instead of up, down back up and then back down). Hubs missed me at the corner before turning onto 450 to go up the bridge, so he stuck around rather than heading to the finish (which was the original plan).

Here I am at mile 5.5 or so – looking good and feeling really good!

I kicked it in after waving to the husband and then flew to the finish. I hate races that have you finish on an up hill. I also dislike races where you have to run on grass. I should probably get used to that and I will, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

The sun was right in my eyes so I definitely look all squinty and shiz. Hubs and I shared my free lunch, and then I tried some amazing barefoot wine – seriously, try the pink moscato. Delish. They were however, generous pours.

After my mini wine tasting, I went over to the Muscle Milk truck to grab my free drink, and check out the foam rollers when someone called my name. Kim had emailed me the night before (but I didn’t see it because I was being all irresponsible with my colleagues) and recognized me from my pictures. I was super stoked especially since I’ve met very few blog readers (freaders) so I was pretty pumped! Definitely want to see her again – and am so impressed – Zooma was her first 10k! Huzzah and congrats!!!

Time: 1:04:05
AG: 101/222
Overall: 512/1369

That my friends…is another PR. Huzzah!!! 


Letting Myself Go

Confession: Any good I did by running 9 miles was undone by the fun I had.

Insert  the Girls on the Run 5k. Yay! Fun! Not a PR but my legs were still being jerks and not wanting to move as fast as I know they can. Since it’s not timed, I did wear my garmin and my time was about 32 minutes or so. My calves were tight and my shins were sore. But I still had a great time.

Insert 6 miles after (well. 5 1/2. Still close enough for government work). West Annapolis. Naval Academy Bridge and around Route 2. Hilly mcHillerson. Not a fan. Even if I know hills are necessary workouts especially for Zooma.

Insert lunch with a great friend.

Insert cupcakes.

Insert wine. Lots and lots of wine. Thursday or Friday, Lexi posted about having a couple of extra tickets for the Mount Vernon Wine Festival – her and her beau had raved about this festival for many years and we’ve never been able to attend for one reason or another. But I decided at the last minute to take them up on one of those extra tickets. Was so worth the beautiful evening with wonderful friends and great wines.

Top to Bottom: Mount Vernon Estate; Liz and I; view to the west – the beautiful Potomac.

So much wine. Followed by late night Checkers. Not the best call but whatever. There wasn’t much food at the wine fest and we were all starvin’ marvins. I was mostly dehydrated all day since I didn’t hydrate well for my run but thankfully I fixed that.  I’m bummed that hubs missed out on it due to his drill weekend, but I’m looking forward to attending in the fall with him and the same group!

Sunday I drove up to Reistertown to see Adam’s RSP graduation. Initially, when you join the National Guard, they have what’s called RSP (Recruit Sustainment Program I think) which preps you mentally and physically for the challenges of becoming a soldier. Once you return from AIT, you have a unit hand off ceremony. This for Adam, fell on his 30th birthday which was yesterday!

After, we went to Arundel Mills to buy hubs a suit (Banana Republic outlet FTW! A suit, off the rack for less than $200?! Amazing.)

Then we went for dinner at Yellowfin, and then, I took hubs for Smith Island Cake.

Oh em gee. So. Yum.

All in all, a very fun weekend. I didn’t like the number on the scale yesterday morning but like Adam told me “you don’t go to wine festivals every day. Nor do you have your own full slice of Smith Island Cake. Every day.”

He’s right. And I just know that I need to do better at finding the balance on the weekends so as to not undo everything I work hard for during the week. Stay tuned later for this week’s workouts!

How do you handle your healthy living habits during the weekend?