Dinner in St. Michaels

Welcome back to the real world kids.

I got the chance to skip Monday at work kind of – we had a company retreat over in St. Michaels where we stayed overnight Sunday. A few of us got massages at the 5 Gables Inn and Spa where we all stayed. After, a colleague and I checked out Gina’s (a delicious little eatery that Hubs and I checked out a couple years ago on our last trip to St. Michaels), and the St. Michaels Winery and then we had a team dinner at Ava’s – a delicious little pizzeria on the main drag in St. Michaels.

avas cupcake st michaels

Dessert at Ava’s.

Wine tasting at the St. Michaels Vineyard.

It was unseasonably warm for January on Sunday night. Since I didn’t know where we were going when I packed, so I packed pseudo-dressy-ish. Thankfully, I didn’t feel overdressed at all, I was warm (enough) – until my colleagues opened the window in our private room (BRRRR) and we had to walk back after a rain.

dinner outfit

Sweater (Gap)
Pants  (Old Navy)
Shoes (Gap, old – similar)
Scarf (Old Navy – similar)

Of course, I came and remembered I had to register for the St. Michaels Half before the price went up. I’m excited to actually train for a race again – and I’m hoping to schedule a mid-late summer metric or full century so I simultaneously train for a long road race and a long bike race just to see if it’s doable and if I like the long bike ride distances. You know, in hopes that I’ll have the desire to do a half ironman next summer.


Fashionable Friday

So i’m not really a fashion blogger, but lately I’ve been aspiring to show off a bit more of my “style” in my pitch to be more of a lifestyle blogger.

It’s going to take some time because well…working mom…with not a lot of time (or energy?) to  model beautiful outfit posts and then post them. Working mom blogger problems. Thats a bigger issue because working moms who blog regularly? I don’t know how they do it. I mean…I wrote half of this post while catching up on The Voice after a toddler dinner time meltdown, waiting for hubs to get home. Gifts to wrap, floors to vacuum, bathrooms to clean, trash to take out and I’m blogging but feel like I shouldn’t be.

I digress.

Yesterday (hi scheduled post. what of it.) I took a couple hours off in the morning to hit up my semi-annual dentist appointment. Before my mid morning appointment, I hit up Pure Barre before my dentist appointment, and then headed into the office. Thankfully, I work in a casual work environment and didn’t have any client meetings, so I opted for the “leggings as pants” look. Don’t judge me.

Either way, it was comfortable and had….a touch of class. Maybe. I don’t know statement necklaces and JCrew sweaters class anything up right? And those boots? I picked them up last weekend in Columbia and I love love LOVE them. Comfortable, fashionable and versatile. Love them.


pure barre to the office

Leggings (similar)  | Boots | Tank | Necklace | Sweater

The key? Dry shampoo, deodorant, and make up before I left Pure Barre – although thinking about it as I type I don’t remember if I actually put make up on. Maybe mascara? Maybeee??

My trick – because i pull similar looks off often on days without meetings – nice shoes. Nice sweater. Layering tanks.  I’ve also pulled this look off with chambray shirts, flannel shirts…

I’ll try to get some pictures this weekend to do the whole outfit modeling thing. (Read: I’m super insecure with my body right meow and don’t want to take pictures because I haven’t been working out as much. Real Life with Working Moms without enough time)


What I Wore Wednesday

Confession: my Wednesday outfits have been…m’eh lately. Sorry friends.

However my Tuesday outfit this week? Was baller.

skirt: NY&Co
Sweater: JCrew Outlet
Tank: Lilly Pulitzer
Shoes: JCrew Outlet
Necklace: Tiffany Pearls

Tonight we’re running a favorite downtown loop of mine. I’m SUPER sore from the workout yesterday – like holy owies. Dinner will be some amazing Salmon Burgers that we got on sale at Whole Foods the other day – expect a post (and another one later about the amazeballs pizza we made). And cleaning. Lots of cleaning. Because we were busy much of last week it’s been a little hectic on the home front in regards to keeping up with it. Don’t you hate that? When things go to hell in a hand basket because you just don’t have time? Yeah that’s been life recently.

In case you missed it….I posted over on NewlyMarylanders about 12 things I want to do this summer – 12 things? 12 weeks of summer? Hmmm…I think I’m on to something here.


What I wore Wednesday

All this week it’s been chilly. The past two weeks we’ve had weather in the 70’s that make me long for summer and evenings with the husband drinking orange crushes or reading on our patio.

What I wore Wednesday…

dress: JCrew
shoes: Payless
necklace: JCrew

Looking forward to the husband being home a month from YESTERDAY (4 weeks from Friday!) so I can have a photographer to take these pictures every Wednesday morning so I don’t feel like a tool bag looking at my camera on my phone. Now granted I could probably set up my awesome camera with the timer and blah blah but that’s just way too much effort. This picture may or may not have made me late this morning. Whoops? (though it could have also been my lunch and breakfast that I made this AM – making the same thing tomorrow – stay tuned for that post because omg. It was delish.)

Also, I’m loving the fact that I brought back what I wore Wednesday. It was a favorite feature of mine when it was briefly around, and combines my pseudo passion for fashion (if it’s JCrew or Lilly…kidding. Kind of) and blogging. I’m not fashionista enough to be a fashion blogger but I might post more inspiration around these parts on good fashion forward days.  After blogging should be fun, and if you’re not blogging about stuff you want to blog about or care about then what’s the point right?

Weighing in…

 Because I haven’t updated my weight in so long – last week I had a draft and I was so super pumped because Friday AM the scale read 135.4. !!!!!!!!!!! But then I got busy and I forgot to post it. Then it was moot. Wamp wamp.

After this weekends shenanigans and general laziness on Saturday afternoon (after 10 miles mind you) and Sunday, I popped back up to 137.2 and haven’t budged all week despite a 90 minute hot yoga class monday and a baller strength workout yesterday with Brian.

Original weight: 154
Current weight: 137.2
Total loss since Sept/October: -16.8
total loss for 10 lb challenge (starting weight 143): -5.8

I was so pumped that last week I was at 135. I’m starting to enjoy going out drinking less and less and less because each time I do I feel like I retain water for the next five days and any productivity I made running or doing yoga during the week is lost and the scale shows it. I can still go out, and limit myself. I know this. But depending on who I go out with, it’s hard for me you know? I know I’ll get there, I have about 15 lbs to go and once I get back into the 120’s I’ll be even happier and more comfortable. That being said, I know it’s not all about numbers and I’ve felt myself get stronger and faster and that’s what matters the most.

Yesh Brian made me use those bad boys. They are just as bad ass as they look when you see them on the Biggest Loser. #justsayin’ Never used battle ropes before? Check out this great article from FitSugar on how to use them at your gym. And if you’re in the Annapolis area and want a bad ass trainer, check out Fitness by Brian for TRX and Battle Ropes galore (and apparently kettle bells? Uff.)

Our workout lasted about 30 minutes, and I was going to go for a run but I was upset because on my way back to the car, I dropped my phone texting a pal because it was so effing cold out yesterday (50 degrees now officially equals cold) so instead of running I booked it to the Apple Store to see what they could do for me. Answer? Nothing unless I want to spend $200 even though the phone is less than 6 months old. Wamp wamp.  I’ll wait for iPhone 5 to come out.

Anyhow not only did our workout include those bad ass battle ropes but also a lil TRX love (which I did NOT get a picture of). We’re going to work out again next week (huzzah!) and next time I’ll run over (since I’m going to be house sitting near by, why not?)

Tonight is an off day since I have an event to go to tonight, but tomorrow I’m going to run then go to hot yoga and then Friday AM maybe I’ll run before work. We’ll see. This morning run thing is not working out nearly as well as I had hoped.

Have you ever tried TRX or Battle Ropes?


What I Wore Wednesday: Happy Spring Version

I wanted to post this earlier but the thing about having a job that’s 9-5 with bosses who don’t expect you to stay late is that there never seems to be enough hours in the day not to mention I’ve been waking up at 7:45a because I haven’t been sleeping well for reasons that I haven’t been able to pinpoint.

Regardless, I was doing so well scheduling my posts earlier this week and last week that I forgot to shhedule this one this morning.

Skirt: Lilly Pulitzer
Top: Old Navy
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: JCrew

LOVE this skirt. I bought it during the fall sale last year at the Pink Crab downtown in Annapolis for like $40 which is amazing for a regularly $100 skirt but I never really had anywhere to wear it but today? Was perfect. And I like getting dressed up for work. So much.

The Pseudo Hill Workout

Last night I ran down a road I hadn’t ever ran down. It was about 1.75 miles to the very end (which turned out to be a private road that I got a lil spooked running down afraid they were going to hunt me down for trespassing) and then I turned down a side street on the way back to add in an additional .35 miles.

total distance: 4.02
time: 42:07

You see, I was envisioning a flat run. The roads near me while inclined in some areas are for the most part flat.

But this road? Was not flat. It started flat but I soon saw as I ran past a little side development that went up that I might be in for more than I bargained for. I was hoping to put in 9:00-9:30/miles. 4 miles? I wanted to do it under 40 minutes because I’ve learned the past few weeks of training that you can only make yourself run faster by a. running and b. making yourself run faster. Speed workouts don’t hurt but ultimately, you can’t run faster if you don’t push yourself right?

So the road was a bit hilly. There were some pretty big ones. So while it was flat, I was running 9:00-9:45 minute miles, and the hills? Well those killed me – 11:00/mile ish but still a 10 minutes something pace with some big ass hills. I probably won’t be running down that road again anytime soon.

I didn’t run tonight (I opted for a short nap after work before Junior League which attribute to my lack of sleep) but I’m going to do my 35 minute tempo run tomorrow and treat myself with a hot yoga class up the road from my office at Charm City Yoga (thanks LivingSocial!). Win win friends!

Hows your week going friends? 


What I wore Wednesday v. 2.0

A long time ago, I used to do a “what I wore Wednesday” post. Almost every Wednesday…while it lasted and when I remembered.  I know it’s late and in 3 minutes it won’t be wednesday anymore, too bad. What I Wore Wednesday is back jack!

Since I’ve been dressing not in lululemon leggings this week (as much as I love them and loved wearing them at my old job), and actually dress professionally again, I decided to bring it back jack.

Shirt: Old Navy {here}
Skirt: JCrew Outlet
Shoes: Payless {here}

Last summer, I should add, that skirt didn’t fit me. Hell, it barely fit me the summer I got it. Today? It fit comfortably. Hello size 6, nice to meet you again!

Today’s workout

I ran up on the B&A trail. I had a speed workout on the docket and it worked out quite nicely – the B&A trail is beautifully flat and the weather was far too amazing to be inside on the dreadmill.

.5 mile warm up @ 10:00/mi
.25 x 700 @ 7:45-8:30/mi
.5 mi walking/.2 mi @ 10:30/mi
.5 mi cool down

4.6 miles ~ 47.00 avg pace ~ 10:30ish. The walking? Slowed that down but I wanted to get the speed for my 400m repeats. So I felt that 3 of them I ran at a sub 8:00/mi pace. The others were around 8:10-8:30/mi.

The trail wasn’t too crowded, the weather was perfect and it was 6p and still light out. It doesn’t get much better than that. I may regret this as my allergies begin to kick in but I welcome spring with wide open arms.

Spring means that hubs comes home. It’s been 2 full seasons – aka 6 months almost –  and I miss him. A lot. Spring officially being next week means that soon? We’ll be at the month countdown we’re at about 42 days as of tomorrow til this training separation is all over. (Though actually he has emergency leave in 2 weeks for his grandfather’s funeral which I’ll be heading to CT for as well so we’ll see each other briefly for a weekend which will be nice because 2 weeks from Friday then 3 weeks and a couple of days til he’s home!)

Happy Hump day freaders!