Failing to Plan

I am constantly telling hubs that “failing to plan is planning to fail.”

And it’s true. Especially with an infant.

He keeps forgetting that he can’t just go out for a run for an hour.

It’s true. You also can’t leave your infant for an hour past bedtime while you go to cover an event for an article – baby doesn’t like that.

I plan out my weekly workouts so I know when I’m going to classes, when we have play dates, or when I have deadlines.

Each week, I update my google calendar so that Adam and I can better coordinate schedules.


I have his schedule and mine color coordinated – we share calendars with each other.

My workouts this week are:

Monday – 8:30a Pure Barre with Anne which KICKED my butt.
Tuesday – Stroller Strides followed by a Plum Moms Group play date
Wednesday – Pure Barre in the afternoon
Thursday – Stroller Strides
Friday – 8:30a Pure Barre
Saturday – Family day for stroller strides though we may just go for a run/walk after swim lessons depending on weather
Sunday – rest or run

Given that the two of us are currently at home – me freelancing/working part time, and him looking for work/MBA student, we take advantage of our schedules to coordinate child care and this way we both get enough time with Ethan to play and also to get work done – when I block out a couple hours to get writing/blogging done, I make sure it works for him so I can leave the house for that time otherwise I don’t get nearly as much work done as I should because Ethan is just too cute and distracting.

Planning out weekly workouts (and leaving flexibility because life can’t all be planned) gives me a sense of organization, and sets my overall schedule for the week and gets me excited knowing that I have that built in time for myself.

How do you keep yourself organized? How and when do you fit in your weekly workouts?