Starting to get fed up with my birth control. I’ve written about this before and have read a lot of great blog posts about women going off their BC. We are NOT trying to have kids just yet, we are in NO position to have them, but from what I’ve read (I still have a lot of research to do before I go off it for sure) it is entirely possible to not get knocked up while off birth control.

My birth control pills have just made me lethargic, moody and have literally killed my sex drive. To the point where I just have no desire. And I? Do not like any of that one bit. I recently changed my pills (again) and there’s no change. Really. So I think it’s time to start making the motions to go off BC once and for all. So… I invested in this book and Amazon will have it at my door in two days (thank you Amazon prime!) and I read a couple of great blogs that were informative and incredibly helpful (especially after reading all the lovely comments).

So I’m going to read this book, and keep doing research. I just…hate the way BC has made me feel. Combined with every other stress in my life, I’m just…over it. Provided I/we can be responsible, which I know we can if we put our minds to it, I think this will be a good decision. Clearly, I’m not going off BC tomorrow, but soon. Hopefully by the early fall is my goal, to feel comfortable enough with my body that i can go off the pill and not get knocked up the first month because mini-me’s are definitely not in the plan for the at least the next 12 months. Definitely not in my “defeat my quarter life crisis plan.”

{image via Amazon}

Any gals read this book at all? Experiences going off birth control? Suggestions?