January Workouts & February Goals

Rather than sharing my workouts weekly, I’m going to share them monthly. I had a rough start to January but in general I think I did pretty well!

I restarted the Bikini Body Mommy challenge. I jumped in around Day 16 of 3.0 with some mamas in a facebook group I’m a part of. I had grandiose plans of doing P90 this month but I got away from it. I have workout program ADD. But my goal is to make it to the end of February with Bikini Body Mommy and then start the new 21 day Fix Extreme in early March  because I figure if I can make it to day 45/60 of BBM, I’ll have some real measurable results just in time to go shopping for my spring wardrobe. Right? Right.

Why Bikini Body Mommy?

It works for me. I generally find that 3-5 workouts per week is doable. This month is really strength building since in February I start training for the St. Michaels Half which is going to result in 3 runs per week – 1 long run, 1 speed workout, 1 easy run. I don’t have much time to do more than that and that coupled with strength (well Bikini Body Mommy) 3 or 4 days per week (the program is 6 workouts but I typically double up or catch up on nights when hubs has class).

Plus Breanne is adorable and super relatable – she shares similar struggles to mamas of all kinds – working and stay at home moms alike.

So far I’ve stuck with it for 2 weeks which is pretty flipping good for me. I lasted with PiYo for about 3 weeks because of said ADD (and the holiday craziness so there’s also that).

Why Weight Watchers?

Hubs’s office is doing it. So he decided he wanted to do it. So we decided to do it together. In the past, if I was eating well, or trying, we’d usually end up sabotaging one another which is just…total fail. So it’s been two weeks and I’m down both weeks. I don’t feel bad if I go over my points as long as I stay under my weekly points and earn activity points.

As my father-in-law told me (my mother and father in law have both used weight watchers in the past) “if you stick to the points and don’t go over, you will lose weight.” it might only be a half a pound, but it’s better than nothing right?

What’s my goal?

Back when i was nursing, I was pretty much at my pre-baby weight of 139 (I was actually 135 before I got pregnant but was up to 139 when I got pregnant). My doctor and I agreed that 135 would be a good goal for me to have but realistically I’d love to be closer to 125/130ish. Where am I now? At the start of 2015, after the holidays I was at 155. When I stopped nursing, the weight just came on…every so slowly and I’ll raise an eyebrow if I’m in the 140’s but the 150’s are just not okay with me and my 5’2″ self so I’ve been battling the bulge pretty much since I stopped nursing in October 2013. Despite my best efforts, my doctor confirmed that my metabolism has slowed to a crawl and/or went on strike so it’ll take a little bit of extra effort to get to my goals.

So how was January?

january workout recap

Workouts: 20
January ending weight: 152.3
Total loss from January 2: -3 lbs
(I weigh in on Fridays for now)

Workouts? Averaging 3-5 workouts per week is pretty goo. I’m pretty good about getting workouts in during the week (especially wednesday and thursday – that’s when hubs has class) Tuesdays i usually have Junior League stuff going on, and with an exception of one weekend when hubs had drill, I was good about working out at least one day on the weekend. The yellow days? Workout changed from what I originally planned. Red days are obviously missed workouts. I had intended on working out this past weekend but was a bit under the weather with a small head and just haven’t gotten around to updating the spreadsheet.

All in all? I’ll give January a B+

Goals for February

Weight wise I want to stick with my 4-6 workouts per week and tracking 5-6 days per week and hopefully be well back into the 140’s which I haven’t seen since I stopped nursing E over a year ago.

– My first race of the year is on the 14th with a 5k and I just want to run the whole thing. That’s all. I also want to add in 1-2 spin classes or rides on my trainer each week.

– Complete the Green Smoothie cleanse which I’ve started today alongside a pal who is also following the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge

– Workout 22 days in the month of February. I hit 19 in January but I’m in a routine for the most part so I think 22 days is doable in February despite the shorter month.


What are your workout goals for February? How did you stay healthy in January?


October Goals & September Review

A new month, a new set of monthly goals.

In October I will…

Get to bed by 11p. I’m a perpetual night owl and while Ethan is sleeping through the night finally, Adam and I tend to stay up late doing work, puttering and sitting in front of the TV which I hate. Needless to say, I want to make sure I focus on getting to bed early all month. So far…I have not been successful. But! I have time to shape up!

Run 40 miles. I did horrible with training last month. I’m not focusing on a half since deferring and after the 10 miler, most of my races I have on tap for the rest of the year are 5 and 10k races. So 40 miles should be doable if I can fit in at least 10 miles each week.

Make my home festive. I want to celebrate Halloween with Ethan – I know it won’t matter since he’s so little, but I want to decorate and make things festive around these parts. I’m not sure where to start so I think I need to pin a whole bunch of awesomeness and go from there.

Get 2/3 of the way through the 100 pushup Challenge. I keep starting but rarely make it through the first week. I finally want to get through week #1 and down to week #4 by the end of the month.

Try four new seasonal recipes. Should be easy – that’s one new recipe each week. I want to make these one night this week since i have a spaghetti squash left and I want to try to make a roasted pumpkin soup sometime soon!

How’d I do in September?

Eat more locally. We did m’eh on this. My trip to SC threw everything off but I did get a whole bunch of squash’s from Larriland farms recently that were delicious and gave us ~4 meals! I could have done better but I’ll give myself a C+ on this one.

Six Stroller Strides Classes. Check!

Stick with long runs. Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Thus. The deferral.

Give up the Dr. P. Close to check. I’ve stopped ordering them every day – I’m not fully off the caffeine, but I have cut back. And by cut back I might have been relying more on Starbucks caramel frappuccinos. So maybe not as close as I thought.

What are your goals for October? Intentions? 


September Goals

I can’t believe summer is just about over.

We did however, have a great summer. Most of our summer bucket list was completed, including our recent trip to Vermont (which I’ll be recaping over the next couple of days because we did some awesome things up there this time around).

How’d I do with my August goals?

Stick with training.  I think I did pretty good with this. I ran 51 miles of my predicted 60. Which makes sense because I missed my 9 miler this past weekend but I’ve been solidly running 1-2 days and doing stroller strides 1-2 days per week. My longest run of the month is 8 miles, so I feel like I’m in good shape as far as my distance and training is going.

Go to yoga once per week. Nope. I think I made it once? Now that Adam has class on Tuesday and Thursday nights though the likelihood of me finding time to go to my favorite yoga instructors class is slim to none for the time being. Must find a different class.

Set up a home work space. We bought a desk from Target. We just need to move some stuff around (i.e. the bassinet out of our bedroom). However, I have been able to keep space cleared at the kitchen table to regularly get work done there. Now if only Ethan would nap more regularly so I can actually get said work done at a decent hour.

Continue to work on organizing my house and my online profiles. No progress. Though most of my flickr account is pseudo…organized. ish. NOPE. I did however set up a cleaning schedule so I feel less overwhelmed by housework. I’ll post on that soon – thank you pinterest for inspiring me and thanks to the husband for sticking with it.

Finish up our summer bucket list! When I last checked in August we had a trip to VT, a trip to Rehoboth, a day hike, and a trip to NJ left. We had to nix our trip to NJ due to scheduling. We’re trying to decide when to go to Rehoboth – I know it’s not summer but that ain’t not thang. We did a day hike/run out on the Cross Island Trail on Kent Island which was awesome. All in all, a full, fun summer was had by all.


Eat more locally. After our recent trip to Vermont I really want to focus more of my grocery shopping efforts to farmers markets. Today I picked up some green beans, peaches, corn and cucumbers from the farmers market near my usual coffee play date on Tuesdays.

Go to six stroller strides classes. Going to six justifies the $50ish per month that I pay for my membership and then some. Since the Naval Academy classes are twice per week just down the road from me, it shouldn’t be too hard though I did skip on Tuesday. Whoops?

Stick with my Long Runs. They’re so easy to scrimp on on the weekends but they’re the most important. I really want to make sure that I get in my speed workouts and my long runs this month since they’ve suffered the most this month. With Ethan not sleeping well it’s been tough on all of us but time to suck it up since we’re about to peak in my half marathon training.

Give up the dr. Confession: I have a massive caffeine addiction. But I don’t drink coffee. No, no, this ah-hem pseudo healthy living blogger gets her fix from Dr. Pepper. Fountain soda only. Usually in 32 oz cups from Wawa after a sleepless night. By the end of the month I want to end that bad habit. It’s not good for me, not great for Ethan and I hate using caffeine as a crutch. So I’m weaning myself over the course of this month.


What are YOUR goals for the start of fall? Are you training for a big fall race? How’s training going?


August Goals & July Recap

Can you believe it’s August already??  WHERE IS THE YEAR GOING??

August Goals

Anyhow, here’s how I fared with my July Goals.

Run 2 races. I ran the Womens Distance Festival but that was it this month. Womp womp. I’m not signed up for anything in August – sleeping has been rough so I haven’t wanted to commit.

Register for the Baltimore Half Marathon and begin training. DONE!!!

Log 50 miles for the month be it walking or running. So close – I hit 40 miles for the month mostly running but some walking. By the end of the week I’ll be at 50 after my 6 miler and 3 miler but nope. Not in July.

Try two new recipes using seasonal foods from local Farmers Markets. We did a slow cooker bbq with some fresh corn, and a delicious dinner of natural casing hot dogs and sweet corn – both from local markets the other night. It was a deliciously summer meal! Not super original but they both count 🙂

Get organized. I created a list over here of things I wanted to organize. Things I did: cleaned out my car (though it desperately needs to be vacuumed, I did clean out the trash), reorganized the bathroom cabinets, consigned some of my own stuff (easy $20!), set up the donation box in Ethan’s room (still to be donated/consigned – mostly stuff we didn’t use that was handed down to us) I recycled threw out a bunch of old magazines, and organized most of my pictures on flickr & iPhoto into sets. It’s all still a work in progress though. This weekend I have a bunch of stuff to do before we have a baby sitter come in for Ethan two days next week – vacuuming, laundry-ing, organizing the tables… I did make some progress but certainly not what I had hoped and the habits I hoped to start just…didn’t get there.

Tackle my summer bucket list I got a couple of blog posts there. I ate outside a couple times, we visited some farmers markets, we’re nailing down the date for our Jersey Shore day trip (still up in the air, but I’m determined!), going to Vermont for Labor Day, and I did run one race. So I’m chugging along nicely. This summer has been a nice combination of productive, fun and laid back all at the same time!

So what are my goals for August?

Other than to survive the awful sleep regression that we’ve been going through? Well…there’s that.

Stick with training. This would put me at a mileage goal for August of about 50 miles. Can I get it done? I hope so!

Go to yoga once per week. I didn’t really get to yoga at all in July and man, that makes me super sad. I need to get back to it this month! That’s four times, I totally can manage that!

Set up a home work space. Now that I’m working from home, I need a place that’s not the kitchen table to work at. Time to scour craigslist for a simple desk, and clean out our bedroom to put it there.

Continue to work on organizing my house and my online profiles. I didn’t get nearly as far as I should have and I want to feel more organized and in control of life. Also, since Ethan is inch worming his way off the play mat, it’s time to start thinking about baby proofing. Lord knows when he’s going to start crawling but I’d rather be prepared than making a mad dash come this fall.

Finish up our summer bucket list! The only things left to do are go for hike, plan a day trip to Rehoboth – our weekends are filling up super quickly but I’m certain that even if we don’t get them done this month, they’ll be done next month!

What are your goals for the rest of the summer? Got any fun races or trips planned??


Week 6 workouts & July Goals

Another week gone, another week ahead.

This week we’re travelling so I’m not planning much by way of workouts, although Hubs and I do expect to stay active up in CT.

This week…

Monday – 3-4 mile run
Tuesday – 3-4 mile walk/run
Wednesday – Stroller Strides
Thursday – rest/30 minute walk
Friday – 3 mile run
Saturday – rest/30 minute walk
Sunday – Travel Day

Last week…

Monday: rest
Tuesday: walking group (3-4 miles) – Ethan had a bad week for sleeping so I didn’t make this since it got moved to 8a from 9a. 
Wednesday: run 3/Stroller Strides – skipped since Ethan didn’t sleep well…again. 
Thursday: barrewent. Annoyed that what I thought was a month and a half long gym membership has turned in 2 months, but not the end of the world. Always a great workout so I’m not too upset that I get to go to Barre again for another month. 
Friday: run or yoga Stroller strides over at Broadneck park, I enjoyed it! I’m going back this Wednesday since they’re having a blanket baby play date afterwards! 

stroller strides annapolis
Saturday: run 5 went for a nice 2.5 mile walk with my pal around the Naval Academy Stadium. 
Sunday – we don’t usually schedule workouts for Sundays but hubs and I were going to go for a 4 mile run on the B&A trail with the Tank (our new nickname for our jogging stroller) but got rained out not once, but twice. Womp womp.

Speaking of goals…before baby I was setting up monthly goals…here’s getting back to that!

 goal setting

Run 2 races. I’m signed up for the Women’s Distance Festival 5k, and I want to find one more to run in July.

Register for the Baltimore Half Marathon and begin training.

Log 50 miles for the month be it walking or running.

Try two new recipes using seasonal foods from local Farmers Markets.

Organize my house. I really want to take to heart this list, and get my life in order and keep it so. It’s frustrating when I spend a whole week trying to clean the house only to have look like a sty again in like two days.

Tackle my summer bucket list and start blogging about it! I have one post coming up later this week so be on the look out – if you live in the Annapolis area, this post is for you!

I want my goals to be attainable, yet challenging. I mean, keeping track of an infant, freelancing, staying in shape and keeping a house isn’t nearly as easy as I thought it would be but the days fly by and I’m loving everything I’m doing so I really can’t complain!

What goals are you setting for yourself this summer?


June Recap & July Goals

Let’s recap June first…

100 miles between biking and swimming and running. SUCCESS I hit 109 mile between the 3 in the month of June! Huzzah!

Get back to better eating habits. Ish? We’ve wavered but I’m trying to be super on top of this. Especially since we’re on a tight budget. I was really good the first half of the month while Adam was at AT in Missouri though!

Stick with my Training Plan for Hopkins Vineyard Tri I did pretty good with this. I changed some workouts around but I really only missed 3-4 scheduled workouts. Others were modified/shortened but I still kept active. Success!

Try at least two things off my Summer Bucket List. I went sailing. And started to plan a trip to Ocean City with one of my partners in crime Tina for Labor Day weekend.  Scandalous.

Start and complete the effing 100 pushup plan So much fail. I really want to complete this though! I will keep putting it in my monthly goals until the little procrastinator in me gets around to actually completing it!

July Goals

2 strength training sessions per week. I had been working with our on staff personal trainer once per week, we’re on a little hiatus until I can afford to pay for sessions (they are ungodly cheap!) i.e. when hubs gets a job. But really there’s only 8 weight training sessions – seven. We did one tonight. I can handle that.

Finish the Hopkins Tri. This means sticking with my training. Two more BRICK workouts. Six more 2 a days. One 5k in between. I can so do this.

Bike/Run 150 miles I hit just over 100 miles last month, here’s hoping I can hit 150 for this month (with at least 50 running miles. Most of my miles last month were on the bike)

Knock off THREE things from my summer bucket list I see FOUR that should be easy to knock off. One that could easily be knocked off with this race down in Virginia!

Take a daily vitamin every day. I know I should. I know these will help in so many aspects of my health. But I forget. It’s bad. Let’s be better this month.

What are your goals for the month of July?


January Recap and February To Do’s

One month down, three to go til Hubs is home from training. I want to say home for good, but the downside of military life is that he will inevitably at some point be deployed. Thankfully his unit recently returned from a deployment so chances are it won’t be any time in the near future.

Recap of Goals for January

So i didn’t actually write out goals for January but I did start my resolutions. Where’m I at 1/12 of the way through the year? I did not work out all 31 days this month.

Goals for February

Photo a day – I saw this on instagram and thought it was an awesome idea #FebPhotoaDay. Since I failed oh so badly at #project365 (will restart on my birthday – that makes sense right? A picture each day of the last year in my 20’s?)  Come play along 🙂 I’ll have day 1 up by tonight on Instagr.am -( legallyheidi is my username! Follow me!)


Embrace positivity – Stop beating myself up for not working out, for not loving my job every day. Stop expecting success to come easy. This goes for personal and professional goals. I was super inspired today by  Nicole. She wrote a great post about how bloggers are inherently narcissistic (#truth) and how most likely? People just don’t give a damn. I’ve had too many ugly cries lately over pretty mundane things that I do have control over. Time to embrace positivity and buck it up. While I don’t need to force myself to vomit rainbows and butterflies every day of the week, I do have control over my attitude and my life. More so than I’ve been letting on lately. I need to embrace a better attitude and have a little faith in destiny and that I will get where I need to be someday. Hopefully soon.

Stick with tracking eats I read somewhere that people who track their food see 80% better results in their weight loss goals. Last week? I was not so good. This week? Have been so much better. I also feel better about what I put in my mouth if I track it before hand. In general I only track my food during the week, but i really want to do better about posting foodie friday recipes because I liked that trend on my blog and even if it’s a simple recipe? I think it’s a nice habit and I like sharing. Even if you all don’t give a crap 😉 (see Embrace Positivity)

Start training for Half Marathon #4
I’m running the VT Unplugged Half the weekend of my birthday which goes from my hometown of Colchester, Vermont to Burlington. It’s a pretty low key race and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. It’ll also be nice to spend my birthday with my family so I’m super pumped for that since Hubs’ll be out in the field and not able to talk to me himself.  My goal is to start next week, now that I’m back in lust with running thanks to my new sneaks, I’ve got no reason to slack!

No shopping
Since I’ve got my trip to San Antonio at the end of this month, my goal is not to buy anything until after that trip.  Not to mention, I keep fluctuating between 142 and 138 on any given day depending on my eats/workouts so I’m finally down to my size 6 skinny jeans that I got from The Gap as a #gapenthusiast three years ago (#win!) so that’s positive but I don’t want to buy anything else clothing wise until I hit my goal weight. That’s fair and Feb is only 28 days and while I may not

Weigh In Wednesday

This morning? Not a good day. I felt good, my pants are looser (even after coming out of the dryer! WIN!), my tops are all fighting me a little bit better and my tummy is looking a bit flatter. Granted, I’m not so vain to put up progress pictures (mostly because I’m so pasty and pale that I’d blind the interwebs with my whiteness)  and also I’m just incredibly self conscious (not that I think people who put up progress pics are vain, if that’s how you measure that’s groovy, it’s just not my thing but take my word on my personal progress 🙂 Again, you all prolly don’t care though 😉 )

Todays weight: 141.6
Starting weight: 154 (from when hubs left or something – i forgot my exact starting # but the 10 lb challenge? My  starting weight was around 144)
Total loss: ~13 lbsish since October. 

A friend of mine recently saw me at a JLA event and asked if I’ve lost weight, it’s always kind of flattering when people notice your hard work. I informed her that yes, yes I had. Sans the doctor pepper I’m nursing right now.

So even though my loss this week from last wasn’t huge, I felt good that for the most part, at least since this weekend, I’ve stuck with my workouts and that? Is always a good thing no matter what the number on the scale says.


What are your goals for February? How do you reward small accomplishments??