Failing to Plan

I am constantly telling hubs that “failing to plan is planning to fail.”

And it’s true. Especially with an infant.

He keeps forgetting that he can’t just go out for a run for an hour.

It’s true. You also can’t leave your infant for an hour past bedtime while you go to cover an event for an article – baby doesn’t like that.

I plan out my weekly workouts so I know when I’m going to classes, when we have play dates, or when I have deadlines.

Each week, I update my google calendar so that Adam and I can better coordinate schedules.


I have his schedule and mine color coordinated – we share calendars with each other.

My workouts this week are:

Monday – 8:30a Pure Barre with Anne which KICKED my butt.
Tuesday – Stroller Strides followed by a Plum Moms Group play date
Wednesday – Pure Barre in the afternoon
Thursday – Stroller Strides
Friday – 8:30a Pure Barre
Saturday – Family day for stroller strides though we may just go for a run/walk after swim lessons depending on weather
Sunday – rest or run

Given that the two of us are currently at home – me freelancing/working part time, and him looking for work/MBA student, we take advantage of our schedules to coordinate child care and this way we both get enough time with Ethan to play and also to get work done – when I block out a couple hours to get writing/blogging done, I make sure it works for him so I can leave the house for that time otherwise I don’t get nearly as much work done as I should because Ethan is just too cute and distracting.

Planning out weekly workouts (and leaving flexibility because life can’t all be planned) gives me a sense of organization, and sets my overall schedule for the week and gets me excited knowing that I have that built in time for myself.

How do you keep yourself organized? How and when do you fit in your weekly workouts? 


Mommy Wardrobe: Comfort is Key

A few weeks ago, when discussing getting ready for the Femworking conference, there was a discussion about yoga pants on twitter.

Ahhhh yoga pants – they’re like a staple in the unspoken mommy wardrobe must-haves.

No really, few days will I ever go out without yoga pants. I was a bit worried when I couldn’t find my wunder under leggings (not the crops) because it’s getting cold outside and crops, despite the fact that they’re a touch longer on me, aren’t cutting it anymore.

Confession: when not in my beloved wunder unders, you’ll probably find me in my beloved Gap maternity skinny jeans – I heard on the radio when I was pregnant this segment on the Kane Show about women wearing maternity pants after they’re no longer pregnant…and yes. I’m one of them. Listen, I spent like $50 (okay probably not that much, I think I got them on sale) on these jeans and dangit, they’re comfy and they do not cling to my ah-hem…wobbly bits (in the words of Bridget Jones) like my other jeans. So of course I’ll wear them 7 1/2 months post partum. Sue me.

But really, I’d rather wear yoga pants.

I probably could have gotten away with wearing my “nice” leggings and a nice sweater to Femworking, but alas, I didn’t. I went with a dress – a pseudo-casual dress but man, I should have gone with jeans. Hindsight is always 20/20.

But listen, about the leggings. I can dress them up. Add a pretty sweater, and a pair of Tory Burch flats (or JCrew flats, you know, whatever your style) and I’m ready to go to play group. Throw on a pair of Hunter boots for a rainy day. Literally, I can do anything with these lululemon leggings. Add a comfy sweatshirt and you’ve got your lazy day slug wear. Boom. What more do you need?

{leggings | tank | Sweater (similar) | Shoes}

That being said, given that I work part time and do go into an office, I do get dressed up. Sometimes.

{dress | sweater}

This was taken towards the end of summer before heading into work. Don’t mind the mess in our room. Also random, but those sandals were purchased back in 2009 at my bachelorette party at the Steve Madden store on Newbury Street in Boston. I’m pretty sure this was their last summer as they’re stretched out and worn down and just in general, sad looking. I am beyond devastated. But this means, for my birthday I’m upgrading to a pair of gold Jack Rodgers.

I digress. It’s not impossible to look nice and be a mama and be comfortable. Listen, i spend half my day on the play mat entertaining baby.

Here’s how my day breaks down and this is a rough estimate, it sometimes changes day to day.

I think what I come back to – even when I do go into the office – is comfort. Comfort to crawl around on our floor or the carpeted area at the mall during play group. Comfort to walk around the mall or the Towne Centre. Comfort to do whatever it is we’ve got on tap for the day. Some of this may be an exaggeration depending on Ethan’s nap schedule. Sleeping for 6 hours however is par for the course and a good night at that. And I do most of my writing after Ethan goes to bed which is by 7pm.

The next conference I go to, I’m going to dress up my leggings with no shame. You just wait.

What’s your mama-wardrobe must have?


On Motivation and being a mama

A common theme I’ve seen amongst mama’s as we strive to get back to our pre-baby bodies is motivation or lack thereof.

I get it. Trust me, I get it.

But the problem as mama’s is that it’s easy to make excuses.

I’m tired. Nay, exhausted. I only slept for x hours or baby was up x number of times. 

I have too much to do around the house.

It’s too hot.

Here’s the thing, as women who are looking to get fit, it starts with setting goals. Duh. My goal is the Baltimore Half/Army 10. I have four more races on the docket for the rest of the fall and so while I’m not looking to finish with a PR for either the Half or the 10 miler, I do want to run a race I feel proud of and know that I trained my best and am comfortable with where I am.

When we make excuses the only person we’re doing a disservice to do is ourselves. I’ve been using the sleep excuse as a crutch for who knows how long. And the past couple of weeks my training has really suffered. Thankfully I have been keeping up with stroller strides, and we did a fun little 5k as a family and now that the weather has cooled down, I don’t really need to wake up at stupid o’clock after being woken up 2-3 times in the night so I can get my 3 days of running in.

But really, whether you run at 5am or 8pm, just take the thirty minutes. Tell the husband that baby is down for a nap and you’re going out. Go after bedtime. Hell, let the husband deal with bedtime. Whether you walk, run, skip, jump or fly  – just move. Not only will your muscles feel better for being pushed – even just a little bit – but you’ll feel better for taking the time to clear your head and get a peace of mind to working out by yourself for 30 minutes.

Making excuses is just going to restart the cycle of “I feel awful about myself” and then making up excuses…none of my workout clothes fit…I’m too tired…I don’t have the time…and the cycle repeats itself. So stop the cycle and get out – better yet if you can’t find 30 minutes for you? Take the baby out and go for a walk. Even when I haven’t ran, I’ve been pretty good about getting out and walking anywhere from 3.5-6 miles at least 2-3 times per week and after those walks, everyone is happier.

This week’s workouts

I found that a large reason my training has suffered over the past few weeks is that I stopped my weekly workout updates. Traveling. Whatever. It screwed up my groove. These little updates keep me accountable after all, no one wants to post a big fat “I sucked last week” so I’m going to get back to posting.

Mondaystroller strides (now Monday evenings at the Naval Academy Stadium! Come get your butt kicked by Erin with me!)
Tuesday – stroller strides
Wednesday – Free intro session @ Crossfit Old Bay (am gunning for Adam’s intro time of 7 something. Will blog about it later 😉 )
Thursday – Traveling to South Carolina
Friday or Saturday – Would love to fit in a 5-10 mile run but we’ll see.
Sunday – rest up!


How do you get out of the cycle of making up excuses? What do you do to get back on the wagon after you’ve stopped working out for a couple days/weeks?