I love that dirty water…

Five years I called this place home. Many of those years, I spent cheering on runners of the Boston Marathon, celebrating Marathon Monday in the typical collegiate way – with solo cups, lots of cheering and general merriment. Patriots Day in Boston was always the gateway to spring. It meant the end of the semester, celebrations, the beginning of Spring and Summer.

Today, that joyousness was interrupted. As a marathoner, and New Englander, seeing the streets I once called home attacked was so personal and so heart wrenching.

Today, I’m sending all my thoughts and prayers to the runners, spectators, and volunteers affected by the race as well as everyone who has ever called Boston home.  Want to read a great article on the spirit of marathons, check out this one from the Washington Post – whoever did this clearly want to break that spirit because nothing amazed me more on the news than watching the instant reaction of the first responders and how so many people just went to help.

view from my room2.jpgTaken in 2006 from my old apartment on campus.

<3 Boston.


Lessons Learned

Short post for now, but more later promise.

I’m stoked to be featured as today’s Marathon’s + Moderation post today over at Healthier Happier Bear. Ashley’s blog is one of my favorites, and I think she has a lot of great down to earth advice from herself and other bloggers. Plus, she always makes me super jelly that I don’t live in the greater NYC area anymore. 🙂

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{more about how I saved hubs’s bum on the side of a parking lot yesterday AM during our first ride together this afternoon!}


We’re on a break…

I didn’t do it for myself. Well I kind of did. But when people ask why I started running marathons I tell them 1 of 2 reasons. The first one was, I was bored. I won’t go into the second, but it was to prove myself to someone who wasn’t even in my life anymore. That I was good enough, but it didn’t matter.

But mostly, I was bored. I was in a slump. I needed a challenge.

So I signed up for Marine Corps Marathon in 2007.

Then I signed up for Hartford in 2008 because I wanted to do better.

Then Vermont City in 2009 because, well it gave me a reason to go see my family. One a year didn’t seem so bad. ‘Til I moved, became depressed, got a job, and then stopped having time to train properly. Life happened, and yesterday? Well it hurt. A lot. And around mile 13 I thought about calling it quits. I kept running…but I kept thinking about that. Just stopping. How bad would a DNF look though? How disappointed in myself would I be? How disappointed would everyone else be in me? They wouldn’t be, they’d understand ultimately, but I wouldn’t let myself live it down. That was the problem.

I wasn’t dedicated. But before I knew it, I was signed up to run Marine Corps again in 2010, because well, a friend wanted to do it and I didn’t get into NYC this year. So, why not? Right?


Yesterday, my body protested. It protested very strongly the idea of running another marathon in less than 6 months. I wasn’t excited. I wasn’t even all that excited to be running it yesterday despite the fact that I knew those streets oh so well – they were the roads I learned to drive on, the roads I laughed on as a teenager. It was my home.

But I’m breaking up with marathoning. At least for the time being. We’re on a break. I joined the NYRR earlier this year to hope to get into the NYC marathon this year, or do it next year at the very least. And I will. But it’ll be marathon number 5, and the last one, at least until I have the time to fully dedicate myself to running. Which I haven’t yet been able to do the way I want to.

But I’ve run a half marathon, I enjoyed it, and it’s not nearly as much as a time commitment as training for a full is and so, I’ll focus on running those for a while. They’re just as fun and you still get the bad ass medals.

I’m going to end my marathoning for now, not for good, definitely not, but definitely for now.

I was talking to a woman around mile 17 and it was her fifth. She was getting frustrated because she wasn’t “getting any better” and I had to nod, I knew where she was coming from, but I also knew it was my fault for not training as well as I should have.

My frustration with my time management, and dedication was my own fault, but she also said, she wanted to end on a high note, while she still enjoyed running.

I took those words, through my last 9 miles, she chugged along ahead of me, and I thought about what she had said. I wanted to be happy to run. I want to enjoy slow runs where I can de-stress and not worry about injuring myself. I want to lead the run club at work and not dread it. I don’t want to injure myself permanently. I want to keep calling myself a runner. Eventually, I fear if I kept on marathoning, none of those would be true anymore, except for maybe a bad injury to my knees. And no one wants that.

Because more than anything, I’ve always considered myself a runner – since the age of 14 when I hurdled my first hurdle at the high school track. Four years later, I earned three varsity letters in cross country running, track and field, and nordic skiing. Almost six years later, I registered for my first marathon, thrusting myself back into the world of running, and three years after that, I don’t want to call it quits.

Marathoning has been an adventure, but there are other adventures that I might be more adept at – half marathons, and other such short distances are all tons of fun, and I do still want to register for and complete a triathlon.

And I will. I know this. And in 2011, I will complete the NYC marathon in under 5:00:00. For now though, I’ve completed four marathons, and various other road races including a half marathon, a ten miler, a 10k, a couple 5k’s, an 8k, and a 4 miler. Others may have done more, but I can’t compare myself to them, because ultimately, runners run for themselves. And I? Am still a runner.


Lucky Number Five

Three years ago, on a chilly October day, I finished my first marathon in 7 freakin’ hours. I trained half heartedly, but I finished. Since then, I have set a PR of an hour and a half faster than that time, having run 2 (with #4 in May!) marathons since.

This October, for my epic FIFTH marathon, I’ll be heading back to DC with my gal pal, the first time I’ve ever ran a marathon with a friend, to run Marine Corps again with a goal of finishing in sub-4:45:00, a full 2 1/4 hours faster than my first finishing time. Can I do it? You betcha!

I’m disappointed about NYC sure, I had entered the lottery knowing it was slim chances, but M sent me a text asking if I was in, and just after confirming my “not accepted status” I texted her back saying I was in!

Then I saw this…

And forgot all about NYC…because, in the words of many sports fans
there’s always next year.

Woo hoo!!!! Bring it on MCM!!!!


No. 4 and No. 5 Coming Up…

I’m slowly getting back into running. I’m a little nervous, I’ve always been a little hard on my knees and while moving large, heavy boxes (sorry I packed those so heavy now!) I felt a few sharp pains around my knee. Not good. But I figure with a little ice, and some good sneaks I can ward off any real damage.

Getting back to my point, last night I sent in my application for the 2010 NYC Marathon lottery. I’m pretty stoked, and keeping my fingers crossed that I actually get a lottery number.

This month, I’m registerring for VT City again, hoping, praying that I can run a sub 5:00:00 marathon. Then, if all goes well? NYC will be #5.

But here it is…proof of my goals. Come on 2010. Bring. It. On.

There might not be any guarantees but…I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Some lofty goals, that are even loftier assuming entrance into my grad school program (still crossing my fingers on that!), but it’ll keep me moving and running.


Marathon #3!!!!!!!


May 24th I’ll be running in my hometown marathon shooting for a sub 5:00 time for marathon #3!!!!

Training starts after the holidays – before then I’ll still be running since I’m committed to the 5k on the 27th and the Jingle all the way 10k in December. Guess i’m going for a run tonight AND tomorrow! Time to get my butt back in gear (at least i know i can still do a sub 30:00 5k!!!)