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Hey everyone,

Going to keep this short. Sweet. And to the point.

The other day I reviewed the book Size Eight in a Size Zero World by Meredith Cagen. I also promised to pay it forward and pass the book along, so, the winner of my random book give away is…

Jennifer from!

Send me your address gal and I’ll get it out to you soon (and by soon I mean when I go to the post office next, which will be when I buy envelopes. Which should be next week. 🙂 )!

Life is c r a z y b u s y, with only two days until Liz‘s weekend of bridal awesomeness (shower/bachelorette combo!) which I am beyond stoked to host – but oh man. Lots to do!!

My life has, for the past couple weeks essentially been: Work. Work. Junior League. Work. Clean clean clean. Work. Junior League. OH YEAH I HAVE A HUSBAND! Dog. Husband. Clean. Work work work. Junior league. RUNNING!!! (cause oh yeah, I have a marathon in two months! And a half in ONE MONTH! EGADS!!!)

The best part about the madness however? I love each. and every. Minute. Whether I’m actually AT WORK in Greenwich or if I’m writing at home for one of my many writing obligations (blogs) I love everything I do. I feel incredibly blessed by this all but I wouldn’t change a minute of it.

I get off by having a crazy busy life – I did in college when I was juggling a social life, an off-again-on-again relationship, multiple leadership positions in various student organizations on and off campus, a full class load and did I mention a thriving social life? But? I loved it. I wouldn’t change any of it.

Now if you’ll excuse moi, I’m going to get out of smelly work clothes, and get my butt to have a brewski with hubs before the craziness of the weekend begins.


To the Mothership!

Tomorrow, I will get up at the butt crack of dawn, hop on a train in my cutest outfit, meet fellow Junior League gals, travel downtown in Manhattan, and see the MOTHER of all things organized and pretty.

I am going to a taping of the Martha Stewart Show. Of course, this meant that I had to buy a cute new sweater, most of mine are black and they don’t recommend wearing white or black. So, I deemed it okay to buy a pretty new one. My shopping habits have…returned. It’s hard to keep them at bay. Now that I have a paycheck coming back in. Obviously though, I spend within my means, and will not, under any circumstance, put anything on credit. But this? Was a nice $26 which is well within my teeny tiny budget. See the complete, class-tacular, ladies who lunch outfit for the day tomorrow (as we are not just seeing martha, but also going to lunch at

Going to Martha!
Going to Martha! by

I deemed the sweater okay to purchase if only, because I didn’t already have one like it and while I can’t wear this kind of stuff to work, I don’t work every day and I do still like to go out to enjoy myself – which is when I will not be wearing work clothes. Although I am looking forward to wearing my work gear to my upcoming races – bold and bright!

Can not wait til tomorrow, expect many pictures, and a full recap – though likely not tomorrow but Thursday afternoon. Tomorrow night is the provisional-sustainer potluck (hope I didn’t over cook that pasta while watching Biggest Loser!)

Life is good freaders, life is very good.


30 days

“This is…the happiest I’ve seen you in a long time…”

Hubs said that to me tonight, and it’s true.

I’ve started focusing on goals, I’m excited about my new job, and I’m doing some great things.

Starting a non-profit affiliated with a national non-profit, committing to yoga for 30 days – even if it’s just using in my spare room/office, and buying a bike so I can commit to my first sprint triathalon this summer, and of course the new job.

I’ve just realized, in the past month especially, that I am incredibly blessed. I’m blessed to have the supportive husband and family I have, I’m blessed for the amazing friends I have and the ones I’m making, and I’m blessed to have found a job that is going to be a fun learning environment that encourages it’s employees to set goals and to keep them.

Thanks to this book – I’m learning to let go of my past, to move forward, to set goals, and to allow myself to be happy with what I have. I’m learning to focus on me – and I’m taking that out in my yoga, my running, and my racing.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past few years, it’s that before anyone else can make you happy, you have to make yourself happy. And it’s true. It’s immensely true, and I learned it at the cost of a few friendships and relationships over the past ten years. But it is such an important lesson to learn.

I’m looking forward to really spending the next 30 days of this 30 day yoga challenge I’ve given myself, to really, really be content with where I am and who I am. I’m looking forward to using it to assist all my marathon training, and running in general. My flexibility is certainly shot to hell, and I’m looking forward to getting some of that back.

I know I sound all life-coachy on you guys right now but seriously, I feel as if I’m bleeding happiness these days, and even though we were without power for about 12 hours today, and my husband is on his way out of his job, I’m okay with everything in my life. Because the most important thing I’ve learned this year through all of hubs and I’s trials and tribulations, is that money? Does not equal happiness.

I am blessed. But more than that, I am blessed to have realized it because many go throughout life without even realizing what they have.


On Running

I had the greatest day today.

I have a hard time calling myself a runner, mostly because…and I’m ashamed to say it…I’m slow. Not ridiculously slow. But slower than I used to be.

Long gone are the days of 7-8 minute miles. Long gone are the days of sub 30:00 5k’s. But still, I find myself, especially on days like today, loving being a runner.


Go out, strap on your sneakers and just start running. Jogging, running, I consider them one in the same, because ultimately, you’re faster than a walker. You move swiftly over the sidewalk, whether it’s to music or just the sound of your own breathing and the cars passing by. You run to the outskirts of town, up and down hills you weren’t expecting but find yourself being excited and proud when you conquer one hill after the other. You feel your legs tighten up, crying out over the exercise but not because they’re upset, they’re tired. You turn around and head home, bummed yet happy that the run is over. The run is almost over? Two miles left, twentyish minutes or so. Down some hills, up some more hills.

You pass a couple older runners, nodding politely, then one man, with wrap around running sunglasses, and winter gloves gives you a thumbs up. It revamps your energy and you feel an extra kick in your step. You wonder how fast you’re really going, how long til you’ll be done and able to say you conquered another 8 miles. Eight miles on your sneakers. Adding up the miles in your head you wonder how long till you should reward your hobby with a new pair.

Finally you pass the last major landmark, about a half mile from home. Knowing you’re almost there, you add more spring to your step, trying to keep up with a runner a few steps in front of you. He suspects what you’re doing, and speeds up. Or you slow down, tired, cramping and aching. You cross your last street and turn up your driveway. Sprinting the last quarter mile or so, almost there. You can feel the sweat on your forehead – the first spring day, the first great day for a long run. Your legs are tight, screaming in pain, but you feel, albeit sore and tired, accomplished and exuberant about running and accomplished.

You are, regardless of your speed, a runner.


Eating Better

I’ve been on a mission, it’s been slow going, but it’s a mission no less. One of my new years resolutions was to lose about 20 lbs. Granted, I know I won’t lose much weight in marathon training time (like, now) but I’m more working on getting in good shape. After all, I just bought a smokin’ dress for my pals wedding in May (and another in June. And another in September. And another in October) so I need to ensure I look damn fine in it.

But anyhoozle, I’ve been trying to eat better. I’ve been reading lots of running, fitness, and health blogs, made a spreadsheet of my training (but have been awful at sticking to it), additionally, I’ve been making menus for the week and hubs and I have done decently with sticking to them!

See my menu? It’s pretty bad ass. Excuse the crappy picture. iPhone FAIL.

Our menu:

MondaySteamed Pork Dumplings
TuesdaySoy Glazed Salmon, with rice pilaf and asparagus
Wednesday – I have junior league, hubs is on his own (i’ll likely eat before i go)
Thursday – Hubs has a work event, so I’m giving my shot at Tofu Fried Rice
Friday – Caprese/Margherita Pizza with homemade dough

Saturday we’ll be up at his parents and Sunday we usually fly by the seat of our pants.

The food journal.

I’ve been trying to keep track of my vegetables/fruit, proteins, carbs and fats. I’ve been cutting back on fats (yay!), and upping my proteins (yay!). Next will be cutting back on carbs, but for the most part the carbs I do eat are whole wheat (except the French Toast Bagel I had for breakfast this AM, not good. But my father-in-law – who is awesome btw – always gets one for Hubs and I when we go up to visit since he knows we like them).

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I’ve been crying a lot the past couple days, for no reason in particular, other than I just can’t seem to chuck this huge weight on my shoulders about everything and the breaking feeling in my heart that just seems constant. This feeling that for some reason I feel like I’m just destined to fail in everything I do. Pathetic, I know, but just…it’s feeling helpless and overwhelmed by life.

So Hubs sent me this this morning:

God, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
The courage to change the things that I can;
And the wisdom to know the difference.

I’m going to go repeat that to myself, go to yoga tomorrow to get into it again and start reading this book followed by this one. Hopefully this will all help perk up my mood in the long term and give me a little bit of much needed hope.

Sorry to be a bit of a debbie downer lately, sometimes you just need to vent, and writing makes everything better. In happier news, I’ve applied to a few hopeful freelance gigs, a couple of tutoring positions and a job. Grad school said I should hear back “soon.” As in the GPA waiver committee made their decision, sent it off to the director, and once he/she approves it, I’ll hear back. I’m not just keeping my fingers crossed, I’m praying because if this doesn’t work out I may have to rethink everything.


But Leggings Aren’t Pants!

I have a confession freaders, I switched teams.

Up until recently, I was vehemently on the “anti-leggings as pants” team. Until I started reading this blog. This blog? Gave me a renewed appreciation of all things leggings – now granted I don’t own $78 Lululemon leggings (but I will! Soon! Thank you state of virginia!) I own cheap little $5 ones from Forever 21 (but I upgraded! To $15 ones from Macy’s!) but the comfort level was pretty high and I…am a big fan.

So I’m using that blog, and some polyvore-age to inspire myself to wear leggings. As pants. More often.

Rules for wearing leggings as pants:

1. Thou shalt not wear see through/sheer leggings
2. Thou shalt not allow camel toe
3. Thou shalt not allow panty lines
4. Thou shalt not allow wedgies
5. Thou shalt add color!
6. Boots. Or flats. Boots but preferably not Uggs. (as much as I love mine)


{image via Lululemon blog}


{image via google search}

Note the differences. You’ll see me wearing leggings as pants on days when I don’t really need to leave the house, or on days when I do have to leave the house but not to do anything but maybe go to the gym or run errands. Definitely not for Junior League events, Alumni events or job interviews/tutoring days. You will always see my ass covered, you will never see sheer leggings or metallic leggings (WHY!? WHYYYY????.

But aside from the fact that I realized my leggings were slightly more sheer than I would have liked (I expected more from you Forever 21!!!), I was rather comfortable (they were also a little more low cut than i would have liked but i had a sweater covering my bum so that made it better) and you know what? I’d wear it again. That’s why I used a gift card to spend $15 on leggings today.

Hubs you should read this: for valentine’s day? All I want is this, this, and this. {and of course my garmin, and new sneaks. but those are coming next month anyhow for marathon training.} Yes I know that’s all extravagant – I’m exaggerating clearly. I know we can not afford all that, but still, sometimes, it’s fun to want. Isn’t it?

What say you all freaders on this debate – leggings as pants or not…?