Thankful for this…

As I read about the massive layoffs over at my former employer and see former colleagues and friends jumping ship or losing their jobs so close to the holidays, I am so thankful today for being where I am.

Thankful that I noted my extreme unhappiness in January/February as it being time to move on.

Thankful I was able to move on to a position so close to home, with amazing coworkers for a pretty awesome company.

Thankful that I didn’t leave with a bad taste in my mouth – or at least not as bad as others.

Thankful that I’m currently surrounded by a team who helps people every day. The way my colleagues work with our patients is just amazing.

At a time when there is so much uncertainty in our economy, it doesn’t hurt to stop and appreciate those around you. Especially those who believe in you and value you as not only an employee, but as a person. Give thanks today for your job, your colleagues – even if it’s not your dream job, and even if your colleagues sometimes get on your nerves. There are so many out there who are suffering without a job who would love to be in your shoes.


In the past month…

….I haven’t ran. Well…like once. Maybe twice. But it was painful…literally.

….I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping. Nine thirty bedtimes are heavenly.

….I got a new writing gig – I’m a writer/editor for the Annapolis AskMissA page! If you’re in the Annapolis/Baltimore area and are interested in writing on charity/style please email me!

….I’m still writing for Chesapeake Taste also!

….I’ve been eating really really poorly – lots of comforting pasta and mac and cheese. There’s reason behind that too.

….I’ve been promoted to the board as VP of Communications for the  Junior League of Annapolis. Super exciting!

….I’m going to be coaching for Girls on the Run of Greater Chesapeake starting this fall.  Super excited to get back to volunteering for this amazing group – I loved coaching up in Connecticut!

….Hubs got a job!!!!! Not the perfect job but a job! Huzzah!!!

….I changed my mind on the running the Ragnar (for the same reasons behind my pasta and my sleepiness…).


Sorry to have been out of touch…there’s huge things going on that I can’t write about just yet but all will come out in due time and trust me, it’ll be worth the wait 🙂


Life Changes

Today freaders, is my last day commuting into DC. It’s a bittersweet sadness.  I adore my team and am so, so, sad to leave them.

happy hours


and races and everything in between.

I still expect to see their shining faces on a pseudo-regular basis but I’m so excited to be working 15 minutes from home, regular hours that won’t change every 3 months. Not being late to Junior League meetings. Enjoying happy hours on the water with hubs when he gets home. And running. Lots and lots of daytime/morning running.

Tonight, my coworkers/friends are joining me at Iron Horse in DC for a farewell happy hour. I know there are going to be tears. I mean, these peeps saw me through hubs and I’s separation thanks to his National Guard training. They’ve been my family and then some for the better part of a year now (really since July when this team was created).

So it’s a slightly bittersweet departure but a welcomed change.

Currently my day to day is:

6-630a wake up (unless I drag my bum out of bed in which case I wake up around 5:30-5:45a)
7:15a –
leave house
7:30a – get on commuter bus
8:30-8:50a – arrive at work
9-6p – work
6-6:25 leave/get on bus
7:15-7:30 arrive home in Annapolis
7:45-8:15 get ready to work out/check mail
8:15-9p run
9p dinner/talk to TV
11-11:30 bed

On other days I’ll have JLA meetings from 7-8:30ish. Those are days when I am least likely to fit in a workout.

This weeks workouts have really been a wash and the scale is showing. It’s only been a 1-2lb differential but I need to fix that ASAP. I’m heading in the wrong direction but sushi lunches out, and celebratory glasses of wine and everything in between have not helped. I’ll still fit in my 3 mile run tomorrow and my 8k on Sunday but I’m considering the rest of this week a boondoggle when it comes to my workouts but I’m okay with that because Monday is a new week, and I have NO EXC– USE to not get up at 6:30 (the same time I’m waking up now) to fit in a 3-4 mile run and still be able to leave my house at 8:30 to get to work before 9a. THATS AN HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTE DIFFERENCE!

Things I’m looking forward to…

*Evening runs with Fleet Feet Annapolis. Including their St. Patricks Day Fun Run! If you’re in Annapolis come out and join me and my pal Sarah!

*Yoga @ Charm City Yoga. I checked out their Hot Vinyasa Community Class last Sunday and just about melted with happiness. I’m so excited to start practicing regularly again. ]

*Not being late. I’m chronically late for meetings for JLA. So I’m very much looking forward to changing that and actually being able to make it to social hours and weekend events without missing out on half the event.

*Running in the AM. I really enjoy waking up, running as the sun comes up and getting my day started right. However, the past year that desire has been coupled with the fact that I am just…not. a morning. person. at all. Ever. So now that I can still wake up at the time my body is used to, I can get up. Go running. Eat breakfast. Watch Morning Joe. And leave at 8:30a. Without rushing around like a freakin’ mad woman.

*Cooking meals I’ve been eating rather unhealthily over the past few weeks, mostly out of the fact that I don’t eat dinner until between 830p-930p on a good night. I’m too rushed in the morning to make a lunch so I usually buy it. My hope is to bring my lunch every day (I don’t want to have to drive to pick up lunch that’s just a waste of gas and money), and start making dinners for the leftover factor! Huzzah!

*More time to blog. My blogging has been slightly lackluster lately because some days I have TONS to say and other days I got nuffin’ but I am looking forward to being on a better schedule. Having time to include more pictures (that aren’t months old ah-hem, this post) and being a better healthy living blogger. Commuting 3 hours/day hasn’t always been the most conducive to being a baller blogger.

*Only 48 days left. There is nothing that I am looking forward to more than hubs being home. For good(ish) (I say ish because the reality is at some point he will likely get deployed. That’s reality but I’m okay with that. Surviving the past seven months has made me confident that we can survive pretty much anything. That being said, he’s my partner and we have a slue of races I’m signing us up for.

I miss him. A lot. Isn’t he so handsome? The Army has done good things to him. More on that later though (it’s a work in progress but hubs is writing a guest post for me on his healthy living changes!)

What’s your day to day like? Where do you fit in workouts???

{Make this friday even happier by voting for me forbest healthy living blogger in Fitness Magazine’s Fitterati awards!}


Getting back up

The hubs is having a grand ole time at Basic. Which is awesome – I’m so proud of him and excited for him – he has a spark that I haven’t seen in a really long time.

He called last night to give me his address – it was a much needed, albeit very brief, phone call.

After we hung up, not knowing when we’d talk again, I cried. A big fat ugly cry. Then I cooked dinner, turned on the television and opened a beer.

Except I forgot I opened the beer and discovered it this morning when I was putting my lunch together. Whoops.

After licking my wounds from yesterdays rejection and talking to the hubs (for the quick 5 minutes I got to talk to him) – I thought about what I wanted. Where I want to be.

My ah-hem “non-negotiables”:

*I want a job that I’m passionate about. I’ve been so blessed over the past two years now to work for amazing companies, with amazing, inspiring people. I’ve found my passions, my next step is to find a position that lets me explore them and grow.

*I want to work for a company with positive values. Values that encourage employee development, reward and recognize employees for their hard work.

*I won’t settle. I’m not in a bad place now. My position certainly isn’t my dream job but there’s room for growth in the company. I’ve hit a hurdle and when you hit one, as I learned in high school track and field, you brush the dirt off your knees, get back up and keep running.

*Set long term goals. Long term – like 5-10 years from now, I want to be a freelance social media/marketing consultant. I want to be an entrepreneur that helps entrepreneurs. My experience has allowed me to manage communities, manage content, and work with people. I like being around people. I like educating people. This is not only what I’m passionate about but coaching is what I’m good at.

*I won’t ever let my job keep me from doing things I’m passionate about. Like Junior League. Running. Having time with the husband. These are things that I need to have in my life to keep me balanced. If a job doesn’t let you have a balanced life, it’s time for a new job.

Back at lululemon, they encourage you to set goals and create a hedgehog by evaluating what you’re passionate about, how you can make money and what you’re good at where these three intersect is your hedgehog. It’s how you can live your life to the fullest. I’ve figured mine out and even though my inherent goals have changed, as they are wont to do, my hedgehog has stayed the same – I’m still passionate (and relatively good at) about social media, and digital marketing and I can still make money with that.

Now it’s time to brush my knees. Reaffirm goals and passions and go after them. I can’t let the fact that I’m burnt out get me down and keep me from being a rock star. I am a rock star. Now, more so than before, is when I need to shine like one. Because it’s not that I’m super unhappy, I just want more. More challenges, more feeling like I’m at least moving towards my long term goals. Because despite my awesome-sauce company, lately I’ve been in a rut. An all encompassing-drag-me-down-don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed-for-work rut. And I’ve been there before, but at companies that were far less savory than the one I work for now (this one gives a damn about its employees – who knew what a difference that could make!) so I need to be grateful. Grateful that I’m employed, that I work for a company that wants me to grow but right now? Just doesn’t have the right opportunity for me. And I’d rather wait for the right opportunity than just jump at the first sight of land – I’m not afraid of jumping into deep water because I know how to swim, but why swim if you don’t see land? Right? Right.

In the meantime, I will keep shining. Keep running. Keep writing long letters to the husband every day. Keep snuggling the kittehs. Keep my house clean. Keep laughing with my coworkers who really make my life every. freaking. day.

How do you pick yourself back up from disappointment?


Just Stop

I need to stop.

Stop doing things that I don’t want to do that I think people want me to do.

Does that make sense?

Like for instance, I’m in the process of going through my google reader. I have a lot of blogs on there, half of which are deserted and another quarter of which I don’t even read anymore making my reader often at 1000+. Which I hate. I hate when it gets that high.

But I subscribe to a lot of blogs because I saw them linked somewhere and felt “well maybe I should read that…” Then I don’t.

Dear Heidi,

Stop doing things because you think you should. K?



Just like when I was at lululemon, I altered my goals to be things that I thought I should be doing. Like being a nutritionist or personal trainer or Iron woman. The thing is, I never had the drive to get there. It sounded exciting when I said it, but a real goal should motivate you to accomplish it.

Newsflash self, that’s not you.

Goals should reflect yourself and what you want right? My career goal? I want to work in social media/marketing/business strategy. I feel very strongly that this is my path and that I’m going to do whatever it takes to get there. I know I need to start studying for the GMAT, I KNOW THIS, but with my schedule being 1-10p? It’s just not happening. However, I also know that there are deadlines for my Business School application. I have a time line for myself as well, I want to have my application and everything in there before Thanksgiving. It will happen.

I’ve always been a “people pleaser” if you will. Afraid of being judged or criticized but ultimately, I’m not going to get what I want by pleasing others or doing things just to make others happy.

So I’m going to stop comparing myself to others – because I don’t run 8 miles a day or eat in every night of the week or sign up for dozens of races. Because everyone has different circumstances and struggles. My struggles? Working from 1-10p on weeknights, balancing work with spending time with my husband with my junior league responsibilities with having a social life. If my schedule were 9:30-6:30? Maybe things would be easier. Maybe.

But what I need to do is prioritize. Priorities equal balance. To do lists. I need to get myself organized again – even if that means for me, scheduling out my day every day so that I make better use of my time.

Dear self,

Failing does not a failure make.



Sometimes, I need to be reminded of this. Just because I’m not where I thought I’d be at the age of 28, just because my career is not the fabulous career I thought I’d have at the age of 28, and just because my husband and I have spent much of the almost 2 years we’ve been married on an employment rollercoaster does not make me (or him for that matter) a failure. I have goals. That have evolved and finally? I’m proud of those goals because I’m certain I can accomplish them.

Stop worrying what other people think.

So from today on, I’m going to do what I want. Focus on my own goals and not what other people think I should want or do or read or enjoy. I’m going to stop worrying what other people think – not just of my life choices but if I should lose weight, if I spend too much money I don’t have (I don’t…anymore), because it’s my life…and hubs’ and other people are not me nor are they in my marriage or my job.

Do you worry about what others think? How do you focus on yourself?


Moving on…

So as I mentioned over on my tumblr blog, I have not yet had the chance to leave a job on my own terms.

Job #1. An awful law firm. Small. A boys club. I was the “receptionist” but never really a good fit. The anal retentiveness of them clashed with my own perfectionism and aspirations to succeed in different realms. We parted, on their doing, on a Monday in September, shortly after hubs and I met, because I “wasn’t a good fit.” I gained nothing but a twitch from that job.

Job #2. A temp to perm job. Remained temp. I worked for “labor union rights” as a temp with no benefits. It seemed hypocritical – further hypocritical when they chose not to pay me for the week off they required me to take over the holidays because the office was closed. I eventually left, giving a few days notice to start my job at…number 3!

job #3. An abusive government relations firm with more employee turnovers than the Steelers had in Superbowl 45. My boss was verbally abusive – the effects of which I still struggle with (confidence mostly). I was essentially fired on a Friday afternoon, with no warning about my performance whatsoever. Its versus their. A minor grammar mistake. Whoops? Ahh well. It was…essentially for the best. I still believe it’s because she didn’t want to pay me my bonus which was coming up at the end of the month – fun fact, all of my “teammates” were gone by the end of the following month. Thankfully I was planning on leaving at the end of the month anyhow, and I no longer had to listen to my boss call my coworkers and I “fucking idiots.” Take that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

Job #4. The non profit. Ohhhh the shady, unethical nonprofit. I can’t even begin to go on about this one, so I’ll leave it to your imagination. “Laid off” March 12 2009 – six months exactly to my wedding day. On the plus side, I didn’t have to invite my office to the wedding (since half  of them were jackholes anyhow…I was going to abide by the whole ‘invite one invite all’ to be polite a la Jim and Pam. Thank goodness I didn’t have to do that).

I freelanced a bit on the side. Tried to get a career started. Almost got into grad school (a provisional acceptance pending I take a couple of electives). I won’t count the temp job I lost on my honeymoon. The “contract ended” without reason ever really. I’m still unclear about that. So we moved to CT and I found Job #5.

Job #5 – I thrived. I loved my coworkers. The benefits. The culture. It was what I needed to regain confidence, and regain a sense of direction in my career. The only thing I got out of the previous four jobs was a damaged ego and a lost sense of direction. I was beyond lost…I was broken from my previous four experiences. But this one? I found my passion. I found my calling.

And now, I’m on to job #6. On my own terms. With a renewed sense of self, sense of direction, passion and eagerness to learn and grow. I will always be elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness because ultimately, my lemons helped me grow. I gain more than just a few coworkers with them, I got a family and I adore each and every one of them for that.

But now, it’s out with the lemons, not in a full aspect but in a “Make new friends, keep the old” kind of way. I gave my notice today. There were tears. But there was a lot of “we’re so happy for you”‘s which I needed. I never doubted my decision, it was necessary in many ways, and despite my nervousness walking in today from the bitter windiness, it went swimmingly.

Fare thee well lemons, you were sweet and you will always be family to me. I heart you all like a fat kid loves cake, and I can’t wait to visit and share all my new adventures with you gals (and guys).

But now, it’s on to the monkeys. Not cube monkeys but fun ones. And I’m not gonna lie, I can’t wait.

More blogging this weekend from the great white north. Meaning, we’re headed to Vermont/Connecticut for the week! Huzzah for family time!!!


Success much?

I was perusing my email when I saw this email come in – my daily horoscope. Today’s kind of hit a chord because it’s something I’ve struggled with for the past couple years.

You could feel anxious about your future prospects today. You might feel that your existing plans are not complete enough, or you could encounter obstacles that shake your confidence. While you may be tempted to toss your plans aside and come up with new ones, you might want to work today on building up your belief in yourself and your objectives. The more you believe in your ability to succeed against all odds, the less shaken you will be by challenges. Simply set aside time to affirm your ability to handle obstacles and strengthen your refusal to be intimidated by anything that comes your way. This will help you feel strong and empowered, even when unexpected challenges come up. {daily OM}

This is funny because I immensely lack self confidence when it comes to my career choices and am constantly changing my mind I feel about where I want to go and what I want to do 5-10 years from now because when I decide on a dream job, I convince myself that I’m not good enough or qualified enough to get it. I need to not be intimidated by failure. Embrace challenges as what they are – opportunities to make me stronger and a better person. I have goals and just because I’ve encountered a few shitbags along the way in my career, does not make me a failure and those people can not and will not hold me back. This year? I will accomplish my career goals. I aspire to become an assistant manager, and later, involved on the regional level. I will get there. I am smart enough. I need to start each day telling myself that.

I’ve realized though that this year? This is my year. I will succeed. I will accomplish my goals. Hear me roar.


Ever have a horoscope that hit a nerve?


No Regrets

Random fact: I was once courted to run for office. In my small town, in Vermont, a week after I moved to DC. I got a phone call from the committee that supports candidates running for the house. I turned it down, mostly because there was so much change going on in my life at that point that I just…couldn’t go back and I wasn’t ready for a life in public service. Funny, because now a few of my former colleagues have run for office (both successfully and unsuccessfully) and a small part of me, wishes I was in that crowd. Wishes that I had said yes and moved home, and gone for it. Granted my life would be completely different, but the what if’s – especially in this case are intriguing and yet, also… irrelevant. Moving on…

One year ago I moved on from that budding career in politics. I’ll never quite forget the stinging conversation with that temp firm while standing in flippers on a catamaran in the Carribean Sea – the water so crystal blue and the trees in the distance ever so green – Hubs saw the voicemail. I saw the email and called them back.

“I’m so sorry, it’s just not a good fit.”

The contract of a temp-perm job at a lobbying firm in DC had been pulled out from under me. The stability that I had been clinging to the month leading up to our wedding had been yanked from me and we were right back to where we started. Two unemployed newlyweds.

I enjoyed the day but her words “Think about what you really want to do, what’s going to make you happy.” rang in my ears. Clearly politics was not doing it. Something I aspired to for five years. Nights of hard work, lots of papers, and a lot of dry readings with some heartbreaking campaign work thrown in to boot, what I wanted for so long was just not making me happy the way it did when it wasn’t a full time job.

It was on our way back to the main Island, as our trip was ending, that I told hubs I wanted to teach and then said “let’s just move. Let’s move to CT. I’m done with DC.”

I mean, I think I can take a hint that a city isn’t working for me when I lose my job ON my honeymoon (though if there is a place to lose a job, it’s definitely on a catamaran snorkeling trip with a full open bar) so we did. Less than a month later Hubs got a job, and we signed a lease here in Stamford.

The teaching thing didn’t work out – mostly because of financial reasons (we didn’t have the resources for me to take my prereqs to get into grad school) – but you know what? I’m still convinced, more so than ever, that everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, happens for a reason.

Though I’m working my tail off in three jobs, I’m immensely happy. Loving each job, loving my coworkers, and finally working with managers who are supportive and excited about my development and growth – which hasn’t always been the case in the past. Though this isn’t the way I expected my life to turn out, I’m pleased to say I have no regrets. A friend of mine from school asked if I wanted to start up my political blog on his online magazine again, and I thought about it, and then said that I’d love to blog for him, but I’m not sure politics is my topic anymore. While I do still adore following the rat races, I’m happier following it on my own terms and not for anyone else.

The biggest thing I’ve learned in the past year, and I probably sound like a broken record, everything happens for a reason. I had a hard time telling various people where I was working because I was afraid of being judged but really, I have no reason to be ashamed. And why should I be? I’m embarking on a career that makes me happy, excited to wake up to, and has opened my eyes to a whole different path of life that EXCITES me. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past five years since graduating it’s that having a job that excites you makes a world of difference.

{After all who wouldn’t love a job where you get to do this??}

Are you proud of where you are in life, even if it’s not where you expected to be? Where do you hope to be in 5 years?



So I don’t have much use for normal clothes anymore. I work at a yoga studio two days a week which doesn’t require a suit, I work at lululemon 5 days per week, and then I coach for Girls on the Run-Fairfield County (starting on Monday!) two days per week.

Yes, yes, never you mind the fact that I work near 60 hours per week (when you include the classes I take for work, and any work I do at home), seven days per week. I work a lot but I love what I do which is completely opposite from when I had a decent paying cube-monkey gig in DC. Hated what I did but got paid more than I do now – proof, as I am reminded daily, that money does not buy happiness (black stretchy pants, yoga, having goals and awesome people surrounding you with awesome music in the background. That’s happiness. And a husband who has dinner ready at the end of the day. And a cuddly puppy).

I was a little excited that today was a day off (meaning I wasn’t at the yoga studio or at Girls on the Run or at lululemon – though I was at all three at some point today though not for work purposes, I forgot my mat in Greenwich, I took a class, then I went to meet my council director to grab something that she didn’t have) so I could wear jeans. Normal clothes on the first autumn-y day. I love autumn, last year was so awesome that we got to spend so much time up here in the autumn just before we moved here in November before it started to get frigid. Hubs and I spent much of the afternoon running errands – taking pup for a walk around the South Norwalk waterfront, and then driving around Westport just kicking around.

So last night, I got an awesome little surprise in the mail from the lovely home-girls at Brand About Town.

Now I love black stretchy pants as much as anyone else, and my wunder unders are quite possibly competing with my be still pants for my favorite pieces in my wardrobe at the moment. But, these? Are amazing. Looking forward to pairing them up with flip flops for the rare occasions I get to wear “normal” (not everyone gets to wear yoga clothes to work right?) clothes (not that we go out much since we’re broke…). Thank you GAP and Brand About Town for the awesome Legging Jeans – I didn’t think I’d like them nearly as much as I do* (I love my always skinny jeans that I got last year though!!!) but these leggings are just as awesome as my black stretchy ones.

*I blame my PMS – when I tried them on this AM I wasn’t feeling it originally – but I think that’s cause I was bloated and PMSy. Not a reflection on the jeans – after a day in them, I’m sold!!

{FTC Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way, shape, or form for this post. Nor was I required to review the jeans, all thoughts here are my own. Though I do get paid to wear lululemon – I am not required to blog about how much I love those pants nor am I paid to blog about them.}


Making things happen

Things got monumentally worse yesterday.

In Hubs’s and I’s quest for the #movenorth, we’ve, in so many terms…lost a lot of money. Gone into some debt for him to take his job. I quit a job, albeit a minimum wage paying one, but a fun one. I loved the gym. He was “consulting” and was brought on full-time to his job just this month thus giving up other consulting clients for his job, and taking a pay-cut to do so. A pay cut. After taxes, etc…which his company will now be paying for, he will be bringing home significantly less than the past few months of “consulting” while also losing a significant amount of outside income. I am…kind of freaking out.

It was, in addition, non-negotiable.

My biggest fears: Are we going to be able to survive? Are we going to be able to not go bankrupt? Will we be able to eat? Will we be able to keep puppeh in kibble? Oh. Em. Gee. The list goes on and on, because while Hubs is incredibly supportive about me pursuing my dreams, the reality is – and I’m realizing this faster than he is – I need A job. It won’t likely be THE dream job, but I need…A job. And I’ve been applying, to part-time, freelance and full-time jobs. But guess what kids…the economy is still crap and well…I’ve had ONE interview since we moved up here. ONE.

I’ve applied to at least ten private schools, ten public schools for pretty much any position that will allow an uncertified teacher – substitute, teaching assistants, etc.. I found out the other day that Stamford Public Schools have SIX HUNDRED substitutes. They TURN teachers away. Same with Wilton. I need to follow up with a few other schools but can I just say…holy. Crap. Me teaching is likely not going to happen any time soon – I’ve still got my fingers crossed for grad school but in the mean time…

Crap crap crap crap.

I’ve begun, slowly, applying for more freelance jobs. Mostly because this teaching thing? Is going to be slow going and me? I love to write. A lot. I think you can tell by my blog right? Right. I might as well wait, wait for grad school or a private school gig, and do something I enjoy in the mean time that may just allow me to make some money. Keep your fingers crossed.

In addition to my quest for freelance gigs, my longing to teach, my marathon training, my soon to be tutoring, I recently started a project that has long been in the works – there’s about eight other bloggers – with a few others that are currently getting started on the site that haven’t been introduced yet. It’s a wedding blog. A blog that came to fruition at BlogHer and took this long (for me: 1 wedding, 1 move and a job and a half later) to get off the ground.

Currently, we’re in the middle of a redesign to make it a pretty wedding blog. Soon? I want to be bff with the big time wedding bloggers. Sharing pretty pictures and dreaming of the wedding that could have been. I loved my wedding, every minute of it – from my sister waking me up super early to give me my wedding gift, to having breakfast with my mom and sister in the morning, to stopping at our frequented liquor store in full wedding attire after the ceremony to get some champagne for the limo to the after party in our suite. I loved it. But I also love the thought of planning weddings – seeing everything come together – the details, the colors, the dresses, the coordinating – everything about weddings I love.

So this blog, is a source for REAL bloggers to write about their weddings. Not that all wedding bloggers aren’t real bloggers but I just found that some of the wedding blogging out there is…less than stellar. And for some reason, I have a small condescending attitude towards bloggers who created their “blogs” to blog for a wedding blog. Or bloggers who write for a wedding blog who had never blogged before. I dunno, it just kind of turns me off. Judgemental I know, and I don’t claim to be the next Anne Frank but sometimes, you just want to read bloggers who can use a semi-colon properly. Am I right?

So, my project, unpaying but oh so fulfilling with some of the best bloggers out there (IMHO) is up and running: The Bridal Bloggette. And in the meantime, while I wait for my teaching dreams to come to reality, I’ll keep writing because it makes me happy and if there’s one thing I need to stay in our dour situation is happy.