Celebrating Heart Health

I’m lucky to be a relatively healthy 30 something, but I’m incredibly thankful that we live close to some quality health care providers in our area should the need arise. It’s one of those things that you don’t really think about, but given that Hubs is a combat medic in the National Guard, it’s something we’ve always been aware of – especially given that our families have some pretty BFD health issues on both sides.

Since Hubs finished his MBA with University of Maryland and did some National Guard training at UMD Shock Trauma center a couple of years ago, we have so much respect for the quality of providers and care that they provide and they’ve really become our center of choice if you will – not that we’ve NEEDED it, but you know, it’s in our action plan should one of us become seriously ill.

Some facts that helped us make that decision…

As an academic medical center, University of Maryland Medical Center participates in cutting-edge research and clinical trials, giving patients access to cutting-edge research and the newest treatments.

Located right in the heart of Baltimore, UMMC is the heart of the University’s downtown campus. They provide comprehensive care for not just West Baltimore but the surrounding communities as well and has more intensive care unit beds than any other hospital in Maryland – one of the big reasons that we decided UMMC would be our provider of choice for any serious issues like that.

The cardiology team at UMMC has earned the Platinum Performance Award for 2 years in a row for sustained excellence in treating heart attack patients.

University of Maryland is celebrating #heartmonth by showcasing their Vascular Center cardiologists through their “Love Your Job” series. You can see that these doctors not only offer extensive experience taking care of their patients’ hearts but that they truly love what they do as well.

One of the things – as I continue to search for the right providers for my family and I –  is wanting my doctor to not only be smart but to also love their job. I know, as a 30 something professional that I’m much better at my job when I enjoy what i do. I love that these doctors have shared that they truly love helping people and helping them live longer lives. I don’t know about you but that, and a true admiration for what they do, just garners a whole new level of respect for them and all other medical professionals who put so much heart and passion into their work every day.

[FTC Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of the University of Maryland Medical Center, all opinions here are my own. ]


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Since last Wednesday, I’ve been laid up. Y’all, GI issues are the worst. It started with some aches and a bad stomach ache.

Then it got okay. Then it got worse. So bad. I’m back on the upswing, but holy jebus.

So excuse for the tumbleweeds over here the past few days, I’ve been…preoccupied.

The Good: Time with friends. Festiveness all around. Snow. Kind of. But mostly friends, family and lots of holiday cheer. Finishing the Girls on the Run 5k, nay, seeing my girls finish the Girls on the Run 5k. So proud of them all. Being a coach for Girls on the Run is such an honor and a joy, I don’t talk about it much on here, because I like to keep the privacy of the girls I coach (I’d never mention names), but this was my third season and each season just keeps getting better and better.

The bad: A first birthday party, a baby shower, a race and a cookie swap later…I think I can finally let myself recover. I hadn’t fully recovered and by Saturday night, the farthest distance I was going was the 200 feet to my bathroom. At least I had the Good Wife (my latest obsession) on Hulu Plus. I considered myself lucky to slog through the GOTR 5k this AM despite the frigid temperatures. Is it sad I’ve forgotten how cold it is to run in December? I didn’t run at all last December when I was pregnant, so it’s been two years and man! Baby it’s cold outside!)

The ugly: I’ve never finished a 5k feeling as awful as I did today. I wasn’t sure which end my insides were going to come out of. Thankfully, neither happened and somehow I made it through the afternoon. Of course I’m suffering now, but it’s not nearly as debilitating as it was Saturday night. I can’t imagine how atrocious it would be to have any long term GI issues – I can barely stand 48-72 hours. Also, because I’ve been such a silly slacker, I’m no where near my 100 mile goal. I’ll be lucky to make it to 50. The cold.

For now…

I’m on the mend, but this week, I’ll be laying off the wine and cookies as I’ve certainly had more than my fair share the past two weeks and am looking to try to detox and get whatever this bug is out of my system before we travel north at the end of the week.



20 weeks…HALFWAY!!

So okay, I forgot weeks 18 & 19 (gender scan!) … but much wasn’t missed. Unless you count these…

We got the cool 3D ultrasound – unexpected but the I think the tech felt bad for me since Adam couldn’t be there (he had drill that day).

We also found out, as I subtly mentioned the other day that baby Schmidt is Baby BOY Schmidt! So huzzah!

How I’m feeling: Okay, I don’t really want to get started on this one. Mostly because it opens up a big ole can o’ pregnancy related blahness and ickiness. I’m sleeping more and more uncomfortably, my SI Joint is dysfunctional and hurts. A lot. I feel like crap because my allergies are worse than normal and I can’t take my usual meds AND all of my coworkers have been passing around this bacterial non-sense that I’ve tried my best to avoid but I think I’ve picked it up. So I’m feeling like crap this week.

Everyone asks, constantly mind you, “how are you feeling?” Friends, you don’t really want to know. Trust me. I won’t go into the pregnancy related flatulence, bloating, ill-fitting clothing that I haven’t retired (but am close to. Once I find pretty pregnancy tops.), or the indigestion that has made itself home in my digestive track. That’s how I’m feeling. But my go to response? I’m feeling GREAT! (of course everyone acts super surprised but I don’t think people really want to hear how I’m really  feeling.)

Baby is…about the size of a banana (or a carrot, I’m technically 21 weeks now which is “length of a carrot”) and weighs about 10 1/2 ounces. He’s also chillin’ and fluttering up a happy little storm in my tummy these days. Hubs is anxiously waiting the days when he gets to feel our little man kick too – I’m not looking forward to those days as that means I’ll be a punching bag for this little dude. But he’s just working on swallowing (helps the digestive track!) and passing “menconium” these days – which is like fetal poop. Awesome. Go baby!

Eating…less but more frequently. I get full super fast but man, I had lunch yesterday at 11a and then had to have a second lunch by 2:30p! One for me…one for baby? Everything in moderation right?

Wearing… maternity pants for the win. All the damn time. My favorites? Gap Skinny maternity jeans which I got on sale last week at the Gap in Columbia which has a maternity section (few stores have them. I’ll drive an hour to save $7 on shipping though! Instant gratification friends. Plus they were 30% off.)

Weight Gained…Still fluctuating between the 8-10 lb mark. Not too shabby for half way. Not that I’m watching my weight but I don’t want to gain too much so I make sure that I’m eating enough, getting some exercise in (yoga mostly these days but I want to start swimming again), and drinking plenty o’ water (and peeing every two minutes because of said water intake).

So there you have it. You didn’t miss much with weeks 18 and 19 (except my ma and sister came to visit which was tons of fun! I’ll post some of the fun baby stuff we got next week!)  so onward to the second half!

Other weeks…

Week 17
Week 16
Week 14/15
Week 13
Week 11/12
Week 10


In the past month…

….I haven’t ran. Well…like once. Maybe twice. But it was painful…literally.

….I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping. Nine thirty bedtimes are heavenly.

….I got a new writing gig – I’m a writer/editor for the Annapolis AskMissA page! If you’re in the Annapolis/Baltimore area and are interested in writing on charity/style please email me!

….I’m still writing for Chesapeake Taste also!

….I’ve been eating really really poorly – lots of comforting pasta and mac and cheese. There’s reason behind that too.

….I’ve been promoted to the board as VP of Communications for the  Junior League of Annapolis. Super exciting!

….I’m going to be coaching for Girls on the Run of Greater Chesapeake starting this fall.  Super excited to get back to volunteering for this amazing group – I loved coaching up in Connecticut!

….Hubs got a job!!!!! Not the perfect job but a job! Huzzah!!!

….I changed my mind on the running the Ragnar (for the same reasons behind my pasta and my sleepiness…).


Sorry to have been out of touch…there’s huge things going on that I can’t write about just yet but all will come out in due time and trust me, it’ll be worth the wait 🙂


Giving it all up??

I’ve met a few former runners in the past few weeks – runners who ran marathons and ran long distances. Their stories inspired me not just because of their running but because they did what I’ve been thinking of doing for quite some time now.

They gave up running. For yoga.

Now, I don’t know if I’ll ever do that.

I love to race. I love running towards a goal. If I have something I’m working towards, I will run. I might not run fast, but I will run.

But running, as of late, just hasn’t been fun for me. I wrote about this before, after marathon #4. I have a few races in the works, and I’m heading up the run club at work but 3-4 mile runs are easy, 5-6 mile runs are challenging in a fun way but a half marathon might be my distance. At least for now. Until NYC next year. Which I will run.

I’ve really, truly, fallen in love with hot yoga – hot vinyasa is such an amazing workout and in the past few months since I’ve discovered it, I’ve found a peace in myself that I haven’t had…really…ever. I’ve forgiven and forgotten. I’ve let things go. I’ve breathed through moments when I didn’t think I could make it emotionally and gotten through them. Yoga has given me so much.

I really think, in the next 2-3 years I want to get my teacher training. You all remember my pursuit of teaching in CT and how it drained me and somehow, giving it up landed me where I am and through that, I’ve found my true passion. I feel truly blessed for this fact. And I’ve also found where I want to go with this all, and who I want to be.

I want to be healthier, and happier. I want to be flexible. Inspiring. Motivated. In shape. I want to run when I feel like it. I want to be able to do a handstand. Or Crow. Or maybe a shoulder stand without feeling like I’m going to fall over. I want to be a size 4 again. Maybe even a size 2. I want to not care about size. I want to be and feel successful. In life, fitness and everything else.

I believe we all make our destinies. That we can, to an extent, choose our passions. I mean we have the ability to explore so much in life and we can choose our passions.

I don’t want to give up running, I don’t think I ever could considering it’s given me so much in my life going all the way back to middle school. But knowing that people who I find inspiring have given it up cold turkey and never looked back and found so much out of yoga? Makes me wonder if I could too and if maybe, in the future, that might be a path worth taking.


Eating Better

I’ve been on a mission, it’s been slow going, but it’s a mission no less. One of my new years resolutions was to lose about 20 lbs. Granted, I know I won’t lose much weight in marathon training time (like, now) but I’m more working on getting in good shape. After all, I just bought a smokin’ dress for my pals wedding in May (and another in June. And another in September. And another in October) so I need to ensure I look damn fine in it.

But anyhoozle, I’ve been trying to eat better. I’ve been reading lots of running, fitness, and health blogs, made a spreadsheet of my training (but have been awful at sticking to it), additionally, I’ve been making menus for the week and hubs and I have done decently with sticking to them!

See my menu? It’s pretty bad ass. Excuse the crappy picture. iPhone FAIL.

Our menu:

MondaySteamed Pork Dumplings
TuesdaySoy Glazed Salmon, with rice pilaf and asparagus
Wednesday – I have junior league, hubs is on his own (i’ll likely eat before i go)
Thursday – Hubs has a work event, so I’m giving my shot at Tofu Fried Rice
Friday – Caprese/Margherita Pizza with homemade dough

Saturday we’ll be up at his parents and Sunday we usually fly by the seat of our pants.

The food journal.

I’ve been trying to keep track of my vegetables/fruit, proteins, carbs and fats. I’ve been cutting back on fats (yay!), and upping my proteins (yay!). Next will be cutting back on carbs, but for the most part the carbs I do eat are whole wheat (except the French Toast Bagel I had for breakfast this AM, not good. But my father-in-law – who is awesome btw – always gets one for Hubs and I when we go up to visit since he knows we like them).

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