Happy 6 Months…and a Giveaway

This day, six months ago, at 1:30pm, Ethan John was born via cesarean. It’s been an amazing journey – this whole motherhood thing but not without many lessons along the way.

Over the past six months, I’ve become acquainted with many a fabulous baby products – and some not so fabulous. Today, I want to talk about some great baby products and throw in a little surprise at the end.

Recently, as an Honest ambassador I was hooked up with a couple of cool kits. I had already tried out the essentials kit and I used the diaper kit for Ethan since we subscribe to the diaper bundle – that one lived in his diaper bag. If you haven’t tried their ridiculously cute diapers? I highly recommend them! So, I thought the extra essentials kit would be a great giveaway for y’all to celebrate little man’s 6 month birthday!

honest essentials kit giveaway

I keep the lotion and body wash for when we travel since they’re not drying to Ethan’s skin and I use the lotion on my self as well. The diaper balm lives in his diaper bag – it’s not my absolute, must live without favorite, Target brand diaper cream won us over early on for clearing up his first super angry diaper rash in about a day. But this stuff works great on the go, and will usually do the trick at keeping any angry redness at bay.

That being said, I’ve heard great things about the healing balm being great for super dry skin in tough areas – elbows, knees and heels.

I love the hand soap for it’s gentleness and subtle fragrance, and the laundry detergent is still on my list to try – I currently use 7th Generation laundry detergent and love it but I’m itching to try this stuff out since again, I’ve heard awesome things. All of these – baby or not – are super great products and are just like the bundle refers to them… essentials. 

honest diapers discovery kit

I’ve really tried to put a priority on using safe and sustainable products with baby which was one of the reasons I was so drawn to Honest. I actually became curious after reading about them so much over on Jaclyn’s blog. I tried out the free kits, canceled the essentials bundle (it didn’t make sense for us) but kept the diaper bundle.

The great thing about any of the Honest bundles (aside from the actual product) is that you can set your own ship dates. We don’t receive our bundle every month. We had one bundle of the size 1’s which lasted us until he was in size 2’s. We had a free case of size 2’s so after we used that, we set our ship date for our next bundle. I don’t know when he’ll be in the size 3’s but I can keep pushing the date back as needed so when people say $80/month on diapers? Outrageous. Not every month. $80 for 3 months? Less outrageous no?

So today, as little man celebrates six months of life on the beach, I want to know from you all how do you practice ‘green’ living? What are your essential products?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I did receive products for free from the Honest Ambassador program, however, all opinions here are my own and I was not compensated in any way for my review or giveaway of these products. Additionally if you are interested in trying any of the amazing Honest products, I do hope you’ll sign up through my referral link. 


A new path

Today was like…well no. I’m not even going to start with that.

This morning, my kitties woke me up early. I got up, drafted a blog review (read here, and win a four pack of Izze sparkling all natural juice), remembered I had a give away to complete (winner at the bottom of this post!).

I went to my complex gym and completed the following workout (1/12; 1/12!)

run: .5 mile warm up @ 6.0
6x 1 min @ 7.2
6x 2 min @ 6.0

cool down – run .2 miles home


3 sets of 15 each

bench press 25 lbs
push ups
tuck jumps

A bit sore now, but it felt really good to get a good sweat on. It’s something I haven’t been prioritizing as much as I should be as of late. Hubs called from MEPS to let me know there was a minor snafu with his enlistment, so I cut my run a little short. I went home, showered, had a quick breakfast and headed up to Fort Meade to see what was going on.

Which leads me to after FOUR HOURS of lots of paperwork, questions, more paperwork, even more waiting, I finally saw this:

Hubs swearing to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.

The challenge? He ships on Oct 3 to Oklahoma for basic. SO SOON. Til just before Christmas. Then he ships out Jan 5th for AIT in Texas for four months.

I mean, I’m incredibly supportive and proud. I’m mostly scared for myself because I’ve never lived on my own in college I was surrounded by pals, and well it was college. After school, I lived at home briefly and then lived with roommates and then, I moved in with hubs in late 2007. This leads me to the fact that: I hate driving (I’ve lived in some form of a city since 2001 – even in CT I would walk, or train most places, and only drive if I needed to). I’m dreading when my schedule changes again and I have to come home late night. By myself because if there’s nothing I hate more than driving, it’s driving late at night (I think I get that fear from my mum). It’s my own selfishness and neurosis getting the best of me. I know I’ll be okay and this will be really good for me. I’ll keep myself busy and the like, so that’s cool and he’ll be home in December and then come February I’ll be able to visit him in Texas. I’ve never been to Texas and have heard great things about San Antonio.

Okay military wives, how do you handle being apart (for whatever reason, I know this is minor on the scale of being apart, but still we’ve never been apart for more than 3-4 days in the 5 years we’ve been together)?

As for the winner of the Lauren Weisberger book “Last Night at Chateau Marmont”Julianne send me your address and I’ll get it in the mail right away…two months later. My bizzle (I promise not to be so delayed for the Izze giveaway! This is the problem with doing giveaways right before you go on vaca..this time, I’m not going away!).


Summer reads


I’m getting better with the quick, easy and healthy meals. I mean it helps when you get home before 8pm at night. Tuesday  night we had english muffin pizzas.

We used:

3 whole wheat english muffins
pizza sauce (i used about a T on each muffin)
fresh basil
cherry tomatoes sliced lengthwise (it’s what I had)
fresh mozzaralla (sliced)

Bake at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes or until crispy (not burnt!) And wham bam thank you ma’am. Another speedy meal!

Last night we met up at Ram’s Head with one of my old co-workers who will be housesitting for us while we’re out of town. Can’t have my plants dying on me now can I?

So the lovely people over at Simon & Schuester contacted me regarding the paperback release of “Last night at Chateau Marmont” which my sister recently gave me (birthday or Christmas) in hard cover. I loved it. Lauren Weisberger wrote “The Devil Wears Prada” which is quite possibly one of my go to feel good books. Not to mention I watch the movie pretty much every time I have a day off.

So this book is another feel good beach read, perfect for a mindless summer.

So, because I already have a copy of this book, I thought I’d give away a copy to one lucky reader! So tell me what YOUR favorite summer beach read is in a comment here. For an extra entry? Tweet  “@missheidi is giving away a copy of “Last night at Chateau Marmont!” http://ow.ly/5u4dv”
I’m off for another #tripnorth  so posting will be rather light over the next couple days. I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday when I return to start my month of swing shifting it (1p-10p ICK!) thankfully…I will survive and at least for July, I don’t need to get up at 5:30a to go running! #winning right?



Of Note

1,000 posts.

DANG homies! It’s been a wild road.

And you know what? It keeps getting better doesn’t it?

Three awesome things….

Book Club

The ladies and I are restarting our amazing book club that sometimes forgets to discuss books. If you’re interested in some new gal pals centered around good convo and good food and reading good books and you live in the DC area, email me at heidi(at)legallyheidi(dot)com. We’re trying to do structure and shit – starting in June!

Review and Giveaway

I have an awesome giveaway going on til this weekend! Want to try a new supplement? Go check out my review of Sun Chlorella over at my review page! (I have 3 upcoming reviews two of which are majorly delayed because of the whole not having a life for the past two and a half months!) Share with me what vitamins or supplements you take for your chance to win a sample pack of Sun Chlorella!

Making good habits

Last night I took hubs running and this morning we kicked butt doing the 30 day shred at 6:15am. I felt pretty bad ass. Unfortunately I will NOT be getting up at 5a to work out tomorrow as I have to be to work by 8a. Baby steps here people. Plus I say I will work out 5 days a week so tomorrow is an off day.  This way I can make it back to Annapolis to my Junior League annual dinner at Yellowfin. One of my FAVORITE places on the water in Annapolis. I’m still going to be a little late, since I’m working 8-5, I’ll trek down to meet hubs since he doesn’t get off work til 6 and then we’ll make it back to Annapolis by 6:45 or so (hopefully. depending on traffic. that might be wishful thinking.). I long for the day when I have a dream day working in social media here in Annapolis where I can just bike to work 9 months out of the year. I’m not there yet, and I enjoy where I am now…but someday. Perhaps after that MBA. Right?


In the moment…

Earlier this week…hubs and I found out we have to move this fall. 90 days to be exact – an 18.5% rent hike (as noted on my twitter feed) left me feeling stressed, overwhelmed and nervous. I mean…all I wanted this year was a little bit of stability and we’re almost there, but… hubs’s job isn’t guaranteed past 8/10/10 – keep your fingers crossed for this primary to not go the way of the polls. Couple that with having to find a new apartment, and us both working. A lot. This has not…been the easiest first year of marriage. But..on the bright side, I have a job I adore, coworkers who couldn’t be more fabulous and inspiring, an amazing husband and blogging is always making me happy. I’m surviving. And well…a friend of mine was surprised when i finally spilled all the beans about all this, how I stay so positive because, like in yoga, you have to live in the moment.

PS – are YOU going to BlogHer next week? Let’s meet up!!!

This week I had an extra special treat to look forward to that included trying lots of cute clothes.

{click the picture for details!}

So aside from working hard, doing tons of yoga, and living in the moment … I’ve got good things keeping the bad, worrisome thoughts at bay. Want to win a pair of free jeans? Check out the review blog for more details on that (and that slammin’ outfit above). Two words. Legging Jeans. FTW. (okay that was five words but who’s counting??)

Another good thing? Lots of yoga.. Breathing deeply and appreciating the moment(s). Running again/more. Going to Vermont this weekend for a whirlwind trip to visit the fam (and the brother!!). Getting happy amazon packages from the bestie. Planning visits. Reading. And friends moving back from overseas (one of hubs’s groomsmen/best dude pals just moved back from Japan with his bride to be! We’re so excited to see them soon!)

Anyhow, as I’ve said, it’s always helpful to find the positive. Look forward and live in the moment. When in doubt? Just breathe (even though that doesn’t always help in overwhelming situations. Just try.)


And the book goes to…

Hey everyone,

Going to keep this short. Sweet. And to the point.

The other day I reviewed the book Size Eight in a Size Zero World by Meredith Cagen. I also promised to pay it forward and pass the book along, so, the winner of my random book give away is…

Jennifer from H0tmess.net!

Send me your address gal and I’ll get it out to you soon (and by soon I mean when I go to the post office next, which will be when I buy envelopes. Which should be next week. 🙂 )!

Life is c r a z y b u s y, with only two days until Liz‘s weekend of bridal awesomeness (shower/bachelorette combo!) which I am beyond stoked to host – but oh man. Lots to do!!

My life has, for the past couple weeks essentially been: Work. Work. Junior League. Work. Clean clean clean. Work. Junior League. OH YEAH I HAVE A HUSBAND! Dog. Husband. Clean. Work work work. Junior league. RUNNING!!! (cause oh yeah, I have a marathon in two months! And a half in ONE MONTH! EGADS!!!)

The best part about the madness however? I love each. and every. Minute. Whether I’m actually AT WORK in Greenwich or if I’m writing at home for one of my many writing obligations (blogs) I love everything I do. I feel incredibly blessed by this all but I wouldn’t change a minute of it.

I get off by having a crazy busy life – I did in college when I was juggling a social life, an off-again-on-again relationship, multiple leadership positions in various student organizations on and off campus, a full class load and did I mention a thriving social life? But? I loved it. I wouldn’t change any of it.

Now if you’ll excuse moi, I’m going to get out of smelly work clothes, and get my butt to have a brewski with hubs before the craziness of the weekend begins.


Back At It

I’ve been feeling really blah lately. Very sedentary and unhealthy.

Usually, around this time of year, I’m training for a marathon but not this fall. With the wedding I just wasn’t motivated enough to stick to a training plan and it wasn’t worth it for me to risk injurying myself – especially sans health insurance.

But today, we were both inspired. Perhaps it was the grease from our Waffle House breakfast, or the fact that in two days we’ve sat in a car for about 9 hours and another 6 or so hours coming up on Wednesday but we were inspired to get better – for reals – about our health/fitness.

My plan:

*Eat better. I’ve been eating HORRIBLY since the wedding and well, my pants are feeling it. This is…unacceptable. I need to do better. This will be remedied by eating IN, eating more fruits and veggies, eating a hearty breakfast each morning

*Now that I’m back to working AM’s, I plan to work out after each shift like I was before. Three days of strength and five days of cardio/yoga/running (alternating? combo?)

*Walk more…with Hubs and Pupski. It needs to be done for all three of our sake.

*Drink less. It’s been a celebratory month. A great month! But time to cut WAYYY back for many reasons.

*Weight goal? I’m still trying to get back to 125-130. It’s about 15-20 lbs but entirely doable. Over time. If I stick with my goals.

It’ll all get done but for the next month, until my habits change, I’m going to keep track once/week here.

What say you? How are you feeling before the slippery slope of the holidays? I have TWO subscriptions to Fitness magazine that I happened to come across in my mail (they come with my renewal and are valued at $17) so if you’re with me for getting healthy, leave a comment with YOUR getting healthy tips/tricks/goals and I’ll draw two winners Friday October 9th for a free subscription to Fitness magazine. This isn’t sponsored, just from me, because if nothing else I’m feeling generous 🙂 And, it leaves me accountable by putting it here and if others are with me? That’s even more fun! Right? Right.