Friday Fives: Navy Love

My love of all things navy has gone to new levels over the past few years. Back in college, I had a problem with white tops – my gal pals had an intervention at one point because I think i had like 15 white tops some of similar styles (white polo shirts. White ruffly tank tops. White tube tops. What can I say, I loved them all.). I was finally told (politely – I had great friends) “no more white tops HB.”

Nowadays, I prefer navy. My favorite designers/brands carry it always (JCrew, Loft, Ann Taylor, Lilly, etc…) It doesn’t show dirt from grubby toddler hands as much, or dirty looking sweat stains like white shirts do (I know I’m not the only one that has that problem – despite using the strongest deodorant I can). Navy tops are just classic looking. And, depending on the style, can be dressed up or down and worn in just about any season. Navy and white pants in the summer. Navy sweaters in the fall. Navy and black in the winter. That’s right. I went there. Navy and black.

So happy Friday my friends (and happy birth month to me!), not only did I write twice in one week (I can haz blogging goals?!), but you too can lust over some beautiful navy tops that are spring appropriate (and possibly summer and fall! Because…all season right?!)


  1. Eyelet Lace 3/4 Sleeve Top (uniqlo)
  2. Botanic Soft Vintage tee (Loft)
  3. Lacy Mixed Media Top (Ann Taylor) Side note, i have this top in cream and love it. 
  4. Pintuck Tee (Ann Taylor)
  5. Linen Lace Tee (JCrew Factory)

Five Things Friday: 2015 Races

I recently created a spreadsheet to list out the races I’m hoping to complete in 2015 – for budgeting and planning purposes mostly. Also because I do love me some Google Spreadsheets.

So I figured to get back in my blogging swing, I’d share five 2015 races I’m pumped about!


1. St. Michaels Half Marathon

Would you believe me if I said I haven’t run a half marathon since before I was pregnant with Ethan? I registered for two – DNS’ed Baltimore Half in 2014 after deferring in 2013. I also registered for the Zooma Half in June 2014 but dropped to the 10k. I’m really looking forward to the St. Michaels Half – I’ve heard great things about it and have heard it’s prime for PR’s – I’m chasing a sub 2:15 half so I’m hoping this is the course for it.

2. Iron Girl Columbia

I registered for this one the day it opened – I’ve heard fantastic things and I’m really looking forward to more tri’s this year so I’m pumped to have this on my calendar!

3. Across the Bay 10k

I LOVED this race this year and while I bought someone’s bib off them at the last minute, I wasn’t officially registered. This year, I’m going to officially register and get it done. It’s ripe for a PR since the 2nd half is largely downhill so if I train right, I want to chase that sub 1 hour 10k.

4. A TBD Metric Century OR Century Ride

Originally, I had planned on the Bike to Beach Century from Baltimore to Dewey. Unfortunately, hubs has drill but I’m still on the prowl for a metric or full century ride. I was stoked to receive a bike trainer under the tree at Christmas and I have a plan for a long distance ride like this which relates to my goal/plan of doing a Half Ironman in 2016. I’m just still researching which one I want to do that’s not too far from home, not SUPER hilly, and fits into my summer/fall schedule.

5. Maryland Olympic Duathlon

I’ve never done a Du but I’m pretty excited for this one since I have it on my list of 2015 Fitness goals to do an Olympic Tri but even if I don’t find the right Olympic Tri, I think an Olympic Du would be a lot of fun (swimming is my least strongest sport so this might work out well!)


What races are you looking forward to in 2015?



Friday Five: Fall Goals

This Friday we’re talking goals. I usually set my goals seasonally, and tend to keep the SMART acronym in mind – mainly realistic, attainable, and timely. Though strategic by thinking of my overall long term goals – lose 20 lbs, and be healthy.

So my fall goals – I had to really be realistic – I’m traveling for a week after my triathlon, I have a wedding and bachelorette weekend that I’m traveling for all between labor day and columbus day. With a half marathon currently on the books, I’m not super excited about it, and I’m just kind of m’eh.


That being said there are a few goals I’m especially excited about….

1. Finishing my tri under 2 hours. 

I squeaked in just barely under 2 hours. However, this tri, the bike is a touch longer, but the 5k is flatter. SO, I think I can, i think I can. My workouts over the past ten days, thanks to Ethan’s Roseola have been wretched. Like…really.

2. A trail race. 

My first trail race since HIGH SCHOOL, I’m doing the Zooma Dirty Damsel 5k. I loved trail racing back in the day so I’m stoked to give it a go again! Not to mention I fricken love the Zooma Organization so I’m excited to check out this inaugural trail race!

3. My fifth half marathon

I’m not sure I’m as excited about the half as I am that it’s #5 so I can kind of set aside half’s for a while I focus on other things. Running hasn’t been doing much for me mentally, so I’m going to move to more 10ks and 5ks and Tris next summer. I haven’t entirely decided if I’m actually going to run this race, it’ll probably be a “let’s see how September goes” kind of thing.

4. Coaching! 

I’m going to be coaching this fall and leading some challenge groups. Stay tuned into September for details, but hopefully it’ll rejuvenate my blog, hold me accountable and help me coach some people to accomplish their own goals while continuing to work towards mine.

5. Getting a trainer.

Not a personal trainer, but one for my bike so that in the winter, I can keep training for triathlons. I really want to do an Olympic next year and want to keep working on my biking in the winter so I told hubs I wanted to get a trainer for Christmas. He’s going to oblige and I get to keep biking once cooler days roll around! Woo!


What are your Autumn goals? Any big things that you’re looking forward to towards the end of this year? How often do you set goals for your self? 


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Friday Five: Five things to be happy about

This morning I was going to jump in and share what’s new – since my blogging and general “social media-ing” has been a little lackluster lately, but instead I saw this awesome healthy living challenge on Greatist and I’m going to use it as a guide to blog once per day for the next month to get back into it. Even if it’s just a picture.

So here’s my Friday Five (which is always one of my more favorite posts to write, when I remember)


Five things to be happy about…

1. Awesome weather. The weather as of late has been amazing and tolerable and a joy. Sheer joy. Also makes evening runs with the little guy tolerable! Huzzah! This weekend is supposed to be rainy but you know? I’m okay with a rainy weekend once in a while. Especially if I don’t have any trips to the beach planned in the near future.

2. Training. Training is going swimmingly (haha get that. Triathlon training. Swimmingly – hahahaha) and I’m feeling really confident.

3. A refreshing trip to New England to celebrate glorious friends. Aside from missing my train back to CT and paying a stupid amount of money to get a new one because traffic was so awful, the weekend was GLORIOUS with an awesome group of ladies and the seafood. OMG. THE SEAFOOD. Yum.

{The CT Seashore via Amtrak}

Lake Winnipesaukee in NH

4. A weekend at home. Summer weekends seem to get filled up way too fast. It’s nice that aside a bridal tea in Virginia on Sunday, we don’t have much planned.

5. Summer nights on the porch with friends. Seriously, rather than spending the night holed up watching Pretty Little Liars, I spent last night hanging out on our porch with Liz chatting and catching up. We had company last night though. What does the fox say?

{via NaptownPint}

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Friday Five: Beat the Heat

This weeks’ Friday Five from the DC Trifecta ladies  is about sharing our favorite ways to beat the heat. This week I was pretty lax on my workouts. I’m not training for any particular race right now, Adam was gone and it was stupidly hot even at 6pm when little man and I got home to go for a run. I can’t run in the AM and leave him in the house alone for a half hour and he doesn’t wake up til 630-7am ish which is too late to go for a run and I will not wake a sleeping baby.

So here are my five favorite ways to beat the horrible heat….

1. Stay inside. 

There are some days when it’s best to just throw on some movies and call it a staycation. Close the shades. Turn up the fan and binge watch your favorite show or a couple of your favorite movies. Take a break and just relax.

2. Go for a swim

We’re lucky that our last apartment and our current community have had pools. Even if you only have a short period of time, throw on your suit and go for a dip in any pool. Don’t have a pool? Go to a beach!

3. No pool? No problem. Bust out your inner kiddo.

One thing i’m dying to purchase for E is a kiddie pool. Why not? We’ve never had our own yard until now so I’m stoked to finally bust out a kiddie pool and let E frolick about in it while I cool my toes. In the winter, kiddie pools make awesome ball pits. #truth

4. Try out a water based sport

I recently wrote pieces for Chesapeake Inspired on Stand Up Paddleboarding and kayaking – both of which I intend to do at least once this summer. Both would be awesome to try on a warm day – just don’t forget your sunscreen!

5. Drink a cool beverage

Who doesn’t enjoy soaking up a few rays with some ice cold sweet tea (my new favorite thing), an orange crush or some delicious infused water? Grab your favorite book and kick back and relax.


What are your favorite ways to beat the summer heat?? 


Friday Five: Summer Bucket List

This week, I’m linking up with some of my favorite DC ladies (and fellow ZOOMA Ambassadors!)  for Friday Five and sharing my top five must dos for the summer.

friday five


1. Stand Up Paddleboard – I’ve been saying for YEARS that i want to try this. I recently wrote a piece for Chesapeake Inspired on where to go, and there are TONS of places in our area thus now I know. I’m dying to try out Mantra Fit in Severna Park since they offer SUP yoga (!!!). Anyone want to join – there’s a deal on LivingSocial today for a $15 class!

2. Unpack my bedroom. Seriously we have not unpacked our clothes yet and it’s a huge problem. I’d love to have our bedroom in order sooner rather than later to get my butt in gear.

3. Run. I have two adventure races (Foam Fest! Dirty Girl!) this summer and I really want to put together a training group of friends who are looking to run/train for their first race. I also start training for Baltimore at the end of July so I need to start working on building my base and getting over this calf issue. Also, once Adam gets back from AT at the end of June, I really want to make the whole AM running thing more of a habit.

4. Go to a beach. We didn’t go to a beach last year because Ethan was too little and it was super duper hot. This year, I want to make it to Rehoboth or the Cape or NJ at least once.  I think Ethan would just have a blast 🙂 Likewise, if we can’t make it to the beach (which we will. For sure) I definitely want to spend some quality time at our pool

5. Redesign my blog. I know it’s not really a summer-y thing to do, but it’s slow at work and it’s a time to refresh everything else and recommit to fitness goals and eating fresher so why not show the blog a bit of love too? Right? Right.

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What’s on your summer bucket list? 


Friday Five: Looking Forward to Edition…

I have half a dozen drafts sitting around that are all half written and woefully out of date. Life has been a bit crazy this week and I’m starting to get back on track. So here’s my Friday Five!

1. Zooma Kick-off! If you’re in Annapolis, I hope you’ll join myself, some of the other amazing ZOOMA Annapolis Ambassadors as we kick off training for the ZOOMA race this May. We’ll be at Charm City Run and stepping off around 8:30a for a 3-5 mile training run. We’ll also have fun treats after the run (mimosas! discounts! what more could you ask for?)

2. Fleet Feet St. Patricks Day Run! Tuesday night at 6:30 at Fleet Feet Annapolis. I ran this a few years ago and it was so fun, last year I was like 36-37 weeks pregnant so no dice, but I’m looking forward to it this year. Did I mention it’s supposed to be 60 degrees Tuesday? Yeah. Come run with me!

3. Getting settled. We moved this week and holy stuff. I’m definitely looking forward to being unpacked and settled in the new place so we can all finally adjust to the new way of life with Ethan in daycare

4. Starting the 21 day fixMy pal Julie is coaching and she’s been raving about this program for WEEKS so I’m excited to be a part of her team and finally get my healthy living goals back on track which have definitely taken a hit the past three weeks since I went back to work and we moved and yeah. Expect to see a lot of meal plans and workouts and race recaps. My colleague is a running junkie like me so that’s probably bad news for my diet.

5. My first indoor triathlonWhich I kind of forgot that I signed up for but you know what, that’s cool. I was supposed to run it with a friend of mine but she bailed for personal reasons but whatevs, rolling with the punches and just going to have a great hour long workout! (10 minute swim, 30 minute bike, 20 minute run).

I know I’ve been on a little hiatus lately as I’ve been adjusting to some major life changes but I promise posting will be more regular in the next week or so once we get settled and I get into a more regular routine. My workouts have been non-existent, my eating has been crap, and I just feel like I need to regroup and writing here more I know will hold me accountable.


Friday Five: A Lot of Life Edition

I survived my first full week back as a working mom. I did miss my play group on Wednesday, and I did miss the whole leggings bit but…small price for the benefits. I (somehow) landed in my dream job at a boutique marketing agency in town and I couldn’t be happier – more on this all later. In short, it was the right opportunity at the right time. I had said when Ethan was born that I wanted to go back to work full time for the right opportunity, not just any opportunity and this one was perfect.

So I’m jumping on the Friday Five bandwagon because I want to write and I have so much going on, so let’s just outline it in five happy bullet points:

Friday Five

1. We’re moving! Finally. I mean, we could have stayed where we are for another year or so but it was getting too tight and no matter what we said or did, we were never really going to purge anything. So we started casually looking using a realtor and will be moving in the first week of March! We’re super excited to have a yard, a bigger kitchen, and a 3rd bedroom – of course this also means more to baby proof. But we’re moving to the other side of town – closer to my office and downtown so yay! And good news, is our place is already rented out for end of March so we really need to get a move on. Packing…is going slow as of now so I’m trying to make a little bit of progress each night from here until the 6th when our movers come.

2. Working. As I mentioned, I went back to work. The childcare search has been hell to say the least. BUT we found a solution – two part time solutions to be exact which is good enough for now. The day care I wanted to get him into has a waiting list so long that they’re not accepting any more people. I think we’re going to put him on the wait list for 2 year olds. Things I should have thought of about seven months ago. Harrrumph.

3. Which brings me to the fact that baby will be a year old in a month. !!!! Where did the time go? I’ll have his 11 month update on Monday or Tuesday (tomorrow is his 11 month birthday) so there’s that. Trying to get the move ready while simultaneously plan his birthday party – which is going to be low key but i’m struggling with the invitations – is making me cray-cray. I know, I know, I KNOW. They’re just invitations but have you seen the sheer selection of first birthday party invitations on Tiny Prints, SimplytoImpress or Shutterfly?! SO MANY. Color me…overwhelmed.

4. I’ve been binging. Not with food, though my eating habits are not great as of late, the whole adjusting to work thing is a killer. Rather with a touch of online shopping. A new pair of jeans (11 months later I finally am going to stop wearing my uber comfy gap maternity jeans), a couple of new work tops, and a new pair of knee high boots that *fingers double crossed* will hopefully fit.  I’m addicted to fashion blogs at the moment, specifically ones that focus on “mom fashion” (Hi Get Your Pretty On – love her!) so if you have a favorite budget fashion blog, please share! I blame them on my latest little online shopping binge.

5. Looking forward to…a night out with my mama pals tonight. I’ve been out of commission for two weeks and now back to work so I feel like I’ve missed them as far as socializing goes. I’ve not been as social as of late due to whatever plague we’re all getting over over here. The other morning Ethan’s conjunctivitis came back like a damned banshee – oy. Needless to say it’ll nice to be out to socialize and catch up. 

What’s going on with you freaders? What’s keeping you busy these days? 


Five For Friday

No banter. Just blog posts worthy of a read for all ya’ll to enjoy this weekend!


Bonus because I don’t have five recipes to share – I’ve been horrible at keeping up with my google reader this week so I blame that. Because we can all use a little indulgence sometimes…here are some guilt free Nutella recipes thanks to Greatist.

I’ve got big plans to make progress on baby’s room this weekend, as well as enjoy a prenatal yoga class, a birthing class, and a Family Readiness Group training for Adam’s unit up here in Annapolis and ending the weekend with a prenatal massage – a gift from hubs that he’s been encouraging me to get for quite some time now. I’m looking forward to it.

Got fun plans this weekend freaders???


Five For Friday: February 1

No banter. Just blog posts worthy of a read for all ya’ll to enjoy this weekend!



  • I’m taking part in the 28 day Blog Challenge hosted by Katy Widrick. Here’s to blogging better and hosting a better blog in February and beyond!
  • Even though I’m not running, I ran a great deal last winter as I was transitioning jobs and right after Adam left for 16 weeks in Texas. It doesn’t get super chilly in Maryland compared to where I grew up, but here are some great cold weather running tips from Mindy at Just a One Girl Revolution.
  • I saw a post about what to do with a bad pitch and thought it was genuis – I often get pitches about How to be single and fabulous! (I’m married). Or here are the best condoms! (I’m pregnant). Or how to survive after divorce! (Did I mention I’m married?).  So I’m pretty sure we can all relate to this – many thanks to Things I Can’t Say for the brilliance!
  • It’s no secret that spaghetti squash is a favorite of mine – here’s some great ways to cook it thanks to Jess over at Run with Jess !
  • A great article from the Daily Spark on yoga essentials for beginners – if you’ve never tried yoga but have been meaning to, check out this article!


Finally, a lighter note before I head into DC for the evening to get together with former coworkers, check out this AMAZING youtube video “I’m pregnant and I know it” which…just yes. Right on.


Happy Friday friends!!!