Monday Materialism – Fitness Edition

Now encouraging audience participation – feel free to use the image and blog about what you’re lusting after this week! We may not be able to buy but wanting is a lot of fun regardless!

Since I’m now 16 weeks out from my marathon and have a race coming up this weekend, an 8k in March, and a half marathon in April, this week I’m lusting after some new running gear.

I recently purchased a great pair of running cropped pants from Target for $15 which are amazing and were an AMAZING find (they were on sale), today I finally purchased a hat from Lululemon for $15 – much needed, I skip runs because it’s too cold, I now have NO excuse to do that. I took out the liners from my skiing gloves from high school (haven’t gotten much use since 2004 when I last went skiing) which worked amazingly the other night in a cold weather run (it was 28 degrees!) But still, we all love to window shop which is precisely what I did today in Greenwich when I popped into Lululemon!

1. Lululemon Ultra Light Arm Warmers $18
2. Lululemon Run Swiftly Racerback $52
3. Lululemon Wunder Under Crops $68
4. Garmin 305 with Heart Rate Monitor $160
5. Nike Half Zip Running Top $55

What are you lusting after this week? If you’re participating in Materialism Monday’s make you sure you leave your link in a comment!


Fitness Friday #1



Given that I’m now 17 weeks out from marathon #4 (and about twelve weeks from 1/2 Marathon #1) and I’m continuing my battle to get in shape I thought I’d join in the Fitness Friday Fabulousness!


*Got in my first run outdoors this week – a fabulous change from the dreadmill that I’ve been stuck running on for the past month. Ran last night – 3.355 miles, 40:02, a bit slow at 11:54/mi but considering there were a lot of icy patches on the sidewalk, not surprising. I’m shooting for 11:00/miles or so for the marathon, so I’ve gotta get my pace up.

*Trained this week. My trainer was a bit frustrated so he took it out on me. Generally we do 2 sets of circuit training, and 2 sets of ab workouts. Tuesday we did 3 sets of circuit training. Pain. Pain. But I can tell the training is working which is awesome.

*Went to Yoga on Saturday with Vanessa – did not like the yoga instructor or the class – felt she did the movements way too fast. Missed my old yoga instructor. A lot. But was nice to finally GO to a yoga class. Will definitely keep searching for a good instructor be it at my gym, the nearby Lululemon, or at a yoga studio. Also, realized I need new yoga pants as the ones I had from Old Navy are paint splattered from when we finished cleaning our apartment out in DC and had to repaint everything.

*Have a RAD workout on tap for tonight. A 7 miler for Tomorrow or Sunday. Am feeling really good about my running these days. Have you read the Fitnessista? She’s amazing and so, so inspiring. Saw this workout posted and in lieu of interval training, I’m going to do some hills. My run last night had 4 decent sized hills, which leads me to suspect that Stamford is going to be a tough place to run in if I don’t get used to running hills (DC was relatively flat sans running up/down Capitol Hill and some of the smaller hills on the Mt. Vernon Trail. But those are molehills compared to these bad boys.)

*Cooked with tofu. Ruling? Success.


*Need to get my runs in earlier in the week. I have my training written out. But I’m awful at sticking to it. Getting better at doing my 3 days of running and 2 days of X-Training. I shouldn’t be fitting in a speed workout two days before a long run. Bad Heidi.

Goals for next week:

*Yoga 1 time (Sunday?)
*Running 3 days. Nine miler next weekend. (Monday, Wednesday)
*4×800 speed workout next week (Following the Yasso 800’s as part of my training this time around to shoot for a 4:45:00 marathon, should I get into NYC Marathon I’d love to run it as a BQ more realistically though is shooting for a 4:30:00 – entirely doable. A 3:40something marathon? Not so much. Still though. I have big dreams to run Boston someday soon.
*Strength training 2 days (Tuesday/Thursday)
*Spinning/XT – two days! (Tuesday/Thursday)

Doable? I think yes.


Back At It

I’ve been feeling really blah lately. Very sedentary and unhealthy.

Usually, around this time of year, I’m training for a marathon but not this fall. With the wedding I just wasn’t motivated enough to stick to a training plan and it wasn’t worth it for me to risk injurying myself – especially sans health insurance.

But today, we were both inspired. Perhaps it was the grease from our Waffle House breakfast, or the fact that in two days we’ve sat in a car for about 9 hours and another 6 or so hours coming up on Wednesday but we were inspired to get better – for reals – about our health/fitness.

My plan:

*Eat better. I’ve been eating HORRIBLY since the wedding and well, my pants are feeling it. This is…unacceptable. I need to do better. This will be remedied by eating IN, eating more fruits and veggies, eating a hearty breakfast each morning

*Now that I’m back to working AM’s, I plan to work out after each shift like I was before. Three days of strength and five days of cardio/yoga/running (alternating? combo?)

*Walk more…with Hubs and Pupski. It needs to be done for all three of our sake.

*Drink less. It’s been a celebratory month. A great month! But time to cut WAYYY back for many reasons.

*Weight goal? I’m still trying to get back to 125-130. It’s about 15-20 lbs but entirely doable. Over time. If I stick with my goals.

It’ll all get done but for the next month, until my habits change, I’m going to keep track once/week here.

What say you? How are you feeling before the slippery slope of the holidays? I have TWO subscriptions to Fitness magazine that I happened to come across in my mail (they come with my renewal and are valued at $17) so if you’re with me for getting healthy, leave a comment with YOUR getting healthy tips/tricks/goals and I’ll draw two winners Friday October 9th for a free subscription to Fitness magazine. This isn’t sponsored, just from me, because if nothing else I’m feeling generous 🙂 And, it leaves me accountable by putting it here and if others are with me? That’s even more fun! Right? Right.


Not a Morning Person

I’ve never been a morning person.


My mother used to fight with me to get me out of bed, and I was consistently *nearly* late for school. Fast forward to college – if I didn’t have my hour to get ready (check email, shower, check facebook, get dressed, dry hair, etc….) I would skip. This was…often the case. Mostly due to laziness. Generally, it was a rule of mine to not schedule classes before 10:30. Freshman year of college I had 8am courses all five days of the week – that my friends, was brutal.

Now a days, I wake up by 7:30 to be out the door by 8:30 to be “on time” for work.

However, I should be getting up earlier.

As I mentioned yesterday over on the fitness blog, marathon training starts this week. My sinus infection is gone, I’m off my antibiotics, and I’m feeling fully functional. I’m 14 weeks out, so I’m roughly 2 weeks behind myself but not due to laziness. Due to legitimate illness.

Last night, on schedule was 30 day Shred, yoga and some pushups. As well as finishing my save the dates for the wedding. Well, save the dates took priority, and working out was pushed off till this morning.

Until I couldn’t get out of bed that is. In my defense, I have to set my alarm for an HOUR before I want to get out of bed. The snooze button and I have that kind of relationship. It was set for 6:15a – fiancĂ© had intended on getting up at 6:30. I finally rolled out into the shower at 7:32, 15 minutes AFTER the alarm turned itself off. FiancĂ© rolled out after my shower at the ripe hour of 7:50. Jerk.

It should be noted, that despite our best efforts, my fiancé is even less of a morning person than I am. So our efforts need to be tripled before the results are even visible.

I decided long ago that I need to become a morning runner/worker outer. I need to get up at 6am. Get in my run or strength training and then just be done. I get home far too late to keep doing this crap at night and by the time I do get home, I want to eat and then get into my sweatpants and relax which I’m prone to do regardless of my workout schedule. (Whoops?)

I’ve done it before. In fact when I was training for Marine Corps, until I stopped doing it (getting up early that is) I would regularly be up at 6:30 to run, and out the door by 8:15 or so to be to work by 9. This was of course before this job. Just before I was fired from the Evil Government Relations Firm. I’ve had a lot of bad jobs what can I say. Besides the point. I know I can do it, I just need…motivation. Perhaps not having a warm fiancĂ© who smells good and a puppy on my legs warming them is bad for business…I mean it’s all well and good…until they make me not want to get out of bed.

So here’s where I ask y’all for suggestions. Are you an AM or PM workout person? What are your strategies (aside from the obvious which for me is not going to bed at midnight – fiancĂ© and I are so nocturnal) to getting up early? What’s your motivation?