A Body Back Inspired Workout

I’ve finished two rounds of Body Back now and I’m an evangelist. Seriously, I’ve lost a total of just about 5 lbs and nearly 10″ total over the past five months, but the strength I’ve gained – mentally and physically – has me in awe of what my body can do now that it couldn’t do when I started this journey.

One thing I haven’t been great at through either of these sessions is fitting in my at home workouts. However, now that Little Man has OT for an hour and a half on Monday evenings, hubs and I have started using that time for the gym…rather than the happy hour at our favorite restaurant.

Since I’m signed on to do a mini-session and the January session to keep me moving through the winter months and since I’ve committed to Monday’s at the gym with hubs, and Saturdays (so long as it’s not raining) with MRTT and two days of Body Back per week, my new goal is over the next four weeks of mini session to get in all my at home workouts. 

What does my workout schedule look like? Well, this is for this week but this is pretty typical give or take depending on what’s going on after work each week.

Monday – GYM (after work, 6:20 – 7:15ish after E goes to OT)
Tuesday – BODY BACK (7:30 – 8:30p)
Wednesday – GYM (I like going right after work if I can get out on time – a new habit I’m trying to keep up)
Thursday – BODY BACK (7:30 – 8:30p)
Friday – rest
Saturday – LONG RUN with MRTT
Sunday – at home workout after bedtime (treadmill or TB)

Here’s a workout that I’ll be doing this week (Definitely tonight and maybe Wednesday unless I go for a run after work instead).

body back workout

This workout was inspired by the whiteboard workout we did after our assessment in class last week.

I changed up a few things – there were some TRX moves in there, so I swapped them out for a lot of things that you can do without equipment – If you don’t have a bosu ball, swap the bosu squat jumps for regular squat jumps. Really, the only equipment you need is a set of weights (I use 15lbs nowadays thanks to my BB workouts).

How do you keep yourself motivated during the holidays?


Race Recap: Howard County Striders Women’s Distance Festival 5k

So here’s the thing about being a military spouse- active or reserve – you learn to adjust your schedule to your spouses. That was why I “deferred” the Cherry Blossom 10 this year.

Sometimes, I get bummed out when I miss out on fun races. Other times, you make due with what you’ve got, lean on your village and move forward. I stumbled upon the Howard County Strider’s Women’s Distance Festival 5k – an evening race – a few weeks ago and was pretty pumped to sign up. It was drill weekend, but I knew Hubs would be home in time.

Funny thing about evening races, I never know how to fuel for them. I don’t like to eat a whole lot before I run, otherwise I get crampy. But having run on not a lot of gas on Friday evening when it was really warm and I was neither fueled nor hydrated, I know the fine line between being over fueled (crampy and just sluggish) and not fueled enough (no further comparison needed. Like driving a car on empty).

Hubs got home and while I was going to meet up with a pal for a beverage after, she cancelled, so the boys followed me out there after a chick fil a dinner. It wasn’t the perfect dinner but it worked.  Just a simple grilled chicken sandwich about an hour before the race. It wasn’t heavy, had enough protein and carbs. I probably could have made a protein shake but sometimes they make my stomach…grumbly so I didn’t want to risk it. We’ll leave it at that.

They made it just in time to see the warm up that was held (is it bad that I rarely “warm up” in a traditional sense? i was great at it when I was mentoring with Fleet Feet but not really much since) and to see the start. It warms my heart when my boys are there cheering me on. Love them.

howard county striders womens distance festival 5k

Anyhow! The race.

Small race. Insanely well organized. Empty course (cars wise – there were runners, derp)- I guess that’s what happens when you take over a largely commercial/business park section of Columbia on a Saturday night. A touch hillier than I was anticipating but less so than Centennial Park.


I felt pretty good – the first half mile was at a sub 10:00 pace, then we hit the gradual up hill. My splits were…way off.

The second mile was an out and back spur off the main loop – so a little downhill, a little uphill and a little more downhill and a little more uphill. It was…not entirely un-pleasant. Our neighborhood is mildly hilly so I’m mostly used to gentle hills.

Mile 2 – 3 was more gentle hills (nothing major) with a steady downhill down back onto Columbia Gateway.

I felt pretty solid at the finish – the last quarter mile or so was a solid (though short and not too steep) downhill, with the last .1 flat and a slight up to the finish.

womens distance running festival columbia md

Hubs and Little Man were waiting and cheering me – the crowd, though smaller, was certainly energetic despite the ominous skies that were rolling in by 7:30ish. Little man and I shared a cupcake (they were so good!) and then we headed out! All in all, a really fun race that I would totally do again next year – I believe it’s a part of the Women’s Distance series which includes the Baltimore Women’s 5k in June and the Annapolis Women’s Distance Festival in July

Time: 32:41
Pace: 10:38/mi


Maryland Sprint Duathlon Race Recap

Yesterday I completed my first *big* race of the season and my first duathlon – the Maryland Sprint Duathlon.

I think I can say that it’s official, I’m in love with endurance sports.

Saturday we went up to Western Regional Park out in Howard County to get my race packet and get a lay of the land. I had no idea what the course had in store for me, and no idea what to expect in regards to the race.  We got there shortly before the race chat, so I sat in on it which was incredibly helpful. While I’ve done a couple of triathlons before, I’ve never listened to the prerace talks so my familiarity with the USAT rules is minimal at best. I also found that listening to the course description gave me an idea what to expect – also helpful.

Sunday, we got up stupid early to head out. I was worried about race traffic since not anticipating race traffic has burned me before. Also i wanted to have time to get set up in transition and not be rushed. We got there around 6:15/6:20 – no traffic, no backups, not parking hassle. Incredible!

MD Sprint Du

Run 1 and T1

The first run was a bit downhill going through the park, onto a trail and then down a road with a short out and back turn around then up a hill back to transition. I picked up new sneaks from Charm City Run the other day and while I know you’re not supposed to run a race in new sneaks, it was really nice having only minimal calf pain and having a better understanding on what’s going on with my legs (it all makes sense to me now…consider my beloved Newton’s retired for the most part 🙁 More on that later!). The weather was perfect, and it was super nice having the chance for water/gatorade at 3 spots.

Saw hubs and little man as I ran into transition and grabbed another cup o’ gatorade.

My transitions are not fast, and I really need to work on them

Run time: 21:36
Transition 1: 3:30 (!!!!) 

Bike and T2

I’m still not super confident on my bike. That’s just a fact. Downhills make me anxious (i’m afraid of crashing) and I’m not at all used to clipping in and out yet. BUT! I am getting better.

I got my tires pumped up before I headed into transition (good thing since I was apparently flat!!) and had the bike dude check out my pedals –  I have a clip that’s bent because i got my cleats stuck when i was working out on the trainer earlier this spring. It should be an easy fix, but I need to bring them to a bike shop to get fixed but I can still get half clipped in and fully clipped in on the other foot. I need to get this fixed ASAP since I noticed I had some pain in my right foot that I think is related (as in did not have on the other foot that was properly clipped in).

The bike was awesome. A bit hilly but some awesome downhills. I passed a bunch of people and didn’t finish DFL so I felt really good about that. I only dropped my chain once, but I fixed it and it remedied this annoying clanking sound that I was having. I should have sipped more of my fuel but I kept forgetting and by mile 10 I was a little crampy likely from dehydration. Note to self: practice drinking while on the bike.

I should probably read up more on bikes and/or go to some clinics so I learn the basics… how to change a tire. How to know your tires are flat. You know…the basics.

Again, transition took me a couple of minutes – so I need to find a way to be more efficient – especially as I change my shoes.

Bike: 1:00:38
T2: 3:20

Run 2

The second run sucked. While the first run was largely downhill, when that course gets reversed that means a large part of the run is up hill. Thankfully – it was only two miles. A slow and hot 2 miles but only two miles so the suck time was only 2/3 of your average tri.

Run 2: 24:48

Chip time: 1:53:54.3

What I liked about this race

Beautiful location
Open course but no traffic so it felt closed
Not a crowded race
Awesome medal/race shirt
outstanding support – each time I stopped on the bike someone pulled up to ask if I was okay.

What I didn’t like about this race
Early race at 40 minutes away from me = earlier morning.

Would I race again? Abso-effing-lutely – Sign me up for 2016 for sure! Many thanks to the fine folks at Rip It Events for putting on an amazing well organized and overall fantastic event!



January Workouts & February Goals

Rather than sharing my workouts weekly, I’m going to share them monthly. I had a rough start to January but in general I think I did pretty well!

I restarted the Bikini Body Mommy challenge. I jumped in around Day 16 of 3.0 with some mamas in a facebook group I’m a part of. I had grandiose plans of doing P90 this month but I got away from it. I have workout program ADD. But my goal is to make it to the end of February with Bikini Body Mommy and then start the new 21 day Fix Extreme in early March  because I figure if I can make it to day 45/60 of BBM, I’ll have some real measurable results just in time to go shopping for my spring wardrobe. Right? Right.

Why Bikini Body Mommy?

It works for me. I generally find that 3-5 workouts per week is doable. This month is really strength building since in February I start training for the St. Michaels Half which is going to result in 3 runs per week – 1 long run, 1 speed workout, 1 easy run. I don’t have much time to do more than that and that coupled with strength (well Bikini Body Mommy) 3 or 4 days per week (the program is 6 workouts but I typically double up or catch up on nights when hubs has class).

Plus Breanne is adorable and super relatable – she shares similar struggles to mamas of all kinds – working and stay at home moms alike.

So far I’ve stuck with it for 2 weeks which is pretty flipping good for me. I lasted with PiYo for about 3 weeks because of said ADD (and the holiday craziness so there’s also that).

Why Weight Watchers?

Hubs’s office is doing it. So he decided he wanted to do it. So we decided to do it together. In the past, if I was eating well, or trying, we’d usually end up sabotaging one another which is just…total fail. So it’s been two weeks and I’m down both weeks. I don’t feel bad if I go over my points as long as I stay under my weekly points and earn activity points.

As my father-in-law told me (my mother and father in law have both used weight watchers in the past) “if you stick to the points and don’t go over, you will lose weight.” it might only be a half a pound, but it’s better than nothing right?

What’s my goal?

Back when i was nursing, I was pretty much at my pre-baby weight of 139 (I was actually 135 before I got pregnant but was up to 139 when I got pregnant). My doctor and I agreed that 135 would be a good goal for me to have but realistically I’d love to be closer to 125/130ish. Where am I now? At the start of 2015, after the holidays I was at 155. When I stopped nursing, the weight just came on…every so slowly and I’ll raise an eyebrow if I’m in the 140’s but the 150’s are just not okay with me and my 5’2″ self so I’ve been battling the bulge pretty much since I stopped nursing in October 2013. Despite my best efforts, my doctor confirmed that my metabolism has slowed to a crawl and/or went on strike so it’ll take a little bit of extra effort to get to my goals.

So how was January?

january workout recap

Workouts: 20
January ending weight: 152.3
Total loss from January 2: -3 lbs
(I weigh in on Fridays for now)

Workouts? Averaging 3-5 workouts per week is pretty goo. I’m pretty good about getting workouts in during the week (especially wednesday and thursday – that’s when hubs has class) Tuesdays i usually have Junior League stuff going on, and with an exception of one weekend when hubs had drill, I was good about working out at least one day on the weekend. The yellow days? Workout changed from what I originally planned. Red days are obviously missed workouts. I had intended on working out this past weekend but was a bit under the weather with a small head and just haven’t gotten around to updating the spreadsheet.

All in all? I’ll give January a B+

Goals for February

Weight wise I want to stick with my 4-6 workouts per week and tracking 5-6 days per week and hopefully be well back into the 140’s which I haven’t seen since I stopped nursing E over a year ago.

– My first race of the year is on the 14th with a 5k and I just want to run the whole thing. That’s all. I also want to add in 1-2 spin classes or rides on my trainer each week.

– Complete the Green Smoothie cleanse which I’ve started today alongside a pal who is also following the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge

– Workout 22 days in the month of February. I hit 19 in January but I’m in a routine for the most part so I think 22 days is doable in February despite the shorter month.


What are your workout goals for February? How did you stay healthy in January?


Stroller Running Day & Across the Bay 10k Recap

I noticed, as I started up RunKeeper on Saturday morning in Quiet Waters Park, that I had run 5 miles in the month of October.

Huh. That’s not good. Thankfully, this weekend I exceeded that, and by Sunday, I’ll have doubled it. Woot! Am I back to running? We’ll see.

National Stroller Running Day

Saturday was National Stroller Running Day, so the local Stroller Strides Chapter hosted a little family friendly workout/play date at Quiet Waters. I brought my two favorite running companions and we made a morning of it.


National Stroller Running Day is a day when “active parents everywhere declare their commitment to family fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.”

Adam and i are bad running partners, since when we run together, we usually spend half of the “run” walking and chatting. With life being so crazy, we rarely have moments where we slow down and just appreciate the company of each other and the little guy and being outside with no other commitments. It was really refreshing and necessary.

After all the PiYo, I’ve been doing, it felt really good to lace up my sneaks that I scored way back at the Nation’s Tri. I kind of got discouraged from running after all the tightness in my calves (which I still had mind you) so running was incredibly frustrating for me for a few months there, and while my legs aren’t yet 100%, they felt better this weekend than they have in weeks. It was a really great way to spend our Saturday morning, especially since we – when I’m not PiYoing it up – generally like working out together.

Running for mom and dad + a play ground for little man = win win for everyone!


Across the Bay 10k Recap

Last week, my coworker roped me into buying a bib off her husband’s boss. It wasn’t an official transfer, so don’t go searching for my name in the results, but she kept talking the race up and I had non-buyers remorse (as in I thought for weeks about signing up but then didn’t for some…unknown reason).

I’ve gotta say, I’m usually a solo runner. Like 9 times out of town a solo runner. But running with a pal who kept me moving, and kept me motivated was a lot of fun. The race was incredibly, amazingly well organized. Everything from the lines for the busses, which weren’t that bad, to the lack of traffic getting to the start to the starting corrals not being at all crowded, and the lack of lines for the port-a-pots….I was just floored all around.



My one complaint? It was too warm. I had expected much cooler temps and a stronger breeze. Instead, there was no breeze. Lots o’ sun and even though it was low 50’s, it felt much warmer than that. I always like to be on the cooler side when I run (I heat up fast and hate being hot) so I definitely regretted over dressing. Thus you can see my headband/ear warmers around my neck because my head was getting too hot and my lulu winter running top…definitely a bad choice.


Many thanks to JL – my coworker/partner in crime who roped into this whole thing (so glad she did) – for kicking my butt and pushing me to the end. After the descent off the bridge, once we got on to level ground I was definitely hurting. Six miles is a lot to go when your longest run in 2 months was like… three miles. I’ve turned into a slacker. I know.

Ahhh well. You live, you learn. I’ll definitely be signing up for this one again.

Time: 1:12:04
Pace: 11:36/mile

You know what that is? A post-baby 10k PR that’s what. Not my fastest 10k for sure, but since baby when I had pregnancy SI joint issues that never fully resolved and stupid tight calves, and just…feeling not confident in my running and generally sluggish, I’m pretty proud of that. Especially for you know, deciding about five days before the race that I was going to run it. Next year I’m actually going to race it and you know…train and stuff (and I think because of my goal of an Olympic Tri, next year is going to be the year of that sub 1 hour 10k).


11 Week Triathlon Training Plan

So, as I mentioned the other day, I signed up for the Nation’s Tri. They get you in with $20 off coupons. I’m pretty excited. I’m 11 weeks out so I figure I can make a go at it – it’s flatter than my last tri so I’m hoping to do better. I know I’m weakest with the swim so I’m going to put a bit extra into those workouts.

I’m doing most of my training based on this plan.

The gist of my training is: 5-6 workout days with 1 brick (starting week 4 – after my NH/CT trip), 2 run days (1 long run), 2 bike days and 1 swim day each week for the first 4 weeks, and at week 5 it’ll look like

Swim & Run | Bike | Run & Bike | Swim | BRICK (run/bike) | long bike

Nations Tri Training…Week 1

Monday  – swim 500 yds (50 yd w/u; 8×50 yds w/30 second rest between; 50 yd c/d)
Tuesday – run 30 mins
Wednesday – Bike 5 miles
Thursday – run 30 mins
Friday – rest
Saturday – bike 6 miles
Sunday – bike 30/run 15

Also I finally upgraded from the Huffster. You remember this old thang that got me through my first Tri?

What’s my new ride look like? She’s sleek and red and rides so smooth – love her. Thank you sweet baby Craigslist for bringing her to my life…

I took her out for a 4 mile spin tonight down to the water – she’s a pretty sweet ride.

But now?  I need a name for her.

Help me name my bike! Suggestions? 





National Running Day: Why I Run

Today is National Running Day – also known as one of my favorite days of the year. Happy Running folks!



This morning, I got up stupidly early (seriously, pre-6AM wake ups are not regular occurrences) to run downtown with my colleague.

Seriously, with a view like this why wouldn’t I go running in the early morning? I find that when I run in the morning I definitely have more energy, and I’m so much more productive throughout the day. Also? I eat better. I need to do this more often (except when Adam is gone of course because that just will not work for me).

My top five reasons why I run?

1. To clear my mind. When I run solo, it’s time for me. Solo. I don’t get much of that these days so I revel in my solo time.

2. To be a good influence. I want Ethan to grow up and be active. I want him to have the same passion for team sports and physical activity that I do.

3. To challenge myself. Each goal I set, whether I accomplish it or not, keeps me focused. It reminds me to continuously challenge myself and push my own limits and be outside of my comfort zone. (i.e. today. I’m not a morning person but running at 6:15 am was a good decision and wayyy outside my comfort zone).

4. To be active with my family. On nights when Adam and I run together, it’s family time. It’s time for us to chat, catch up and just be together and outdoors not in front of the television. Not to mention, we run with Ethan and I hope that as he gets older, he’ll learn to love the sport as well (if he doesn’t that’s cool too).

5. To race.  I have a competitive spirit and racing – and training for races – keeps that spirit alive and well. I love the pursuit of PR’s – even if I don’t meet them – I always gain something from every racing experience.


Did you run today? Why do you run?



Friday Five: Race Day Rituals

Tomorrow is my first big race of 2014 – I dropped to the 5k from the Cherry Blossom 10 because of the craziness of life and going back to work, and committed to the ZOOMA Half – excepting I’m nursing a calf injury or something of the sort so I dropped to the 10k.

Regardless – ZOOMA is one of my favorite races of the year (in part because there is no travel required – in town races for the win!) and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. In addition, one of my mom pals is running it and we’re going to run it together – which, oddly enough, I’ve never raced with a pal. Running has always been a solo thing for me so I’m excited to have someone to run with!

So for Friday Five, I wanted to share my favorite race day rituals with you all!

friday five


1. Night before: I usually eat a more protein heavy meal. I carbo load two nights before and try to have a balanced carb/protein heavy meal. My favorite? Sushi. I’ll be having sushi for lunch today since dinner is with my fellow ZOOMA ambassadors. Sushi is nice since it’s a light meal (I stick with mostly salmon when it comes to sushi anyhow) but has the balance of protein from the fish and carbs from the rice.

2. Lay everything out. I always lay out my gear on the kitchen table the night before. From my bib, to my sneakers, socks, outfit and any gear I’m bringing to the race with me. Tomorrow I’ll be running in my newtons with a hand held water bottle, a waist pack from Ultima running (a fun piece I received as being a ZOOMA ambassador that I absolutely LOVE for it’s functionality). I always wear mismatched socks (usually two different colors) – it’s been a good luck ritual of mine since high school in my track and field/cross country days.

3. Don’t forget breakfast I can’t run with a huge breakfast sitting in my gut, but we all know that food is “the gas in the tank” as my RRCA certification instructor said. I usually have a banana and an english muffin with peanut butter. Don’t get stuck the morning of a race and realize you have nothing for breakfast. You need that.

4. Shower. It seems silly to shower before a race, but it really gets me moving in the morning. It doesn’t have to be a long shower but just to wake up and feel a bit refreshed before pounding the pavement in sometimes (often) humid weather around here this time of year helps a lot. I don’t do this for longer training runs but ALWAYS on a race day.

5. Be on time! I often run late but I always make it a point to leave with enough time to scout the starting line, use the portajohns if I need to, and get tunes in my ears. I have, once or twice, been on the cusp of being late and rushing to the start is never fun so I make it a point to get there a bit early to hang out and get myself all kinds of pumped up.


What are your pre-race day rituals??


Zooma Training Plan

Now that the Cherry Blossom Race is donezo, and the madness of my 31st birthday is done I’m finally in the troughs of Zooma Training for the Zooma Half.

Goals: Sub 2:15:00 – I know this is doable. My PR is about 2:16:00 so I’m not shooting for a lot of time off my best, but I am running slower so I really need to focus on speed here.

Now, I’m starting a little late but I’ve been active lately, between the 21 Day Fix and the almost nightly walk/runs that I’ve been taking when I can, I feel in okay shape.

zooma half training

Last week I was good for ~13 miles – I ran 3 on Wednesday, we walk/ran 2.5 on Friday and I finished 6.25 on Saturday then we walked another 2.5 on Sunday.

The six felt okay – was definitely slower, my achilles felt a bit tight when I first started so I tried to focus more on my form. It was nice though, Adam and Ethan met me at Grumps in Annapolis and had my hearty post-run breakfast waiting.



This week’s workouts…

Monday – 3 mile run with Fleet Feet in honor of the Boston Marathon
Tuesday – back to Pure Barre (Yay!)
Wednesday – rest day – i’m hosting a MNI so it’ll be a good day to relax
Thursday – Run 3 (tempo run – hubs and i both need to work on speed so this’ll be a good run)
Friday – walk/crosstrain
Saturday – run 7

How’d I come up with this plan? Well, it’s modified, but I saw Presley post a low-mileage ~8 week half plan so I used that as my base (mainly long runs). I generally work better with the 3 days of running each week, so I liked that aspect. I have seven weeks between now and Zooma so I used that as a guide and then modified to my own patterns/life. Also, Katy posted a while ago about how she got her PR’s and I loved her points and how she focused more on form, running better and sticking to her training so I’m not trying to go balls to the wall. I want to train smarter not necessarily harder because ain’t nobody got time for that.

I want to get back to smart training.  I have some lofty race goals later this year and want to make sure I’m accomplishing them and not copping out which is easy to do when you have a lot of life going on.

As a reminder, you can get 10% off your Zooma Annapolis registration with code ANNAMB3. Also, Charm City Run in Annapolis will be hosting a 10 mile run on May 17th. Join myself and other ambassadors there for a fun morning run! 


Cherry Blossom 10 Miler Training Plan

Well kids, as I not only embark on returning to work full time after almost a year out of the workforce, I also embark on another training plan. It’s time, my friends, for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. My first big race of 2014.

I created an easy training plan, mostly because it’ll feed into my Zooma Training plan for the Zooma Half Marathon. A race that I’m super excited to train for, and be a part of as an ambassador. The perks are superb, not gonna lie, and I can’t wait to blog about the amazing gear I’ve been getting as I begin to incorporate it into my training. But that’s all for a separate post. This is about the Cherry Blossom 10 miler.

So, how am I starting training? Wellp, this week is week 1. Last week was a totally crapshoot with my sinus infection/almost ear infection/conjunctivitis. Great week to start work right? Right.

I’m keep my expectations light because well, I’m going back to work. We’re moving in two weeks (!!!) – just across town thank goodness.  And oh yeah, I have an almost 1 year old. How is he like…five and a half weeks from turning a year old already?! Time flies?

I digress. I’m incorporating a bit of cross training – because I like spinning and I like pure barre and I want to make sure I keep doing them even when I’m training. I have one maintenance run, a speed workout, and a long run each week. This is what I find works best for me, I don’t like to run 5 days a week. I know this burns me out and my entire training just goes to the toilet.

Cherry Blossom Ten Miler Training Plansee here

It’s a 7 week plan but since the ten miler will really be easing me into my half marathon training I’m taking it easy. I’m not racing for a PR – I’m simply hoping to do better than the Army 10 miler last October which was not a fast race for me. I find that keeping training plans 8-12 weeks works best for me, again, I burn out easily. I want to avoid that. This is why I enjoy 10 mile, and half marathon distances – they don’t require a HUGE amount of training like a marathon does. They’re still challenging yes, and you still need to train for them, duh, but being a bit ADD with my training works here because I don’t have to train as long for them.

Are you training for any big races this spring? Are you running the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in DC?