Friday Fives: Fall Favorites

There’s a crispness in the air friends. After spending last weekend in the beautiful lake region of NH watching two of my favorite people get hitched, I’m loving this pseudo-fall like weather.  The cooler mornings, the pretty trees…you  know fall like stuff. AND we’re going pumpkin picking this weekend with little man, so that’ll be fun! I still need to hunt down his costume, I’m not a 100% sold on what I bought at the wee-sale.

Anyhoozle, onto my favorite things at the moment!


1. My Bobeau Wraps

Seriously, these are the most comfortable things EVER. Go get one. Or two. Or three (I have three. But i’m dying for the camel one.)

2. Shakeology

So I became a coach mostly for the discount. But mostly because I REALLY like the product. I did the 3 day refresh before the wedding we went to earlier this month and had decent results (down 4.5 lbs). I’ve since gained 2 back but I’m trying to get myself back into my routine. It’s been really challenging with the darker mornings – you know, everyday struggles but I’m getting there. At least I’ve effectively kicked my soda habit (WAHOO!)

3. My new Mom-mobile

Last week, I picked up a new Honda CRV. I call it my happy mom-mobile. No, it’s not a minivan (or family fun bus as Liz would call it) but it’s bigger for me. Our 2001 Ford Taurus was about to gulp down another $1,000 in repairs and as Hubs just got a new job, and we just paid off our other car, we made the plunge so that we don’t need to be a pseudo-one-car family anymore. We were trading off the Ford depending on who was on drop-off or pick-up duties with Little Man.

4. Zucchini Muffins

I made some delicious zucchini muffins a few weeks ago and it was AMAZING. I have some zucchini that i need to use this weekend so I’m thinking of this bread (maybe muffins?) or something similarly inspired. Cue pinterest.

5. Leggings and Boots.

I don’t care what anyone says. Leggings and boots and long sweaters are my fall uniform. Nothing says fall more than a cozy sweater, a nice pair of leggings and some cognac colored boots. Forgive me but leggings can be pants any day (as long as your butt is covered).


What are you currently loving this fall?


3 Month Favorites

Baby turns 3 months officially on Saturday – I can’t believe it’s already  been three months. My official 3 month update is coming tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. But there have definitely, especially over the past month, been items that are regularly used in our home. The two month items didn’t largely change from the first month, but from 6 weeks on, there has been some diversity in what we’ve been using. Now that he’s barely starting to grip toys and be more alert, wait until my 4 month favorites!

2-3 month favorites

{Little Remedies Gripe Water | Little Noses Saline Spray/Drops | Honest Diapers | Babyganics Bye Bye Dry lotion | Old Navy footed pajamasBamboobies | Philips AVENT Infant Pacifiers  | Baby Jogger Carseat attachment}

– Baby was exceptionally gassy for the first month, and Little Remedies Gripe Water worked wonders on him. Once we started him on that, he had a turning point on sleeping – he was getting it 3-4 times per day (they say not to use it more than 6 times) when he first started but now we’re down to just bedtime, and sometimes in the morning if he’s exceptionally gassy. There are a few different brands of Gripe Water – I like this brand but many moms in my group also like Mommy’s Bliss which I’m going to also give a try.

– Most recently, he’s had a stuffy nose which we’ve been chalking up to allergies (since Adam and I both have horrible seasonal allergies) but the saline solution which was recommended by our pediatrician has helped amazingly at clearing him out.

– We started using Honest diapers last month and I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty much a huge, huge fan of them. Because baby is “EBF” he doesn’t poop as frequently (we actually brought him into the doctors because he didn’t poop for a week) – apparently this is common with breastfed babies – needless to say, he’s had a few explosions which have resulted in stained onesies, an unfortunate incident at playgroup, and one in the bouncy chair. Since using Honest diapers? No more explosions. I mean, they’re still explosions but they’re not super blow outs of epic proportion.

– We noticed baby had some exceptionally dry spots around his knees and in his baby rolls. I picked up some lotion specifically for dry skin/eczema and it’s worked fabulously at clearing up the dry skin. I did like the Johnson & Johnson bedtime lotion, but I’m phasing out of that in favor of this new Babyganics stuff I picked up.

– These Old Navy pj’s are our FAVORITES. I recently picked up another set, and I know once he grows out of these, I’ll be picking up more since they’re the perfect weight and they have the hand covers to prevent scratching. We don’t use them, especially not now that baby has begun exploring his hands, but they’re great if you’re concerned about that.

– Last time I posted one of these, someone mentioned Bamboobies. I had no idea what they were but I went to pick up a couple sets at Babies R Us since I had bad leaking problems early on in our nursing journey. Game changers! The leakage has slowed down a bit (though I’ve heard it never really goes away) but these are great for night time, and are especially great for super sore nipples. Highly recommend to all the nursing mamas out there!

– Regardless of your thought on pacifiers, our pediatrician told us they were fine for baby to use. Babies have a need to suck and unless you want to be a human pacifier, she suggested we not be afraid to use one. So we weren’t. Despite the fear of nipple confusion, I think using the nipple shield early on really helped prevent that. He’s now nursing without the shield (thank sweet jebus!) but has no problem going back and forth. He mostly uses it at bed time, nap time and in the car. He’s not super dependent on it which is nice and doesn’t usually wake up if he accidentally spits it out (only sometimes at nap time). But these AVENT ones were the only type he took to. I wanted so badly for him to like the wubbanubs just because of the name, but alas, he wasn’t a fan.

– Finally, I finally splurged and ordered the carseat attachment for our baby jogger. I’ve been falling more and more in love with our jogger since adding the car seat attachment. We took him running one evening on the track and took turns walking and running with him and he loved it. He won’t be heading out on the open roads just yet (well, sidewalks) because it’s too bumpy but the track and the B&A trail are good for it – not sure about Quiet Waters but he did really like our walking date we went on the other day and a couple nights over the past week when Hubs and I have gone for an evening walk also. I’m a big fan.

What were or are some of your favorite products for the end of the “fourth” trimester? 

Disclosure: some links are affiliate or referral links. You know the drill, mama wants a new pair of shoes!


Month One Favorites

Now that we’ve been a family for almost six weeks, I feel like we’re getting into a routine. We’ve also found that there’s a number of items that we use every day that are most useful to us and baby. We’ll be sharing each month as baby evolves here’s our first month favorites!

Month 1 favorites

 Ethan has proven, at an early age, to be a little stubborn (hi breech baby!). When it comes to swaddling him, we found that he didn’t like having his arms tied down, and unfortunately, the Aden & Anais blankets that I love oh so much (they make great stroller blankets!) weren’t really good for swaddles because he could Houdini his way out of them. Enter, the Carter’s Receiving blankets. These work great because they’re a bit thicker and they’re warmer too – so they’re great for the cooler nights when it’s too warm for the heat and too cool for the AC.
{Carter’s Receiving Blankets}

All of the sleep books seem to recommend some sort of white noise for babies to sleep with so we’ve kept the Sleep Sheep as a consistent theme whether he’s napping in his crib or sleeping in our room in his bassinet or bouncy chair. This sheep is a gem and Ethan is a huge fan and considering he sleeps in our room…we are too!
{Cloud b Sleep Sheep}

I am a huge fan love of the Boppy – especially once he gets older and it becomes multi-purpose. I got mine bare at BRU and then got this cover off amazon and absolutely love it and am pretty sure I couldn’t nurse without it.
{Boppy Pillow}

I read somewhere that cloth diapers were great to use as burp clothes and since we have a gassy little monkey on our hands these work great as burp cloths. I always use one when nursing for burping but also because with the nipple shield I find that sometimes it leaks a little so I tuck this in to keep myself clean and then over his arm and under his chin to make sure he doesn’t dribble on himself.
{Gerber Cloth Diapers}

This is a must have if you’re nursing. I used this in the hospital because I had really sore nipples from when I was trying to nurse without the nipple shield. However, after getting out of there, I ended up getting the Canadian Nipple Cream which is just…stronger. And better but only available through prescription.
{Lansinoh Lanolin}

I have had some MAJOR leaking issues, my supply is finally starting to even out but  I still keep them in to prevent any ah-hem embarrassing moments or staining issues. These are a must have.
{Lansinoh Nursing Pads}

{All links are amazon affiliate links and thus a minuscule amount of $$ may be paid out if you purchase off said links}

Baby K’tan Breeze Baby Carrier, White, Small


Guest Post: Nanny’s Picks – Baby Must Haves

Moving into the second trimester with baby Schmidt, I started to research baby products for our registries. Needless to say – there is a lot of information out there and it’s easy for a soon-to-be mama to get overwhelmed. So, a friend of mine from my college years who worked as a nanny in Manhattan shared her must-have’s and go to’s for my reference as well as other mama’s to be out there! 

Hey there, Life in Pink Readers!  My name is Meredith and I’m a nanny living in NYC.  Heidi graciously suggested that in light of her new preggo status (yay!) that I put my nanny skills to work and share with you what I like to call my “Nanny Picks.”  As many of you know, there are hundreds thousands of options out there for moms and dads trying to shop for their children. These items are simply my personal picks from years of experience working with children and their families.  This list does not include what type of thermometer to use, or what nail clipper or snot-sucker to buy.  These are all items used daily (or weekly) that I found to be high quality and super helpful as I navigated the crazy of NYC, a perfect product testing ground, in my opinion.  Enjoy!


The issue with strollers that in general, you can’t say one stroller fits all lifestyles and all mommies or daddies.  So, I do have a favorite overall best stroller as well as my runner’s up and why they’re on top.

All time favorite:  Bugaboo Chameleon.  It’s lightweight but really sturdy, perfect for pushing on sidewalks that haven’t been paved in a while (think tree lined suburban streets with roots coming out all over) or around a busy city.  I love the one-handed push, the large storage basket below and it steers with ease.  Collapsibility is a bit of a challenge as it is in two pieces, so if you need something that folds up one piece, it might not be the best option for you.  The Bugaboo site has awesome videos to explain the features, before going into a store to look at them.  Important to note: I do NOT recommend the Bugaboo Bee (not worth the lower price tag) but DO get stroller hooks for your diaper bag!

Runner’s up: B.O.B. (a great stroller for runners; available in double); CitiMini (super easy to fold and store; available in double); and MacLaren Quest (the BEST umbrella stroller—any of their versions—and worth having as your second stroller no matter what else you buy)

Baby Carriers

This one is a challenge because there are a million out there and moms tend to swear their child “prefers” one style over another.  I have two picks: the Moby and the ERGO.  The Moby is really comfortable for most women (not sure about guys) and provides the close contact that both parent and baby need, especially in the infant stage.  It’s less structured than the ERGO, but more supportive and safer for newborns than a sling.  My other pick, the ERGO, is great for all ages and I loved using it with the toddlers I watched. It’s nice to have front and back options, and makes running out without the stroller a breeze.  It helps that they come in fun patterns and designs.

Diaper Bags

I know that in your wildest dreams you hoped for a puffy Winnie-the-Pooh diaper bag made completely of non-washable, plastic and nylon material.  However, I have a much better solution: Petunia Pickle Bottom.  It doesn’t matter which one you pick, you will love it, feel prepared in any scenario, and recommend it to everyone you see (even if they aren’t a parent! Oops!).

Runner Up: If you can’t drop the high PPB price, Skip Hop does magical things with diaper bags, which are 100% washable.  They are so easy to clean that you won’t have that lingering mildewy smell of milk, formula or if – let’s be real – spit up, gets on the bag.  They have great options for moms and dads, sure to please any picky parent concerned about carrying around something that screams, “My partner picked this out without me!! Don’t judge!”

So, now that I’ve written a novel about what might be the most important items to secure for your child, I’m going to do a simple list below to share my nanny picks in the rest of the categories.


Nanny Pick: Avent BPA Free Bottles
Runner Up: Avent Glass Bottles


Nanny Pick: Seventh Generation Free & Clear
Runner Up: Pampers Swaddlers & Cruisers

Diaper Creams

Nanny Pick: Tie: Burt’s Bees Ointment & Weleda Calendula Diaper Care
Runner Up: Aquaphor (can use all over baby!)

Infant & Baby Clothing Picks

I cannot decide my favorites so I’ll just say that all of these brands are awesome and offer the sweetest stuff.  I’ll list in order of most pricey down to more affordable.

  • Petit Bateau
  • Egg Baby
  • Tea
  • Mini Boden
  • Baby Zara
  • Baby H&M

Miscelaneous Nanny Picks & Must-Haves

  • Aden & Anais Muslin blankets, especially the bamboo ones!
  • Tuffo Water-Resistant Indoor Outdoor blanket—perfect for the park and 100% washable!
  • Sophie the Giraffe [ed note: Hubs got baby Schmidt one of these right after we found out we were pregnant, it was a long standing thing of ours that I wanted one because they’re so flipping cute, now baby has one waiting!]
  • The O ball
  • Lamaze play & grow take along toys
  • Stacking cups of any type—they transition well from infancy through age 2 and are on point developmentally!
  • Melissa & Doug toys and puzzles
  • V-Tech toys/educational games
  • Ravensburger Games—super great at helping your child with logic, colors, numbers, alphabet, etc. My favorites are snail pace race and first four.

Phew!  Okay, that’s all for today.  I hope this was helpful for you all.  I’m in blog transition—as in I’m in a dry spell—but please feel free to come check me out at and say hello!