MNO: 1747 Pub

A couple weeks ago right after I got back from South Carolina, the Plum Moms Group rocked my world again with another amazing Mom’s Night Out.

This time, it was at 1747 Pub, formerly known as Sly Fox Pub, in downtown Annapolis. I was always a huge fan of Sly Fox prior to it closing shop. The outdoor space is really the best in Annapolis in my opinion, so while I’m bummed that Sly Fox shut down, I’m so glad Reynolds Tavern kept it up with 1747 Pub

Since I had had dinner before going out, I ordered an appetizer – Fried Green Tomatoes. Really, you can’t go wrong with fried green tomatoes – one of these days I need to get my nana’s recipe that I pray she has written down somewhere. These were pretty amazing – they were topped with shrimp and corn. The shrimp was cooked in a chipotle cream sauce that was perfectly complementary by adding a touch of spice to this Southern classic dish.

fried green tomatoes 1747 pub annapolis

They had a small, but decent beer list but the wine list seemed a bit more comprehensive than beers.

A few nights later, I wanted to enjoy the outdoor seating while we still could. The happy hour at 1747 is from 3-7p so Adam and I popped over on a friday night for a cheapie dinner off the apps menu and a couple of drinks. We were pretty pleased with our finds – including the bratwurst and Natty Boh for $6.

Another awesome find? Grilled, buffalo corn on the cob. Granted you only get one ear for $4 which is absolutely a rip off considering you can get ten ears of corn for $4 at whole foods (Cheaper at Giant!) but trust, this was well worth it.

Was so yummy. I don’t even like buffalo flavoring since I find it often has too much of a kick for my liking (I’m so anti- super spicy it’s not even funny.). I ordered the fried green tomatoes again, because I stick with what I know and while the happy hour menu is tasty, it’s not super expansive.

The thing that I loved most was the laid back vibe – just like it was when it was formerly Sly Fox, the laid back atmosphere was just perfect for the perfect fall evenings I was out during. Monday night with the mom’s group there was trivia (I so want to go back for that) and Friday night when Adam and I went (much earlier) there was live music on tap (as well as a beer stein holding contest sponsored by Sam Adams….random).

1747 is also awesomely baby friendly especially if you go earlier – happy hour, not busy, and plenty of room for strollers to be rolled up. Ethan was in a surprisingly good mood and even made some suggestions off the craft beer list.

So if you’re in Annapolis – definitely stop by 1747 Pub – they have heaters keeping the outdoor space going into the colder months (well, since they’re new who knows but Sly Fox used to keep them going and threw a baller New Years Eve party…so I heard). In the winter months, they have the indoors pub downstairs from Reynolds Tavern which has fireplaces and hidden back bars. I haven’t been during the week but on the weekends, it’s a raucous good time!

1747 Pub
7 Church Circle
Annapolis, MD

{Curious about Reynolds Tavern? My book club previously went there for tea one afternoon!}


Book Club: The Smart One

Once upon a time I had a pretty awesome book club. It consisted of three of my closest gal pals and a couple others, we’d get together monthly to discuss books, life and have a couple glasses of wine at our favorite DC eateries.

Then two of us moved.

One of us moved back.

But after many short sighted (failed) attempts, I vowed to get book club back (after I read this post from Skinny Mom), so Lexi and I put out a call for new members, and BOOM. We had a real book club. Back again and better than ever.

book club wine


We met a few weeks ago at Red Red Wine for Sunday brunch in Annapolis to discuss our first read.

On the book…

The Smart One  by Jennifer Close

The Coffey siblings are having a rough year. Martha is thirty and working at J. Crew after a spectacular career flameout; Claire has broken up with her fiancé and locked herself in her New York apartment until her bank account looks as grim as her mood; and the baby of the family, Max, is dating a knockout classmate named Cleo and keeping a very big, very life-altering secret. The only solution—for all of them—is to move back home.

But things aren’t so easy the second time around, for them or for their mother, Weezy. Martha and Claire have regressed to fighting over the shared bathroom, Weezy can’t quite bring herself to stop planning Claire’s thwarted wedding, and Max and Cleo are exchanging secretive whispers in the basement.  Jennifer Close’s funny and tender follow-up to her bestselling debut novel is a story about the ways in which we never really grow up, and the people we turn to when things go drastically wrong: family.  {via Amazon}

Without giving away too many spoilers, I liked the book, but I didn’t love it. The book was very character driven, and none of the characters were blow your mind amazing people. The two daughters were overly whiny and entitled and the son, while you felt bad for him, I also felt very much like “wellp, you brought this on yourself bud.”

The book drags on all their stories and conflicts and ends abruptly leaving you like “really? that’s it?”

On brunch…

Unfortunately, I failed to get pictures of brunch but the New Orleans style brunch at Red Red Wine bar on Main Street in Annapolis is amazing. I had the Crab benedict which was delicious (though, I prefer Eggcellence really)



Last night we popped out to El Toro Bravo for a celebratory date night since we had much to celebrate last night. I had originally thought that Adam’s interview in Beltsville would last longer than it did, and that I’d have time to get a run in on the B&A Trail last night. Au contrare self, he was here by 5:30 p.m.. We were both starving by the time he got here and did NOT have the energy to run. I wanted to head to Gina’s Cantina in Millersville, but I didn’t want to wear my work clothes out. So instead, we headed home to change then went downtown for a nice dinner and date night out.

El Toro Bravo keeps disappointing me. I don’t know what it is but something’s just…off about the flavoring. I’m an enchilladas fiend and something about their sauce just doesn’t do it for me.  Maybe it was because the taco shell got soggy from the enchilada sauce or because it didn’t seem as hot as it could have been. The flavors were just…bland. Bad tasting meals out just make me sad.

After dinner, we walked downtown and grabbed some strawberry oreo at Annapolis Ice Cream which is a favorite of ours. If you’ve never checked it out, please do. And be sure to look up on the shelves for the massive amounts of Oreo packages that they put into their homemade ice cream.

We kept walking down to city dock and back up past the state house. New realization last night – when you park in any of the garages downtown, be sure to ask if your restaurant validates for the Park & Shop initiative. We saved $1.50 on parking which may not seem like much but was a pretty nice perk of spending some time downtown!

There was much to celebrate last night but really, it was nice just being out with the husband walking and chatting.

I’m looking forward to the weekend – we’re hitting up Ikea up in Baltimore tomorrow along with the new Lily Pulitzer store in Towson, then grabbing dinner with my former roommate that I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen in a good six months.