MNO: Crafty Night In

Grab a bottle of Boordy and sit right down.

Recently a gal pal of mine and I had a crafty night in. Well technically we had two. We’re not the craftiest of the bunch so this shouldn’t be surprising to those who know us. I’m pretty sure after we were a couple in, we were in no shape to handling hot glue guns so really, it was probably for the best that this was a two part endeavor.

The first night (also known as the first fail) was a Saturday and there were three of us. And we were going to get around to making autumny wreaths, really we were. Instead, we sat around being Chatty Cathy’s enjoying wine and beer to our delight. One pal had to go so Liz and I watched You’ve Got Mail – because what else do you do when you have full control of the tivo for the night and aren’t in any shape to be creative and crafty?

This was earlier this month when hubs had Drill and was post baby’s bedtime.

First of all, any night sitting around a table with a couple of awesome gal pals and a bottle of wine will always be a great night. That’s just a fact of life.

Far fetched from the wanna-be table dancing days of my twenties, but everyone evolves.

Second of all, making autumny wreathes is super easy. And should be done with wine. But watch out for hot glue guns. We finally got around to it on a Thursday night.

autumny wreath DIY

What you need: 

A grapevine wreath ($5 at Michaels)
Burlap ($10 for a large roll)
Fake Autumny flowers and leaves ($1-3/bunch at Michaels)

Total spent: $20 for two wreaths ($10/wreath)

I wrapped the burlap around 1/4 of the wreath, and then stuck in and glued the flowers to the other 1/4 of the wreath.

I think they turned out really great. We put on a fun movie (Admissions with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd – a bit more serious than I was anticipating!) had a touch of booze (Liz with the beer, me with the wine) and had a grand ole time!

Here’s the finished product hung up!



30 before 30: Scrapbooking

It’s on my 30 before 30 list to make a scrapbook of my 20’s. It was one of those things on my list of things to do while the hubs was gone – along with decorate the bedroom (done-ish), redo the living room (ish…), and figure out what the eff to do with our spare room. Last night, I organized. I got rid of 2 boxes that were still packed in the closet then reorganized said spare room closet and cleaned up the floor putting aside a bunch of crap hubs needs to sort through when he gets home. There’s still work to be done but I can walk in there without tripping over crap so progress!

But that was just the cake. I also went and bought a photo album, so I could hopefully get that scrapbook started and finished before next week when I go to Texas.

This is just high school.

I have at least 3 more boxes. Most of the pictures I had put on CD as well (when I got my disposable cameras developed….because I used disposable cameras through college because I had cheap digital cameras that didn’t last…or that i broke.) so I plan on saving those but I want to downgrade and get rid of the photo boxes. Most of the pictures I have are from 2003-2006. Yikes.

Let me tell you…or rather.. let me show you some gems I stumbled upon. Do not judge…everyone had bad hair in the 90’s. Also, please note the songs that popped into my head as I was going through these photos.

8th grade graduation/formal June 1997. {Soundtrack song: Wannabe by the Spice Girls}

The day I moved. {Soundtrack song: Don’t Speak by No Doubt}

My best friend Chris and I sometime after October 1997 which was when i got my braces off… {Soundtrack song: Missing the War by Ben Folds Five}

me at a nordic ski race, guessing sometime in Jan/Feb 2001 {soundtrack song: Miss Jackson by Outkast}

High school graduation 2001 {Soundtrack song: Take a picture by Filter}

 Senior Prom. May 2001. {Soundtrack song: Survivor by Destiny’s Child}

Holy effing crap y’all I was so little!!

My 30 before 30 list states a scrapbook of my 20’s but I really didn’t have many pictures from high school (it wasn’t a good time for me…) so I went through the few pictures I had from 1997-2001 and am going to add them to the photo album my mom gave me that was technically my baby album but still had some room in it. Next time I’m in VT I really need to get more pictures from my childhood from my mom to add to that one and I may go back to Target to get another album this weekend to transfer the baby album over since the cover fell off in one of my many moves (pretty sure it was from DC-CT or Ellie got to it…).

Either way, since it’s supposed to be a rainy weekend I figure this is a nice project that’ll be productive, keep me busy and inside and you all might be getting throwback pictures for a while now on the blog. Enjoy!

If you could create a soundtrack of your teenage years, what song(s) would be on it? 


Face lifts

It’s almost spring around these parts. I can feel it. I felt is on Saturday morning when I was running down by the city dock and I felt it even more when I got Lily Pulitzer’s email announcing their new spring line.

But really, I couldn’t figure out what for the life of me my problem is with getting up to run in the morning.

Saturday morning, I got up sans alarm – funny how TWO drinks over four hours on Friday night had me feeling like I felt after a doozy of a night out at Our House East during college. My ole’ liver just ain’t what she used to be which is tempting for me to just cut out drinking all together since I had that hazy, just blah feeling when I get up the next morning after having even a glass of wine.

I digress, so Friday night entailed a little of this…

 {#sealteam6 happy hour @ RFD}

Saturday morning entailed a bit of this….which had me feeling oh so good. 

Still breaking in the new sneaks though this time the stiffness in my calves didn’t last as long. I did 5 minutes running at about a 9:30/mi pace with 2 minutes of walking. I finished 3.25 miles in 40 minutes but man did it feel really good and the weather was beyond perfect. I’ve really come to enjoy my long runs downtown on the weekend followed by my Naval Bagel brunch after.

Then I got my hair highlighted. Much needed. Not perfect as they were partial highlights but it looks a lot better than it did and that’s what matters. I only get this done every like… five months (the last time was over the summer) so I felt okay about spending the money on it.

After that, I went shopping and ran errands. Had a bad bad lunch at the mall that involved me sleeping through both my events of Saturday evening in hopes of quickly sleeping off the icky retaliation of my stomach. I had my bag packed (a mini bag at that!), a plan on when to leave to hit the metro and the gift in the car from my office. Instead, I ended up waking up on the sofa  when I should have been having cake and wine with one of my favorite gal pals. Instead, I was left with some wasted garlic bread that was supposed to be for the dinner I was supposed to attend and not getting to enjoy any of the fabulous looking cake. Hmmmph.

Bedroom upgrade

So I slept in, did not set an alarm, and just tried to recover from the retaliation of my stomach. I decided since I was feeling a bit better that I would take my usual cleaning/project day to a new level. Hubs and I’s bedroom has long been a place of discord – clothes everywhere, disorganized and just not a happy place. So I took about $100 out of our budget for this week and did a lil face lift. To say it looks much better is the understatement of the year. Next step is to simply upgrade the night stands to match the Ikea dresser and then we’ll have a bedroom suited for kings.

I should have taken a before shot but I’m sure you can imagine. There was nothing on the walls. Crap all over the floor and on top of the dresser and just a general haphazard mess. The bedroom should be serene and simple not a mine zone. Next weekend: Tackling the closet.

How I did it…

The mirror I picked up from Bed Bath and Beyond for $20, the picture on the wall from Target for $12 and another set of picture frames from Target for $14. The curtains are actually inspired by Young House Love – I just need to hem the edges but it’s a bath curtain from Target for $20 with the curtain rod for about $15. Total upgrade? ~$75; add on the night stands for $125 and we’ve got ourselves a $200 upgrade. I want to also start looking for a new duvet cover in like yellow or green but that can come later. I love the curtains so much I might find a similar bath curtain to make curtains for our living room! #win.

All in all, aside from my Saturday night fail, it was a super productive weekend. In the future? Weekends do not mean eating crap. Stick with good eating your insides will thank you (I’ve noticed this is common with me especially with fried foods but this time was just exceptionally bad, it happened again Sunday to a lesser extent but there’s nothing fun about feeling like you’re in one of those “gotta go gotta go gotta go right now” commercials /end TMI.  This week I’m trying to eat lots better, I’ve been slipping a little in my leniency to eat out. I need to stop that. Especially on the weekends. This week? I’m eating in and eating clean(er).

This Weeks Workouts

Monday: 3 mile run (10 mins running, 1 min walking)
45 mins elliptical
3 mile run 
yoga (and blogger book club though I’ve yet to figure out how the eff I’m going to get to Falls Church without driving in the city…)
5 mile run

How do you keep your goals in mind on the weekend? 


Last Day

I know my blogging has been super sporatic the past few weeks. Hubs leaves TOMORROW for BCT for 10 weeks in Fort Sill, OK.

(hubs and I at the U2 show in Baltimore this past June)

I am so lucky and so proud of him.

And while I’m going to miss him more than anything, I know he’s coming home in eight-twelve weeks, and I know he’s coming back in one piece. I haven’t had to be independent in a long time so I’m going to take this time to work on moi.

Like the following things:

1. Lose that 30 lbs. Since we started a contest. I’ve got nothing to lose but the weight I’ve put on in the five years since college. Sign up for races, and get my bum moving. No excuses. I figured out why I have a hard time working out in the AM – I like being in bed with the husband. I realized this as I cuddled up to him this morning as he’s heading up to MEPS at 530a so I knew I wouldn’t do it tomorrow.

2. Spend lots of time with pals. I’ve got stuff each weekend in October – a Navy football game next weekend with Liz, the Junior League Run for Volunteers 5k the following, a Pampered Chef party with Lexi the weekend after that and then a Junior League fundraiser and the MCM 10k the last weekend. Four weeks. All accounted for. I’m lucky to have a nice group of gals both here in Naptown and in DC that I can lean on when I’m bored and/or lonely.

3. Visit the family. Ideally I’d love to be in a position where I could go see my family for Thanksgiving. If I’m still in my current position I won’t be able to so you see where I’m getting at with that…Still I haven’t spent much time in Vermont in the fall in a long time and I’d love to have time to go up there and drink wine, with laughs and board games with the family while catching up with pals and going black Friday shopping with the sister again.

4. Write the husband a lot. Like every day a lot. Because we share so many inside jokes and he and I often think the exact same thing at the exact same time and one of us will always say what the other is thinking before the other says it. I want to write all those moments down.

5. Make my home better. I have a bunch of projects that I want to do – inspired by Young House Love (one of my favorite blogs) I want to do something like this in our hallway, finish our desk inspired by this, and update our bedroom because we’ve got no dresser, a bunch of clothes just hanging around and no art work in there. It’s really quite sad. So some projects are going to be taken care of (and blogged about. Promise)

6. Make NewlyMarylanders something big. Hubs and I started it when we moved back down here and we’ve been so busy living life that we haven’t made it what we want it to be. But, we have some posts in our minds and I really want to blog about them. So I’m going to start posting over there as well.

7. Blog. Self explanatory. But I really need to be better about making an effort at blogging. Come on self, I know you got it in you 🙂

Freaders, what do YOU want to see on the lil blog here? I’ve got tons o’ time 🙂