Keep Valentines Day Cheap & Thoughtful

Valentines Day is just around the corner, and while we don’t have plans, we’ll probably order sushi, grab a bottle of Boordy and stay in with a movie off Amazon. It’s cheaper this way, our we’ve had amazing Valentine’s Dates. But now when you add in a baby sitter, you nearly double the cost.

Way back in the day, he took me to Sequoia on the Georgetown Waterfront, the next year I’m pretty sure we went to the location of our first date – Hunan Dynasty on Capitol Hill for sushi and dumplings.

We’ve done nights in, we’ve gone out. We’ve done the pre fixe meal, and the black tie parties and everything in between. Valentines Day as I see it, is another extension of New Years Eve in terms of the ability to go all out for what? Getting laid?

Thankfully, now that we’re married it’s rather low stress. Hubs and I get each other thoughtful gifts like the year when he was in Texas and got me a baseball bat after I told him I sometimes had a hard time falling asleep because I sometimes couldn’t remember if I locked the door or not. So here are my favorite ideas on how to think outside the pre-fixe and dozen roses box.

valentines day cheap and thoughtful

Order in. If one of you chooses dinner, let the other choose a movie to rent and stay in cuddling under a comfy blanket. (My date night of choice as of lately!)

Keep a price limit. Keeping a price limit on gifts makes them more thoughtful. Friends of ours once mentioned that they had a $5 limit so one of them picked up a mug from Waffle House where they went on their first date.

Don’t go out on Valentines Day. Depending on how I feel since this week has been a crapshoot as far as battling this cold and now pink eye, I said I’d love to go out for a day – maybe to our favorite vineyard or out to lunch up in Baltimore. Going out the day after or the weekend after Valentines Day makes it cheaper by nature since you’re not getting the Valentines Day price gauge.

Send a surprise to the office. This may not be cheap but it doesn’t need to be done on valentines day. Hubs sent me cupcakes when he was half way through his training in Texas which was right around Valentines Day. You don’t need to order flowers or roses but maybe just surprise your valentine with lunch ordered in on you.

Look for Online Deals. If he asks for pictures, order a photo book or a nice family picture on a canvas. You can always find deals for these types of products on LivingSocial, Amazon Local or Groupon deals for Shutterfly, Picaboo, or any sites like that. Hubs asked for pictures of me, so I made him a photo book of our first five years together – everything from dating, to our wedding and gave it to him when I went to visit him in San Antonio – that gift was most certainly a hit.

Get Crafty. Listen, I pretend to be crafty and sometimes I pull it off (witnessed here) but other times, it’s a bit of a struggle. Either way, if you have crafty skills, then use them! Skim through pinterest for ideas and get creative!

What are your favorite inexpensive ways to spend Valentines Day?