March | Currently

Happy March my friends! It’s time again for the Currently Linkup! The first Wednesday of every month, we share what we’re currently up to. Thanks to Anne and her cohost Carrie for the linkup and the brilliant topics!

Watching | Aside from my silly Bachelor addiction, we recently got into Good Girls Revolt on Amazon and The Good Fight (because we were HUGE Good Wife fans and Christine Baranski is AMAZING).

Eating | ALL of the trader Joes goodies lately. Their Wine Country Chicken Salad over salad is a favorite for lunch, as well as the orange chicken alongside some cauliflower fried rice, has been in regular rotation for dinner lately over in these parts. Add in an 11 day “cleanse,” and I’m hoping that something happens with the scale over the next three weeks before we head to Florida for our vacation (the first, since our HONEYMOON 8 years ago!!!!)

Saying | anything positive. We’re still working on potty training with little dude and we’re trying to keep all comments surrounding that positive and encouraging. So praising and rewarding…that’s what we’re saying in these parts.

WearingSo many things. This swing dress, this ruffled shirt, and my favorite Tippi sweater have been in regular rotation. As well as this gingham top and my favorite FAVORITE skirt. Love love love.

Posting | Regularly! I’m week three for three with at least one post per week. This week I have three posts scheduled – I’ve stopped overthinking my posting and just been…writing whenever the inspiration hits. I’m not focused as much on promotion and not thinking about traffic numbers but having fun with writing which is what I wanted to get back to. Everything else will come in time!

What are YOU currently up to? 

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Currently | December

currently december

Linking up with Jenna and Anne for this month’s Currently Linkup. Join us for the first Wednesday of each month where we share


For a house! We’re house hunting right now – our lease ends in February but we’re trying (fingers and toes crossed) to buy a place. We did find a house we love, so fingers crossed it all works out! 


My nana. I miss her so much. I was telling a colleague it was nice to be back in my routine – work, running, etc…because when i was in Vermont, I was just reminded constantly that she wasn’t around which made the trip that much harder than it already was.


Nothing yet! I need to get busy shopping! I have a list, i just need to get moving on it! 


Cookies! It’s the annual cookie swap this weekend that my pal hosts – I usually bring peanut butter blossoms so i’m trying to decide if i want to do these (for a change) or traditional sugar cookies this weekend. Decisions decisions!!


Our house! We got our tree this past weekend but it’s still outside because I don’t want to bring a soaking wet tree in the house. Also, hubs needs to bring all of our Christmas decorations out of storage. But our house will decorated and our tree will be trimmed in good time! 
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Currently | July

Happy July friends! I’m linking up with Anne and Jenna today to share my currently’s 🙂

Currently (1)

Craving: Beach time. Seriously. I haven’t spent time with my toes in the sand since the summer I was pregnant with Little Man so I’m looking forward to our day trip to Rehoboth this weekend.

Grilling: Shrimp! We’ve done shrimp kebobs recently and I am loving how easy shrimp is to cook – new summer staple perhaps? Not to mention anything that goes with Old Bay and some Flying Dog Dead Rise Ale makes my summer loving heart flutter.

Listening: to a little bit of everything. I finally figured out how to play something other than just Pandora in my car so now I have my amazon downloaded tunes and spotify! Making my commute a little happier than just traffic and commercials 🙂

Planning: Vacation. Hubs and I originally had a week up north planned for mid/late July. We’ve had to scale that back a touch due to a huge work launch on his end and the lack of vacation time on my new job end, so it’ll be five days instead of nine, but we’ve got a U2 show in the mix, hopefully a beach day and my father-in-law’s birthday celebration. It’ll be a nice little break away from everything. We haven’t had a real break that didn’t include at least 3 days in the car to visit family in both Vermont AND Connecticut, so I’m looking forward to hitting up a beach, doing a couple of fun touristy type things in CT and spending an evening with the Hubs in NYC. Either way, we have much that we want to do that a little bit of planning needs to go into this so we don’t come home needing a vacation from our vacation.

Decorating: Working on decorating my cube. I’ve got pictures up but it’s still feeling a little blah. I need some COLOR.

What are YOU currently up to? 



I’m a couple days late in the link up but better late than never. I keep reading so many of these each month and the two hosts have quickly become some of my favorite blogs to read that I keep meaning to link up, and I half write the post and then get distracted and just as quickly forget. Like so many other things in life these days. Sigh.

Currently I am…

last year swinging

Dreaming of… warmer weather. Yesterday was a bit of a tease, I had the windows open, did all sorts of spring cleaning and dare I say…nearly wore flip flops out of the house. Warm weather please be here to stay!


Planning… Ethan’s 2 year old birthday party! I can’t believe we are less than three weeks away from having a TWO year old! Where does the time go?!

21 day fix chili

Making…21 Day Fix Extreme Turkey Chili! I’m normally a slow-cooker chili kind of gal but this stovetop turkey chili was super easy to make and took about 10 minutes to prep and then another 20 simmering on the stove! I’ll be sure to share the recipe later this week!

corn bread muffins

Baking…corn bread. Don’t get me wrong, all I had to do was add eggs and milk so I didn’t struggle with this recipe at all. Box recipes all the way. Nothing pinterest worthy of this one, sorry friends.  We had it with the 21 Day Fix approved chili last night for dinner and it was delightful!


Watching… Gilmore Girls. I’m half way done with season 7, which is so sad to me since I love this show so, so much. I’ll need to find another show to binge watch the crap out of after this.


Linking up with Anne and Jenna to share. Like I said, a couple days late. But better late than never for one of my favorite link ups? Linking up again on April 1 for what we’re currently wearing, sipping, wish-listing, writing and exploring.



Because I keep seeing this in my Feedly reader (yes, I finally made the jump from Google Reader. No I don’t want to talk about it. I do however, love that I can read Feedly on my iPhone during our late night feedings…which have been drastically cut down might I add!)…I figured I’d share my currents with you this rainy Sunday evening since I needed a little bit of blogging inspiration.

Current Book…I’m reading two really. The Honest Life by Jessica Alba and The Smart One by Jennifer Close for the revamped book club that Lexi and I have made a reboot to. Super excited to add some new members and to make it a monthly ladies brunch date.

the Honest life by Jessica Alba

Current Music…. I’ve been on a Darius Rucker kick since hearing “Wagon Wheel” on the way home from CT last weekend in the car. I don’t listen to counry often but when I do it always makes me think of summer time and summers in Vermont with the windows down. Otherwise, you can see my most recent mix that’s been playing on my iPhone here.

Current guilty pleasure: Fro-yo. And lots of it. With peanut butter chips. Omg. Could eat every day. Yolavie opened up in the mall down the street from us and I may be a convert. Seriously…cookies and cream froyo with a spoonful of peanut butter chips equals heaven.

Current nail color…Only my toes are painted currently. They’re a reddish orangish color from Essie. Time my monthly pedicure soon though. My feet are redic after yesterdays race.

Current drink…Chugging water lately. I’m going cold turkey on my caffeine intake – mainly my horrible Dr. Pepper addiction. I said I was going to cut it out of my diet cold turkey on June 1, and omg. I really want a Dr. P.

Current food…Just made dinner. I’ll be sharing this delicious recipe inspired by a dip we had yesterday at a BBQ. Stay tuned for a post with the amazingly easy recipe. It was delish.

Current Favorite show… The Next Food Network Star is premiering tonight. It’s a favorite of mine since the others have all gone into their summer hiatus’s.

Current wish list… This attachment for our jogging stroller so I can actually use it. New summer clothes – especially tank tops and dresses (though I just ordered 2 dresses from the Gap today for the price of one! Hello thrifty shopping!). Even though most dresses are NOT nursing friendly. It’s a problem I’m happy to have. Also, any of these. The price is right too!

Current needs…a clean house. My house is such a sty. Ugh.

Current indulgence… .these. They’ve been in our freezer for almost a month. I figured it’s time to go to town in honor of my Zooma Finish. And by go to town I mean 1-2.

Current blessing…These guys. So blessed to have the most perfect family ever.

Current outfit… yoga pants and this top – it’s a new favorite of mine. Nothing too crazy, I changed out of shorts into yoga pants when I got home from doing grocery shopping.

Current excitement… for my book club to meet in June! We’ll be enjoying brunch at Red, Red, Wine downtown and discussing “The Smart One” (as aforementioned). Also, am excited to head up north in July for the 4th of July weekend.