#tripnorth2015: The Un-Vacation

Hubs and I just got back from another #tripnorth. It was supposed to be a vacation with beach time and no obligations, but as I’ve come to learn, a vacation does not include a few things that are kind of non-negotiables when it comes to our trips: 1. family obligations and 2. a toddler.

The toddler is here to stay (lucky for him! Not so lucky for my “vacation” prospects in the near future.) and family obligations usually come with the #tripnorth territory. So we’ve gotta find a happy medium here.

But regardless of those vacation “non-negotiables” for this year it wasn’t entirely family or #babyschmidt’s fault our vacation was…what I hearby deem an “un-vacation.” My new job came with a few upsides (bigger salary!) and a few  downsides … largely the lack of vacation time in the first year. Not to mention, hubs had some work obligations that also cut “vacation” short on the front end.

Over the past few months, our vacation went from: a few days on the Cape, to a Yankees game, to U2 at MSG to celebrating my father in law’s birthday to… no Cape Cod. Reselling our Baltimore/Yankees tickets. We did get to U2 (which was AMAZING – no way we were sacrificing those!) and we were a part of an amazing surprise birthday party for my Father-in-law’s 65th birthday (which so awesome to be a part of!) but there wasn’t really any beach-ing…or a lot of quiet relaxing – again…toddler. So clearly I need to modify my vacation expectations. At least until retirement when Hubs and I can vacation any damn time we want.

So here are my lessons on managing vacation expectations with a toddler.


1. Always have a back up plan (especially in regards to food) 

CT Lobster rolls

Thursday night before the u2 show, we kicked around Eataly – grabbing a drink up on the rooftop beer garden, getting oysters on the half shell at the fish bar, and then a cheese plate – but we had planned on grabbing a pizza or some pasta at the pasta place except by the time we got around to them…there was an hour plus long wait. WHOOPS. Needless to say, we trekked up towards Madison Square Garden and found a place after a few horrible suggestions on hubs’ behalf. The place we ended up at was good, but it was expensive for what it was. And in turn, we were a little late for the show.

Subsequently, a similar mistake was made on Sunday on our mission to find Lobster Rolls – the place we had found turned out being a food truck on the side of Bridgeport Avenue – and while I’m sure it was delicious, it wasn’t exactly a toddler appropriate atmosphere…being on the side of a busy road and all…with no fences. So we ended up finding another place that was delightful.

2. Research, research, research! 

Friday night, we went to Quassy – a tiny, independent amusement park next to Hubs’s hometown in Connecticut. Kudos to hubs for finding 50 cent ticket night (and  hot dogs! Which were…just okay.) but less kudos that they had a splash park that little man would have loved. Even less kudos for buying $20 of tickets (so 40 tickets total mind you) only for E to burst into tears as soon as the first ride he went on (a little boat ride. That i almost sunk because I didn’t know it was kiddos only. No ‘rents allowed). Total parental fail. He also had a meltdown on the train ride…and the carousel.

3. Don’t over plan but don’t not plan at all either

I had some general ideas what I wanted to do on our “vacation” – go for a nice hike… go to a beach… but I’m not from Connecticut. I had no idea what the best places were to do any of these things. Hubs wasn’t super helpful in planning or researching. We went on a little hike around a pond in his hometown – which wasn’t quite as challenging as I might have liked (which, if we had brought Little Man…probably couldn’t have been super challenging anyhow). And we ended up at a beach in Milford on Sunday afternoon – it was okay. Fun to wade in since it was low tide and there were tons of tide pools with little Hermit Crabs.

4. Be active

It’s vacation! Get outdoors – find new and interesting playgrounds. Explore the beach. Go for a hike where you’ve never been before. There is nothing more refreshing and relaxing than being active on vacation. If you’re training for a race, have a plan to continue your workouts. I stuck with the sleep plan over the workout consistent plan but I did do research on spin classes…I just didn’t actually make it to any of them. Instead however, we went berry picking at a farm up in Litchfield County and that in itself was a pretty hearty workout.

5. Make the most of it

Our “vacation” certainly wasn’t perfect but it did contain a lot of something we don’t get a lot of during our usual weekly hustle: quality family time. Despite the fact that I committed to doing some work to ease the PTO I had to take. And the fact that our vacation went from nine days to five days – two of which we already had predetermined plans. We spent a lot of time together and made a lot of great memories.

Make a list – hubs and I didn’t really communicate our expectations until I had a mini-breakdown and expressed my sadness that I didn’t really feel like it was much of a vacation. Thus came our definition of vacation as time off with no predetermined obligations. Beach or not – because every vacation can’t have a beach. This also likely means that race-cations aren’t really vacations, not that I’ve ever taken one of those. Yet.

So, now it’s back to the real world. Back to triathlon training. Back to work. Back to summer here – we’re going to hopefully round off our summer bucket list and I’m going to knock out the rest of my triathlon season before diving into my race season this fall since I have a couple of fun races planned. As I don’t have much more time off between now and June 1 of next year, we’re going to take advantage of the holidays, and try to make some fun day trips and fun weekend plans over the next few months to really make the most of our time together as a family.

Have you taken an “un-vacation?” How did you make the most of it? 



Weekly Workouts & Another #tripnorth

Another weekend, another #tripnorth.

This trip was planned, not spontaneous like last weekend when I popped up to see my Papa before his triple bypass surgery.

Hubs had drill this weekend and was originally supposed to be in Florida for four days, but instead had a three day drill based at home. So, I made plans to go up to CT for a baptism, but we also celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday in Stamford and had a nice visit with my sister in law who came out from LA.

cask republic stamford

Saturday we went to Stamford and had lunch at Cask Republic which was AMAZING. The menu constantly changes but I highly recommend the mussles, the pesto mac & cheese, the meatballs and the fries. I enjoyed an Allagash White and a Clown Shoes Clementine Witbier which was as amazing as it sounds.

Sunday was the baptism at St. Patricks in Manhattan which was beautiful. We then had a Chinese luncheon at Joes Shanghai on 56th between 5th and 6th – highly recommend! Ethan loved everything and was a super trooper – both days the events happened during his afternoon nap so

It was quite fun, excepting the ear infection Ethan caught that landed us in Urgent Care on Saturday AM after a very sleepless night on Friday night. We’re better now, but I’m dealing with a cold/allergies that’s on the brink of a sinus infection. Color me miserable.

So last weeks workouts ended up okay. I packed my running clothes in hopes of getting a run in on the treadmill but that didn’t happen this weekend given our packed schedule and my feeling like ick half the weekend.

I did fit in a walk Tuesday morning for 5.5 miles and Thursday I fit in a 4.25 mile walk and a Pure Barre class. Slackerville, I know, but it was a rough week for the most part.

This week…

Tuesday – walk
Wednesday – spinning or Pure Barre
Thursday – walk or run
Friday – Pure Barre
– Run 4 miles
Sunday – Pure Barre

Goal mileage: 15 miles

Stay tuned for my Cherry Blossom Ten Miler training plan later this week!


#tripnorthing (part 1)

As I mentioned, or you may have seen over on my instagram, Ethan got baptized this weekend. We spent the fourth with Adam’s family which was absolutely lovely and relaxing. It was awesome having help with Ethan. I didn’t have to worry about putting him down really which was kind of nice because family was happy to take him if I needed a break. It was so awesome to spend time with everyone, to see friends that we haven’t seen in a long time, and to celebrate.

Here’s how our Independence Day looked…

homemade sangriaThere was Sangria. Mmmmm. So much fruitiness.

grillingAnd grilling. Lots of grilling. My in-laws just got a beautiful new patio, the only thing it was missing was chairs to actually sit out there on (they were still hibernating from winter). Next time.

fourth of july foodAnd some good food. Lots of good food. Cheeseburgers, snappers, pasta salad with tons of veggies and broccoli slaw. Noms!

old friends and babiesOld friends…and new. Hubs with one of his best pals growing up who had his first baby about three weeks after Ethan was born.


And Ethan got so much attention and love from his aunts and uncle in CT.

cree-mee soft serveAnd soft-serve. Lots of soft serve. Technically…in New England referred to as Cree-mee’s. Half and half with rainbow sprinkles. Deeeeeelicious.

All in all, a very successful holiday with great food, and even better company. I’ll recap Ethan’s baptism later! For now, I’ve got a walk to go on! Happy Tuesday pals!



We headed up to Connecticut this past weekend. We saw some great friends, spent some qt with the family and laughed a lot all weekend. The late night drives were worth the short trip .

Adam and two of his closest friends. Ross, in the center, was visiting with his wife and daughter from Japan. Both Ross and Larry (right) were groomsmen in our wedding and have known Adam since grade school.

Despite spending time with Ross and his adorbs daughter and sweet wife, I managed to get some writing in, and teach my dear mother in law a thing or two about the interwebs – specifically pinterest and how to follow blogs. Hubs and I, overall had a great weekend.

Sorry for the missing blog posts – work has been insanely busy lately, and with Girls on the Run, and prepping for baby plus still being exhausted for any remaining free time…leaves not a lot of time for blogging and reading my favorites. Never you mind though, 15 week (sorry, I missed 14 weeks – but yay second trimester!) update and thensome are coming soon!

I miss you freaders – what’s new with you all! How was your weekend??


Race Recap: Hopkins Vineyard Tri

This weekend, I became a triathlete.

I was a bit nervous, having not trained on any of the course, but for as nervous as I was, I was also pretty excited.

Me at the finish…but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

time: 18:35

I know I was a bit slow, and the last one of my age group to finish, but ultimately, I felt strong swimming. I could have definitely been stronger but considering I hadn’t swam in almost a month, and had never swam a half mile consecutively without stopping, I felt really good. The water was much warmer than I expected and I just stayed to the back and to the outside out of everyone else’s way.

Coming out of the swim.

Transition 1: 4:51
I do think I could have done better at the transition. But ultimately I think I was slightly unorganized and that slowed me down a minute or two. That and I was really effing tired.


Nine or so miles in less than an hour on a mountain bike with two MAJOR hills that I was relegated to walking my bike up? I’ll take it. I was thankful that there was next to zero traffic (since the roads were still open). Traffic kind of freaks me out. BUT! BUT! And this is a huge thing for me…on the downhills I totally didn’t ride my brakes. Wahoo! Go me! (and got my speed up to almost 23 mph!)

Listen, I know I need a better bike but thankfully the Huffster had the amazingness of being freesies and we totally increased her value by about $50 when we put new wheels on her. Will I stick with her into next triathlon season? Probably not but she’s good enough for right now and that’s what matters. Maybe for Christmas Santa will bring a fancy new/used road bike (that’s under $1,000).

Transition 2: 1:24

Still too long. But my bike was at the back of the TA so that’s that.

time: 37:34

Now, even though I did a fair share of BRICK workouts for an 8 or so week training plan, nothing prepared me for those god awful hills. Seriously, those hills were HORRENDOUS. I ran as much as I could but walked most of the first mile and  a half because it was just too much.

At the turn around point, I did kick it into gear because I had seen some runners coming down when I was going up that I knew I could catch. And I did. I passed two people in the last mile which was all downhill and some cross country. Had it been a flatter course I could have been faster in the run but alas, I hate hills and they hate me. I suppose I should schedule more Naval Academy Bridge Workouts before the Army 10 miler no?

Running strong to the finish.

time: 1:151:24
place: 220/229

Hey man, I didn’t finish last! HUZZAH! I will say that the event was super well organized, it was the perfect size for my first triathlon, and I felt really strong out there. I wasn’t racing for time (though I did think it would take me closer to 2.5 hours so finishing sub 2 hours was a super welcomed surprise). The Hopkins Vineyard Tri folks were AMAZING and super helpful. The volunteers along the course were fantastic and super friendly. Is it a race I’d do again? Ehhhhh the hills were a bit much for me.

Adam and I enjoying wine. They had an excellent post race spread including wine tastings! The wine was delicious and the views were amazing!

Next one? Keystone State Super Sprint on 8/25! It’s a shorter version of sprint tri just south of Harrisburg in PA – .25 mile swim/9 mi bike and 2 mi run. I can OWN that one!

Feel good moment of the day: The awesome shirt was voted by the women at the water stop as the best shirt of the race. I give kudos to Ali for that one!


Last Two Rides

I did my last pre-tri bike ride yesterday.

It was supposed to be my last BRICK workout but I begged off of the running. Perhaps that was a bad decision, either way, I’m sure we’ll find out on Saturday.

Sunday was supposed to be that pledged last BRICK but instead of setting my alarm at the butt crack of dawn as many endurance athletes are wont to do, I decided not to. I don’t often sleep past 8 or 9 on the weekends when I let myself “sleep in” so I figured we’d be fine.

Au contrare self. Au contrare.

I slept in. I cuddled my husband. Then I curled up with the new Jennifer Weiner book. By noon we were finally like hmmm we should make something of our day.

So we got ready, strapped our bikes to our car and headed up to Arnold to get our bike on. After some Naval Bagel of course.

11 miles up to the end of the trail (well almost the end… we were about a mile and a half short. We stopped at the Sun (start of the planet walk) and then headed back. We stopped each way at the Ranger Station to pee/refill water bottles

22 miles in about 2 hours or so but man was that tough. Like holy hell tough.

Yesterday, we fit in about 9.5 miles in under an hour – I feel better for my race, but man I really wish I had fit in that BRICK. Whoops?

My legs are sore today – and I feel just a little worn down so I’m going to stick to taking it a bit easy this week so i can be well rested for my race on Saturday.

This week’s workouts:

Monday – 10 mile ride (DONE)
Tuesday – yoga
Wednesday – 3 mile run
Thursday – travel day to CT (rest)
Friday – short 2-3 mile walk/run
Saturday – RACE DAY!!!!

I’m super nervous about packing everything. I’ve traveled for races before but road races I generally only need running clothes, fuel belt, sneaks and my garmin. For my tri I need:

…goggles, towel, bucket to rinse off feet, biking sun glasses, helmet, sneaks, socks, tank top, sunscreen, water bottle for bike, fuel, fuel belt for run, garmin, bag to carry everything down to the Transition Area,  biking shorts, jog bra that I decided to do my swim in so that I can wear my tri shorts as well.

Plus I need to make sure I have my air pump to just double check my tires before we go. I want clothes to change into after so I don’t have to enjoy wine in super smelly I-just-finished-a-tri clothes.

I told the husband I’m going to pack Wednesday night since we’re leaving Thursday afternoon. I’m planning on getting to work early and on travel days we’re always rushed. Super rushed. So because I don’t want to forget anything, it’s all going to go in the car on Wednesday night.

Do you have a way to stay organized before traveling for a race??


Loving Mud

Apparently it’s been a rainy spring up in Connecticut. That might in fact be the only explanation for my super muddy Newton’s. And the mud that has been splattered on my legs the past two mornings. My sneakers have been getting lots of mud love and have reminded me of my running roots – the back trails of Colchester High School – ahhh trail running.

Yesterday morning, the husband and I decided to fit in a nice 4-6 mile jaunt. It turned out to be just about four miles, there were hills. Lots of them. But then behind his neighborhood that he grew up in, there was a trail. A muddy, not so well marked or kept trail and we decided to make it our bia.

Four miles. One hour (I know it’s slow, but a lot of the trail part was not runnable as the trail wasn’t well kept and it was…more uphill than my lungs could handle).

Yes I run in mismatched socks. And yes my Newton’s bleed onto my socks. Don’t judge.

After we spent the afternoon trying to figure out what to do – we ended up at a winery in the town next door! McLaughlin Vineyard was a nice lil place and they had some great wine! We ended up bringing home the Snow Goose – a great find!

Today we hit up Southford Falls for a short run – it was much hiller and just as rocky – not great for running but I was super impressed by how Adam charged those uphills! It was still a great workout – about 2 miles in 30 minutes with a decent chunk of hiking and running.  So I guess instead of a 38 day streak, I’ll be doing a 40 day streak while training for my first triathlon!

Stay tuned for that news when it’s all official and shiz (tomorrow). Many thanks to my sister in law for letting me hijack her old mountain bike for the summer while I see if this something I really want to keep doing. 8 weeks to train for a sprint tri? Can I do it (and get over my fear of falling off a bike, not that I’ve ever fallen it’s just been like ten years since I rode one) in about eight short weeks? (Hal Higdon says yes!)

And be sure to check out NewlyMarylanders this week with reviews of our CT wine tour and stay tuned here for my triathlon training plan, and an awesome recipe I tried out for breakfast this morning! Now to get to bed before the Freedom 5k tomorrow morning before heading home!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! 


Always right?

Last weekend when Liz was visiting me, we kicked around CT on Sunday, by kicked around CT, I mean we hiked up and down Greenwich Avenue and spent the rest of the afternoon at the Stamford Town Center before getting a li’l tipsy at karaoke at Casey’s. It was the perfect weekend, and beyond needed.

One of the better parts was when we were in Greenwich, my old store had a psychic there doing free readings. I’d never pay for anything like that but I was curious to see what she had in store for my future.

“Make two wishes. Tell me one and keep one to yourself.”

I wished for financial stability. My 2nd wish was being curious if I was on the right path with my career – all the changes I’ve made in the past year have left me insecure and uneasy in some of my decisions.

I don’t remember exactly what she said but she said something about new opportunities, a lot of travel, lots of new doors opening, the next few months may be difficult financially, but the next year has lots of financial growth. She mentioned how I already know my soul mate and we’ll have a long happy relationship. (Perhaps reading into the Elizabeth Gilbert version of soul mates was a bit cynical). She didn’t say a lot about our future in regards to children (not that we’re thinking about any anytime soon) but she did say that I was being held back from growth and needed to find a way to grow but was definitely on the right track.

I definitely agree regarding the being held back from growth. I hope that’s not the case much longer down here in Maryland but I’m not pursuing those until I get settled in down here for good.

I don’t usually believe psychics. I’ve never seen one but I always believed they were kind of hokey and/or a ripoff. I don’t know why this felt different, maybe hearing everyone else’s experiences with her prior to mine (and following) and how close they were to the truth/knew what they were going through, gives me a slight glimmer of hope. And maybe, just maybe, even if she was/is right, maybe this is what I needed to hear to reaffirm our decisions recently.

Do you believe in psychics? Would you ever visit one?



My last day at work was Saturday. It was a sad day. There was a team there that I adored, that inspired me and that just made me feel happy with my life decisions. I can’t say that about much in the past five years since I graduated college, there have been people that have taught me many lessons but the team of gals in Greenwich takes the cake as far as amazing coworkers goes.

Because sometimes, you don’t choose your friends. They choose you. They come into your life and change you in ways you never thought you could be changed. Sometimes, they’re not people who you would ever expect but you accept your fate and you love them unconditionally like you would any other friend.

To all my lulu-ladies in Connecticut, I love you all like sisters. Just because I’m far does not mean you will ever be forgotten. Thanks for the memories, the laughs, the good days, the bad, the slow days and the crazy ones. The shoulders to cry on when I needed you all the most and did I mention the laughs?

{shots, shots, shots…need I say more?}

And i leave you all with this, which was the song I listened to when I left DC in 2009.

“I don’t want to be the one to say goodbye
But I will, I will, I will
I don’t want to sit on the pavement while you fly
But I will, I will, oh yes I will

Maybe in the future, you’re gonna come back, you’re gonna come back around
Maybe in the future, you’re gonna come back, you’re gonna come back
The only way to really know is to really let it go
Maybe you’re gonna come back, you’re gonna come back, you’re gonna come back to me

I don’t want to be the first to let it go
But I know, I know, I know
If you have the last hands that I want to hold
Then I know I’ve got to let them go”

Ingrid Michaelson “maybe”

And now, I’ve got a husband to scoop up from the airport! Yipee! (I miss him!)


Feeling Old

As bestie and I sat at the bar Saturday night reminiscing about the past ten years, we got chatted up by a dude. Of course it was Halloween weekend, so of course this dude was dressed up. He wore a burlap sack with a name tag that said “Hi My Name Is…GOOD”

He was…good in the sack. (Get it? Get it?)

Anyhow so homeboy was chatting us up and we were all like “so how old are you? Like 21?”

He leaned in and said “Nineteen.”

We both looked at each other. He graduated high school in 09. Meaning he was born in 1991. Meaning oh em gee. I feel old. He was all like “how old are you? 21? 22?” and bestie did what bestie does best, she patted his arm and said “Oh sweetheart, you’re adorable. You’re too kind.” Bestie is only 6 months older than me (more like 5 1/2) and just turned 28. I’m closer to 28 than I am to 27 at this point so it was super sweet that he thought we were so young. Still though, homeboy graduated HIGH SCHOOL last year.

How’d he get in the bar anyhow??

Following that, we were chatted up by a shady Frenchman named Francois, an Irish dude named Andy and a dutch guy who’s name I can’t remember but who bought me a drink because I had been to the Netherlands. Amazing. It was an amazing night. One of those amazing kind of nights that you can only have with someone who’s known you for ten years.

Stay tuned for pictures from the best halloween ever thanks to some of the awesome coworkers and the best friend a gal could ask for.