National Cookie Day

I saw on a blog that it was national cookie day. And while I was going to wait to post these until after my cookie swap Mom’s night out tonight, I changed my mind.

Correction. I’m 2 days late. Cookie day was December 4th. Super fail whale! Womp womp. Either way! Cookie ahoy! Every day should be cookie day!

If you’re nursing a sweet tooth today like the rest of us, then maybe give one of these recipes a try. In general, I have a pretty nasty sweet tooth so I try not to bake too much (or I risk gaining a gazillion pounds and EATING ALL OF THE COOKIES) but Christmas is a special time of year.

{Chocolate Chip Peppermint Pudding cookies}

I used the linked recipe, but went for chocolate chips versus chunks and used chocolate pudding because I couldn’t find devils food cake.  ZOMG. You guys, easiest cookies ever – so very, very good.

Looking for a cookie a little healthier? These are oatmeal chocolate chip lactation cookies that are super tasty.

These peanut butter blossom cookies are a tried and true classic. They sing holidays in my mouth and remind me of when my Nana used to spend December in a baking tizzy. They’re easy as pie and delicious as all get out.

Check out my sweet tooth board on Pinterest and see what other sweets I’m craving recently!

What’s your favorite cookie recipe? Do you cookie swap with your friends during the holidays?