February Stitch Fix Box

february Stitch Fix

Happy February friends! After a couple of disastrous Stitch Fix boxes, I moved my Fix to quarterly. I updated my profile to be more specific, asked for a new stylist and even asked for a couple of specific pieces that I’ve seen across the blogosphere, 

This month? That feedback paid off in one of the best fixes I’ve received. If half of it had fit me better I probably would have kept ⅗ of the box. So we’re closer. Much closer. 

Margaret M Deandra A- Line Skirt

stitch fix skirt

Ugh, I wanted to love this skirt. I did. The pattern was on point but it bunched up in the front and wasn’t the most flattering cut for me.

Verdict: Return


Skies are Blue Farley Lace Detail Blouse

Stitch fix lace detail top

Man, these petite tops are not working for me. Not working. This was cute, and I am all about both navy AND lace but just nope. Too small – and while I love the exchange option that Stitch Fix added, this top wasn’t available in any sizes. Wamp wamp. (Also please excuse my wet hair and the mess on the dresser…it’s Hubs’s side. This was NOT my best “photo shoot”) 

Verdict: Return 

Market & Spruce Evella Boatneck top

stitch fix evella boat neck top

I specifically requested this top. I wanted it in blue (I’m still on the prowl for it, will trade!) but got a purple-ish pink instead. I could have done with a size up because it was more fitted than I prefer, BUT the small worked.

Verdict: KEEP!!!

Market & Spruce Anella Puffer Vest

Stitch FIx puffer vest

If only…I loved this. The dots were on point. The fit was good. It was a winner. Buuuttt I just got a vest for Christmas that’s similar (though not polka dot) and I have a plain navy vest. But seriously, I loved this (and the price wasn’t terrible either!!).

Verdict: Return

Skies are Blue Gustav Chambray Top 

Stitch Fix chambray top

Another winner – but a terrible fit and was sold out in other sizes. Another petite size, another just…womp womp. But I loved the style and the chambray is always a winner in my closet (nevermind the fact that I have THREE other chambray style tops).

Verdict: Return (reluctantly)

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? If not, it’s a favorite package of mine – even if it hasn’t been perfect – and I’d love for you to use my link to sign up

As always, this post may contain affiliate links, and/or if you sign up using my link I may get some referral benefits  but no Stitch Fix boxes have been provide for free. Womp.  All opinions here are my own. 


Restaurant.com and A Mothers Day Celebration

Hubs and I used to be big restaurant go-ers. Of course all that changed when baby came around – the last time we went to eat, he had a complete meltdown in the middle of Franklin’s Brewery when we were dining out with Lexi and Steve. This may or may not have been because he lacked an afternoon nap. It also may or may not have been too loud (holy over-stimulation batman!)

However, over the past few months, we’ve made a point to try to get at least one date night in each month. Whether we snag friends or one of our trusty babysitters (we’re building an arsenal of them), it’s important to take that time for us as a couple.


Hubs asked me last night what I wanted for Mothers Day – knowing we’re on a budget and may not be able to go out to eat for a date night made me really think hard. Thankfully, Restaurant.com has tons of ideas and deals for date nights and meals on the fly. They’ve been filling tables up since 1999 and are great for getting a deal both on the fly or in advance. All you have to do is present your certificate on a mobile device or printed and savings are off the final bill. Easy peasy right?

In the past we’ve gotten some great deals in DC for some of our most favorite restaurants. So fret not about finding a gift for your mama, this Mother’s Day Restaurant.com will be running Specials by Restaurant.com Dinner & A Movie starting Wednesday, May 7 ! (You’ll have to hurry though as this outstanding deal is only available for a limited amount of time!)

Couple a restaurant.com with a mani/pedi and find me a baby sitter and I’ll be a pretty happy mama on Mothers Day!
Some great ideas (hint hint!)



Restaurant.com is hosting a “What Does Mom Mean To You?” Pinterest Sweepstakes being held through Sunday, May 11. Five (5) winners will be picked to win $500 Mom’s Night Out Package. You can see the giveaway details here.

I received a Restaurant.com gift card for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.


{Review} Green Giant Veggie Chips

I often find that as a part time work at home mama, I forget to feed myself a real meal or two during the day. Between entertaining baby, churning out articles and blog posts and getting work done for my job, I struggle to find or make the time. Time flies when you’re having fun, what can I say?

The other day, I actually had lunch, and then, later in the afternoon as I was writing more during nap time, had a snack. Let me tell you about the amazing chips I got to try out from Green Giant.

Green Giant Veggie Chips Key Visual 1

Listen up friends, there’s a new chip in town.

I’m usually more of a sweets kind of gal but sweet potato anything has me drooling. Same with Ranch. Nom nom nom. So when I got the opportunity to try out some new chippers, I jumped up – after all, I’m quite familiar with Green Giant veggies – especially their frozen selections which I’m a big fan of.

green giant sweet potato veggie chips

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of BBQ chips. My dad used to always get them on car trips and the smell used to really just…irk me. But these? Not too salty, not too BBQ-y, and the sweet potato isn’t greasy like other potato chips. Really it was just a yummy combination. That handful you see there? Is a serving.

I did however, enjoy the sweet potato chips a bit more than the Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips – they were still tasty but reminded me a little too much of Cooler Ranch Dorito chips. That being said, these re decidedly much better than my lunch of choice from 1997. The flavor wasn’t over powering and definitely had that distinct tortilla chip texture. Yum.

green giant veggie tortilla chips

{Again, that’s a serving of the Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips – a nice sized snack for a mid afternoon salt craving!}

Both types of Green Giant chips are made with real veggies. Neither flavor was overly salty nor were the flavors over powering. If there’s one thing I really don’t like when it comes to chips is greasy-ness and residue. These had neither! Huzzah!

Next time, I’m going to dip these in hummus – perhaps Roasted Red Pepper hummus or Tomato Basil Hummus (from Trader Joes that I eat with EVERYTHING) because it goes with everything and the creaminess would be a delicious compliment to the flavors and textures these have. But really, they’re pretty amazing on their own too.

What’s your favorite afternoon snack? Are you a sweet or salty treat eater?


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


Of Note

1,000 posts.

DANG homies! It’s been a wild road.

And you know what? It keeps getting better doesn’t it?

Three awesome things….

Book Club

The ladies and I are restarting our amazing book club that sometimes forgets to discuss books. If you’re interested in some new gal pals centered around good convo and good food and reading good books and you live in the DC area, email me at heidi(at)legallyheidi(dot)com. We’re trying to do structure and shit – starting in June!

Review and Giveaway

I have an awesome giveaway going on til this weekend! Want to try a new supplement? Go check out my review of Sun Chlorella over at my review page! (I have 3 upcoming reviews two of which are majorly delayed because of the whole not having a life for the past two and a half months!) Share with me what vitamins or supplements you take for your chance to win a sample pack of Sun Chlorella!

Making good habits

Last night I took hubs running and this morning we kicked butt doing the 30 day shred at 6:15am. I felt pretty bad ass. Unfortunately I will NOT be getting up at 5a to work out tomorrow as I have to be to work by 8a. Baby steps here people. Plus I say I will work out 5 days a week so tomorrow is an off day.  This way I can make it back to Annapolis to my Junior League annual dinner at Yellowfin. One of my FAVORITE places on the water in Annapolis. I’m still going to be a little late, since I’m working 8-5, I’ll trek down to meet hubs since he doesn’t get off work til 6 and then we’ll make it back to Annapolis by 6:45 or so (hopefully. depending on traffic. that might be wishful thinking.). I long for the day when I have a dream day working in social media here in Annapolis where I can just bike to work 9 months out of the year. I’m not there yet, and I enjoy where I am now…but someday. Perhaps after that MBA. Right?