October Intentions

After talking about my September fails, let’s chat about goals.

When I don’t have goals, I feel like I’m flailing. Like I’m not on track.

So, I decided to get back to it and set myself some goals to get back on track and not eff up this month.

october goals

1. Complete the 3 day refresh.

I’ll be starting that this week in preparation to fit into my bridesmaids dress for my friends wedding in like…11 days.

Ladies, here is a tip: if you are ever a bridesmaid, try the dress on so you know how it fits. I did not try this dress on because the only place that had it in stock to try on in a 45 mile radius wanted to charge me $40…just to try it on. I was all like, eff that noise. I went up a size but apparently I should have gone up 2 sizes. That or I’m not the size I thought I was even though I based it on the bust size which I measured and had hubs measure me for – I am a solid 36 my friends, but I should have added 2 inches to that because that’s how much I had to have it TAKEN OUT. That dress was not 36 bust size. So I’m hoping the 3 day refresh coupled with 2 weeks of healthy eating makes me feel a bit more comfortable in the dress (which is so pretty!)

2. PiYo certification.

I want to do a full 30 days of PiYo before I start teaching but I’m super excited to a. find a place to start teaching. b. start teaching. c. stick with it and get in shape. I’m struggling because, as I suspected and my new primary care doctor confirmed, my metabolism is stupid slow and is making it stupid difficult to lose weight. Seriously, I take a sip of beer or even look at a bagel and I gain 5 lbs. It’s ridiculous. If you’re interested in trying PiYo – email me!

3. Blog regularly.

Three times per week. That’s not a lot. More is better but I want to commit to 3 days per week. At least.  I blogged exactly like…five times in September which is just…sad. I love blogging and I love sharing my journey with y’all so I need to remind myself of that, especially when life is feeling overwhelming.

4. Workout on a schedule.

I’m not really training for anything right now, but I do miss running so I think committing to running a couple of days would do me, and my new sneaks some good, fitting in some PiYo (which I especially enjoy in the mornings) and even a Pure Barre class or two before my class package expires in January.

Get it done!

One tip I really like? Tony Horton suggests 22 days. Schedule out ahead of time and in a 30 day month, you only need to work out 22 days. So me? I’m committing to 24 days this month. #24inOctober.

5. Try two new recipes.

I have one on tap for this week – a baked pumpkin tortellini which I made for a pal who had a baby at the beginning of September but haven’t tried myself. Also I really want to make a soup. I’ve been jonesing for hearty, autumny soups (think butternut squash…) so I really want to find a recipe to try out (post-our next trip north).

6. Buy Nothing

I’ve been shopping a touch too much for my liking. I’m cutting myself off for October to save some dough for Christmas and for our trip in January.  Stay tuned for more on this later.

What are your October goals and intentions? Any fitness goals I can help you reach?




PiYo Baby

So I finally got PiYo in the mail yesterday.

Finally. God the USPS is so SLOW sometimes (kidding. I just have the patience of a newborn). It actually got here relatively quickly

Did my first workout last night – sweaty…holy sweaty! I really enjoyed the fast pace of it, though it was hard to follow at times, I’m excited to continue so stay tuned for some before/after images and a follow on my journey. I know my blogging has been a bit lackluster as of late but I’m trying to get back on board.

So this morning, Hubs kept E home from Daycare so we could break in his new orthotics for a little while since for the next 4-5 days we increase time by an hour (1 hour today twice per day, two tomorrow, twice per day, etc…). Homeboy has learned how to turn on the DVD player. He’s also walking more and more every day. We’re not in infant stage any




I’m super excited to dive right into PiYo. It’s definitely challenging, but I think within a few weeks, if I can stick to this 3 days per week and keep up with my training (Waterman’s Tri on October 4th will be my last tri of the season!) I think I’ll start feeling a lot more comfortable with myself.

Interested in PiYo? Or in joining a clean eating challenge (teaser: 1 lb,  -4″ overall after 4 1/2 days of clean eating)  email me and we can chat about goals and motivation! 


21 Day Fix: A First Thoughts Review

Earlier in March I started my first ever Beach Body Program – the 21 Day Fix. I saw a friend of mine from college with some pretty legitimate results and she inspired me to get my butt moving again. Now that I’m back at work, and not walking 7 miles around the mall every other morning with fellow mama pals, I find it tough to stay motivated so I thought this was a great kick off point.

Food: The food is pretty easy. It comes with it’s own tupperware-like containers that dictate portion sizes. You are allocated a certain number of each container each day (i.e. Yellow is carbs, usually 2 per day. Red is protein , 3 per day) it varies depending on your starting weight, but they make it pretty easy and they’re great to use as to go containers for lunches. It encourages real foods – especially veggies and proteins.

Untitled{I should note that hubs did NOT workout with me. He was setting it up.}

Workouts: I LOVE the workouts. They’re short and sweet – I don’t have time for much more than 30-45 minutes, so I like that they’re quick, tough and get the job done. There’s 2 discs each with 4 or so workouts (upper body, lower body, two cardio type workouts, pilates and yoga and a 10 minute ab video).


Shakeology: I actually really like Shakeology. I’ve tried a number of different protein/meal replacement shakes and this is by far my favorite. Above is a chocolate, peanut butter & banana shake which is pretty much my go to. I’m a big fan of my shakes for breakfast. I find they’re a great way to start the day and are super quick to make in my compact, often crazy mornings managing getting myself ready for work, getting Ethan ready for daycare and making sure Hubs is on track to be on time also.

Results: TBD. Mostly because I haven’t measured and I know my clothes are fitting better, but the number on the scale hasn’t gone down much but inches lost could be a completely different story so I’ll post those later.

weight start: ~154
weight end: 149.6


Just a couple of things I didn’t like about the program:

  • Coaches are pretty insistent that you stick to the workout plan. For me this meant forgoing Pure Barre and running because well, I don’t have time for 2 a days like I used to. I like a lot more variety in my workouts than just 30 minute videos. So while I know I’ll use them for round 2, I might be a bit more willing to throw in a Pure Barre class or a run over the next 3 weeks.
  • Variety. Workout videos are cool and such – but if I go for round 3 I really might need to change it up because ish gets old.

Here’s the thing, I didn’t stick to the plan 100% so of course my results aren’t going to be as great as promised. Because well, life. Deadlines, baby, a first birthday party with company in town, yadda, yadda, yadda, but I am down about 5 lbs. So this time I’m going to be better and we’ll see how I do.

So while technically round 2 was supposed to start Monday, I’m pushing it back a week since my birthday is Saturday and I want the flexibility to have a bit of fun (bring on Moms Night Out!). And I really want to get that 10 lbs gone so until the end of the month (minus April 11-12  because hey! My birthday!) I will focus more on my eating, which I did pretty well with for the most part, and I will do better about scheduling workouts and attempt, yet again, to work out in the mornings. Ugh. Not a morning workout-er.

Disclosure: I purchased the 21 Day Fix on my own, all thoughts here are my own, this review is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Beachbody or any of its coaches.

Have you ever tried a beach body program? Have you tried Shakeology? What were your thoughts/experiences like?


Weekly Workouts: 21 Day Fix Week 1 edition

So we’re almost into week 2 of the 21 day fix which I mentioned I was starting last week.

I kind of get a big fat fail for the second half of the week/weekend for eating/drinking and kind of working out. Okay, maybe not a fail but like…a B-.

Monday – went to pure barre (yay!)

Tuesday – ran the St. Patricks Day fun run with the family! Had so much fun. It was really the perfect night for the 3 of us to go out running.
Wednesday – cardio fix.
Thursday – we cleaned our old place..no workout. (FAIL)
Friday – happy hour with coworkers. (FAIL)
Saturday – 3.5 mile run (yay!)
Sunday – pilates fix (YAY!)

So really, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I’m kind of half starting over and recommitting today. It takes 21 days to make a habit and 3 days to completely break it. I didn’t completely break it but I wasn’t happy with how I did. It’s 21 days, and only 21 days…it seems like a lot but it’s not. Let’s be honest. It’s really, really, not.

Soo… This week I’m back on track.

Mondayupper body fix  donezo!
Tuesday – lower body fix
Wednesday – 4 mile run or fix yoga
Thursday – dirty 30 workout
Friday – fix pilates
Saturday – total body cardio
Sunday – 8 mile run* (this NEEDS to get done but we’ll see – we have family coming into town for Ethan’s birthday this weekend (!!!!!!!!!) so we’ll see what my day is like on Sunday)

Eating is better. Ish. I think? We went grocery shopping, I made my lunch for tomorrow, therefore I’m on the right track.