Baby Update: 10 months

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a mover. A mover, a shaker, a pull-up-to-stand-er. You know…all those things.

Month ten definitely had a bunch of HUGE milestones including crawling and pulling up to stand. It’s crazy how one day he’s struggling and pulling up to his knees, the next it’s like he’s a master of the trade and pulling up on the entertainment center, his walker, his music table and his crib railings.

10 months

Ethan loves…moving. Now that he’s crawling (which he started doing right after we got home from our Christmas travels), he’s constantly on the move, exploring, and getting into everything. He loves checking things out to see how they work which is awesome. He inspects everything to see how it functions and how it moves and works.

He also loves being naked. After bath time or during other daily changes he’ll flip over and start to crawl away. We’ve been changing him almost exclusively on a changing mat on the floor since day 1 so this isn’t a big deal as far as the OH EM GEE HE’S GOING TO ROLL AWAY factor goes. I think our baby sitter may in fact be the only one who’s used the changing table top…that’s cool though. For this reason also, bath time is still a big hit. I dread the day when I need to fight with him to get him in the tub. Hopefully we have a few years.

10 months

He hates…not being able to get down after standing up. He’s gotten a few bumps to the head for this reason. I’m not sure how babies learn to sit down from standing but I really hope it happens soon – naps and bedtime have becoming atrocious for this very reason.

He’s eating…pretty much anything and everything. Anything on the floor is fair game as I learned from the couple day old Cheerios that fell off his high chair that didn’t get vacuumed up in time. He loves yogurt and any type of fruit. He’s not a huge fan of pasta or ground turkey. He loves cheerios and puffs and before you lecture me on giving him too many “snacky” foods, they’re all organic and mostly vegetable based. I don’t buy crap with ingredients that I can’t pronounce so there.

He recently had his 9 month appointment and he weighs about 16.5 almost 17 lbs, and is 28″ long. That’s 25th percentile for height, and 5th percentile for weight. He’s a peanut but he is a peanut on the move and he will not let you forget that.

Stay perfect baby. Even your imperfect moments when you cry at the blender, the vacuum and the spirally part of the new activity box I got you (all of which make you burst into tears) are still delightfully perfect and just remind me that we’re 10 months into a long, long road and there is such more amazingness to come.


Day in the Life of a Stay At Home Mom

Life as a stay at home mama is tough.

I’m slightly exaggerating here, but not really. I’m certainly not cut out for it but this is probably also the reason I’m not a Kindergarten teacher. I’m not really good at entertaining children let alone children who don’t talk back and can’t tell you what’s up when the cranky pants are on.

For my friends who wonder what the eff I do all day, well here it is. A while ago, I shared Adam’s day with baby so today, I’m sharing our typical day. (note: Some pictures may have been taken on separate days as seen by the different outfits ;))

6-7am – Wake up Mommy!

Ethan comes into bed and we cuddle while he has his morning bottle. After the bottle, it’s a diaper change and breakfast.

7:30a – breakfast!!! He usually gets an egg or waffle and some cheerios or fruit to add a bit umph. Sometimes we get dressed before breakfast, other times we eat in our jammies. This day, we happened to be dressed at breakfast. That’s consider a win in our book.

8:30a – Play time! We’ll crawl around and see what kind of shenanigans we can get into. This day Ethan was working on pulling himself up on the entertainment center.


9:30a – Gym time! I usually workout in the mornings if I go to the gym or the afternoons/earlier mornings if I run. 9:30am spinning is one of my favorite classes at my gym, Ethan goes to play in the day care while i work out.

10-11a (ish) – ends up being Ethan’s nap time. If I go to the gym, we try to get home by 10:30 so we can still hit the nap window. It’s a short window.

Late morning through lunch time…

If we don’t have a play date scheduled, we’ll go run errands and tool around town and sometimes meet Adam for lunch near his work.

But if we do have play group…we play usually play until close to afternoon nap (anytime between 2-3p)

Our favorite playgroups are the Plum Moms Group (earlier this week we tested out My Gym with them!) and our Wednesday coffee group at the mall where Ethan acts like a vacuum cleaner and eats all the puffs and cheerios off the floor. Gross, I know but even if I move him away, he crawls back to them until they’re either cleaned up or some other poor child gets to them.

Mid-Late afternoon…

Also known as post afternoon nap time. We have story time, and we play at home waiting for Adam to get home from work. We crawl around getting into mischief. This is my witching hour so some days I tend to be a bit more hands off and let him explore and have more independent play versus the mornings where I’m super interactive. I try not to, but sometimes…I get tired.


Dinner! Bathtime! Daddy gets home (or two days per week goes to class in which case we have all of the sads)! Bedtime!

Some nights dinner is a big hit!

Other nights…not so much.

After dinner comes bath time. If daddy is home, he’ll get in the tub with him in swim trunks and we do bathtime together. Some nights if one of us is out, we go back to the whale tub. Anndd this is what’s been happening lately because homeboy is so squirmy.

After bath time it’s a bottle and story and bed. Then mama gets to enjoy relaxing. I’m in bed by 1030p-11pish after catching up on TV and reading, then it’s lather, rinse, repeat. *sigh*

What do your days look like as a stay at home parent? 


Christmas Number One

We celebrated our family’s Christmas yesterday. We’re traveling to visit families in VT, and CT over the next ten days or so, so we decided to do our own Christmas. I mean, there’s no point in stuffing our car full of gifts for each other when we just have to cart them back home again right?


Ethan was completely over-stimulated by the whole event and took an hour and a half long nap before playgroup. Playgroup was more fun, and following that and the last bits of Christmas shopping for family, he napped for 2 1/2 hours. I don’t know if I’ll ever get that lucky with nap time again.

All in all, Christmas in Annapolis was a huge success. We are beyond blessed as a family.

I think the kittens were just pissed that there was nothing under the tree for them. They’re crazy enough though, they certainly don’t need any cat nip to contribute to that crazy factor.


25 days of Christmas

So we’re a couple weeks into the holiday season and I’ve actually checked a lot of my 25 Days Before Christmas list.

So let’s recap:

Friday night I went to a cookie swap that one of my mama pals hosted – was lots o’ fun but not so fun driving to Severna Park in the crappy rain. I felt like I was 80 and could hardly see. Note to self: get new windshield wipers on the car before our next trip north.

We went to the Tree Lighting in Burlington after Thanksgiving – and saw the lights (Two birds. One stone.)

The whole night was awesome and added bonus – it snowed!

We decorated our tree – and I took adorable photos of Ethan in some cute Hanna Andersson PJ’s. He discovered the joy of wooden ornaments – his fascination in them is worse than the cats. They leave the tree alone. Homeboy is obsessed with fallen pine needles and any ornament within reach. Oh boy.

We got nice family pictures thanks to my lovely JLA pal Sarah Jane (she blogs over here!) – super shout out to her for being amazing. I know she’s still dabbling in photography but she’s got a knack for photos and beauty and has impeccable taste so I asked if she wouldn’t mind taking our pictures downtown. An exchange of wine for photos went down and the pictures turned out perfect.


I also snagged Ethan’s first Holiday ornament – Adam and I both have ours (at least I think I have mine…) so now we have all three! Ethan’s is absolutely perfect and I love that I found it on Etsy – the homemade, wooden aspect is perfect for our tree!


So far, it’s been a festive couple of weeks. We also took Ethan to see Santa at the Westfield (go early!); I had a crafty holiday date with Liz but more on that later since it’s a post for itself; my Mom’s group decided to go through the County to donate to a few needy families so I picked up a couple things to contribute – similar to Toys for Tots but much more localized; finally we bought the Elf on the Shelf but have yet to do anything with it. Please hold while I get my creative juices flowing. His name is Bernard in case you were wondering.

I should also note that it’s a record that my Christmas cards are ordered (waiting for them to come in so I can send them out before we leave) and 90% of my holiday shopping is donezo. This is a record.

What’s been your favorite part of the Holiday season so far?


Baby Update: 8 Months

Baby turned eight months on Friday.

How are we already closer to his one year birthday versus his actual birth? The whole “birthing” thing seems so long ago.

Either way, he’s starting to act more like a little boy versus a helpless baby.

This month…he’s solidly sitting up on his own (finally – it happened right after Halloween for realsies). And can sit himself up! That started earlier this week one day at the end of nap-time. He woke up angry so we went in and lo, he was sitting up! Now, he’s like a pro. The past day or so he started getting up on his hands and knees – so I fear crawling may be soon in our future. I feel like we’re going through some major developmental things here so it could be a fun week traveling.

He’s happy to stand with support, but isn’t yet pulling up to stand. Thank goodness – our coffee table is about half baby-proofed. Also, we probably need a gate sooner than later.

He loves…bath time. Oh em gee does he love bath time (splashing is his jam). He loves to move. And by move i mean try to move. He loves sweet potatoes, chicken, pancakes, and broccoli. He also loves people. He loves to laugh, and smiles when you smile at him. He loves to read, and he loves watching how things work. It’s fun for us to watch him watching everything wondering what he must be thinking.

He also loves his swim lessons – he’s a natural in the water and is super happy and smiley at swim lessons!

He hates…being in one spot too long, the nose frieda, socks (still), hats (he’s a master at pulling off both), avocado (weirdo), and he wasn’t a fan of turkey the other night when he got to try it.


…weighs about 15 lbs.
…is probably around 27″ long.
…sleeps solidly through the night from 7pish through til 730aish.


Happy eight months baby Ethan! You are the handsomest, happiest, most perfect baby ever and I love you to bits and pieces.